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Title:Dash Thailand - Stopgap proposal
Monthly amount: 139 DASH (12580 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-03-17 / 2019-06-15 (added on 2019-03-09)
Final voting deadline: in 10 days
Votes: 68 Yes / 130 No / 18 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 534 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

We all have experienced a volatile Dash price in the past 6 months which has affected our monthly budgets every month since we launched our proposal. Our original proposed budget of 17,671 USD was in none of the months fully covered which led to a situation where we, the proposal owners covered exceeding expenses on a regular basis out of our own pocket to keep the project going.

The accuracy of our finances inclusive spent budget, losses and salaries were found accurately reported by DASH WATCH in a randomly selected financial review. This review is included in the February 2019 Dash Thailand report available here

In order to stop the gap between planned and actual funds provided to our proposal in the past 6 months, we request the amount of 139 DASH for 3 months to cover the losses.
Please see the link to a spreadsheet with financials here

Please follow our Facebook to learn about our achievements and activities

You will find further info in our current proposal

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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2 points,5 days ago
Look at Anypay's proposal. They have a link to charts to show where most of their customers are, and Thailand is #2 next to USA. Very impressive. I'm voting yes, you're doing something right!
2 points,5 days ago
0 points,5 days ago
Thanks a lot for sharing that info and your votes. And yes we have a really healthy and good working Dash ecosystem here with regular transactions and a steady growth.

This proposal is only our stopgap proposal which we more or less just published to show our personal financial commitment to the DAO in the last 6 month.

More important is our main proposal:

Which we hope don't get influenced by the negative votes of the stopgap proposal as we really wanna use the momentum we created here in Thailand for Dash.
1 point,8 days ago
Thanks a lot for the comments so far. We hope this link to our updates and activities of the last 6 month will help to give an better overview
0 points,9 days ago
Gotta vote no - like a lot of people, I can't see what I would be getting for my money.
1 point,8 days ago
If you had been following them, you'd know what they've done to date. Like a lot of people here, it seems a flippant vote is all you need when, in fact, it's them that have literally, physically, got off their butt and done something. What did you do for dash that compares? What other team do we have in Thailand?