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Title:Dash Help Q1 2021 - website + Partnership with POS Software Dev + Dash Retail POS distribution + Training and support B2C and B2B + New Videos & Tutorials + BizDev + Marketing + Courses
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Payment start/end: 2021-01-12 / 2021-04-12 (added on 2021-01-09)
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Proposal description

Hello Dash Community!

Dash Help was able to perform over 1000 transactions (equivalent to $8000+ 3 billion bolívares) paying with Dash and created over 500 wallets in just 7 days, impossible?
No, adoption is a reality. 

Did you know that for Venezuelans to download their dash wallets there are really few alternatives due to the blockade that has received... fortunately, thanks to our website users can still access to download their wallets easily!

We’re 10 guys and girls that work like 100!! 
Please support us

New format and season of our Podcast about Dash!

4 hour presentation for Dash newcomers with 2 hour QandA session, This is a proof that there is interest in people, we just have to keep insisting and showing WHY and HOW.

Collaboration with Dash Italia

I will open this new proposal for Q1 2021 with a brief review of what we left in 2020:
[b]Article about Dash in Venezuela in 2020[/b]

Paying in Rattan
Event at Church's Chicken - 2 - 3

We started the year in the same way we finished the previous one, being the most active Spanish-speaking Dash project with the greatest reach through all digital media. And every day we continue working to learn and grow together.

For this quarter we have prepared a new marketing strategy available here, with which we expect to see an 8-10% increase in our organic reach. 
Our telegram group experienced an increase from 360 to 505 users and we expect to reach 700 users through our strategy.
We've succesfully performed 3 contests and we plan to do 3 more.
Thanks to our service to sell Dash, we've also introduced into the local market over 13 Dash by selling them simply via our WhatsApp

It is worth noting that our focus continues to be on providing education and technical support about Dash, as we proudly continue to be the first and only official support and training center for a cryptocurrency in the world. However, since very few users come to us for either referrals or on their own initiative, there is still a need to go out and find all those potential users and then accompany them on their journey to Dash and the cryptocurrencies.

Right now we're working hand in hand with NOVARED (software development business, competitor of Megasoft) to integrate Dash among its payment solutions for potential big customers all over Venezuela. 

So, without the intention of overtaking or becoming an octopus, we continue to embrace any possibility of business development or activity that produces a ROI for the community and for the growth of the ecosystem, as for example, the activity carried out in Church's Chicken in which we managed to sell more than 1500 combos for a total of approximately 8.260,00 USD and Bolivares 3.152.630.100,00 (aprox 3 billion bolívares).

We will keep performing joint interviews with European projects and initiatives to keep incentivizing Dash adoption and spreading knowledge about Dash benefits. In example, we will perform and interview with Young Platform Exchange and Dash News Italia (in Italy), we have also plans along with Roberto Sanz in Spain. 
In Venezuela we have strengthened ties with various groups and projects like Criptocontadores, Glufco, TuAcademiaLevelUp, as well as with almost every minor (not funded) Dash initiatives in the region.

As shown on the previous proposal, we keep gaining traction in [b]YouTube[/b] and we expect a more pronounced growth during this cycle since we are also releasing:
- The updated versions of the video tutorials for our typically recommended wallets,
- The renewed podcast section (the first video will we available soon). Third season of our podcast, in which we completely changed the format thanks to the feedback received and learning from those who know better, like Joel, Bitboy crypto, etc.
- The following video tutorials:
  Why Dash instead of fiat money
  Dash MNO and why is this better than traditional banks
  What do I need to get started with Dash
  Government and legal situation about cryptocurrencies and Dash
  How a customer can fight volatility
  Dash vs other cryptos
  Paying with Dash using DashRetail, printed QR codes, wallets, Anypay pos, cryptobuyer pos, xpay pos, dingo delivery.
  How to send/receive remittances

All of this keeping up with the academic videos with simple language, organized in a logical way within a playlist.

Thanks to the data collected on the past few months, we decided to also create short explanatory videos for particular and important concepts.

Social media workflow for this proposal:

  • YouTube Channel Dash Help
    +8 monthly videos

  • Dash Help 
    +8 monthly videos (same as YouTube)

  • Reddit Dashpay_ES
    +5 weekly posts and start executing ads campaign to promote this channel

  • Instagram DashHelpMe
    +5 weekly posts

  • Twitter DashHelpMe
    +25 weekly tweets

  • Podcast "Cripto QUÉ?" in youtube and other platforms (8 channels, we've included apple podcasts) DashHelp 
    +1 weekly podcast

  • Increase to 700 members our Telegram channel:

We will integrate in our website the API of a well known exchange (without KYC) to allow our users to easily trade their other cryptocurrencies to Dash.


Proposal fee refund1,67161,99
Team compensation22,682.200,00
Business Development, Ads and Marketing investments4,12400,00
IT infrastructure & Development7,22700,00
Multimedia creation & Video Edition

Total Expenses            



We sincerely thank you for your constant trust and support.
We're also eager to hear from you since your feedback is always welcome and will be included in our work!

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0 points,5 days ago
Dash Watch January 2021 Report on
Dash Help Nov-Jan 2021 by giorgiom92
1 point,6 days ago

Dash Help are critical to Dash's long term future in Venezuela, DCG have identified this as a primary area for Dash adoption based on the hyperinflation of the Bolivar. Dash is literally the best currency to gain a foothold here, don't let the hard work we've put in building a foundation here go to waste - or be leveraged by other lesser currencies.
0 points,5 days ago
Thanks Ash, indeed Venezuela is fertile ground for growing Dash ideals and usability.

It only requires perseverance and persistence, and a proof of this was the presentation we did today, which lasted 3 hours and 56 minutes, and those who participated were there from the beginning to the end, simply because they were interested and because they were eager to know everything about this instrument, to be able to use it in their daily lives.

here's the link:

The Q&A session lasted approximately 2 hours, which means that people is interested, we just need to keep pushing.

(BTW, we talked about DR NFC cards and POS and people went crazy about it!)
1 point,6 days ago
0 points,5 days ago
Thank you very much for your support!
1 point,6 days ago
Yes from me.
0 points,5 days ago
Thanks qwizzie! Your support is invaluable to us.

Let's hope to be able to overcome the barrier of negative votes we received this month.
3 points,8 days ago
Again, we have a whale putting his thumbs down on critical infrastructure.
0 points,5 days ago
Unfortunately this month we didn't received the support from that MNO whale, i hope we're able to change his mind with our hard and constant work!
0 points,8 days ago
Regards dear community,

Thank you for your support in this new year, i look forward to keep reaching new goals and break the boundaries of Dash adoption and usability.

Giorgio and the Dash Help Team.