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Title:NEW PROPOSAL Dash Trip- Tourism Sector gets Dash as payment: Hotels, Lodges, Air Transportation Operators and Souvenir Store- Ready to Accept Dash.
One-time payment: 67 DASH (13770 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-10-17 (added on 2018-09-10)
Final voting deadline: in 5 days
Votes: 362 Yes / 71 No / 14 Abstain
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Proposal description

Hey Mnos,  

During the last cycle, there was a bug in Dash Central at an interface level. Anyone using
Dash Central and Dash Nexus was unable to see two proposals:
MedicinalGenomics_II and Dash-latam-expansion. Due to the stated, we thought Dash
Trip was going to get funded, but it did not. We believe this project has a tremendous potential, and because you MNos have already supported us. We would like to step forward and keep going with this project. 

This is the NEW PROPOSAL. Please vote down in the OLD PROPOSAL here is the link.


I am Marco Canelon, I would like to present you my pre-proposal. Please let me know if you like it!


Important Link:

Proposal Document:
Pre-Proposal Link:
Cripto Latin Fest Interview:

Main Objective:

The main focus of the proposal is to introduce Dash as a way of payment for the exotics destination in Venezuela. The first phase will be in Canaima National Park, and iconic destination in both Venezuela and the world.

Introducing Canaima:

Canaima National Park is a 30,000 km2 park in south-eastern Venezuela. It is located in Bolívar State, reaching the borders with Brazil and Guyana. Canaima National Park was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as a natural reserve that has abrupt relief special and unique around the world, the tepuis. For this phase, we will visit the Western area of the Park, an area that can only be reach in small planes. Canaima is one of the most important destinations in Venezuela, as it has many beautiful Tepuis and waterfalls to visit, including the Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall in the planet. It is also culturrally important beacouse it is home for the Pemon, an indiginous group who have been working for decades in the Tourim sector. Canaima has a wide range of experiences that visitors can enjoy, from camping, to hight level lodges, it can please all taste and preffered travel experiences.

The Problem:

Nowadays, Venezuela has a valueless monetary family that brings as a consequence the use of international currency in every sector, but most specially the tourism sector in regards to exotic destionations, since and important part of the associated cost is related to transportation of people and goods, this means that every meal consummed has an intrinsec value in foreign currency (air transport fee). However, the use of foreigh currency carries many counterpart for the sector; such as: many tourism operators (lodges, hotels, rentals, freelance guides) does not have international bank accounts, and if they do, not only wires are not as inmidiate but they are also expensive. Fees can sometimes be higher than the value of the hired services. This is not only for operators, but also for employees and the Pemon community, who have seen the grtuity decrease in the past few years beacouse of the difficulties associated with the forms of payment.  The essiest way to exchange in goods or services became USD in cash, nonetheless, the use of international currency in cash represents an unsafe transaction for both parts: the tourist, who has to carry a significant amount of cash in one of the most dangerous country in the world. And for the tourism operator, because it is exposed to the same security risks, and it is difficult to warranty that the notes being received are authentic.



To confirm our thoughts on the issue, we created Google Forms for people who consume tourism services. As you can see, more than 50% of the people have stopped hiring tourism services due to the payment method difficulties and 43,6% are willing to pay with cryptocurrencies.  Moreover, Venezuelans has been traveling around the country increasingly. 38 % of the people have traveled more than 3 times a year.


To understand the position of the tourism operator, we decided that we needed more details. That is why we contacted ROSA GARCIA, director of the biggest tourism operator in Canaima, “Canaima Tours"

This interview confirms our thoughts on the issue. Payment methods are a big problem, operators are willing to use crypto if they have some advisory and there is an important cash flow in tourism services at Canaima (According to the official data, Canaima is the 3er most popular tourist destination from Venezuela).

How is the tourism sector in Venezuela?

Due to the economic situation in Venezuela, people have started traveling around the country instead of going abroad. The reason is because traveling abroad has become unaffordable and difficult for Venezuelans. According to Mintur, an official government institution for tourism, in the last holidays of the country, Eastern, almost 12 million citizens traveled around the country. In the following chart you can see the lasts 5 years:

What are we going to do?:


1- Meet, greet and provide advisory to main hotels and lodges, air transportation operators, indigenous crafts stores, souvenirs stores and convenience stores on the wetern area of Canaima National Park.

2- Explain to the general community what is DASH and why is the best way to accept payments. In order to create awareness and gain trust, we will offer free small conferences where we will teach about:
  • How to accept DASH as a payment method.
  • How to setup their DASH wallets.
  • How to buy and sell DASH with Bolivares and Dollars.
  • Tips and more
3- Open +300 wallets (for both businesses and general population)
4- Create a full Dash integrated Community
5- Open the tourist sector to the world
6- Subscribe all the tourism operators who will accept Dash in
7- Promote other iniciatives (DashHelp,, etc.)

Visit Plan:

  1. Initial presentation: greeting the owners and staff, and make a tour on the premises.
  2. Management private meeting: in this meeting we present Dash to the management at the hotels, this includes owners (most of them live in the area) and high-level managers. Here we will accompany them on decisions about how to value their services in Dash, the opening of wallets, and instructions on how to use them.
  3. Meeting with staff: casual and friendly meeting with all the staff to explain in a very personalized manner how they can use Dash to charge for special services and to receive tips. In this gathering we also open the wallets for each staff member.
  4. Conference in the Pemon community: to be made on the community event house, this open conference is for everyone in the community interested in knowing more about Dash and how to use it. This is specially directed to freelance guides and other services providers that are located within the community.
  5. Brunch with Air Transportation Operators: a simple, yet pleasant brunch with several air transportation operators to get them on board with the use of Dash.
Go to the following link to see the calendar of activities for the first phase of Dash Trip:

We will be working an entire week at Canaima.

We have already make two contacts with the following tourist operator:


We have made alliance with Dash Help, Dash Merchant, Dash Text and Dash Youth We made closes relationships in order to work together and achieve the main goal, "Massive Adoption of Dash in Venezuela". First, we will promote Dash Help in all destinations we plan to go in order to guarantee that people will be able to ask any question they have just after we leave the community. Dash Merchant, we spoke with Lorenzo Rey, and he accepted to be the speaker for all the conference that we plan to do. Dash text will also be an important ally since in Venezuela yet many people do not have smartphones. Dash Youth will support us with educational material for the young people of the towns.

Future Phases:
We will promote massive adoption of Dash in all the exotic destinations of Venezuela. This include:
  • Choroni
  • Margarita
  • Los Roques
  • Barinas
  • Amazonas
  • And more...


Behind the Proposal:

Marco Canelon: Project Manager. 24 years old. He is Mechanical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University. He currently works as a national manager of 282 Engineering, a company that sells spare parts to the Venezuela industry park. He has experienced organizing trip and adventure to exotic destinations in Venezuela. Crypto mining (Dash), Crypto Invest (Ig. marcocanelon, DASH Forum/Discord: marcocanelon)

Maria Rosa Rodriguez: Logistic Manager, 24 years old. She is business administrator and accountant from the Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Guayana. She is also an airplane pilot and is currently doing a masters degree on finance at IESA, she has always work with tourims, taking on different strategic roles on both air transportation companies and hotels.

Gianpaolo Comparetto: Advisor. 25 years old, mechanical engineer from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela. He is in charge of the management of Dash in Cripto Latin Fest (Bogota, Colombia). Experience on project management, Quality Assistant Engineer, Crypto investments, mining. (Ig: G.comparetto. DASH Forum/Discord: G.Comparetto).

Contact information:

Thank you very much for reading our proposal!!!

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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1 point,4 days ago
I have voted YES. I hope to visit Venezuela some day soon and perhaps I can use the services that will be developed from this proposal.
0 points,3 days ago
Hey ec1warc1,

Thank you very much for your vote and support. It would be very nice to see you again but this time here in Venezuela.

It would be a pleasure to show you the all the beautiful places of Venezuela all paid in Dash =).

Hope to see you again.

Best Regards
Marco Canelon
0 points,8 days ago
This looks like it will complement the other proposals in Venezuela. Voting "Yes".
0 points,7 days ago
Hey Acedian,

Thank you for your comment and vote.
As you said, DashTrip is an important piece in the Venezuela Plan.

Best Regards
Marco Canelon
5 points,13 days ago
It seems a bit redundant to me, dash merchant already does what you are suggesting, why not work with dash merchant to facilitate a solution for the tourism sector,

It concerning your mentioning cooperation with all these proposals yet you require funds to do almost the same thing.

Therefore I will be voting NO
-2 points,12 days ago
Hey Realmrhack,

Dash Merchant is focused on all merchants located in the capital of the country and they are developing a market ALL PAID in Dash in Caracas (Capital City). However, when these people want to go for vacation in the country does not have the opportunity to pay in Dash. I would like to show you all the statistics we found in Canaima: When we called Maria Rodriguez, one of the biggest operators in the community of Canaima, she confirmed us that more than one group of people asked her if she accepts BTC. Good luck for us, she answered "NO because I do not know how to use it but I would be willing to learn". An interesting fact is that Venezuela is the sixth country around the world that buys flight tickets with crypto. This shows that we already have people in Venezuela traveling with crypto. Let give them the opportunity to pay with Dash in a full-integrated touristic destination. On the other Hand, as many Mnos stated in the old proposal, one of the most effective thing of DashTrip is that it is focused on only one specific niche area, the Tourism sector. This makes it easier to learn all aspects of this niche and therefore focus all the training and marketing messages specifically to meet the tourist industry needs. Finally, the most important thing is that Dash Trip will bring LARGE VOLUME of Dash into the Venezuela economy from tourists who are based outside of the country. Additionally, we have to say that we have made alliance with Dash merchant, Dash Help and Dash Text. Dash Trip will definitely close a loop; since we have the support center (DashHelp), the knowledge and experience (Dash Merchants), in case of poor signal (Dash text) and to bring more money into the economy is DashTrip.

I hope you change your mine =)

Best Regards
Marco Canelon
0 points,10 hours ago
That doesn't answer his question at all. He is asking what makes you so special that we need to pay you get this done.
2 points,13 days ago
How many businesses will you be approaching to accept Dash payment directly from travelers?
0 points,12 days ago
Hey Red

Thanks for your question,

Our idea is not only to approach business to accept Dash. We would like to develop Full-Integrated Dash Touristic Destination. This includes: Hotels, Lodges, Air Transportation Operators, Souvenir Store, freelance guide, rentals services, and many others things to full integrated a destination. Imagine going for vacation to a place where you would be able to pay ALL with Dash, including tips. For this first stage we estimate that in Canaima we will get +300 active users. We will include both, people and businesses during our trip. In addition, we will develop a new active community, which it will be constantly growing since we will show them a payment tool that will solve their problems.

Please let me know if you have any question.
Best regard
Marco Canelon
-1 point,12 days ago
I want to confirm the alliance that this project has with our team and our projects. In summary we will be doing this:

- Dash Help: Dash Trip will promote our support center to these communities so they can access to assistance if they need it.
- Dash Merchant: With the experience we have gained, we will help Dash Trip to teach hotels, lodges and local merchants in the communities how to accept Dash as a payment method.
- Dash Text: this will be the most interesting collaboration. Since in some of these touristic places have poor signal, Dash Text will be key in order to Dash could be used, we will promote the Dash Text services in all these communities.

I know Marco personally since a lot time ago, he is professional and he knows what he is doing. Dash Trip will open the gates for foreign investment, Dash will flow into the Venezuelan economy, and the best of all is that MNO's and the rest of the Dash community will be able to visit Venezuela, spend Dash and have a blast in the most stunning / paradisiac places in the world! (more details of vacation packages soon)

Best of luck and you count with our fully support.

Dash Help, Dash Merchant & Dash Text.
0 points,11 days ago
Hey Alejandro,

Thanks for confirming our alliance. This team, Dash Help, Dash Merchant, Dash texts and Dash Trip will definitely close a loop; since we have the support center (DashHelp), the knowledge and experience (Dash Merchant), in case of poor signal (Dash text) and to bring more money (Dash) into the economy is Dash Trip.

The tourism sector is a huge market and Dash definitely has to take part of it.

Thank you for the support Alejandro.

Best Regards
Marco Canelon
0 points,13 days ago
Hey Kiwicodger,

As DeepBlue commented in the old proposal, this will bring large volumes of Dash into the country from the tourist who are based outside. Furthermore, We have been in touch with Dash Help, Dash Merchant and Dash Text. We have made close relationship in order to work together and achieve the main goal, "Massive Adoption of Dash in Venezuela". First, we will promote Dash Help in all destination we plan to go in order to guarantee that people will be able to ask any question they have just after we leave the community. Dash Merchant, we spoke with Lorenzo Rey, and he accepted to be the speaker for all the conference that we plan to do in the communities. Dash text will also be an important ally since in Venezuela yet many people do not have smartphones.

Please let me know if you have any question.
Marco Canelon
0 points,13 days ago
How does this fit in to the overall Dash Venezuela strategy?