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Title:Dash Help Q2 2021 Support & Training Center + Education on YouTube and Social media + CX improvement + Strategic and operational planning + BTL Marketing enhance with Data Driven approach + Dash Retail POS introduction + Dash injection to Venezuelan market
Monthly amount: 30 DASH (11537 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 30 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-04-13 / 2021-07-12 (added on 2021-04-10)
Votes: 560 Yes / 22 No / 6 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Our proposal has evolved in many ways, always attending to the needs of both worlds, ours as faithful believers of Dash, promoters and catalysts of this ecosystem, and that of the end users, with whom we maintain the most direct relationship. No one like us in the crypto ecosystem interacts as directly and personally with its users on a daily basis as Dash Help does, collecting all kinds of data and feedback to nurture a constant market analysis that allows us to adjust the value proposition and the way we transmit information. That is why we have been migrating to become one of the most data driven projects and support the intentions of the whole community to increase the amount of
detail we know about who uses dash, why, when and where.
Even if the Venezuelan niche is not entirely replicable overseas, we have detected several elements in common and improvement opportunities that we always address to the respective project or responsible.
As a result, over the past months we have been in touch with several members of the DCG and other projects to share and analyze data, and constantly improve our product, that for Venezuelans it is not only a form of money, it is a solution to some of their daily problems. 

You are funding this Dash Help proposal to allow us to perform the following main tasks, each of them, broken down into sub-categories.

  • 1. Education and support
        a.  Personal training
        b.  Video tutorials
        c.  Educative documents and translation of official ones in Spanish
        d. General courses about dash and cryptocurrencies
        e. Technical omni-channel support from monday to saturday, in 4 languages, for businesses and final users
        f.  Information loaded website

  • 2. Data gathering to improve our product
        a. Feedback about official apps
        b. Feedback on how to improve projects (dash text, dash retail, Dale con Dash, etc)
        c. Feedback about Dash main features and uses
        d. Data analysis

  • 3.  Marketing (mainly BTL)
        a. Audience/Target definition
        b. Social media
                                     i.    Video and audio sharing
                                     ii.   Networking
                                     iii.  Collaboration
                                     iv.  Image-sharing
                                     v.   Blogging
        c. Paid media BTL
        d. Interaction with other communities
        e. Email marketing

  • 4.       Dash liquidity injection into the Venezuelan market
  • 5.       Software Development
        a. Website (with trustpilot ref link)
        b. Tools for Venezuelan market (i.e.: Dash conversion tool)
        c. Integrations with local development businesses

  • 6.       Business Development
  • 7.       The X factor
We are fully prepared to do whatever it takes to support Dash growth and adoption.

Dash Help is a critical part of the ecosystem for Dash's long-term future in Venezuela. DCG have identified this as a primary area for Dash adoption based on the hyperinflation of the Bolivar and since I know you have heard a lot about this, most recently even from Ryan’s interview with Uphold, I will just say that Dash is literally the best cryptocurrency to gain a foothold here if we keep our hard work.

BACKGROUND INFO (last 90 days)



  • Create new content adapted to the needs of the market in all our social networks + 6 monthly videos + 4 Instagram reels
  • Translate official english documents (right now:
  • Design and execute specific and targeted BTL marketing and paid media strategies to increase Dash presence in Venezuela, taking advantage of the bull market
  • Introduce and Sell Dash Retail POS (the batch should be arriving in May)
  • Expand our WhatsApp services through WhatsApp business API
  • Put Dash into our users hands exchanging every other form of money: paypal, USD via zelle, bolivares, cash, euros, etc.
  • Execute email marketing campaigns with generated leads from Dash Points and other non-personal contact methods
  • Finish and deploy Dash integration in Novared's POS service (for local businesses)
  • Keep growing out telegram group (about 10% monthly growth)
  • Complete our basic e-learning course (document and online classes)
  • Analyse Dash Android App metrics 
  • Provide feedback to DCG and other projects about Venezuelan situation and impression about Dash solutions
  • Collaborate and provide support to the Dash Text team and its users regarding DasherPay payroll system and SMS systems
  • Add 4 monthly articles to our website
  • Increase our support requests to 2000 every quarter starting in May
  • Increase average website traffic to 1000 monthly visits (short term)


Proposal fee refund1,67442,55
Team Compensation15,854200
Bizdev, Ads and marketing3,771000
IT infrastructure and Dev3,771000
Multimedia creation5,281400
Total Expenses30,358042
Rounded to 30 Dash

We have reduced by a substantial 39% our ask. Nevertheless we do believe we can take advantage of this bull market to regain some of the lost ground by executing a strong (awareness and reach) marketing campaign. Therefore we will increase our efforts to introduce people to Dash as a solution on a daily basis, mainly using BTL marketing.
Everything has being consistently reported to the Dash Watch Team.

We sincerely thank you for your constant trust and support.
We're eager to hear from you, your feedback is always welcome and will be included in our work!

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