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Title:DASH and the largest horromaze in Germany
One-time payment: 174 DASH (5261 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-05-18 (added on 2018-04-09)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 52 Yes / 453 No / 14 Abstain

Proposal description

We have summarized the proposal for you in a short video. Click here 

We, the company Eventzauber Nord GbR, are the operators of the largest horror corn maze in Germany (near Kiel, the capital of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein). This project started in 2015 and is now entering its fourth season. Every year our guests experience an interactive horror theater play in an 80,000 square meter corn field. The demand for tickets is so high that we have decided to expand this year to welcome more than 6,000 guests. Our advertising reaches more than 100,000 people all over Northern Germany. One reason for this is that the largest regional television station NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk, North German Broadcasting) reported about our attraction last year. 

In the course of our expansion, we would like to offer DASH as a means of payment - both for the online ticket shop and at the box office, as well as in the horror corn bar. We have been using DASH privately for some time now and are fully convinced of its advantages for us as well as for other retailers. However, there are virtually no acceptance points here in northern Germany. We therefore not only want to expand our business, but also to be a technological pioneer here in northern Germany. DASH will make the biggest contribution to this. We are a young, innovative company and would like to do our part to bring DASH closer to our guests as a means of payment and create and strengthen awareness of this crypto currency. We have the necessary know-how to set up the DASH-Wallet on the mobilphone for our guests and to inform them about the necessary security measures. (password phrase and PIN). We would like to help to establish DASH on site. 

Furthermore, I advertise DASH at the entrepreneur network BNI ( I have been a member since 2016 and partner director since this year, representing the Schleswig-Holstein region for six chapters in the event sector. Here I have the opportunity to introduce DASH to 200 entrepreneurs from the region. In June I will be representing my six chapters at the BNI D-A-CH conference in Berlin and will take the opportunity to promote DASH as a superior means of payment. 

Each year we process approx. 4,000 electronic payments and 3,000 cash payments (in the bar and in the shop) and hope to be able to process two percent via the DASH network in the first year. To this end, we have decided to give all DASH payers a 10% discount.
Update: We thank the helpful tip of two MNOs and will increase the discount for DASH payers to 20% and take the financing from the budget requested here.

As a further highlight we can announce that this year we are already supported with beverage sponsoring by fritz-kola, a very well-known beverage brand in the German scene. 

To give you a little insight into our project, we have provided some press reports and trailers from the past years. Every year we are represented with our event in regional and national television programs. Clips from youtubers and the local print media will also be published. To have a look at some video clips, please click on the following link: 

As a thank you, we can provide you with valuable advertising opportunities: 

- Logo print on 45,000 flyers (incl. distribution throughout in northern Germany)
- Video production with our actors for social media to make Dash better known (short clip)
- Logo print on 6,000 tickets
- year round advertising on our Facebook page (reach approx. 150,000 visitors)
- year round advertising on our homepage (average clicks in the season per month 14,000)
- Advertising on site, in the bar, at the box office and via screen projection and banner hanging
- Dash day with advertising on the first matchday 08-24-2018
- Invitation to the big press & sponsoring event (TV, radio, newspaper)
- we will set up our own online shop for payments for the entire season from May to February (Incl. our dinner shows) 

How much DASH do we need? For technical an other equipment and advertising material we calculated 174 DASH. For this we have prepared the following detailed list. The numbers in brackets mean that the required DASH quantity is given first, followed by the amount in euros. 

2 IPad´s (2.9 / 720)
15 working hours, installation of the DASH POS system (3.6 / 900)
1 printing of advertising material (6 / 1,500)
1 office container ( 27.6 / 6,900)2 20 feet ship container (showroom) (26.4 / 6,600)
1 40 feet ship container (showroom) (22 / 5,500)
1 transport of containers (8 / 2,000)2 generators (10.4 / 2,598)
1 building materials (10 / 2,500)
1 circus tent (40 / 10,000)
2 outdoor video projector (2 / 920)
2 walkie-talkie (pack of 10) (1 / 238)
15 outdoor LED floodlights (0.8 / 203)
3 5.1 Dolby Surround System for showrooms (4.8 / 1,200)
3 outdoor loudspeaker (0.7 / 180)
1 popcorn machine with trolley (1.3 / 319)
5 DASH proposal fee (5 / 250) 

After the end of the year, we will report on our success and the whereabouts of the DASH here. 

We are always open to comments and suggestions. You can reach us here: 

lovely greetings

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1 point,6 years ago
voting NO
Why should Dash funding such a large amount of other infrastructure the event should probably be funding?
1 point,6 years ago
Rather expensive for what is being offered.
3 points,6 years ago
Dash can't afford this.
2 points,6 years ago
I am sorry but this is an easy No, the preliminary results of most marketing campaign's have soon below par results.
With the budget where it is we should not splat money around for things like this.

However I do like the idea of discounts with Dash, from what I know 10% is often not enough for people to attempt to use crypto-currency, 20% would be better. I would vote, for Dash POS systems to be installed or borrowed, and the 20% difference per sold product to be paid back by the Dash Treasury. In that way if proper proof of sales can be delivered we can be sure it, that the end goal of Dash (to be used as digital cash) has been achieved(well with discounts)
0 points,6 years ago
Hello, thank you for your constructive criticism. Too bad you voted no. We believe in DASH and the project and are confident that we can advance this new type of payment technology here in Northern Germany. This year our attractions will be associated with DASH. This will also have an impact on the BNI network and arouse curiosity.
0 points,6 years ago
The higher discounts and the repayment of the loss of turnover by Treasury is a good idea.
0 points,6 years ago
I also like the idea of a larger discount, 15-20%.
0 points,6 years ago
I like the project and wish you good luck!
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you very much for your confidence in our project.