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Title:Dash Retail: Dash Exclusive Point-of-Sale, Fiat Gateway, Merchant Fiat Hedging, Remittance System, 100% Pricing Parity from 10+ Sources & Colombia Pilot
Monthly amount: 86 DASH (5843 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 258 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-04-17 / 2019-07-15 (added on 2019-04-11)
Votes: 759 Yes / 115 No / 15 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash Retail is an all in one solution that enables Dash merchants to accept, buy, sell and remit Dash and instantly convert Dash to fiat removing any volatility risk.

Dash Retail offers a Dash ecosystem in a box, It’s a turn key solution designed to be deployed by local teams across the globe to rapidly and sustainably scale Dash adoption efforts.

Achievements to Date

  • Dash Retail pre-alpha launched and already in use across Colombia with documented 100% uptime.
  • Public, at-a-glance Dashboard launched featuring live reporting for both printed QR addresses + POS transactions. New version coming soon!
  • Comprehensive, real-time Dash Rates system set-up, ready to be integrated by Dash Core Group into iOS and Android wallets providing live Dash pricing from major exchanges and local fiat pricing.
  • Cointigo Dash SMS wallet system integrated into Dash Retail pre-alpha point of sale (POS) system.
  • Dash Retail designs + mockups released.

Dash Retail Team
Ash Francis
Product + Development
George Donnelly
Product + Deployment
Alex Cox
Development + Infrastructure
Troy Rhodes (Solarguy)
Project Adviser + MNO
Edward Stoever
Project Adviser + MNO

Interested in joining us an adviser? Please get in touch with a member of the team.

Dash Retail Team Media
Coming Soon: Dash Watch April interview with Ash Francis
3 Amigos Podcast with Ash Francis
3 Amigos Podcast with George Donnelly
Dash Brazil interview with George Donnelly
Dash News: Dash Adoption in Colombia Speeds Past 300 Merchants
Edward of interviews George Donnelly

Dash Watch Reports
April: coming soon

Dash Retail Roadmap

Dash Retail Mission Statement
Dash Economy Infrastructure: Create, support and promote the point-of-sale infrastructure required for a Dash-only monetary system to dominate the global economy.

Supercharge Merchant Adoption: Spark the next round of growth in Dash merchant adoption by enabling Dash merchants to hedge their received Dash instantly, enabling Dash to enter new industries and climb the supply chain by removing the volatility risk.

Total Dash Liquidity: Leapfrog the ATM/exchange integration marathon by leveraging every Dash merchant as a Dash on-/off-ramp, thereby closing the adoption loop and reducing system-wide volatility.

Why Vote Yes
  • Make every Dash merchant a Dash point of sale.
  • Enable us to get merchants who won’t or can’t tolerate volatility, such as supermarkets, fuel, utilities and other sellers of commodities.
  • Make every Dash merchant a Dash remittance agent and incentivize a network of mobile, independent Dash remittance agents across Colombia and Latam.

Merchant Features
  • Receive Dash payments for goods & services (Dash exclusive)
  • Instantly convert any amount received over their chosen Dash holding to fiat / stable coin for local agent payout.
  • Sell Dash to consumers to close the loop on Dash adoption
  • Remit Dash across the globe to previously-registered anonymous Dash addresses.

Consumer Features
  • Buy Dash at every participating Dash merchant location.
  • Sell Dash for fiat at every participating Dash merchant location.
  • Send money across the world for very low fees at every participating Dash merchant location

What Dash Gets
  • A best in class POS for use at all merchant locations across the Dash Network.
  • An agent based remittance platform for use at both merchant locations & existing remittance agents.
  • A comprehensive platform open for use by all local teams to scale their adoption efforts in a measurable way.
  • A full pilot launch of Dash Retail by the Dash Latam team including liquidity pool management, fiat payouts and merchant onboarding & support.
  • Transparent, fully auditable, anonymised public data and clear at a glance reporting on adoption progress.
  • A comprehensive Dash Rate system to ensure pricing parity across wallets, point of sale devices and other fiat and crypto end-points.
  • An essential, strategic advantage over other coins through a best-in-class turnkey scalable & measurable adoption platform.

Why This Price
In our first cycle (February - April) we managed to produce significant results with our two developers. Neither our advisors or lead team member George Donnelly are taking any salary from the Dash Retail budget. We are building this project using Agile Methodology to produce an MVP (minimum viable product) for earliest possible release, testing, and subsequent iterations. Our initial planned purchasing power of $10,000 per month remains consistent. All of us are dedicated to the cause and have a longstanding commitment to Dash and are taking reduced or no salaries to ensure this product is produced efficiently for the benefit of Dash and the DAO.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Get in touch:
WhatsApp / Phone / Signal: +1 (604) 600 9562
Discord: Ash#8776
Skype: ash.francis

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0 points,5 months ago
Dash Watch May 26th 2019 Report on
Dash Retail 2 by AshFrancis
1 point,5 months ago
Just wanted to drop a quick update on here, the work is continuing. The scale of this project is significant; Point-of-Sale, Fiat-Dash, Dash-Fiat, Dash Hedging, Remittance System, Tracking, Full Administration, Tiered Hierarchy of Sys Admin > Adoption Agent > Merchant > Clerk, etc. !

As such we've been pulling some long weeks and late nights but we're still on schedule and very excited to be launching this in the coming months. The systems we've built have the potential to radicalize our adoption efforts globally.

Every local team using Dash Retail will be able to sign up merchants easier, faster and more transparently. Every merchant will have a vastly improved, consistent experience that just works intuitively and reliably. Every customer has a great user experience, whether they're sending money home, paying for goods or buying Dash.

This platform allows all our adoption efforts to scale from thousands to hundreds of thousands and more, all in an accountable, rapid and sustainable way.

Thank you for all your on-going support and the many messages and questions we receive, they are all very welcome! Please feel free to email me at any time: or message me on LinkedIn, Discord or elsewhere.
1 point,6 months ago
Friendly reminder to Masternodes: All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
1 point,6 months ago
George gives a nice overview of how these three proposals fit together and reinforce each other. Dash Retail, Dash Colombia and Dash Remittances to Venezuela. A good read and let's not be shy about the votes on all three props either.

2 points,6 months ago
Yes from me.
1 point,6 months ago
Dash Watch April 26th 2019 Report on
Dash Retail by georgedonnelly
2 points,6 months ago
One of the cool things about crypto in general, and Dash in particular, is its ability to motivate people, and groups and economies, by getting the incentives and performance metrics properly aligned. One of the historic problems with our proposal system is the inability to see or track transactions in a geographically meaningful way. How can we reward people and proposals that are actually causing Dash adoption and use, if we can't see the transactions? Did it work, or did it not work? Hard to say really.

No more.

The transaction tracker, which works with the Point Of Sale software gives us the ultimate way to monitor (and reward) actual adoption, use and transactions. Keep in mind, this is a beta version. There are a lot of plans to improve it. And the team would appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. Talk to Ash for technical details, or if you have ideas about using these tools in other parts of the Dash ecosystem. It is designed as a pilot project to be reproduced elsewhere.

2 points,6 months ago
Given how integral this project is to several others operating in that region and how indispensable it will be for keeping track of efforts, metrics, and performance for the projects we fund in this region, I think it's very important that this project be given priority over and above other grassroots-related efforts. I don't think we can really afford to be supporting many such efforts at this point, but what I do believe is that having the tools to drop in these instances is essential to any future efforts.
2 points,7 months ago
I have a question regarding Mr. Francis's history with the Dash treasury system. He had a proposal before, right? For an exchange or wallet or something? I'm not able to find an update on that at first glance. What happened with that?
1 point,7 months ago
Callalilly dash ewallet is what they where working on.
1 point,7 months ago
Thanks for the question Callalilly. You're correct, my team and I were previously funded to build a Dash funded exchange (similar to Coinbase, not Binance). There are full DW reports on this ( and I'm happy to go into more detail but to summarize:

- Our budget was $170,000, due to the extended bear run we received $35,000. As such we all ended up in significant debt (around $40,000 debt across credit cards / bank overdrafts)

- Despite this, we managed to launch the platform before each of our three prior agreed payment processors backed out. You can see a full demo of it on the 3 Amigos Podcast here:

- We've received a small amount of funding from Dash Boost to continue pursuing UK banking and have made some headway with a few UK banks but we're also looking to launch in Canada with CAD pairing via a partnership with a Canadian MNO and also as a crypto-crypto gateway (like ShapeShift).

Also worth noting that a fair bit of the software we built for the exchange has been re-purposed for Dash Retail giving us a faster route to market.

Hope this top-level answer helps but I'm more than happy to go into detail (the upcoming Dash Watch interview will cover the latest news too) through whatever medium you prefer.
1 point,7 months ago
The video says this solution will allow for remittance for virtually no fee. Are there any fees for services or other hidden cost.
What buy/sell fees or any other fees will be charged if any?
1 point,7 months ago
Thank you for the question MadMax. The Dash Retail team is responsible for building the software that enables local teams (like Dash Latam) to run their various services (including a remittance service). As the build of this platform is paid for by the DAO, Dash Retail will levy no fee for the use of the software it builds.
1 point,7 months ago
I like this plan, that Dash is front and center in the remittance system, and hedging is there to guarantee merchant stability, this looks like an elegant solution, I hope this gets funded.
3 points,7 months ago
A lot of bang for the buck here. Easy yes for me.