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Title:Dash Help Q3 2021 - Support and Training B2B/B2C - Translations - YouTube and social media content creation - Sales funnel - Dash injection into the market
Monthly amount: 60 DASH (9782 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 60 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-07-13 / 2021-10-11 (added on 2021-07-10)
Votes: 569 Yes / 15 No / 42 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

We are Dash Help! 

And we know we don't have the happiest or most results-explosive tasks, but it is one of the most demanding one! We're always -literally- and everywhere available to neophyte and returning users in the Dash crypto world.

And we have mainly two why's:

The executive why, which is based on this kind of experiences: 
"We knew, based on our previous research, that companies no longer view their service and support operations as expenses, but as strategic assets that drive revenue and customer retention," admits Bill Patterson, executive vice president and general manager of B2B CRM at Salesforce.

The personal why, which is based on the team doing what they enjoy doing:
"This project helps us and our community to better understand how the rules of the money-game are changing and how important it is to differentiate between the things that work and things that don't work, and Dash has the potential to be really useful to many around the world", says one of our team members.

BACKGROUND INFO (last 90 days)

You will find below 3 examples of our different types of videos:

By having this variety of content, we are attacking 3 different layers within the market, as well as measuring which one responds the best.

Some of our last reports also show 2 important results:

  1. Our community (ComuniDash) has gradually started to realize that by using Dash they are the true owners of their money, and have acted accordingly so as not to lose access to their funds (see zero incidents of "fund losses" in the chart).
  2. We're starting to target better our audience, since we're not receiving that much "Not relevant" calls/contacts as we did before.
And is important to mention that our audience keeps growing, we've not reduced the size of the sample to achieve these numbers, our community continues to grow steadily and gradually.

Social media metrics

We have created some landing pages to allow new users to enter into our funnel:

B2C - Registration into the ComuniDash

B2B - Integration for Dash Businesses

B2B - Waiting list for Dash physical POS


  • Create new content 6 monthly videos + 4 Instagram reels
  • Test TikTok market
  • Translate official english documents (we have translated over 180 pages from readme online documentation)
  • Keep designing and executing specific and targeted BTL marketing and paid media strategies to increase Dash presence in Venezuela
  • Keep providing feedback to other teams such as Dash Retail, Dash Text, DCG in Venezuela
  • Put Dash into our users hands exchanging every other form of money: paypal, USD via zelle, bolivares, cash, euros, etc.
  • Keep executing and expanding our email marketing campaigns
  • Keep growing out telegram group (about 10% monthly growth)
  • Publish our basic course (about 80 pages, 20 hours face-to-face course)
  • Keep providing support to the Dash Text team and its users regarding DasherPay payroll system and SMS systems
  • Keep offering support/training to over 2000 users every quarter
  • Start publishing fresh content on the website every month


  • 1. Education and support to the whole ecosystem
        a.  Personal omni-channel support and training
        b.  Video content (same 3 type mentioned before)
        c.  Educative documents and translation of official ones in Spanish
        d. General courses about dash and cryptocurrencies
        e.  Information loaded website

  • 2. Data gathering to improve our product
        a. Feedback about official apps
        b. Feedback on how to improve projects (Dash Text, Dash Retail, Dale con Dash, etc)
        c. Feedback about Dash main features and uses
        d. Data analysis

  • 3.  Marketing (mainly BTL)
        a. Audience/Target definition
        b. Social media
                             i.    Video and audio sharing
                             ii.   Networking
                             iii.  Collaboration
                             iv.  Image-sharing
                             v.   Blogging
        c. Paid media BTL
        d. Interaction with other communities
        e. Email marketing campaigns

  • 4.       Dash liquidity injection into the Venezuelan market
  • 5.       Software Development
        a. Informative website

  • 6.       Business Development
  • 7.       The X factor

Proposal fee refund1,67210,42
Team compensation31,753.800
BizDev, Ads and marketing7,941.000
IT infrastructure and development9,521.200
Multimedia creation and video edition11,111.400
Total expenses (rounded to 60 Dash)60,407610,42

Dash price by the day of the proposal submission: $126 and Rounded up to 60 Dash, about 1% of the available budget.   

Every Dash Watch report is available at their website. 
In case of Dash appreciation, any leftover funds will be spent to extend the duration of the project as we have done in the past during Dash Bear Market

We sincerely thank you for your constant trust and support.
Thank You on behalf of (almost) the whole team!

And remember, we're eager to hear from you, your feedback is always welcome and will be included in our work!

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Get $DASH to the PEOPLE/Business Owners!

Keep pushing guys!
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You have my support, good luck.
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Sorry i commented too soon. Will await your proposal text first.