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Title:Dash integration to Unalivio, and equity to DIF
Monthly amount: 250 DASH (6479 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-03-11 / 2024-06-15 (added on 2024-03-11)
Votes: 473 Yes / 123 No / 11 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description


As many of you know, this proposal to integrate Dash to Unalivio, fell 14 votes short for March's cycle!  But it is possible that we can get those votes and pass for the next one, and because we are building a sustainable product where we see a great use case for Digital Cash, and we are here for the long run; I'd like to inform the Dash community that:

  • Dash has been already integrated and turned on for our users.
  • We will run incentives campaigns to improve usage once we get funds to do so, in the next cycles
  • We will honor the DIF equity agreement to provide equity, we'll just adjust the equity to the new value

(See image of Dash on our Dashboard, and a sample payment I did on this link)

Thanks to all of you for your 455 YES votes, and your many messages of support!
As I said this has been an interesting process, and it's fun to be on this side as well. I am certainly learning a lot, even with this (I hope) temporary no.
The following is a proposal to fund the integration and promotion of Dash into Unalivio, a cryptocurrency-powered financial platform for LatAm.
This proposal includes allocating the funded Dollar amount, as equity to the Dash network through the DIF. 


Cryptocurrency was originally meant to be peer-to-peer electronic Cash, and despite this idea currently there are two different visions of how the internet money should work: 
For some, crypto is a store of value, and for others, crypto is a financial tool to be used for freedom, which is where I stand.

Emerging markets represent over 4.3 billion people, 50% of Global GDP (2023), and 66% of GDP growth in the past 10 years. These markets fueled the peer-to-peer Digital Cash adoption.
In LatAm there are 30 million migrants who send 142 Billion USD in remittances/year, but sending remittances is full of troubles: Including not knowing if the money sent covered the intended need; markups go as high as 20%; and money sent can get stolen by intermediaries.

That is why we built Unalivio! 
Unalivio allows migrants to make digital payments for specific needs back home. Unalivio is especially useful in places where Dollar payments are desired due to inflation, expensive remittance costs, or slow transfer times. That is why we are targeting non-US corridors in LatAm: Brazil-Peru; Chile-Venezuela, México-El Salvador; and others.

Unalivio encompasses three products:
  1. A payments system for LatAm retailers.
  2. A remittance solution for migrants.
  3. A door to Web3 offers, such as yield, or crypto incentive program “points”.
Our MVP is a marketplace that works as a cross-border bill payments system to buy medical services. We are piloting this product in Venezuela, will soon add more verticals, and then expand to other jurisdictions with high crypto adoption such as El Salvador or Argentina.

See a working demo on this link

(UnAlivio means Relief in Spanish)

Our system integrates into small and medium businesses, and allows their users to pay their families' services from abroad in their local currency. On the other end, businesses receive payment in stablecoins, improving sales and enabling LatAm businesses to receive US Dollars. 

Our product is live and can be used by anyone at 

Unalivio is developed for non-crypto users who pay in local fiat, and takes away all the crypto complexity into the backend. We now operate cash in with Chilean pesos, and have cash-in agreements in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and multi-currency card transactions. 

The full cycle flow of funds follows:
  1. Migrant Requester logs to and selects the service they want to give out.
  2. Migrant Requester fills our form, order and pays with local currency (or crypto)
  3. After payment, the Migrant Requester, End-user in the destination country, and affiliate (Doctors in our first vertical) receive confirmation messages via email.
  4. End user in destination country, attends consultation
  5. Affiliate (Doctors) receives payment on their Unalivio account
  6. Affiliate Cashes out in USDC Stablecoin to avoid price fluctuations

Our system is developed for non crypto users, but because we are crypto native, we added payments in BTC, USDC and Dash; making Unalivio a crypto payment platform for LatAm. 


Unalivio has been in stealth pilot since January of 2024; in the first weeks of operations, we grew our service provider base at around 80% per month, visits to our website grew 300%/Mo, order creation grew 50%/Mo and initial conversion is at around 5% of created orders.
Our affiliate count is around 100 service providers in 15 different locations, we have a waiting list of 3 dozen more locations which we will gradually deploy.
In social media, we focused on Instagram and grew a community of 4,500 potential users, and have an email list of 500+ sign ups. Follow us:
We have cooperation agreements lined up with several mid-sized retailers, chambers of commerce, and other organizations which will allow us to put our product in front of more than 500,000 potential customers. We will start to go live with them in mid-Q2 of this year.


Unalivio will add an important, sustainable and growing distribution of Dash users in LatAm. 
Dash will be implemented into Unalivio in two ways:
  1. Cash-in: Dash is efficient, and has many liquid cash in options. We want to offer this.
  2. Use Dash as an incentive mechanism for preferring crypto instead of fiat. We start by incentivizing affiliates for receiving crypto, mirroring what the Lolli app in the US does (Transact and get Duffs). Incentives are baked into our model, making it sustainable


  • Equity: The Dollar amount of Dash received will be granted as equity to Dash through the DIF, with the same terms as our Angel investors: A SAFE note with 4M cap and 50% discount. 
  • Cash in: Enable Dash as cash-in and cash-out options, supporting Dash use in the region. 
  • Promotions: We will run Dash-specific promotions, and put the Dash brand in front of one hundred thousand viewers in Q2-Q3 2024. 
  • Run discount campaigns and prizes for several thousand dollars (10% of proposal) to incentivize Dash payments, and increase awareness to those who do not know Dash yet. 
  • Transactions: We will enable our set of merchants to receive Dash as incentives, activate wallets to at least 100 of them in Q2-2024, which will add hundreds of TX/Mo. 
  • Network growth: We’ll have 400+ affiliates in Q3 2024, and over 1000 in 2025. Initially clinics, but we will add others such as pharmacies, laboratories, and basic recurrent needs services.
  • Evolution Integration: Unalivio affiliates are a network of crypto receivers that lay the foundation for future offers of products such as names, savings, yields and products that can be enabled with Dash evolution.


Unalivio is founded and led by Ernesto Contreras,
Ernesto is a Growth Director with 18 years of experience in the Cryptocurrency, and technology industries; he has lived and worked in China, Venezuela, the US, and Mexico.
Ernesto began his career working for consumer product companies, and in the past 7 years worked as marketing manager for crypto unicorn Bitso, and Global Head of Growth for Dash Core Group.

Ernesto was a key element for Dash’s growth during his five years working for the Dash DAO. Part of his notable achievements highlight integrating Dash to over 200 projects; including integrating Dash to Coinbase, Topper by Uphold, ByBit, Binance P2P, LatAm’s 1st crypto debit card with Tauros; integrating Dash into mainstream retail in Venezuela, and enabling tens of thousands of wallet downloads in the region through Dash payroll, Krip phones and more; Ernesto is well known in the global crypto ecosystem.

Ernesto is an Industrial Engineer with an MBA from Hult international business school in their Shanghai campus.

The Unalivio team is composed of a CTO, Lead engineer, UX/UI engineer, a Social media, and  Sales manager. 

I am proud to have been part of the teams that built the best digital cash in the world, and I am excited to continue growing Dash’s usage and adoption now as an ecosystem builder, as I know Dash has many advantages, and want to have the Dash network be part of my growth on my venture. 

We are asking for 250 Dash per month, for three months . This will cover all integration, promotional costs, Dash specific activities on social media and promotions.
The total of 750 Dash (32,250 USD at the time of writing this proposal) will be allocated as equity to the Dash ecosystem through the DIF, in the same terms as our Angel investors are entering the company: A SAFE note capped at 4M USD, and 50% discount. 

Thank you for your support, and I will be looking forward to replying to your questions and comments!

Ernesto Contreras Escalona

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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4 points,23 days ago
I don’t understand the no votes... :(
2 points,23 days ago
I wish they had left feedback, we'd be happy to adjust and provide the most value for Dash!
4 points,23 days ago
Yes from me.
1 point,23 days ago
Thanks for your support!
3 points,23 days ago
Great news! We made our brand's first public announcement yesterday through social media, and the response was massive!

Here's the link to the announcement on social media:

Afterwards we received great coverage by different publications, which sets us to a great start, and validates how much attention this industry has for crypto in the region!!

I envision making the Dash announcement coincide with another major milestone, like maybe our first 1000 doctors, which will draw a lot more attention to how Dash is present in real world use cases!

Thanks for your support!!

3 points,23 days ago
I am a Yes on this proposal.
3 points,23 days ago
Thanks so much for your support, Agnewpickens!
2 points,29 days ago
I received a few questions asking about the way our system operates; so we prepared a 2-min demo displaying how Unalivio allows people to pay their invoices with their local fiat.

On this video you will see how our system allows payments from Chilean banks (I used a demo account, but anyone can test it live now)

One experiment we will run is requesting payers to provide a Dash address when they input their data, this way we can offer instant cashbacks as a discount, or offer a small fee waiver.

We can do this type of cashbacks with Dash as it allows micro transactions.

See the video in:

5 points,1 month ago
I am a definite yes, could we get someone from the DIF confirming that a contract will be written up to facilitate this if the proposal passes?
5 points,1 month ago
We can confirm that Ernesto is in touch with us regarding this project and we received a draft SAFE note with the terms as specified in the "ASK" section of the proposal to be executed if this proposal passes.
3 points,1 month ago
Thank you for the clarification
5 points,1 month ago
Hi name3, thanks for your support. I've sent a draft for the DIF to check the SAFE contract, today.
I will wait for them to confirm reception and share their comments.

Best regards,

5 points,1 month ago
Great thanks for the response
6 points,1 month ago
Any activity, that uses Dash as money, is welcome!
4 points,1 month ago
Thank you for your support!
2 points,1 month ago
Ernesto we had poor experience with Venezuela in the past, pushed a lot of money into it and once DAO funds stopped dropping we see nothing from there. As your proposal is for the whole Latam and the demo looks cool I really hope it will provide usability of Dash, rise the number of transactions, and where we can also somehow see the metrics over time and see the real traffic. Is it doable?
DIF response over it would be also appreciated.
2 points,1 month ago
Hi Splawik! In my experience crypto actions must be self sustaining for this to be able to convert into long term growth.
This is why our model is aiming to solve a real problem (improve efficiency when sending money), work in a market that exists (145Billion USD sent into the region) and target a broad audience of non-crypto people.

As you can see on this links, crypto usage and interest the in the region remains sky-high:

This is why Binance, Tether, OKx and others are making a killing there and moving over 50M per week, and why we built our product: We must solve a problem and charge fees so we can sustain past promotions and incentives.

Displaying metrics over time with real traffic is something we want to build. I am particularly interested on building something like Uphold's transparency page. And we could include this in our roadmap for our crypto component; we'd just have to review in what part of the user journey we can do this

In short, being self sustainable and showing usage data is something we aim for.

Thanks for your comments,
2 points,1 month ago
Thank you Ernesto for responding.
This is the way in fact! Self sustainability.