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Title:Dash Help - Support Center: Expansion to Brazil & US + Publicity work
Monthly amount: 32 DASH (8450 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-10-15 (added on 2018-07-08)
Final voting deadline: in 12 days
Votes: 245 Yes / 31 No / 1 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 237 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

Dear Dash Community and MNO's, we are pleased to present you our 2nd proposal for Dash Help (the first support center of a cyptocurrency in the world!).

We want to show what we have achieved during the last 3 months and what are our plans for the future. Please watch the following video, here we show you the office and the results of our work during the first 3 months of operation.

This is an interview with Rodrigo Ambrissi (founder of Dash Brazil). He visited us on our office during his trip in Venezuela. 


Here is a link on the Dash Forum where you can see all our activities, results and milestones: Dash Help (Updates + results)

1- Set up of the Office!

2- Statistics:

3- Improvements of the official Dash mobile wallets (Android and iOS). This includes: fix of translations, vocabulary, bugs, new features to improve the user experience, etc.  

4- Expansion of the service to other latam countries + Spain:

5- Support at Dash conferences

6- The most shocking marketing work so far (Dash billboards):

7- Alliances:



It is important to mention that, understanding the fall of the Dash price, we did the lowest budget we could.
Our monthly budget represents just 0.51% of the total available treasury funds (32 DASH over 6176 DASH available)

Ig: dashhelpme
Tw: @dashhelpme
Facebook: Dash Help

Call Center:
- Venezuela: +58-212-720-1174
- Colombia: +57-1-508- 5991
- Mexico: +52-55-108-37057
- Argentina: +54-11-536-87966
- España: -+34-911-239-426

Thanks for reading our proposal, please leave us your comments or questions. Thanks for your support! 

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1 point,4 days ago
Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures.

With no funds left in the budget currently we have three choices.

1. MNOs can re-assess other open monthly projects that are receiving DASH funds and down vote them to free up funds for more valuable projects that are requesting funds now. Projects that are returning real value now.

2. MNOs can make donations out of our own funds to support valuable projects like this one.

3. We can let valuable projects like this die.

I don't know about other MNOs but option 3 is not an option.

Option 1. This should be our first option to consider. We could look at the past projects that are still receiving recurring monthly payments and see if those projects are returning, in real demonstrable results, *now* the same level of results as projects like this project?

Factors to consider before down voting:

1. Is the project giving results *now*, and not just convincing promises of results in the future? Some proposals make their proposals sound very attractive but so far have not yet delivered actual real results.
2. Is the project in a country where crypto is legal and actively promoted by the government like Venezuela? If not there is a danger that project could be burned.
3. Is the project supporting the success of other DASH projects? e.g. DASH HELP supports DASH Venezuela, DASH Maracay, DASH Colombia, DASH Merchants and many other projects.
4. Are the leaders of the project super motivated and as hard working as this team? These guys work like no other team I know. Alejandro and Lorenzo are working all hours. In my book they are real hero in the true sense of the word.
5. Does the project take the time to provide regular feedback to the community with solid evidence of its results like this project does?
6. Are the team leaders contributors to the DASH community such as this team?
7. Do the team leads have a positive and constructive contribution to the community?
8. Is the DASH brand promoted first and foremost. (it is not just the project that is important it is also the DASH brand awareness that is important
9. Are the team dedicated to full time promotion of DASH as this team are?
10. Is the project in a country where the update of DASH would make a significant improvement to the lives of millions of people like this project would?
11. Is the project in a country were the labour cost is as low as low as in Venezuela? One of the largest costs of any project is the labour costs for a nation that has a high level of tertiary education. I think it would be hard to find any country that could compete with Venezuela on this point.

If the DASH HELP or any of the other open projects asking for funds give more positive answers to the above questions than the currently open recurring funded projects then perhaps we should consider down voting those other open funded projects and vote instead for a currently open projects that is giving more value to the DASH network *now* in real terms.

We can always go back and vote for those other slower performing projects later. But right now DASH needs results *now*. The DASH price keeps dropping. This is important because if the DASH price was higher we could fund more projects. Uptake of DASH now will increase the DASH price *now* and it will therefore fund the slower performing projects later on.

I invite other MNOS to consider *all* other open projects that are still open for recurring monthly payments, and there are many of them, and do this simple exercise. We need results now MNOs to increase the DASH price for all projects.

Look at the existing funded project in one hand and the open projects requesting funding now in another hand and ask "Which one is leading to demonstrable results now?" Which one is returning more value to the DASH network now? Not only this consider the leaders of the projects. Notice their approach to how they interact with the community. Are the leaders of these projects constantly and actively in touch with the DASH community? I've noticed some projects get their funding then we do not hear anything from them. I'm not so confident with those projects. Ask which leaders do we want to support? Some leaders give more to the DASH network than others. Some leaders have a better attitude towards the community than others. All of these factors are important when deciding who we should give our funds to when we are in a situation with limited funds like we are now.

Look at these open projects and compare them to other currently open monthly funded projects and make sure we are funding the most valuable projects. I know it is tough. But tough times require tough measures and it really is a matter of survival. We cannot afford to be complacent. We need to make decisions that are best for the DASH network, that lead to results now.

That is why I have made some tough decisions today and down voted many other open projects that would receive monthly funds and I have voted for this project and the other LATAM projects that are currently open and requesting funds. I did this because I feel these LATAM projects are giving more value than older projects we voted on.

Right now we need to be ruthless with our decisions. We need to make decisions on quality of leadership, quality for results, and SPEED of those results.

For this reason I have already down voted past projects that were worthwhile but compared to this project are not as valuable to the DASH network. We can always vote them back again later on. But right now we need results now. If we don't make these tough decisions the DASH price is going to continue to fall.
1 point,4 days ago
Dear DeepBlue, we can't be more gratheful for your words of support and how you referred to us. You inspire us to keep working everyday harder and harder.

We understand that it is a difficult situation for everybody: for MNO's who are the ones that take the decisions, for proposal owners that are concerned about their (our) projects, and for the rest of the Dash community that are involved directly or indirectly with the projects but actually wants that Dash succeeds.

We will keep doing our work, the support center is still running and we will do what ever it takes to keep it up, we know how valuable this project is and the benefits we are providing to the Dash network as a whole (users, merchants, core developers, core marketers, core biz dev). Money needs to provide service, and Dash is not the exception. If we want to massify this we need to help the users, and for now Dash is the only crypto in the world who does this.

We want to announce that we are preparing a "contribution campaign" in case we dont get funded in this cycle. Anyone can contribute with us to keep our operation running.

Thanks again for your words DeepBlue, we won't be able to thank you enough for your help.

1 point,4 days ago
Core have taken up all the funds for this month down to the very last DASH. Core posted 2 proposals and then left it for 2 days before they posted their TAX proposal. Core did not post in their first two proposals that they intended to submit a 3rd proposal this month. I know that you proposal, Dash Text and other proposals were caught out by this because all the little community projects had thought that core had submitted all their proposals and there was no mention in their current proposals that they intended to submit a 3rd one in a few days time. Core claim they have given plenty of notice about their funding requests however wherever they posted that notice could not have been effective because the very fact that small projects like you've have got caught out shows and demonstrates their communication was not clear. In addition it would have been simple for them to simply post in their first 2 proposals that they would post another in a few days but I did not see that anywhere mentioned.

So what is the consequence of core delaying posting the 3rd proposal for 2 days without notice and for that 3rd proposal to take all ,and I mean all right down to the last DASH, the treasury funding. It means that your project and other projects who thought they had a chance are now burned out.

Your proposal Alejandro is for DASH HELP i.e to provide technical support to people. I know however that you have given to core, for free, valuable market information. e.g you have given them feedback on issues with the DASH wallet, the bugs and issues that your customers were having and the % of those bugs, you also highlighted typos and errors in the Spanish Wallet. You also have information on feature requests and other extreemly valuable information that core devs need and so does core marketing. They want and need that information. Therefore since you have no funds left and core have taken all the funds I recommend that you now stop providing core this information. They are a separately funded subDAO like yourself and in many ways they are competitors for treasury funding. The only difference is they always win the funding.

Therefore from now on you should consider charging core for the service of providing this additional information since it is not part of your remit as a tech support company. Reporting bugs, issues, and providing market intelligence and feature requests and other such information takes extra time to prepare and you are not being funded to do that role. Therefore if core wants that information from now on I advise you to charge them for that service. Just in the same way core is contracting services from Wachsman and for Ogilvy and Matthey (which in my opinion are not giving anywhere near as much value as your service is to core). It is only right that your charge core for these additional service from now on. If core do not want to pay for the information then I think it is best you do not offer to provide this. I honestly do not see why you should be giving core this information for free. DASH HELP is not just Venezuela now. It it is DASH HELP world wide. That means the market information you can gather will be relevant for the entire world.

I advise you to remain independent of core. That DASH Help function as a subDAO or as I referred to it as an sDAO. This way DASH is remaining decentralized. It also means that you can provide a better service to the DASH community rather than being controlled by core, which is just growing bigger each month and it is making it more difficult for MNOs to get the information we need about the different divisions in core and what they are doing.

In conclusion from now on any value added service like providing reports to core on bugs, issues and feature requests should be dealt with professionally and on a paid basis as an additional service to your support services and core needs to buy that service just in the same way they buy any other service they need.
1 point,4 days ago
Oh, I forgot to add. Also if you decide to put a widget on to the website. That also is a separate service because now it is going beyond your normal customer base. Therefore if core want that service they should also pay for it. Any service that core, or any other company want where it is beyond providing a normal help service, should now be charged e.g. if an exchange wants you to support their DASH customers this is going beyond a normal tech support service to the people and would require additional resources to support. This should also be charged. DASH help needs to be self funding now because there is no money in the treasury to support you.
1 point,6 days ago
I spoke with Alejandro at DASH help and he suggested a really fantastic idea that would boost the conversion of DASH from visitors on that is to put a DASH widget to DASH HELP or to put a link to DASH Help so that interested people can get tech support when visiting the website. I have been thinking about this further and realise we could put this widget on any DASH related website. This would form an excellent conversion strategy. People would be so impressed to be able to get help on their tech enquiries.

This is a creative marketing strategy that would add tremendous value in a practical way. This is the type of marketing I like. I would like to take credit for this idea but in fact it was AlejandroE that first suggested this.

@Fernando this is a type of marketing that I was referring to previously. It is so closely integrated to providing a service it is not even seen as advertising. Maybe you consider using some of your 1200 DASH marketing funds to fund this proposal since DASH core are using up all the budget this month. It would be money better spent than any PPC ads campaign.
1 point,6 days ago
Hello DeepBlue, thanks for addressing this.

It would be a big win-win for everybody if we put our contact info in the site. And actually other websites Dash related have already our info, these are:,,, and soon dashyouth.

I already pinged some members of the Core asking them the possibility to do this.

Thanks again.
1 point,6 days ago
Projects like this are essential to our expansion in to Spanish speaking countries like Venezuela. People are used to having someone to turn to, especially when engaging new/different/complex technologies like cryptocurrency. It's important that we continue to ensure this burgeoning market that Dash is a service and product they can depend on, and Dash Help plays a pivotal role in that process.
0 points,6 days ago
Hello Arthyron, like the comment from DeepBlue, I have no words to add. What you mentioned is why this project was created.

Thank you very much for your continued support!
3 points,7 days ago
This team support all the Venezuela conferences. On one conference alone they solved over 200 issues people had from the conference. I think this clearly demonstrates we need tech support. The benefits of the DASH HELP centre go way beyond tech support. The fact that DASH is the only cryptocurrency to offer a professional tech support service gives confidence to businesses that want to take up DASH because they know they will be supported. It is excellent PR to also have tech support and it gives new users confidence to use DASH to know they can call someone up, or send an email and get tech support. All the DASH conferences hugely benefit from this tech support team.

The Core team have also received invaluable feedback on their Dash Wallet software and some of the issues people were having with it and they made improvements to the DASH software to compensate for these issues.

DASH Help tech support is something Waschman PR should be writing about. The first cryptocurrency free tech support centre in the World. No other cryptocurrency is offering a dedicated tech support team like this. This make DASH stand out above all the rest. Now all we need is a PR firm that is able to get the news out about this service to the world press.

This proposal is one of the best value money return's on investment for DASH that I can think of.

I have also spoken with Alejandro on numerous occasions about promotion ideas and I can tell you Alejandro and Lorenzo and their team are super hard working, we could not want better leaders for this project. Not only this they are shrewd business people with some first class ideas to promote DASH.

This is one of the most valuable services we could have for DASH not just for Venezuela but now for other countries such as Spain and Mexico now also being supported and soon the USA.

The price for maintenance of this support centre is very affordable and we are getting a huge return on investment for it.

Good luck guys. Definite YES!
1 point,7 days ago
Hello DeepBlue, I can't add more words than what you are saying. You mentioned exactly the key points of this project.

We totally agree with you regarding the benefits for PR of this project: Dash has the first and only support center of a cryptocurrency in the whole world, this is not a small thing. If we want that Dash gets massive usage, we need to provide service, we need to help people and provide them with Solutions.

We will reach out the Core Team and see the possibiliy that Waschman PR includes Dash Help in their work.

Thanks again for your words and support, you are definitely one of the person that has provided more help to our projects (Dash Help, Dash Merchants, others).

We will be always gratefull for all your support. Regards from all the team.

Alejandro Echeverria
0 points,6 days ago
It was a pleasure to meet Alejandro at CriptoLatinFest. Alejandro has definitely improved to the website!!! (new domain?) Keep up the good work! Now it is time to start sending users from to your service! Voting YES!
0 points,6 days ago
Hello Edward! It was my pleasure (actually honor) to meet you in Bogota.

Yes, we followed your suggestions and we fixed all the issues that the website had!

Thanks so much for your support and for your brilliant contributions.
1 point,7 days ago
Being able to follow up with new Dash users is so important. Being able to have chat and call centers like this is exactly what sets Dash apart and will drive adoption. GREAT WORK!
0 points,7 days ago
Hello bchamz thanks for your support. Yes you are right, for adoption we need to provide service and support. Thanks!
1 point,8 days ago
Great work so far. Let's take this to the next level!
1 point,8 days ago
Hello, thank very much!
0 points,8 days ago
What an incredible team you are building. Low sustainable budget. Easy yes from me.
0 points,8 days ago
Hello RobbyDash01. Thanks for your words and support!