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Title:Dash at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
One-time payment: 158 DASH (12349 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-08-17 (added on 2018-07-06)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 11 Yes / 326 No / 28 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dash sponsored comedian with Dash parody song, flyering to 2 million Ticket holders for a month at Fringe festival Edinburgh 2018

I'm a stand-up that has been based in Amsterdam the past few years but have now moved back to Ireland after the recent success of the Liverpool 'We've Got Salah' song.

  • I've performed regularly across Europe and the UK, running a successful 150 capacity club in Amsterdam and have performed at clubs such as the Stand in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle as well as selling out a 1400 capacity show as headliner at the O2 Academy in Oxford.

  • I've appeared on Soccer AM (Sky One, Sky Sports 1), BBC Radio One and have been featured in virtually all main UK and Irish publications over the past 6 months, as well as several radio appearances on Irish National Radio and a TV appearance on the Ray D'Arcy Show.  

I would like to bring Dash to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Fringe festival is the biggest arts festival in the world and it runs for the month of August. For the entire month the population of the city doubles, with over 2.2 million tickets sold, Fringe is the third largest ticketed event after the Olympics and the World Cup. Every day it hosts 1,000 shows throughout the city of Edinburgh. Fringe is a magnet for creative producers, the industry and the media making it the biggest and most dynamic international arts market in the world.

Running for over 70 years it has a rich history, a stellar reputation and has taken a decentralised approach - The Fringe started life when eight theatre companies turned up uninvited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival in 1947. With the "official" festival using the city's major venues, these companies took over smaller, alternative venues for their productions. Seven performed in Edinburgh, and one undertook a version of the medieval morality play "Everyman" in Dunfermline Abbey, about 20 miles north, across the River Forth in Fife. These groups aimed to take advantage of the large assembled theatre crowds to showcase their own alternative theatre. Although at the time it was not recognised as such, this was the first Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
This meant that two defining features of the future Fringe were established at the very beginning – the lack of official invitations to perform and the use of unconventional venues. It provides as an early model of decentralisation of the performance arts.

I will be working tirelessly with a team of promoters to promote Dash outside of my shows, with Dash marketing on my flyers making people download the Dash wallet to avail of the £5 or 0.026 Dash prize that will be given to each person signed up. We aim to sign 550 users up with £5 of Dash each. We’ll be wearing a Dash embroidered t-shirt and Dash uniforms I’ll have diaries and pens to hand out to separate Dash from the comedy based marketing materials that will be handed out.

Giving attendees Dash at Fringe would be hugely beneficial in creating awareness and hype around Dash and cryptocurrencies in general, there is a possibility that Dash would be the only cryptocurrency represented at fringe, a festival with over 500,000 in attendance, thus making Dash the only cryptocurrency advertised at the biggest arts festivals in the world. - That’s definitely worth shouting about!

There is a return for Dash in acquiring customers who must download the Dash mobile app. Dash is given away to people to get them to sign up.

Marketing Team:
Flyering and distribution of Dash merchandise will be done with a team (Diaries, T-shirts, Pens and Stickers). I feel this is an effective way to get people talking about Dash and with the fringe audience it is an ideal demographic to get more people interested in Dash.

'great comedian, received highest applause of the night' - the Stand Newcastle  

'very funny' - Al Lubel

'hear him sing and he can make you laugh, and cry, and hold you in his troubadours grip ' - Marc Emery

'So funny, he can’t even be offensive, even though the concept of censorship undoubtedly has not come near any line of his act.  Most original, first class comedy.' . - Limerick Fringe

'goes for all the offense, South Park style... Self aware, well pitched, energetic ' - the Stand Edinburgh

'Musical Genius' - BBC Radio One, BBC Three

'An energy that will last forever' Howard Marks

Fringe Festival Sponsorship Features:
Dash logo placement on stage for 11 shows with more to be confirmed
Average audience of over 50 people
Directly signs up new Dash users
Inexpensive customer acquisition cost
Marketing through flyering and advertising with Dash
On-stage promotion of Dash for a whole month
Huge Social Media reach

Promotion and Marketing:
Prizes: 16 Dash
Food: 37 Dash
Dash T-shirts x50: 3 Dash
Dash Uniforms: 3 Dash
Dash limited edition Scotland stickers x1,000: 2 Dash
Flyers x5,000 and flyering for all the shows: 43 Dash
Fringe App Sponsorship: 2 Dash
Print Advertising: 2 Dash

Transport & Accommodation for the Team for the Month:
Van Rental & Fuel for the month: 7 Dash
Ferry Round-Trip: 5 Dash
Accommodation in Edinburgh for the month: 28 Dash

Proposal fee reimbursement: 5 Dash

Total: 153 Dash

Why is this Festival a good idea for a crypto-currency?
Fringe is festival centered around disruption and decentralisation, it is the perfect habitat for a crypto-currency like Dash and the demographic in attendance are most likely to adapt and start using crypto currencies. Being part of Europe but using english £ Sterling while the rest of Europe uses € highlights the benefits of using crypto-currencies even more.

What is the ROI for Dash being promoted at Fringe?
Dash is getting a lot more than just promotion out of Fringe festival, we will be ensuring that people are downloading the wallet and actively spending dash. Taking people through the customer journey whilst highlighting the benefits of Dash over other currencies in a brick and mortar venue is a great way to show the ‘real-life’ benefits of Dash to people who maybe unfamiliar with digital currency.

Will Dash feature in your stand-up?
Dash sticker on my guitar that I will be giving out at the end of each show. I have a sketch about Dash.

What is the sponsorship of the Fringe app?
This is sponsorship on the main App for the event schedule, planner and mapping, it would feature the Dash logo on an app with over 400,000 downloads.

Will there be any other crypto-currencies at Fringe?
Hard to say, but I’d definitely hate to see Dash without representation if there is..

5 million views, Soccer AM     
3.7 million views, Soccer AM
1 million views, Soccer AM                      
1.2 million views, EOTK Twitter                                         
700 thousand views, EOTK Facebook                                   
500 thousand views, OhMyGoal                               
3.3 million views, SportBible

Daily Mail UK - Liverpool vs Man City, 7 Things You Missed.

Joe UK - This Liverpools fans undeniably catchy Coutinho song has gone viral

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1 point,7 months ago
As I said in your pre-proposal: ". This sounds like a great opportunity in terms of exposure to many new users, however historically we haven't seen much of a correlation between new wallet sign-ups and an increase in transactions or use unless there is significant opportunity to actually use/spend Dash at the venue where the giveaway is taking place. So for example, we funded another community member at an event called Porcfest which catered to a social/political movement that is very cryptocurrency-friendly, and as such the vast majority of the merchants there accepted Dash for payment and we saw quite a lot of activity from this. I'm not sure the same could be said in this venue, so there may not be much utility in giving away that Dash.

I also have some concerns about your budget. For example what incentive does Dash have to fund "Food?" Is this Dash-shaped pretzels or something? I can understand paying for stickers, fliers, and even the App, but there are a lot of other expenses here that seem hard to justify in terms of the benefit to Dash.

The other concern in a festival this large, is it seems like even if you were running a strictly Dash-related booth and presence, it would be very easy for Dash to be completely buried given all the other stuff going on. So while the *potential* for exposure is there, I think the MNOs will need more convincing that this potenial will be actualized in a way that provides a clear return on investment."
0 points,7 months ago
Hey @Arthyron, thanks for your feedback. I have been in discussions with a few of the festival organisers to try and find ways to get people spending Dash but unfortunately this won't be an option for this year and as part of my contract I'm not allowed to contact any venues directly before I do my shows. I will be able to discuss the option of accepting Dash for next year at their venues. It is possible to create our own Dash venue which would solely accept Dash, this is something I will be discussing with the event organisers over the coming weeks. I feel like that would be a more exciting project and like Porcfest there would be a notable increase in transactions on the network. I will keep everyone updated as this unfolds.

The food budget is based on a team of 5, the food budget was for lunch during the day in the city as we would be flyering and food for the accommodation fridge. It works out at £45 per person per day.

I agree, a Dash exclusive venue with other venues accepting Dash would be great exposure but to fully actualise on this exposure and get the biggest ROI for Dash we would need a combination of; offering something people at Fringe haven't seen before, great exposure at the festival with unique marketing highlighting the benefits of 'financial freedom for Scotland' and incentives to use Dash over £. I think the key to success here is in the offer of something completely different. My plan here is to have wallets for each of the acts where people could donate directly to the artist, this is a concept that hasn't been tried at Fringe before and perfectly highlights the decentralised nature of Dash to attendees and artists alike! As artists see the benefits of a decentralised venue it is extremely likely that other artists will take note. I will be creating a sharable video highlighting these benefits that I will get the artists to share on their social media.
For the attendees I plan to incentivise them to spend Dash in other venues, this would separate the Dash offering from the rest of the marketing materials presented to people and prevent Dash getting buried in the craziness of a festival of this scale.

I had known about a proposal for last month and figured I would wait until this round of proposals but that hasn't really worked out but I think the best way to make use of this proposal is to discuss my plan for next year with the community and get feedback from the wider community. This is my first time being active in the community and the feedback has been great so far and as you can possibly tell I'm hungry for more. My plan if this proposal fails (looking likely) is to approach as many venues as I can to get the ball rolling for next year.

I feel with more planning and more organisation there is huge potential for something really special here but unfortunately I haven't been able to allow for the spending of Dash in the venues for this year. I'm going to speak to the organisers when I arrive and work on a strategy to get Dash featured in as many venues as possible. It is likely that in order to maximise the amount of attendees that use Dash transactions some form of an incentive will be required but I'm listing to the Dash community and event organisers for alternate ideas here. =)

I thank you all for your feedback and support, stay tuned - more to come!

1 point,7 months ago
Firstly welcome to Dash and thanks for submitting a proposal. You seem like a really nice chap. This months available budget for funding is particularly tight with Core salary proposal taking most of available Dash in this months budget so it will be a close call.

I've always wanted to attend Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Politically with the ongoing BREXIT shenanigans and Independence movement in Scotland. This could potentially work to our advantage with a "take back control & become your own bank" Financial Freedom style message aimed at the local public.

A few questions:
Team -
How many people are in your team?

Food: 37 Dash is listed under promotion and marketing. Can you elaborate on this please? Is this food for the audience? How did you get to this number.

Flyers x5,000 and flyering for all the shows: 43 Dash = $10320 at Dash $240 seems a little excessive.
£60 = $80 for 5K A5 double-sided flyers -

I do appreciate this event is for the month - 3 Aug 2018 – 27 Aug 2018 so there may be elements I've potentially missed out on and not factored in. So any extra insight you can provide will be very helpful.

What has worked well in the past with Dash giveaway promotions is providing an outlet for them to spend it. A bar accepting Dash would be an ideal partnership for this event. It's important we focus on utility by not only getting new users to install wallets and receive their 1st Dash but make sure they get the full experience by making purchases as well. It's only by using Dash people will see how easy Dash is to use. We've all had the light-bulb moment the first time we used it.

Buying drinks would be ideal and this has worked well at previous events. I'm thinking of Feedbands experience at SXSW Festival in Texas that took place in March this year.

You mentioned "We will be topping up each person that signs up for the wallet with Dash that they in turn spend at the bar, the drinks will be sold for £0.10". Can you provide more details on bar front please? As I think this is one of your main selling points.

Please keep in mind masternode owners are Internationally based & may not be familiar with Fringe Festival. I feel in terms of ROI most of them will likely be weighing up this proposal with a focus on how many users you can get setup with Dash wallets with cost per head outlook.
0 points,7 months ago
Thanks a million for the response, yea politically the Edinburgh Fringe would be perfect, I've realised with some things I initially hoped for would take much more preparation and planning to do them right, so they are now part of a much more ambitious project I'm developing which is to have an actual Dash venue at the Fringe.

The biggest complaint year on year at the Fringe is about how Fringe artists are getting screwed over by the big business of the Fringe, for example the vast majority of acts lose money after performing a month of gigs. A Dash venue could curate a few top quality acts giving them a fair deal, allowing them to set-up a dash wallet and have people donate directly to them, this would get a the acts interacting with Dash as well as having serious potential to get attendees signing up to and using dash wallets. This year I'll be doing as much research as I can on this, scoping out a few potential venues that could be poached and I'll discuss this in a pre-proposal as we move further.

Anywho back to this one

Team: Me + 4 people. I'll be bringing over 4 people as part of the team.


Flyers and Flyering (Sterling / Dollar )

4 x 80 Hours Flyering - 3200
4 A1x3 Posters Z1-Z4 800
1000 A3 Posters 170
5000 Flyers 60
1000 Dash Beanies 3500
Design of Posters/Flyers 500
£8230 / $10,911

Flyers and Flyering -

I'll be bringing over 4 people as part of the team. I'd be looking for them to put in 80 hours each over the festival at £10 sterling per hour is 800 pounds per person x 4 = 3200 sterling. For example OutofHand charge £24 per hour for this with their flyering team wearing your branded t shirts. This would also include travelling around to all cafes. Bars, venues and other indoor poster spaces throughout the month to place the 1000 A3 Posters (which is charged by other companies at £1250 per 1000 A3 Posters to distribute)

There would be a method to the flyering plan, around the venue has to be covered plus as well key spots with the greatest footfall like the Royal Mile, George Square and exit flyering similar shows or events. Additionally we’d hope to engage people in discussions around Dash and Cryptocurrencies in general.

Giant Posters with Distribution costs - During the Fringe Edinburgh is completely taken over by massive posters on every lamppost, railing and even trees. These are definitely the most striking and all prices have been got from OutofHand who are one of the companies that have the city councils permission to distribute these.

4 x A1 Triangle Posters to be fitted on Streep Lamps in Zones 1,2,3,4. (+ Outofhand suggests adding 1 extra printed due to one of the loctions needing a replacement during the month) = £800

1000 A3 Posters for our team to post and replace in spaces throughout the month - £170 …

5,000 flyers - A5 Flyers - £60

Design of materials (Flyer, 60x40, A1, A3 Poster, Beanies) - £500

1000 'Dash Blue' Beanies with Dash logo - £3500 (

Last year the best flyer I received was a flyer from a group who did 'Scientology the Musical', their flyer was a Scientology Sailors Hat. While the cost of this as a flyer is significant, there's so many flyers in Edinburgh that if you have the ability to stand out at the fringe and get people talking about your show the better. I myself posted on my social media page after getting the Free Hat as a flyer.

Food: 5 in the team, during the day at Fringe my team will be in the city centre all day flyering, running between shows or hot spots so I budgeted for eating meals out during the day plus a little bit extra to fill the Accomodation Fridge, which over the course of the month would come to 45 pounds per person per day.

£0.10 Drinks:

So the £0.10 drinks bit was a piece accidentally left in from one of the original drafts that I'm now working on to be part of the a much more ambitious project. It would be amazing to get this done (as in to have a bar selling £0.10 Drinks paid with a dash wallet) but I've realised the contracts artists sign with the different companies that currently programme shows in venues don't allow the acts to discuss matters like this with the venue, we're actually not allowed speak directly to the venue as part of that contract. Upon realising this was not possible I realised that the way to do this would be to actually have a venue at a future Fringe that is programmed by Dash, I've been doing a bit of research to see how this could be achieved and I think eventually this could be an incredible project, but it's not possible for this year and would take quite a bit of extra research prep time to get right.

During this run I intend on scoping out possible venues and comedians that might go with the idea and research the plausibility of creating a pop up Dash fringe venue if a current venue wouldn't be suitable.