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Title:Dash Help Support Center - Over 2300 page views and 1200 users + Active Support + Train & Educate Program + New videos and partnerships.
Monthly amount: 69 DASH (5161 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 138 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-10-16 / 2020-01-13 (added on 2019-10-13)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 722 Yes / 310 No / 10 Abstain

Proposal description

Recap video about what Dash Help have been up to!

Achievements reached in the last 60 days:

1.     2300 visits from more than 1600 users to our website.
2.     Over 300.000 impressions on Twitter and Instagram.
3.     500 technical support requests.
4.     More than 50 employees trained at Farmarket Pharmacy chain.
5.     Presentation for over 100 attendees at Universidad Metropolitana along with Mi Condominio and Radio Comunidad.
6.     Premiere of the first (one-way) ATM for Dash in Caracas in collaboration with VEINTE Exchange (VEnezolana de INTErcambios).
7.     Partnership and collaboration with Dash Mall and Parking.
8.     Presence on the user manuals of Krip phones.
9.     27 new YouTube videos about exchanges and wallets, translated in 3 languages.
10.   Dash rates Interactive Calculator for BS - USD ( and .org).
11.   Launch of our (Beta phase) interactive Telegram Bot for Spanish speaking Dash Users: @DashHelp_Bot.
12.   69 merchants visited by our Active Support agents.
13.   Meeting in Valencia with Disam and Asociados along with Cryptobuyer.
14.   Support for the introduction of DashText in Brazil.
15.   Over 30 interactions with Brazilian Dash users.
16.   Collaboration with Ernesto Contreras from the DCG.
17.   Instagram Live videos about Dash, as part of our pilot-test for Online Training Program (#MartesDeLives , #TuesdayLives).
18.   Constant cooperation with Cryptoway and Cryptobuyer exchanges to help our users to get and sell their Dash.
19.   Collaboration with Datacel, to promote Kriptomobile phones on several retailers.


  • By providing professional and immediate assistance plus technical support for Dash users and merchants around the world in four languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian).
  • Training and tutoring about Dash and cryptocurrencies, both in person and remotely, organizations and individuals.


We provide a fully featured multilingual Dash support center to directly answer questions and bring solutions. All our available communication channels:
  • Official website: using our Live Chat and Ticket Support.
  • Dedicated local telephone numbers available from Monday to Friday from 8 to 5, and Saturday from 9 to 1 (GMT-4) for 7 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, México, United States, Spain and Venezuela.
  • Calls and messages through: WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord.
  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Email.
  • *NEW* fully automated Telegram Bot @DashHelp_Bot (for now, only in Spanish).


This program started on the last cycle has given us plenty satisfactions; hence, we decided to intensify our efforts to offer merchants and users (living in Venezuela) not only phone and online support, but also the physical personalized assistance they may require to clarify every doubt and solve any technical issue.
As part of the program, we have performed meetings and conferences to talk and explain the fundamental concepts about dash and cryptocurrencies general information. This initiative has allowed us to interact personally with the participants to demonstrate Dash real use and features.

Our two biggest meetings were a complete success, which allowed us to reach over 200 users, and to open for Dash the potential niche of condominiums in Venezuela. One meeting held at the Universidad Metropolitana (also broadcasted on the radio), and the other in Valencia for Disam&Asociados.

We constantly seek and encourage new strategic alliances and cooperation between the various projects, communities and exchanges operating in Latin America.

We are also thrilled to announce some of our last allies:
  • Dash Mall&Parking.
  • Datacel (biggest Kriptomobile phones distributor in Venezuela).
  • & Radio Comunidad.
  • VEINTE Exchange.

  • Dash Help support center is present worldwide through social networks and advertising, as well as through our many communication methods. 
  • Participation in fairs, events and meetings.
  • Increase our efforts on the advertisement campaigns to make our videos and educational material reach as many people as possible.
  • Contests and giveaways through social networks and collaborating with allied merchants to increase Dash understanding and use.


All the aforementioned accomplishments have motivated us to increase the Dash Help family, to reach more people and therefore making the educational process more efficient.
Consequently, we have decided to implement a new pilot-test program, tailored for the Training and Education of all the personnel of those large and small businesses and chain stores that wish to include Dash among their economic tools, to face the marketplace needs.


  • Professional and complete Training and Education program, for end-users, merchants and chain stores.
  • Over 170 organic full interactions.
  • Worldwide customer support through live chat, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).
  • Translation and/or dubbing from English to Spanish and Portuguese of the main videos and documents created by other colleagues of the Dash network.
  • Update and creation of video tutorials. As well as any other video directly requested by the community.
  • Fully automated Telegram Bot: @DashHelp_BOT  in English (only available in Spanish right now).
  • Trigger as much teamwork as possible among national and international communities and projects.
  • Providing a direct communication channel between the common user and the DCG based on the direct dealings with the user personal experience (as we have been doing with Ernesto Contreras).


  • From day one, we have striven to demonstrate with constantly increasing numbers and results, that we are a committed and dedicated team who works for the expansion and adoption of Dash, in Venezuela and the rest of the world, by providing constant support and guidance to the hundreds of people who constantly contact us.
  • We have once again exceeded our previous audience record reaching over 2300 visitors and more than 1200 users from 72 different countries in the last 60 days.
  • Our Active Support Program was a complete success as well, visiting 69 merchants, giving them our unconditional support and guaranteeing a fully qualified "after sales" service to highly reduce the bounce rate and the amount of unlearned knowledge about Dash.
  • We are launching a new pilot-test program to Train and Educate from very small business (one-person business and small retailers) to large enterprises (with over 200 employees).
  • Having a support center allows the different communities, merchants and projects to have a bridge that connects them, regionally and internationally.
  • Maintaining the support center operative encourages and facilitates Dash adoption.
  • We offer immediate assistance and problem solving in four languages.
  • Dash Help Support Center provides to users of over 70 countries the necessary confidence, information and support to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.      
  • Despite the abrupt Dash price drop, our team is as motivated and constant as day one and doing everything on its part to keep the population and the community motivated.
  • We have managed to reduce costs to the bare minimum to keep this proposal budgets within a low cost range.
  • The Venezuelan situation in economic, political and social terms is extremely complex and we firmly believe in the potential that Dash has as an alternative to overcome them systematically. 
  • Provide the communities that make life in Latin America, an important ally for the development of activities, conventions and events.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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2 points,9 months ago
The proposal didn't win funding. What are some changes that could be made to this proposal strategy to make it deliver higher ROI to the DAO?

- For example could the team:
-(a) put up a billboard marketing to Venezuelans to request to family members outside of country to send Dash home + why (lower fees than conventional remittances, get the money faster)
-(b) can Dash HELP take the next step in HELPing Venezuelans buy Dash very easily? ie.some of the team members acting as human ATMs in malls for example, and advertising (i) why a Venezuelan would buy Dash and (ii) it being available for immediate purchase on the spot
-(c) put up a billboard marketing to Venezuelans what the benefit is to purchasing Dash
-(d) what is the cost of the Brazil/portuguese support? maybe this could be eliminated as it is likely low ROI to the DAO (since Brazil is NOT an economy that is looking to switch to a new currency)
1 point,9 months ago
Hello Currency_use_case, firstly i would like to thank you for your support and your constant and constructive feedback.

Indeed, unfortunately, this month we were not funded, but we'll take this brief hiatus as a time to reinvent ourselves and improve our proposal ROI to the community.
Also we have enabled an address to receive donations, as we will continue to work mostly ad honorem.
(Donations: Xdpq8jFhPUyn2CUvRCWufJJPUo9CKPtoNt)

(a) we had a couple of billboards, but due to the massive drop on Dash price we could not maintain that kind of advertisement, however we are constantly encouraging our users to learn, trust and implement on their daily basis this particular feature of Dash incredibly handy for the venezuelans relatives living abroad. (Let's keep our finger crossed for a bull market coming soon, otherwise our budgets will seem "disproportionate").

(b) In your last comment on our proposal you brought up the idea that you are currently raising in point B, about providing Dash immediately to our users, personally I think it's a great idea, and we have been pursuing to achieve it for some time, however there are certain government limitations that have not yet allowed us to launch this new useful feature, however we will not give up and I am sure that we will manage to fulfill it really soon (spoiler: if funded, we will start a pilot program in February).

(d) Right now our costs to maintain the service in Brazil do not exceed the 5% (approx) of our budget, so i'm pretty confident we could maintain that service fully operational without affecting our other initiatives.

I'm fascinated by these kinds of conversations because they're really enriching, so please keep giving us your feedback and ideas, and if you please to contact me in a (maybe) more personal manner, i would be thrilled.
In case you want to, i will leave some other communication channels to keep talking.

I would also like to take this opportunity to urge all other readers to contact me to further strengthen the proposal.

telegram: Giorgiom92
twitter & reddit: giorgiom92
discord: Giorgiom92 (Dash Help PO)#8745

Thank you once again Currency_use_case.

Giorgio M.
0 points,9 months ago
Great proposal, One of the few teams working hard and honestly. Best of luck.
0 points,9 months ago
Thank you very much ValenciaDash!

We have been working continously for over a year, always trying to give our best to the community, so we hope the MNO's keep supporting us to be able to continue with our consistency and presence to which our users are accustomed.
Also, we expect to achieve many new milestones on 2020, so let's keep our finger crossed and rely in our hard work!

Giorgio M.
1 point,10 months ago
Dash Watch October 2019 Report on
Dash Help Support Center NovJan by giorgiom92
2 points,1 year ago
Dash Watch October 2019 Report on
Dash Help Support Center AugOct by giorgiom92
0 points,1 year ago
Thank you guys!

Giorgio M.
2 points,1 year ago
Looks like good work and it's a reasonable value you ask for.
0 points,1 year ago
Hello 3d1409ae!

Thank you very much for your feedback and your support, it's really valuable for us!

Giorgio M.
0 points,1 year ago
I see some good benefits for Dash here and the funding amount that is being requested looks reasonable. So its a yes from me.
1 point,1 year ago
Thank you very much qwizzie!

We look forward to keep showing ourselves valuable for the network and the community.

Giorgio M.
2 points,1 year ago
What is DashHelp doing to advertise to consumers to switch from Bolivar to Dash? We are experiencing a mega-shortage of consumers that are switching from Bolivar to Dash...
2 points,1 year ago
Hi Currency_use_case, thank you for your comment, is very accurate!

We are indeed witnessing a lack of users willing to migrate to Dash (or any other cryptocurrency) as their main form of payment and savings, and one of the reasons for this to happen is: fear. Many fears in fact:
- The novelty and the lack of knowledge
- The lack of confidence in the acquisition/selling process (use of exchanges)
- The volatility
- The government cryptocurrency (Petro)

How is Dash Help dealing with this fears, hence encouraging consumers to switch from Bolivares to Dash:

- We have created over 50 "how to" videos for wallets and exchanges and more than 20 user manuals.
- We constantly act as spokespersons to all those people who still do not believe that cryptocurrencies are an international reality and that they are a sustainable financial tool which adapts perfectly (or almost), to the current economic situation for the specific case of Bolivares-Dash-USD.
- We go through the whole process along with the users, from crypto 101 to use it as remittance, savings or payment method. We stimulate the use of Dash as a remittance, since more than 80% of the population has a family member abroad.
- We regularly create and publish content on our social networks about usability, real use cases, and informative material to allow us to disseminate the knowledge to as many people as possible. @dashhelpme
- We encourage and participate in the realization of meetings and forums about Dash and cryptocurrencies nationwide.
- Thanks to our alliances with several exchanges and local businesses we simplify to our users the process to buy/sell Dash in local currency.
- We participate in events held by our partners, just to cite a couple this week, we were with Kriptomobile and Datacel, in Metrocenter Mall and Lider Mall, in which our main goal was to speak about Dash use cases with the common user of the host business; and also recorded a video using the new one-way crypto ATM.
- We are constantly trying to simplify the learning process for the common user, demystifying most myths and beliefs about cryptocurrencies (among which we can obviously find the Petro), i.e. we have been recently doing Live videos on Instagram, and talking on the radio (Radio Comunidad) about Dash and crypto basics.
- We cooperate with every other project making life in Venezuela to spread even more the knowledge and existence of Dash.
- Also this month we will begin to train and teach the staff and directors of large companies, which will allow the implementation of payments of bonuses (or honorarium) in Dash. And I believe this could represent a turning point for the society, once Dash gets associated with the salaries in the population psyche, it is going to positively affect the amount of users willing to switch from Bolivar to Dash, and we will see a significant increase in the willingness to adopt Dash in everyday life.

I hope I have been able to put into words part of the effort we make daily to stimulate the use of dash.
Also if you have other questions or approaches, please contact me, we can gladly discuss new strategies or initiatives to change the shortage situation.

Thank you once again for your comment and your support!

Giorgio M.
1 point,11 months ago
a) trying to stimulate remittances is good
b) bottom line: a new plan from Dash Help on how they can stimulate more exchanges of Bolivar to Dash is needed. Whether that is advertising use cases where Dash is better than the Bolivar, whether that is finding stores that have very long lines each day to pay with bolivar-debit-cards + getting that store to accept Dash
c) a new focus from Dash Help really on the best use cases for Dash vs. Bolivar could be very useful
d) does Dash Help Team have any ideas how to make it easier than referring customers to centralized-ID verification-exchanges to purchase Dash?
-1 point,1 year ago
Im not so sure having a 'call center' is of any long term value,

we have been funding this for an ongoing year+
4 points,1 year ago
Hello @Realmrhack, thank you very much for your feedback.

I would like to mention that we are not only a "call center" in fact the most arduous part of our work consists in actively transmitting the information and knowledge acquired about Dash and cryptocurrencies to as many users as possible, through our 10 communication channels, our more than 100 videos in Youtube and our Active Agents.

Additionally, as you say, being simply a passive support center would not offer optimal results like the ones we want to offer, which is why we are constantly evolving and developing new strategies to be the active epicenter of Dash information distribution, and market stimulation.
The demonstration of the aforementioned point was the success achieved with the Active Support program raised and started in the last cycle, which allowed us to physically reach more than 200 people through meetings, interviews and conferences, in addition to the more than 2000 users reached via our internet based services.

Not only, for this new cycle we are starting a new pilot program that will allow us to enter large and small businesses to carry out training and education programs for each and every one of their employees, staff and directors, which we undoubtedly consider will be a great benefit for the Dash community nationwide.

Additionally, and taking into account one of the main "issues" that Dash has as a form of payment: "how to acquire it", we work daily to explain and facilitate the process of buying and selling Dash to all our users, going along with them in the process to overcome that barrier of fear and inexperience before the novelty, and therefore helping them to be able to carry out more and more transactions autonomously.

Finally, I would like to mention that luckily we have had the privilege of being also useful for other proposals and members of the DCG, contributing with our impressions, skills and tools to the constant development of their activities working synergistically.

Thank you in advance for your time and your support.

Giorgio M.