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Title:Scaling up the Dash Mall and Parking to 150 Shopping Malls in Venezuela
Monthly amount: 69 DASH (4726 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-10-13 / 2021-01-11 (added on 2020-10-09)
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Proposal description

  The goal of this project is to scale up the Dash Mall Parking Solution to all car parks in Venezuela that have a parking payment problem.
  Our market research shows that there are 150 shopping Mall car parks with a parking problem in Venezuela. Each shopping mall has approximately 5000 customers per month. This represents a total of  approximately 750,000 users that could use Dash as a payment solution to solve the parking problem.
Our Strategy:
  The cost for parking is low and has many users.   The DMP solution provides new users an opportunity to learn how to use Dash with very low risk to them  and to show them that Dash can solve a real world payment solution. Once we have built a large user base for the DMP solution it gives much greater confidence for Merchants in the Malls to consider accepting DASH as a payment solution.  
  Our strategy is to build a large, loyal user base of Dash customers with parking solution first and then to move to the shops in the Malls.   We have had many shop owners asking us how they can get a Dash POS system with payment cards. However we
can not provide this yet until the Dash Retail system can be sent to us. We are in regular contact with Dash Retail and provided Ash with detailed information in order for DashRetail to modify their systems to meet our requirements.  The Dash POS systems and the Dash Retail payment cards are what will make our project financially self sufficient.
 Currently we are waiting for Dash Retail to provide us with Payment Terminals and Payment Cards so that we can start setting up merchants with the Dash Retail and payment cards.
Stage 1: (Completed) 
  Build and refine an effective Dash Payment parking solution for Merida first. We have now got DMP solution established in 7 shopping malls in Merida. By working locally first we have learn’t all the problems and challenges we needed to fix in order to refine our parking payment solution.

This stage was necessary before we could scale up our Dash parking solution to more shopping malls.
Status on Stage 1: 
  We have completed this stage. We have Dash Mall Parking payment solution installed in 7 shopping malls in Mérida and we have 2000 transactions per month despite Covid-19, we have refined our Payment Solution and worked out all the problems and issues.
Stage 2. Scale up: 
  This is what our proposal is about.  We are now ready to scale up the DMP solution to all shopping malls in Venezuela with a payment solution problem. We have identified 150 such malls.   The way we will scale up the DMP solution is by the following:
a) Create a website showcasing the DMP parking solution that will enable onboarding of new Shopping Malls through all of Venezuela to obtain the DMP payment solution. This  new website will enable us showcase the DMP solution and to highlight its benefits.

We will have the first version of this website ready in approximately 30 days.
   The new website will also enable shopping Malls to learn how to operate the DMP solution without us having to visit each of the malls personally. Therefore it will also be a support portal that will provide educational content and tech support for shopping Malls all around Venezuela.
 b) We will actively promote the new DMP onboarding website to the shopping malls across all of Venezuela so that they will learn about the DMP solution and know how to implement it on their own. 
c) If funding permits we may also be able to organize a showcase event at one of our existing shopping Malls in Merida so that shopping Malls outside of Merida can attend the event to experience first hand the DMP solution
  Our goal has been to be financially self sufficient and eventually not to rely on DAO funding to run our operation.   In order to achieve this goal we need the POS systems and Payment Cards from Dash Retail. The Dash Retail units will be manufactured and delivered from China. Unfortunately the release of the Dash Retail POS systems and cards has been delayed by the Coronavirus situation and some technical issues with the Dash Retail payment solution.  We had originally expected the POS units to be ready by the end of March 2020.  
  The MNO DeepBlue  has been communicating with Dash Retail on our behalf. DeepBlue has also been working with us to review and modify our business plan and strategies which we are implementing. 

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1 point,3 days ago
Dash Watch October 2020 Report on
Dash Mall and Parking May July 2020 by yoanacastillo
1 point,8 days ago
I can confirm that I've had many calls, chats and emails with the DMP team since the beginning of this year. I have acted as a liason between DMP and DashRetail translating information between these two teams.

DMP have refined the Dash Mall payment solution and are now ready for scaling to all of Venezuela shopping malls with a parking payment problem. Paying for parking is a real problem in Venezuela and currently there is no viable solution other than DMP solution. Yoana has identified 150 car parks out of a total of 450 shopping malls that have a parking payment problem. The team now want to introduce the parking solution to these malls. The strategy is to get established with the parking solution first then to move into the shops in the malls once the merchants see how well the parking solution works.

I can confirm that the DMP team have provided Ash of DashRetail invaluable feedback and detailed requirements for the Dash Retail payment solution and to Ash's credit he has actively modified his Dash Retail payment solution to meet the DMP needs.

The DMP team are now waiting for the POS systems and payment cards from Dash Retail which has been delayed due to the coronavirus. The units are manufactured in China. Yoana has informed me that there is a lot interest for the payment cards and this is how the DMP team aim to become financially self sufficient. The team believe it will take approximately 12 months more of funding before they can reach complete financial self sufficiency provided they receive the Dash retail payment systems shortly and they are successful in establishing the DMP payment solution in the remaining car parks.

There is much more planned for this project than I can say here but if the team are successful in getting the DMP solution installed in the 150 other shopping malls it could be the first stage to getting Dash established throughout Venezuela as a payment solution.

One other point. Today Yoana told me that it is very fulfilling and motivating for her to be helping people to find solutions to their problems. In my opinion this is absolutely the right attitude and motivation to have when working on a Dash project.

Voting yes
2 points,7 days ago
Thank you very much DeepBlue for your good comments, for checking and modifying with our team every detail to achieve the objectives of this project. We hope to achieve the self-sustainability of the project faster than expected and help people to find a solution in Venezuela.

Solving a real problem in Venezuela with Dash will be possible on a larger scale.

Our team is grateful to you.
Regards, Yoana and the Team
3 points,15 days ago
It goes without saying this team has my support, we've been working with them on our NFC cards and POS devices and they've provided some really valuable insight.

For some context for the DAO the NFC cards will cost around $0.30-$0.50 each landed in Venezuela and this team will probably be able to sell them for around $1 per, with a potential of around 4000 customers per mall (though please correct/confirm this Yoana).

Our app supports the NFC cards as do our hardware POS devices (ranging from $20 for a basic phone to $100 for a POS with printer & dock). There isn't likely to be any profit on POS sales and most store owners will continue to use their own device or our cheap android phone device (the ~$20 one).

They can also make revenue from selling and buying of Dash to and from merchants and customers, all of this will go a long way to help them on their path to becoming self-sustaining whilst the DAO subsidizes their growth to this point.
1 point,15 days ago
Thanks @Ash for your comments they are really of great value for our project,

It will be a success to have the Dash Retail development to be extended in parking lots and stores of shopping centers in Venezuela.

We hope to continue working together to achieve the massive adoption and continuous Growth of Dash, in addition to achieving self-sustainability so that this project remains operational at all times.

Thanks again,
Yoana and the team
1 point,15 days ago
When do you expect Dash Mall & Parking to sustain itself on its own revenue? Have you made any projections?
1 point,15 days ago
Hi agnewpickens, thanks for the question.

It is expected to be self-sustaining after 12 months of application of the project, indeed we have a projection that will allow us to achieve the objectives set to add value to the community and at the same time generate income in the stipulated time.

Attentive to any doubt or question,
Yoana and the team
1 point,17 days ago
You have my support.
1 point,15 days ago
Thanks qwizzie for your support, we appreciate it!

We will continue to add value to the Dash network

Yoana and the team!