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Title:Dash Help Q4 2021 - Support & Training Center + Dash Points at Burger King (and others) + Holidays specials + Education on YouTube and Social media + BTL Marketing + Dash injection to Venezuelan market
Monthly amount: 56 DASH (1448 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 168 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-10-12 / 2022-01-10 (added on 2021-10-12)
Votes: 857 Yes / 72 No / 38 Abstain

Proposal description

These video series is focused on targeting the market segment that really wants to be able to apply the usability of Dash that we talk so much about, so the main focus is on how Dash can make everyone's life easier.

According to a research performed by the IESA, called:  “Soluciones al dólar en efectivo y cuentas inaccesibles al Venezolano”, more than 82% of the population is choosing alternatives to the FIAT currency. We believe that this type of papers and researches strengthens the idea to have a support and training center that allows to share in a simple and accessible way the information about cryptocurrencies that Venezuelans want to know, with that well known particular focus on Dash benefits.

In the last 90 days:

  • 61 Dash were introduced within the Venezuelan market, by receiving bolivars, dollars, euros, PayPal. (Plus what we exchanged during the dash points which was +$8.000 dollars)
  • 45.7K youtube video views- We passed the goal of 3,000 followers on Twitter and we are close to passing the 10K barrier on Instagram
  • We had a 20 minutes long National TV interview along with Dash Text team (and more coming)
  • 4 New Dash points
  • 7 New business trained in Caracas
  • More than 1.7 Million impressions on our social networks (200K more than the last quarter)


Since we want to grow the community and help each project to demonstrate the potential it has for the community, we are offering a white label support extension, ensuring that all users feel the same quality of customer service, no matter which project the user is reaching out.We already have developed a faster flow for video production, but we will take it to the next level by having a professional studio that we can customize to increase the quality of our material, create new content and share the space with other Dash projects that need to create/record multimedia content.

  • - Install a new CRM to centralize our service channels and offer a faster and more accurate unified report
  • - Expand our Newsletter in informative capsules to the Reddit communities where we are subscribed- Increase traffic to our web site by 600 unique users by the next quarter
  • - Increase the reach of our media with alliances in business centers (starting by small spaces from Hotels in Caracas), cryptocurrency speakers and exclusive Dash events.
  • - Get + 40% visits to the website through content creation.
  • - Generate at least 300 clicks on wallet downloads.
  • - Generate more reviews on TrustPilot (script already integrated in our website).
  • - Add direct links from our website to Dash partner exchanges. (referral links to help rank other sites)
  • - Have a growth of 2000 leads per quarter, improving the leads generate campaigns
  • - Make 250 monthly conversions next quarter.
  • - Convert the support team into a lead receiver.
  • - Increase the Twitter community to 4,000 followers.
  • - Increase the Instagram community to 12,000 followers.
  • - Increase by 30% the traffic to the website through Facebook.
  • - Increase our community on Twitter by 50% by the end of the year, we have already prepared a team that is exclusively dedicated to this channel.
  • - Increase engagement on Instagram by 20%.
  • - Get 10 leads through Twitter.
  • - Reduce the response time on all social media channels to less than 15 minutes (Currently the average is 21 minutes)
  • - Incorporate new exclusive support channels for Dash Projects of all Spanish speaking from our website, instant messaging, telephone line and personal assistance.
  • - Develop new free material to support new Dash projects that are looking for support to understand the Dash principles, the technical elements and the information necessary to carry out projects.
  • - Open our beta of white label Help Desk service so that other projects can rely on our technical team and they can dedicate themselves to more BizDev tasks.
  • - Incorporate a team specialized in attention to businesses and entrepreneurs so that they have a separate channel with prioritized and exclusive attention.
  • - Keep designing and executing specific and targeted BTL marketing and paid media strategies to increase Dash presence in Venezuela
  • - Keep providing feedback to other teams such as Dash Text, Dash Nueva Esparta, DCG in Venezuela, etc.
  • - Visit Dash team in Margarita to keep collaborating and expanding both businesses.
  • - Keep performing weekly contest. 
  • - Thanks to the collaboration with Burger King, DCG and Dash Help and Dash text, we have already scheduled 4 Dash points (30-31 October, 13-14 November, 26,27,28 November, 11-12 December)

Proposal fee refund1,67292,25
Team compensation33,15.800
BizDev, Ads and marketing6,31.100
IT infrastructure and development6,81.200
Multimedia creation and video edition81.400
Total expenses (rounded to 56 Dash)55,99792,25

with Dash @$175

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0 points,2 years ago
Critical Dash infrastructure, glad to see voters aren't arguying over your asks any more, are you still adding staff?