Proposal “Dash-Help-Support-Center-May-Jul“ (Closed)Back

Monthly amount: 51 DASH (3449 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 102 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-04-14 / 2020-07-13 (added on 2020-04-09)
Votes: 855 Yes / 261 No / 23 Abstain

Proposal description

Please vote for Dash Help support center team, we can really take advantage of the time during the lockdown due to covid-19, since we are used to operate remotely and we have all the tools and means to do so, we will keep working at full speed.

*News on our youtube channel: we have produced 12 new videos!! And more coming up.
*We have partnered with the academy @TuAcademiaLevelUp to discuss about cryptocurrencies, focusing on basic education about cryptos and promoting the use of Dash.
*We have highly improved the SEO in or youtube videos using the VidIQ tool.

Good customer service is the ‘make or break’ of every business, and we do so for less than 0,5% of the Dash DAO budget.
We generate tons of educative content for Dash users around the world, mainly in Spanish and English, support us to keep providing valuable content to the network and to support the other teams that rely on us: Dash Text, Dash Brazil, Dash Retail, Dash News Italia, Dash Mall, among others.

This proposal is intended to fund Dash Help Support and Training Center from May to July to achieve the following objectives: Website Upgrade + New YouTube Video Tutorials + Customer Support + Partnerships and Integrations + Social Media.

Our latest videos:

 - Learn with Dash Help #2 - History of money: from barter to digital money
 - Learn with Dash Help - Introduction, advantages and uses of Dash in Venezuela and the world
 - Press release on national TV about the event held in Caracas, thanks to Ernesto Contreras from DCG, Profranquicias and The Federation of Accountants of Venezuela.
 - Event the "Abc of cryptos"
 - Unboxing KRIP K5b
 - Unboxing KRIP K55h
 - Unboxing KRIP K4b

Dash Help Support and Training center offers:
 -  Omni-channel Dash experience.
 -  Personalized digital channels to improve customer engagement.
 -  Self-service tools like our telegram Bot and soon our ever-growing FAQ section on the website.

We are also: 
-        Ready to offer professional and complete support for B2C and B2B markets
-        Ready to support physical shops and businesses

HOW DASH HELP WORKS: Good customer service is the ‘make or break’ of every business, and we do so for less than 0,5% of the Dash DAO budget.

Thanks to the experience gathered from our daily basis work of the past 2 years, and the feedback received directly from the Dash community, other PO's and MNO's, we were able to develop particular tasks and services to actively participate in each stage of the User adoption journey with Dash and cryptocurrencies. Here's how we go through the ideal 5 Stages of Customer Adoption Process: 

1. Product Awareness: Executing strong ads campaigns on our social media, generating significant impressions and followers, as well as working hand in hand with other teams like Dash Text, to introduce the unaware customer to the exciting world of cryptos. This way the user becomes aware of Dash, but still lacks information about it. But this is OK, since awareness leads to interest which makes the typical user to begin searching online about topics including how to buy Dash, exchanges, wallets as well as every other recently discovered concept.

2. Product Interest: Through our ( website, other official channels, teamwork and our social social media profiles, we help the consumer who seeks information about the cryptocurrencies. And once the information has been gathered (since we guarantee it happens), the user enters the evaluation stage and considers buying/using Dash.

3. Product Evaluation: With the "Human ATM" service provided by our support team we help the user to get into the trial stage, at this point with a small purchase of Dash dealing directly and easily with us, the customer tries Dash on a small scale to improve his or her estimate of its value and usability.
The point of this stage is to help the user to consider whether this new payment, remittance and saving method makes sense, or not (we know it should). We also offer information from other projects and teams on the network in order to give the user a clear perception of the "Dash whole package", like talking about the real use case of Dash Mall and parking, Dash Text, Dash Brazil and many others.

4. Product Trial:
Thanks to our most recent collaboration with the team of Dash retail, we will be able to improve our users estimate of Dash value and usability. When the user is satisfied with the explanation and demonstration, he or she could directly enter the adoption stage, deciding to use Dash fully and regularly through the Dash Retail solution, and those from our other allies like exchange in Venezuela (as much as possible obviously, since we have to be reasonable considering the early stage of adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide).

5. Product Adoption:
 Then, the staff from Dash Help maintains a constant support and communication with the user for the necessary tuition about, in example the use of exchanges, to help them feel safe while going through the whole process, KYC and other scary things that a common user usually does not have to face... 


- The personal seminars and training sessions will be withheld as long as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

  • 1 biweekly video - "Learn with Dash Help" saga (Aprende con Dash Help) in Spanish and English subtitles will be published on YouTube. Designed to be easily understood by users of all kinds, from Millenials to Grannies. Emphasizing on the fundamental characteristics of Dash and cryptocurrencies, its usage and adoption.
  • 2 "Audiovisual glossary" short videos will be published biweekly on our social media. In this videos we will be providing an easily digestible information about the most common concepts about the cryptocurrencies and Dash.
  • Professional and complete Training and Education program, for end-users, merchants and large chain stores, including all the new concepts and information of Dash Platform and Evonet.
  • Optimize the SEO and positioning of our website and redesign its look (the mockup will be published soon), as well as the usefulness of our website, adding a growing and comprehensive FAQ database to solve the most common users issues, optimizing the usage of our human resources. 
  • 200+ personal monthly requests attended by our support center staff.
  • 100,000+ monthly impressions through our social networks
  • 600+ monthly users on our website.
  • Constantly provide limited amounts of Dash through our Human ATM's service to directly put some Dash into our users hands and help them come on board effortless, therefore increasing the supply in the market.
  • Worldwide customer support through live chat, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord and social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube).
  • Translation and/or dubbing from English to Spanish and Portuguese of the main videos and documents created by other colleagues of the Dash network.
  • Maintenance of our fully automated Telegram Bot: @DashHelp_BOT  (in Spanish)
  • Trigger as much teamwork as possible among national and international communities and projects. We are already working with Dash Text, Dash Retail, Dash Mall and parking and Dash Brazil.
  • Providing a direct communication channel between the common user and the DCG based on the direct dealings with the user personal experience (as we have been doing with Ernesto Contreras).
  • We offer immediate assistance and problem solving in four languages.
  • We will publish content on more forums and social networks like Pinterest, Medium, Steemit, among many others.
  • Dash Help Support Center provides users all over the world the necessary confidence, information and support to enter the world of cryptocurrencies understanding the real benefits of Dash among the many other available. 

Dash watch reports completed from the past proposal:

Thank you very much for your support!

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1 point,4 months ago
@giorgiom92 I have noticed you have started on the training videos which is good. I sent you some feedback on Signal on June 10th did not get a response so I will post my feedback here:

1. Dash Videos featuring host Maires Bastidas

The training videos with the Maires Bastidas are the best ones out of the training videos posted so far. The other video formats e.g your web interviews, don’t work anywhere near as good.

I will start by giving feedback on the Maires videos:

Positives to Maires training Videos:
1 She looks natural in front of the camera
2. She gets the balance right between humour fun and education. This helps to build a relationship with the audience which I feel is also important.
3. The videos are produced to a good quality.
4. Intros and outros are short and make it much better viewing than the intial video which has a long and drawn into.
5. Maires is speaks clearly but in my opinion could speak a little more slowly.

Areas for improvements to the Maires Bastidas training videos:
Confucius: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand.”

There needs to be more practical videos getting people involved and showing people how DASH is being actually used now in Venezuela. Currently the videos are only telling people facts. They need to *see* and get involved with using DASH.

Overview video to DASH training video
We need an overview video first which will highlight in a *practical* real-world way what can DASH do, how it is being used in Venezuela as both a payment method and as a means to solve real world problems in Venezuela. It is also very important to establish trust in the DASH brand in this overview video.

I have included below the topics in the DASH overview video:

1. State first what you will show them in the video. e.g. We will show how Dash solves many of the payment problems Venezuelans are experiencing today. In this video we will show you.
Dash being used today in big brand names such as Traki, Subway, Burger King. We will show you Dash solving real world problems such as paying parking and remittances. We will cover how you can get started with DASH, the Advantages of using DASH over other crypto currencies and the free help services to getting started:

More details on the topics in the overview video:
2. Establish Trust in the Dash Brand. You can do this by
a)showing big brand names accepting Dash as payment method in Venezuela. Someone actually paying for goods and services in these big brand names shops such as Traki, Subway, etc 30 seconds for Traki and 10seconds for each other big brand name. e.g. someone at a checkout at Traki paying for goods with DASH, open wallet, make payment, show receipt and leave with goods. After this section show payment in the other brand names shops for about 10 seconds each only with receipt of payment.
b) Show Dash is fully legal in Venezuela by showing the actual Government Decree with the URL that has legalised use of cryptocurrency in Venezuela. I know one of your videos has this but this info needs to be in this introduction video to Dash. (10 seconds)
3. Showcase the use cases of Dash e.g. payments, remittances, for merchants, and for solving real world problems such as paying for parking – show videos of Yoana’s team using Dash to pay for parking. This is an overview only to show how DASH can solve real world payment problems in Venezuela, do not go into details on this video. (60 seconds only)
4. Highlight the benefits of DASH to the user. e.g. not controlled by any company, institute or government. People own their own money. No coins, Dash holds its value relatively well compared to Bolivars (30 seconds) . I am aware you stated this in another video but we need it in an overview video.
5. Highlight how people would obtain DASH in Venezuelans (15 seconds)
6. Highlight how to download a DASH wallet from App Store (Android and iPhone) 15 seconds only.
7. Explain advantages of DASH over bitcoin and other crypto (Faster payments 1 second compared to 1 hour with bitcoin) Privacy ( 30 seconds)
8. Highlight the Dash Help Service and the free support you offer. (30 seconds)
9. Highlight that you will cover all of these topic covered in this video in more depth in separate videos and provide some structure to your up and coming courses. (30 seconds)l People need to see how their training will progress and what they can look forward to specifically.

Add essential keywords to the video titles. This will enable people to find the videos in youtube
e.g. on this video you have a title :

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS AN ADDRESS? Receive international payments immediately and without banks! - Dash Help

A better title that is likely to receive more visitors is as follows:

“Cryptocurrency payment and receiving addresses explained: Send money securely from any country oversees without using banks.

The reason the second title may be better is because of the following:

1. It contains the additional essential keywords “cryptocurrency”, “send” “secure”. Your current heading does not mention the word cryptocurrency anywhere.
2. The second title uses “sentence case” instead of upper case. Sentence case will more closely match the case that a user will type into a youtube search engine. Note that Google tends to treat uppercase letters differently from lower case because uppercase could also be used for special words or abbreviations.
3. ALL UPPERCASE IS HARDER TO READ than lower case. The reason lowercase is easier to read is because there are varying heights and depths to the letters which the can more easily recognise. Full uppercase letters do not have these variations and therefore it is considerably harder to read.

The other very important point on the Maries Bastidas videos: There are obvious typing areas in the subtitles. This does not look good. I would first make sure to run all subtitles through an English spellchecker.

Feedback on the other training videos that do not feature Maires Bastidas:

In my opinion the other video formats are not working that well as you can see from the low video views. I, myself, did not watch them beyond a few minutes. e.g. There are several reasons why I feel these other videos are now working which I will highlight below:

1. Internet connection is poor. Any time there is an interview with a poor internet connection it does not look professional
2. Topics are not that interesting.
3. The videos are too long.
4. The general overall quality of the videos is quite low.

I would recommend instead considering the way Andreas Antonopolous does his QA videos by focusing on one small focus topic in a QA format.

See this video from Andreas as an example of the format as an example of a format that may work for you:

The advantages of this video format are as follows:

1. You don’t need an internet connection
2. The camera is fixed on one person and not moving.
3. Low editing requirements
4. Focused topics dealing with questions from people which creates interactivity and encourages people to send in their questions for you to answer.
5. Short, focused videos are easier to create than long interviews.
6. You don't need contribution from others which takes time to set up.

Each video should ideally be focused exclusively on one theme and are short videos (no more than 5 minutes per video). Most people will want short videos rather than long ones so they can learn in bitesize pieces. FAQ videos creates a sense of user participation. Remember the Confucius quote above? The focus to the video theme will also mean they will be picked up by the youtube and google search engines for those keywords. I think you should include the words "Venezuela, cryptocurrency and DASH in more of your videos as a standard. Although other Spanish speaking markets would get benefit from these videos we need to get DASH established and successful in one country first. The personalization will help Venezuelans feel more confident that the videos are applicable to them. In addition people undertaking keyword searches that contain the word "Venezuela" will have your videos more likely at the top of the search results. Venezuela is a primary focus country at the moment for DASH it may be worth customizing slightly with more of a general focus on Venezuela

The trade off potential downside to personalising more for Venezuela is that some other Spanish speaking countries may think it is not as applicable to them so a balance needs to be struck. Personally I would focus more on the Venezuelan market because if we cannot establish DASH there, where these is a real need, how can we establish DASH anywhere else?

I think the key point is to try and demonstrate or show people actions whenever you can and also try to get them involved as much as possible. It would be interesting to see other MNOs points of view on the personalization aspect of these videos with a theme more of Dash in Venezuela but also keeping it open to other countries. i.e. a focus on Venezuela but also making them applicable to other Spanish speaking countries.
1 point,4 months ago
Hello DB!
My signal app wasn't working, i had to configure it again and it finally worked, i have also answered over there.

Thank you very much for your feedback, as usual highly constructive, also thank you for noticing our improvements on the videos, we're happy you like them more.

We were already preparing the video visiting big stores with big names, but the corona has decided to delay us, anyhow we're going to involve and use much more those demonstrations in our videos.

Thanks for the summary of what the "overview video" should have, we're aligned in what this video should be about. It's going to be great!

(Readers aware: Very important point discussed below)
"The trade off potential downside to personalising more for Venezuela is that some other Spanish speaking countries may think it is not as applicable to them so a balance needs to be struck. Personally I would focus more on the Venezuelan market because if we cannot establish DASH there, where these is a real need, how can we establish DASH anywhere else?"

This is the reason why we try to maintain the tags well balanced, since we would be limiting our potential if we were to reach only the Venezuelan niche without at least knocking at the doors of other Latin American countries that could also benefit from our videos, such as Colombia and Argentina.
I understand and agree that Venezuela is one of the most important niches for Dash, and i believe its more than obvious why.
Nevertheless if we could spread efficiently the knowledge and experiences to the rest of latam (and mainly every Spanish speaking users) countries, without undermining the work done in Venezuela, I think we should try. Having always in mind that Venezuela is our main focus.

I completely agree that the best videos are those presented by Maires, and that's the point, those ARE our main videos, the other videos are for those who participate in the meetings and ask us to upload the videos to our YouTube channel for posterity.

I would really appreciate if other MNO's took at least 10% of the time you do (and some others of course) to give us this kind of important and constructive feedback, and tell us what they think as well, since we're all in this boat together and we all want the same: real use and adoption, solving everyday problems.

I did saw those videos from Andreas, I'll try to copy the good things and use it in our channel!

BTW, sorry about the uppercase headings, i read that it would help the video to stand out from other similar videos.

Thanks again for your feedback and your time!

1 point,4 months ago
giorgiom92 to answer a few of your comments above:

1. If you want to emphasis words more you could also use Title Case, as the name suggests it is used for titles and can also work well with the search engines. The current problem is mainly using ALL CAPS for the reasons given previously.

2. I would find a way to separate out the tutorials from Maries and the other ones you have. The reason is that people that want to learn about Dash and crypto have to wade through all the different videos to find the training videos. I mentioned in my signal message ideally you should consider implementing an ordering system and use Youtube built in tools to order your videos in the playlist. I would suggest you move your other videos such as random interviews and podcasts to a separate channel. The training should come first in my opinion and made a simple and clear for visitors to your channel to easily find more training videos.

3. The order of the training videos is very important because you will be helping people learn in a logical sequence. If, however, the videos are unordered and mixed up with all your other video content it makes it confusing for the channel users to know where to start and view more learning videos. I highly recommend you invest some time organizing your channel videos. It is a bit of disorganized mess at the moment if I'm honest with you! It feels that the channel owner is that not bothered about helping their visitors. I know that is not the case, however that is how it is coming across. Organise the training videos into one section - There are tools in google on how to do this - learn about and use these organization tools. If you want more subscribers and you want more views spend more time organizing your videos on your youtube channel.

4. If you want your channel to take off you need to be making at least 2 training videos per week but ideally you want to be making 1 high quality training video per day. This should be achievable if you got yourself more organised and made it a goal. If you can do this then the Dash Help Channel will explode with viewers. Instead of getting 86 subscribers per month you would be getting 86 subscribers per day. This is total achievable. The key thing to achieve this (or much better) is releasing frequent high quality training content on a daily basis or the worst case scenario at least 2 times per week with the Maires videos. This has a compounding affect to increase subscribers, not only are you getting more content out but you will also be getting people coming back more frequently as they get hooked on their daily fix of Dash Help videos. People want to feel part of a community and you can do this with more frequent video releases.

5. Maires mentioned in one of her videos (as a joke) to "wake Dash Help up from all the videos you're creating on youtube and send them a question". In reality Dash Help will actually be getting more enquiries from the videos!

6. The goal is for the Dash Help youtube channel to become THE source of education for learning cryptocurrency. People and organizations will then start embedding your videos in their websites and you will attract more visitors. They key to this is high quality training videos that are produced daily. A video only needs to be 5 minutes long so this should be totally achievable. Google also ranks channels higher that release regular and consistent content instead of one video every two weeks or so. I notice the last Maires video was published several weeks ago. This is not going to be that effective to build your channel up. You need to invest more time and create daily videos Giorgio. It will be well worth it when you start to see the success this will bring to your channel. I don't see any reason why you could not create 250,000 subscribers for Dash Help if you can commit to 1 high quality training video per day.
You can also do 1 FAQ video per day like Andreas covering one specific topic. You already know what these topics are because people have been asking you questions on them from your support centre.

Once you build your channel reputation up to around 100k to 200K subscribers then you will see many more opportunities will start to come your way as you start to get a strong reputation as being THE source for Spanish Language Crypto training on Youtube.
1 point,4 months ago
Also, i forgot to mention that thanks to our hard work and DeepBlue previous comments and feedback we have managed to increase our YouTube subscribers count in 86 people in just 28 days... And this is just the beginning for our YouTube, so stay tuned.

2 points,6 months ago
Unfortunately DashHelp did NOT pass this cycle. A true bummer. Hopefully we can get it in next cycle. In the meantime, the team has written a blog post about their defunding. At the bottom you can see the call for donations to support their operations as they've once again been defunded. What an embarrassment...
2 points,6 months ago
Please take the time to donate. We need Dash Help as its become a vital part of our infrastructure in Venezuela. Which is the country with the most cryptocurrency adoption worldwide and *we've been gifted it*. Venezuela is a Dash nation. We have to vote to keep it that way. Please vote Yes! for Dash Help and kick a donation their way too in order to support our growth and commanding lead in the number country for cryptocurrency adoption.
7 points,6 months ago
Just wanted to drop a quick message of support on here; we've now integrated Dash Help support directly into Dash Retail through both ticket and live chat. The Dash Help team will be available to assist merchants and clerks in both English and Spanish and can escalate technical questions, requests or issues to us. This will make on boarding much easier and ensure a great experience for our merchants and their clerks, giving them an easy touch point with Dash too. Giorgio has also been really forthcoming with testing and providing feedback on Dash Retail and is very keen to get the POS devices deployed in the field.
3 points,6 months ago
I cannot thank you enough for how important it is for us and the whole community to have achieved this integration thanks to @AshFrancis availability and professionalism.

I'm convinced that this is the way the teams should collaborate, working together to grow the ecosystem and provide all the tools (especially) for the neophyte users who still don't know the world of possibilities they're missing.

The more pieces are put together in this crypto puzzle, the clearer the image we will show to the world.

Great job my friend.
4 points,6 months ago
So on April 23rd according to dashNexus we had 54 no votes, and today, april 25th we've had 122 No votes. Would the last minute No voters like to explain their position at this time? This is a very important proposal in our ecosystem for Venezuela and I'm quite curious what could possibly make you want to vote no on it. I await your contributions.
3 points,6 months ago
Hello @therealDashman21, we are surprised as well!

We did not expected this negative reaction to our proposal after all the value we have been adding to the network and the community.
Nevertheless we are more than interested into knowing what could have caused this, in order to apply the required corrections and to be aligned with the MNO's objectives and expectations.

We urge you, especially NO voters, to talk with us and let us know how and what can we do better.

Regards, and thank you for being so supportive!
3 points,6 months ago
Voting Yes! Dash Help is part of the core teams in Venezuela that have grown our adoption in the country 10x in the just the last year alone. Dash's active android wallets in the last 30 days (note, not total installs but actively opened apps at least once in the previous month), skyrocketed over the last year.

From 6,000 in May of 2019 to 63,000 in April of this year. That is extremely impressive growth! Dash Help, Dash Text, Dash Mall and Parking, Dash Impulse and other teams all equally share the credit for this and other marvellous achievements of adoption in Venezuela.

As others have noted, Venezuela is the country with the most cryptocurrency adoption globally, and DASH is the most used coin there for everyday payments. Eletropay POS recorded 3 months of ~1000 transactions right before the shutdown began. That's 1000 real people using Dash every month in a country where cryptocurrency is a hot and growing topic!

That means we're at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption. Which means we must obviously strike now while we're in this position, to solidify and magnify our gains such that it is obvious that we are the No. 1 coin for payments globally and in Venezuela. Let's vote Yes! for Dash Help to support the support center that grows and solidifies our new market participants!
3 points,6 months ago
Thank you so much for your comment @therealDashman21; you hit the nail right on the head.

We are indeed part of a moving gear that requires all its parts to be constantly oiled. Each team has a function and a mission and I am really happy to see that on an international level this collaboration is perceived.

Dash help has taken a clear position in the face of this pandemic, and that is to continue supporting this incessant educational process that has been taking place in Latin America and even more so in Venezuela, as Ryan Taylor commented during yesterday's quarterly call. In addition to continuing to provide support and personalized assistance to each and every one of the international actors that are part of this growing crypto-community.

Since the beginning of last month we have redoubled our efforts in the creation of audiovisual content to support all those who have seen their purchasing power decimated by the various economic elements affecting the entire region since it is essential to let everyone know that there are other alternatives, and that these are not expensive, not difficult, not unsafe... They are simply new to them, and that's what Dash is.

Our work is hard and constant, and sometimes we go unnoticed by the cameras, but behind the scenes this small gear keeps turning and turning to keep the ecosystem moving.

So thank you for noticing us, thank you for your trust, and thank you for your kind words.

2 points,6 months ago
Well said! Good luck.
1 point,6 months ago
Still yes, disappointed in the vote so far.
2 points,6 months ago
Hello @agnewpickens, we're disappointed too, but no worries. We're still standing and motivated! We have a 6 videos in editing process, remote live training sessions and plenty more ideas to face adversity.

I'm confident some MNO's will vote near the deadline, let's hope we receive from that love!
3 points,6 months ago
You have my support.
3 points,6 months ago
Thank you @qwizzie! We deeply appreciate it!!

We are cooking up a lot of good things! so I am confident that we will be able to continue adding value to the community.

2 points,6 months ago
Easy yes from me, I am glad you are still working after having been defunded the first two of last three cycles.
3 points,6 months ago
Thank you very much for your support @agnewpickens, indeed we continue to work through thick and thin, we are not only committed to the whole community but we also love what we are doing!

0 points,6 months ago
@giorgiom92 I have looked on your youtube channel and can only currently see one introductory video on DASH which is this one:

In addition in your last funding request you agreed to provide 1 to 2 training videos per week. Since you have had 3 months funding that should be 12 to 24 training videos on DASH. I will copy and paste below the exact text you wrote:

"1 to 2 weekly video tutorials in Spanish on YouTube about all the information on Dash, and once we have completed the Spanish course, we will immediately start with the English one."

The above was stated here:

Therefore can you provide the links to all the actual training videos you created.

Note that I do not count unboxing videos of the KRIP phone as training videos on DASH. Those are videos about KRIP phone and not about DASH cryptocurrency.

In addition to the above we had a signal call in January which lasted several hours. In it I had outlined strategies for DashHelp but I do not see evidence yet of the things we discussed being implemented e.g. We discussed creating training videos however apart from the single video above I do not see the others posted on your channel, apart from Krip unboxing videos which are not training for DASH. I also went into detail how you could generate more traffic to the website by building a comprehensive FAQ section to your site that answers specific questions received by the support centre - however I do not see evidence of that on the site either.

I had requested a fully worked out business plan for DASH help but not received it.

Therefore I would need to see all of the above provided before I can vote on this proposal.
3 points,6 months ago
Greetings DeepBlue, thank you very much for your comment.

I will make a brief prologue to give some context to the other readers of this forum.

Indeed, on January 30th, after a very interesting and enriching conversation held through signal messenger, we decided to rethink part of the purposes/objectives for Dash Help, with the intention of being more useful for all the potential users of Dash, including grandparents and those who are completely unfamiliar with this new era of digital currencies.

However, it is worth mentioning the following:
- During the month of January (1/3 payment period) we had not yet within our primary objectives to create this new saga of easily digestible video tutorials.
- During the month of February (2/3 payment period) we were not funded, other than the donations that helped us to keep the support center running, but nothing more.
- During the month of March, we were involved in other work that proved to be also beneficial, such as supporting the KRIP team to make the unboxing videos of their devices so that they continue to encourage the use of these devices preloaded with Dash in Venezuela.
- We also participated in the important event led by Ernesto from DCG, which allowed us to personally reach more than 200 people, and reach thousands more through 3 national television channels.
- Moreover, were published 4 short tutorial videos about the use of the Dash Electrum wallet.

Without wanting to excuse myself, I do recognize that we have had a delay in March in the publication of the new video saga, nevertheless we were already able to start the engines (around february 25th), since it was not easy to find someone to edit the videos in a professional way nor the appropriate studio to record them. Fortunately, the machinery is already in motion and soon we will be publishing new videos of this saga. In fact, the second video (from a total of ~14) is being published today. Here's the link:

In relation to the website, I took note of absolutely every detail distilled from our conversation and that is why in this proposal I have decided to allocate a significant part of our budget to completely renew and optimize our website, leaving aside the use of wordpress, to achieve the following:
1. optimize the SEO
2. renew the image completely using a much more efficient language than wordpress.
3. generate a new section of our website completely dedicated to FAQ's, that will grow with each new interaction of our users. (We already have a document with 50 common questions and answers, link here:
4. use 301 customized redirect pages
5. optimize speed and page/illustrations load times

(I will publish here in the next couple of days some pictures of the mock up of how our redesigned website is going to look like.)

In this cycle our proposal does include from the beginning, as a primary objective, the creation of tons of multimedia content about Dash so you can expect to see much more videos on YouTube and Instagram TV.

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@giorgiom92 thanks for your clarifications. By what you say it looks like you have received 6 weeks of funding since you were first paid- could you confirm? If this is correct then there should there not have been 6 to 12 training videos made according to your written agreement in the proposal however you have only released 2 videos. I have read that you said it was no easy to find someone to create the videos however could it not have been possible to start the search when you were not receiving funds so that you would have been ready to meet your agreement with the network when you received the funds?

A proposal owner of the DASH government needs has to accept that it is decentralized funding organization and that does not guarantee payments can always be made. The best way for a proposal owner to ensure to get their funding is to deliver on what they say they are going to deliver.

Searching for someone to do the work is not actually creating the content. I understand there may be some time for recruitment however I feel this could have been done during the period you were not funded - could you clarify why this was not possible in your case.

Since you were delayed in starting the videos does that mean you will agree to produce an additional 3 to 6 videos for the time you did not produce any because you were looking for a person ?

I looked at the FAQs you started and they are looking good. Although I have not read in detail all the responses yet it looks like you did a fair amount of work on that. Well done! It would be good however to get those FAQs online ASAP. Or even better publish them directly to the web instead of a PDF. From my experience google algorithm prefers to see a steady release of content from a site to show it is active rather than a huge release of content in one go. This point was highlighted by "Matt Cutts" from google webspam team in one of his presentation on youtube.

I think the videos you've produced so far look good. Perhaps consider cutting out the long intro which I feel does not add much to the presentation and just start with the presenter right from the start. The reason is that if people watch your videos in a series they would have to watch that intro on every single video which could be tiresome. I recommend getting directly to the content as soon as you can with minimal intro.

e.g. on this video: I recommend cutting out the first 13 seconds of the video and starting from there. The intro really does not add that much and it will get tiresome for viewers to watch this every time on your 14 video series.

I would also like to take the opportunity to highlight one point you mentioned above which I will quote below

" We also participated in the important event led by Ernesto from DCG, which allowed us to personally reach more than 200 people, and reach thousands more through 3 national television channels."

In our call you mentioned to me that DashHelp is doing work for DashCore group and for other entities. You also mentioned you are taking time to visit merchants and do human ATMs, and mystery shoppers etc. All of this activity is infact not directly related to what you proposal is about. Which is technical support centre and training centre.

Unfortunately the above activities are taking away time and focus from providing support materials and content that could be bringing in hundreds of thousands of people. This is possible because your training is scaleable whereas the other activities above are not scaleable. I believe that if you do activities other than your core activities these separate activities should be paid for by the entity wanting your service. DCG is a separate entity from DASH. They are infact just like you bidding for funding to get their project moving. All proposal owners, including DCG need to get approval from the MNO network to get their projects through. Therefore proposal owners are directly accountable to the MNOs funding their project and not other entities like DCG.

DCG on average are taking around 250,000 USD per month plus they also have other funds such as premises (50K), insurance 50K, Legal expenses - (a lot) and travel expenses and business development expenses. If DCG want DashHELP support they should pay for it in my opinion out of their Business Development money. The reason I say this is because it is simply not fair to use DashHelp times and resource to do Business development work for DCG and then DASH Help say they were not able to meet what was agreed and promised in their funding proposal because they were doing other "worthwhile projects" for DCG and others. It then does not look very good on DASH Help when you consistently are not meeting what you say you will deliver because you are being sidetracked by other projects.

This is precisely why I said it is of critical important that you take the time to work through and formulate a business plan so that it keeps you on track, keeps you focused and you have an opportunity to carefully think through means of generating independent funds from those of the Dash Treasury. By charging other organizations to use your time you will be able to afford to hire a Business Development employee of DashHelp that could attend and support DCG and other entities without it detracting from your focus - which is supporting and creating training content and website content.

If you undertook the strategies I outlined on our call the help content on the website in the way I had suggested you implement it the DASH Help site could be attracting many tens of thousands of people practically free of charge of the search engines. This is in its own right very important marketing. Use the content to educate people AND attract visitors from the search engine. This uses educational material to actually market DASH through the content itself in the search engines where it will get high rankings if you follow the procedures and steps I outline. Why do I know this for a fact? Because my own sites generate 1 million unique visitors per month viewing around 3 million pages of information. I have achieved this in my own business and I know it is absolutely possible to do.

When I do searches however for key terms on DASH associated with help does not appear on the first page of google. What you want is your listings appearing not just on the first page but the first position on the first page. This is when you will see large volumes of traffic coming to DashHelp.

I feel what is missing from DASH Help is a worked out business plan that keeps you on focus and to identify ways to generate revenue independent of that from the Dash Governance system.
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Hello DeepBlue!

Yes. 6 weeks is the right number and Yes, only 2 videos of the "learn with dash" saga have been published so far (and 4 unboxing, and 1 promotional video of the event held last month even though we are not taking them into account in this situation).

Yes, it could have been possible and it was indeed possible, in fact we had started to coordinate what would be mainly the editing and recording process but unfortunately our usual editor emigrated to another country and we had to start again with that phase.

In this particular case, it was simply a process of readjustment of our initiatives and our efforts thanks to the conversation you and i had to improve this proposal, which unfortunately coincided with a period of staff reduction and a considerable decrease in the Dash value (so there was no surplus that could be used to retain part of the usual staff) so we could not generate much quality content to record the videos while we kept doing our regular daily basis job.

I know what it means to have intermittent funding, even when the goals proposed and expected are achieved. In the last 12 months, we have not been funded approximately 1/4 of the time, and not necessarily related to "not complying", as on several occasions we received positive feedback on our performance, and even at a reduced scope, we have never abandoned the project nor given up our duties.

Anyways i will like to reassure you that we WILL produce the ~14 videos as promised, and we will also produce additional material for social networks, an audiovisual glossary in which the terms and definitions that many users are unaware of, will be explained in a practical and intuitive way.
Despite having started the process with some delay, the whole team and I can guarantee you and the community that we will not fail to meet the objectives, only the start date was postponed.
Even if, in example, we would not receive funds during this cycle, we would still continue working on it, because we are committed to our community, to you, and the master nodes.

The FAQ document you saw is simply a compilation that we have ready to integrate into the website as soon as we begin its restructuring. We will not upload the document in PDF because, i agree with you, it would not be useful for the users who have some very specific questions, as you advised, we will create a section with all those questions and more, broken down and of easy access for all the users. By the way, excellent advice about uploading content gradually, we will take it into account, i wasn't aware of that trick.

Precisely thanks to that call we had months ago, we decided to cut out all those tangential activities that could consume our energies that should be focused on other projects, and that's why in this proposal we decided to go back to the origins and focus on educational content production and customer service. In addition to advertising our material to make Dash and the Support Center known to as many people as possible, especially Spanish speakers.

Fortunately, after Ernesto's visit (from DCG) we have been able to coordinate very well the tasks to be performed and the roles that both teams will play to increase adoption while still meeting each other's proposed objectives. So we can expect only good things from this cooperation, as well as with our other team partnerships.

Within our business plan we do have a section in which we consider charging for training and technical support. However, according to our research of the Venezuelan market, this ground is not fertile yet, because business owners and entrepreneurs are not giving due importance to the training of their staff in this area. It's just a matter of time, because we know it will happen and that we will be profitable in the medium term.

Thanks to your feedback and comments, I have decided to abandon wordpress as a framework for our website, using other technologies that, without losing the aesthetics, allow us much better positioning in Internet search engines. Hopefully before the end of this proposal, we will achieve the goal of becoming the first option for the international community.

Thank you very much for your support and concern in making us a brilliant and functional proposal. I know that you have always supported our project, and it is our main interest to produce value for the whole community and to reach the highest expectations.