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Title:Dash Help (Aug-Oct): Video Tutorials + Spanish Speaking Ecosystem growth and support + Social media & content creation + Podcast + Weekly News + New Website & Blog
Monthly amount: 60 DASH (4535 USD)
Completed payments: 3 totaling in 180 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2020-07-14 / 2020-10-12 (added on 2020-07-07)
Votes: 764 Yes / 196 No / 4 Abstain
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Proposal description

Enjoy our latest partnership: Dingo Delivery Service in Caracas!

Hello community!

Dash Help
is becoming the hub of information about Dash in Venezuela. By now we have the largest social media audience and we're the most far-reaching active project in Spanish through social media and digital marketing. We're also receiving about 150 personal support requests and some other purchase requests to buy Dash directly via WhatsApp.

  • Our figures for the last 90 days:

Dash Help boosts and supports the entire growing crypto ecosystem in Venezuela (and other Spanish-speaking countries), working with local teams such as Dash Mall & Parking, Dash Text and local exchanges (Cryptoway, Glufco).

We also work hand in hand with foreign teams to import innovations and tools that may have place and benefit the Venezuelan market such as: 
- Dash Retail POS (we should receive these as soon as someone gets the cure to covid-19 and the world goes back to normal).
- Dash Brazil
- Zaigar*
- WhiteBIT exchange
- Dash Nigeria

  • Social media workflow for this proposal:

MVP expected on July 20. The technology we decided to use for the website: HTML5 + CSS + JS. And the blog will use a clean Wordpress + Yoast plugin for SEO optimization.

Zaigar*: Thanks to the collaboration with the tireless team of Dash Brasil, we achieved a partnership with Zaigar, a rewards platform that we will soon introduce in Venezuela to put more Dashes in people's hands.


Proposal fee refund1.67116.9
Team compensation28.572.000
Business Development and Advertisements4.29300
IT Infrastructure and Development7.14500
Multimedia creation and Video Edition18.571.300
Total Expenses60.244216.9

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