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Title:Dash Help (Nov-Jan): Video Tutorials + Venezuelan Ecosystem BizDev & support + Social media & email marketing + Podcast + Weekly News + Courses/training
Monthly amount: 65 DASH (4471 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-10-13 / 2021-01-11 (added on 2020-10-08)
Votes: 746 Yes / 27 No / 3 Abstain

Proposal description

Regards Dash Community! 

Here is our last proposal for this turbulent but fruitful year 2020; and to close with a flourish we present you this proposal in which we will briefly analyze our results of the last 90 days, and what to expect for the next 90 days.

Dash Help
 is totally focusing on becoming the hub of information about Dash in Venezuela. By now we have the largest social media audience and we're the most far-reaching active project in Spanish through social media and digital marketing. 

With that milestone in mind we've also:
  • created a group in telegram for Dash in Venezuela and in less than 3 months we already have over 360 members. 
  • increased by a 30% the amount of traffic we receive asking about Dash.
  • personalized with local communities like @Criptocontador (which is the first community in Venezuela of registered accountants) and participated in 2 mutual collaborations: 1 seminar for their audience, and 1 interview with us explaining to our audience how they should account for their income and expenditure in cryptosystems. We're planning to perform more seminars during this new proposal.
  • performed a personalized training session for ianPOS staff (IanPOS is a local provider of invoicing and billing software that will enable payments in Dash for its users).
  • partnered with Dingo delivery to integrate ANYPAY POS to process payments in Dash, and receive all support requests from its users (over 50 transactions in Dash have been successfully fulfilled)
  • partnered with Zaigar as ambassadors to introduce its reward platform to the Venezuelan market.
  • partnered with Glufco, Anypay and Dash retail to offer a range of possibilities to companies and individuals who wish to accept Dash as a form of payment through one of these national and international alternatives.
  • partnered with Tu Academia Level Up, performing basic/entrance courses about Dash and cryptocurrencies, we've also completed 13 live videos on instagram.
  • partnered with Dash Italia to work hand in hand to export our successful experience based model for mass adoption in Italy. Already performed joint interviews and collabs, one of which can be seen HERE 
  • collaborate with Dash Nation to increase the content in the "communiDash" section of that website.
  • started a joint donation campaign (Dash AID) with Dash nation and Dash Italia.

Some of our social media figures for the last 90 days:

We have managed to increase in a sustained and successful way the awareness an presence of the Dash community in Venezuela and the visibility of Digital Cash (mainly in the Spanish speaking markets), here some metrics from our YouTube channel as a reference. (Graph to compare with the previous 90 days period available HERE)
*The arrow indicates when we decided to make our Youtube channel a truly valuable resource for the community, and with this we can see the increase in our metrics.

We also managed to achieve a modest but relevant achievement, our first 1000 subscribers on youtube, and since then we just keep going up in ratings.

Other than Social Media and Marketing we're now working on a new section for our website which will help our users to obtain Dash without any hassle, in addition to our service of selling Dash in bolivars through WhatsApp.
Dash Help boosts and supports the entire growing crypto ecosystem in Venezuela (and other Spanish-speaking countries), working with several local teams.


-Distribute DashRetail digital and physical pos (as soon as possible)
-Increase usage of Anypay as multicurrency pos 
-DashText, official support team for Dash Text and beta testing of their payroll system
-Dash Italia, collaborate on adoption and free advisory
-Dash Nation, collaboration on the ComuniDash project (Dash for spanish-speaking users)
-Distribute Glufco DTC in Venezuela (physical pos for merchants)
-Collaborate with IanPOS (pos developer for businesses)

-Position among the first positions of google SERP's for the following keywords: "Dash, Dinero Digital, Dash Venezuela, Criptomoneda Dash, Ayuda Dash, Soporte Dash, como comprar Dash, como vender Dash, Minar Dash".
-Interactive calculator to easily convert fiat and cryptocurrencies to dash (BTC, USD, Bolivares, Dash)
-Start email marketing campaigns to collect the data from our website users.

-Localcryptos exchange, participation as a speaker on the CryptoCampus Tour by participating in a lecture at the Universidad de Oriente.
-Create one monthly private course covering the basic topics about dash and cryptocurrencies. After evaluating the results of the first course, we will invite other influential members of the community to participate, and therefore reach a wider audience.
-One weekly live video on instagram to keep engaging with the communiDash
-Keep creating tutorials on YouTube and Lbry.

Social media workflow for this proposal:

  • YouTube Channel Dash Help
    +8 monthly videos

  • Dash Help 
    +8 monthly videos (same as YouTube)

  • Reddit Dashpay_ES
    +5 weekly posts and start executing ads campaign to promote this channel

  • Instagram DashHelpMe
    +5 weekly posts

  • Twitter DashHelpMe
    +25 weekly tweets

  • Podcast "Cripto QUÉ?" platforms (8 channels, we've included apple podcasts) DashHelp 
    +1 weekly podcast

  • Increase +60% members of our Telegram channel:

  • *Start testing the market by doing "crypto hacks" 30 second videos on IG Reels and Tik Tok, about cryptos and Dash. If the results are positive, a milestone for this social media will be proposed. 

*As we've did with the Dash FastPass feature, we will create content in spanish for every new feature released by the DCG.

with Dash @ 67USD

Proposal fee refund1.67111.89
Team compensation32.092.150
Business Development and Advertisements4.48300
IT Infrastructure and Development7.46500
Multimedia creation and Video Edition19.401.300
Total Expenses65.104361.89

*we've increased our budget by a 4% to include a new Graphic designer to the team. 

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0 points,3 days ago
Dash Watch October 2020 Report on
Dash Help Aug-Oct 2020 by giorgiom92
0 points,6 days ago
Voting yes. I will also provide some feedback:

There needs to be more practical information for people to get started using DASH in Venezuela. The videos should be targeting a Granny getting started with DASH rather than talking about Whitepapers and the history of money. We need more practical videos guys. Where would Granny get DASH? How can Granny use DASH etc. Give examples of Granny using DASH in a reconginzed branded store like Traki. If you can actually find a Granny and create a "Jump Start Granny into Crypto" series I think it would take your channel to new heights. If you can get a Granny to use DASH to make payments then anyone can do it but this training does not exist. It's all currently way too technical with too much jargon. We need the mass market in Venezuela Giorgio. Can you find a Granny and take her step by step through all she needs to know ? It would be a great addition to your channel and would make it stand out from all the other channels that are creating content for crypto enthusiasts. The difference in Venezuela is that the people need DASH as a working current not as a crypto investor. The videos are way too technical and too short and in addition they do not demonstrate enough how to do what you say. I think that the Maries Bastidas is a great presenter she does a really good job of presenting the educational material and she has a way of building a bond with the audience. That is what is needed. Crypto is scary for newbies. They need a "face" to the crypto so that people do not feel that intimidated by it.

Can you find a Granny and create a video series helping her get started with crypto?

On some of your videos you do screen recordings only. I think it would be much better to show a face in the corner of these and to show a face on the actual video image in youtube. People connect with other people. The don't connect with computer screens. Build your bond with the audience through personal connection - Maries seems to do it naturally and the other team members creating content can learn from her.

Quality and quantity is what will take your channel to great heights. At the moment I feel the videos are too technical for the great majority of people that just want to use DASH as cash. They don't need to know about whitepapers, public and private keys etc etc that is info for computer geeks. DASH is for everyday people. It is digital cash. That message has to get out guys. I have confidence you can do it and Venezuela needs you to do it. You can make that difference guys. Nobody else is producing that type of content online. DASH = Cash show them!
2 points,15 days ago
Definite yes, great partners and very responsive in the work they do serving a vital need for Dash. Thank you.
0 points,15 days ago
Thanks Ash!

None of us is as good as all of us!

And this is just the beginning... as soon as we can start distributing in Venezuela those awesome DR POS your developing, we're going to see skyrocket adoption!

1 point,15 days ago
2 Yes from me, we need more Latin America coverage!
0 points,15 days ago
Thanks Thehound!

We really appreciate all your support!
Latin America has indeed proved to be an extremely fertile ground. And we have been able to continue growing and developing new solutions thanks to the feedback we receive daily from our users.

2 points,17 days ago
Yes from me, good luck with your propsal.
1 point,17 days ago
Hello qwizzie!

It's great to count on your support!

Thank you very much.
2 points,19 days ago
Yes, much needed outreach for our Spanish language users.
3 points,19 days ago
Mister agnewpickens!

Thanks for your kind words, you honour us with your constant support!

We completely agree with you, and that is why with each proposal we continue working to extend the scope of our neverending content to the entire Spanish-speaking population. Of course, working with great interest in the Venezuelan region because of the economic situation, which allows a greater speed and receptivity in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Again, thank you very much.