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Title:Dash Delivery Service: 15 New Cities with Dash + Dash Sales 2x + Supermarket and Pharmacy with Dash Retail POS + Merchants training team with Deliveries
Monthly amount: 20 DASH (4070 USD)
Completed payments: 5 totaling in 100 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-04-13 / 2021-09-09 (added on 2021-04-07)
Votes: 721 Yes / 44 No / 43 Abstain

Proposal description


Alliance of Dash Delivery service and BiciBike allows users to buy in FARMATODO CABIMAS with Dash through delivery service is a mixed market chain of pharmacies and convenience stores in Venezuela and Colombia.

Dash Delivery service in alliance with BiciBike Delivery, a delivery service located in Cabimas-Zulia. 

They managed to cover the market of one of the most important markets in this city.Farmatodo is one of the most important businesses with the highest sales flow, BiciBike Delivery from today will allow users to place their purchase orders at FARMATODO and deliver the products to the comfort of their home by paying with Digital Cash Dash.

We are working to cover the largest number of food and medicine shops, people abroad are interested in making purchases of food, medicine, personal care products and more.Making purchases is very easy,

in just 4 steps, you can receive the products in the comfort of your home, with the assistance of video calls or photos in real time.

1.- Call Bicibike or send a message to whatsapp +58 4143674254
2.- Make your wish or order list.
3.- Pay with Dash
4.- Receive in the comfort of your home.
   Venezuela continues to be a great market forDash, not only because of inflation, but because we resolved many practical limitations of local payment systems, and although dollarization was taking place, there are currently very few banknotes in circulation and banking restrictions for Venezuelans. Dash stands out as a less frictionless solution than many other payment options, including dollars.

During the past cycle due to therise in Dash, with the previous funds together with BiciBike Delivery we were able to work with Big Allied Brands such as pharmacies and supermarkets.

During this new period we will beannouncing promotions and combos for sale in the City of Cabimas, supermarkets and pharmacies have been one of the most used for purchases during the pandemic
period in the state of Zulia, we will focus on strengthening Dash sales so that more users can pay for food, markets and medicines with Dash

In addition, we have arecruitment and training team within the supermarkets of the ZULIA state so that people can make their purchases online by paying with Dash.

We have 10 Authorized Movistaragents offering their services with Dash, including unique delivery services for their plans.

500 New users per month knowingthe benefits of Dash and Dash purchase tutorials and purchase of Products with delivery in the same place.
500 new active merchants  (50 / per city).  Delivery services are a bridge between peoplewho want to pay with Dash in any store and merchants.
10 New cities with deliveryservice accepting Dash as a payment methods.
Promotions and discounts   for users who make their payments with Dashthrough the delivery service platform or with Delivery services by WhatsApp.

During this bidding cycle weexpect to double the amount of Dash sales for delivery services and people whoshop daily with Dash.
Currently we have sold 8.3 Dashapproximately per month to users of Delivery Services through WhatsApp.

EARNINGS: 0.415 Dash

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0 points,5 months ago
This proposal description is so thin, how am I supposed to decide based on that little blurb?

500 new users - How do you define "user"? How is this tracked?
10 cities - Which cities? How do you reach them? do you have people in each city?
the delivery service platform - What platform? Can I see it?
we have sold 8.3 Dash - ?? Please explain your model. Are you just selling off the proposal Dash?
EARNINGS: 0.415 Dash - Again, please explain your model. How do you generate earnings?

Cost breakdown? What exactly are you planning to do with 20 Dash per month until September?

Why such a long proposal time frame? Who knows what the Dash price will be in Sep. What are you going to do if the price goes significantly up or down?

So many questions...
0 points,5 months ago
I have heard that Falcon is in lockdown, does Dash delivery have any plans to expand there? Seems like more people will need delivery services thru Covid lockdowns.
0 points,5 months ago
Hi Agnewpickes, we made some contacts, we will be working with delivery in Falcon to reach more people with Dash.

We will solve real world problems in different states of the country, thanks for the recommendation.

Yoana and Dash Delivery Team
0 points,5 months ago
This is actually one case where I think you could have asked for a bigger budget.
1 point,5 months ago
Except for the number of cycles, I think you could have put in a larger ask, but not at 6 cycles.
-5 points,5 months ago
I am inclined to downvote any proposal that even mentions DashRetail, because at this point I consider DashRetail to be an abandoned project. There have been no updates to the demo webapp at for over a year, and we are still waiting for a top-level website at where potential uses can find a description of the product, an explanation of who is hosting it, and the terms of service.
5 points,5 months ago
You posted this same false criticism months ago, and I replied then which you've clearly just ignored to support your own narrative. Here was my reply then:
"There have been a ton of updates to Dash Retail since March, including the full release of the NFC card system, in-store exchange system, refactoring of a large part of the codebase (ongoing), support for 5+ different Android hardware POS devices, and a lot more. "
We're very focused on our fiat off-ramping right now, and we're working with each of the teams in Venezuela as well as new potential teams and DCG themselves.
-2 points,5 months ago
I am not going to support anyone here who helps perpetuate the myth that there is such a thing as DashRetail. It's a fake project IMHO. It needs to be put in the Dash Hall of Shame next to Kuvacash.
2 points,5 months ago
There has been no DashWatch report on this activity since December. Please provide a description for this proposal.
3 points,5 months ago
Hi Geert, Dashwatch has the updated report of past cycles, we send you to be uploaded to the proposal, so MNOS can see it.