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Title:Dash Cycling Team
One-time payment: 16 DASH (476 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 16 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-12-18 / 2018-01-17 (added on 2017-12-04)
Final voting deadline: in passed
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Proposal description

Dash forum general discussions thread:

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Sponsoring of a Dash Cycling Team in France (team already created, with 13 members so far) for about 0,92 Dash/month

What’s in it for Dash

1. Buzz in the local cycling world (it is unheard of that an amateur cycling team would have a unique sponsor).
2. Local awareness (because of the outfit plus the meet ups coming from there).
3. First-mover advantage as a community. France generally lacks crypto presence and community, especially outside of Paris. That cycling team will be a springboard to other side effects: for example, I managed to get 2 businesses into accepting Dash

Mid-term (1st and 2nd year): Development of Dash initiatives (meet-ups, business acceptance) stemming from that project, creation of a Dash community, media appearance based on results from the racers of the team.

Long-term (4+ year)We could possibly have a national level team of cycling with the media coverage it implies


4575 € for 1 year – 11 dashs (+5 dashs reimbursement fees)


Hi, my name is Pablo Saluden, masternode owner and Leonidas’s brother who is the French Translator of the Dash Wiki (Core Team) and for Dash Force News. I am passionate about cryptocurrency which I have discovered, read, and discussed for about a year. One month after discovering Dash in december 2016, I decided to move all my crypto assets in Dash, convinced about the impressive project that was taking place.

I wanted to do more for Dash than just an investor so that's why I am using my passion for cycling to try to create an initiative that could really help promoting Dash in the region where I live and where no one knows about Dash. That's why I have created a Dash Cycling Team (called Team Dash Cyclisme) in the beautiful city of Annecy (French Alps), to promote Dash through cycling sport events. The team will be voluntarily lead by myself and be voluntarily trained by David Reyberolle (A cyclist trainer with a training degree that allows him to train at national level).

Little background about me : I am passionate about cycling since I am a child. I have practice it for a while and I also have been helping out and supporting my little brother in his training to reach a national level few years ago (sadly he had to choose between studies and cycling later on). I studied languages (english, spanish, chinese) and international business.

I believe this growing initiative would be very beneficial for Dash in France and that’s why I post this proposal.

Note: The team is already created and will compete (whether the proposal is funded or not). The funding is here to create a competitive advantage over the other team of the region. I chose to risk 5 dashs to get 11 because my interest is also to see if the network supports the idea as my strategy is long term.


The team is starting small at the beginning. The team was set up only two months ago and already has 13 members (and recruiting every month). We are racing at an amateur level (regional level).

What is special about that project is that we have the chance to already have an over skilled coach. (Last year, he trained around 10 people, results are: 5 wins, 12 podiums, 32 top 10)
That will make our club and team very attractive and will attract good young racers, some of what might be the future talents of French cycling.

Usually, member pay an annual subscription that helps the club to fund part of the equipment (member still have to pay an extra to get an outfit). The funding here will be used to pay for the dash branded team equipment. Note that that fact alone would attract good racers (as no other amateur team does that). Then funding will be used to pay the team bonuses when they win a race and reimburse some races registration costs.

Again, those terms (plus the over skilled coach) will attract the best racers of the region.

Note that this is a long-term project, like Dash, slowly creating a good cycling team by laying out little by little every element that would participate in our future successes.


4575€ - 11 dashs + 5 Dash reimbursement fee (more details on budget after)

Benefits for Dash:

Precise and quality awareness

  • Like any Dash meeting – those cyclists will be taught about Dash, and will download a wallet on their mobile phone and receive each of them 5 € worth of Dash. (Already done during our first meet-up the 28th of november). There are currently 13 members. My forecast is 30 members.

  • Having a unique sponsor in cycling is unique at this level of competition so Dash Cycling Team will definitely be talked about and people from the cycling sphere would want to know what that sponsor is (because we are at an amateur level and bringing some professional gear)

  • That cycling association will be a springboard for any kind of initiative or project about cryptocurrency in the city of Annecy as Dash will be the only cryptocurrency having an official representation all year long.

    In fact, I have been in contact with an entrepreneur that has two businesses and following my proposition, he now accepts dash (Paragliding flights and parachute jumps in Annecy + boat rental for cruising in Martinique). I will next target a bar to accept Dash.

Bonus: general awareness

  • At least 13 cyclists riding a total of approximately 130000 km a year with Dash jersey on.

  • Training will be around Annecy, very touristic city in France. When an outfit is nice, and worn by a group of cycling competitors. It attracts attention and get viewers during the training session:
- Car drivers: waiting at traffic lights or when overtaking the group.
- Pedestrian: walking on the street looking at the group of cyclists passing by or during stops at traffic lights,​

  • For a small cost, that’s a team that can, through small monetary incentive in case of wins (more on that below) can attract talent as no other amateur cycling team can do in the region. With an over skilled coach, that’s all the elements needed to build a team from an amateur to a regional and then a national level.

  • Eventually Dash might be sponsoring (as it already does with Dash Force One and the yacht) many more sport events as traditional banking does (which means it’s profitable). To give you some example of benefits of having a sponsor at the Tour de France: if Ag2r (Huge French insurance group) paid for that many appearances on TV instead of sponsoring a cycling team, the study shows that they would have spent 100 million of euros. Instead of that, they sponsored a cycling team which cost them 14,5 million euros. (Source - in French)
And let me repeat that neither myself or the trainer get paid with this funding.

How will the Masternodes be aware how the funds are used?

I have already created a website that will give updates about the team: Results of competitions, pictures and videos and information about Dash in French. ( About pictures, there’s already a lot attached to this pre-proposal. The domain name will be upgraded if the project is funded.


I would also keep the community posted every month in the pre-proposal thread. I will post the team’s results when the race season starts (March 2018).

The accounting of the money will be totally transparent. I will keep a google doc page where you can check what has been spent (with the detail of the transaction) and how much money is left.

If some money is left due to a dash value appreciation, or if I don't get 30 team members the first year, it will be used to sponsor part of the second year. In any case, they will not be used to pay myself or the coach. We do it for free.

Some thoughts about our strategy

Let me explain how cycling works in my country. Even though it is a very popular sport in France, there is almost no money involved in cycling at a regional level. A club, only by offering as little as the minimum equipment (1 personalized Jersey + 1 Bib short is around 110 €) would attract good racers. Another big lever is paying the team bonuses when they win a race and reimburse their travel and race registration costs. Those things don’t amount to much relatively speaking to other sports, but makes a huge difference when we are talking about building a good and professional cycling team.

Having the chance of having an over skilled coach, paying the equipment and some race bonuses (in dash of course) will make that club a very attractive one. Starting at a low level will also make it possible to take it slowly to maximize expenses for a good ROI.

For 11 Dash (4575€) the first year, that’s a dash cycling team that will make the buzz locally and that will have all the necessary tools to grow into something much bigger, while truly engaging all the team members (and probably their family) and bringing general awareness about cryptocurrency in a country that truly lacks.

Budget details:

The budget is based on 30 people, this will allow me to continue recruiting this year and growing the team. (Based on 415€/Dash 30-day-moving-average or 494$/Dash).
Amounts are in euros:


- Team members subscription : 90 € per member – 6,5 Dash (2700€)

Expenses already incurred, for which I don’t ask any money:
  • Outfit testing: 61€
  • Running t-shirts: 123€
  • Stickers: 21€
  • Administration costs: 70€
  • Windbreaker outfit pre-order: 150€
= 1 dash (425€)

Total revenue : 7,5 dash (3125€)

Expenses to come:

  • Dash cycling outfits (jersey, bib short, windbreaker, running t-shirts): 9.5 Dash (3950€)
  • Dash give-away: 0,4 Dash (150€)
  • Club creation and affiliations to cycling federation: 0,9 Dash (360€)
  • Marketing (New website, flyers, stickers, equipment test): 0,7 Dash (300€)
  • Management costs (Stamping, gas, meeting-room rental, bank account cost): 0,2 Dash (100€)
  • Dash temporary outfit (in case the new Dash logo is not ready for march) 1,2 Dash (500€)
  • Expected Bonuses to deliver*: 3,1 Dash (1290€)
  • Reimbursing race registration costs**: 2,5 Dash (1050€)
* Win: 30€ Podium: 10€ Top10: 5€
** Starting from the 20th race of the cyclist, 7€ per race.

Total expense: 18,5 Dash (7700€)

TOTAL requested: 11 dash (4575€) + 5 dash proposal fee

= 16 dash

Pablo Saluden

PS: I had already designed the outfit with Dash logo but following the announcement from the core team about the new logo coming end of the year. I will have to wait until it is done before creating a new design.

Our team with the windbreaker on:

You can find all the other pictures in the preproposal thread:

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0 points,6 years ago
I am voting YES. Very cool!
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you for your support ec1warc1, paulkuit and flyingwalrus.
0 points,6 years ago
Looking forward seeing you at the Giro, Tour de France, Ronde van Belgie and La Vuelta soon! Have a safe ride please.
0 points,6 years ago
sounds like a great sponsorship - and cheap at it, too!
0 points,6 years ago
think of something bigger . next time , let sponspor a bigger event or something
0 points,6 years ago
Thank you solarguy and dashmaximalist for your comments.
I do have a lot of ambition for this project.
I started small in order to improve my experience, get the best roi possible and prove the value of this project to the community. And yes, if everything goes according to plan, it will get bigger.
-1 point,6 years ago
For a one time payment of 16 Dash, I think we will more than get our value out of it. Yes for me.
5 points,6 years ago
Great Proposal. I read through it. You have my support Pablo.
1 point,6 years ago
Thank you for your support Wixamlee.
4 points,6 years ago
Projects like these are what I like to see come up each month!
1 point,6 years ago
Thank you bchamz for your comment.
2 points,6 years ago
Love this one, yeses from me :)
1 point,6 years ago
I am glad you like the proposal, thank you for your vote kevmate :)
-6 points,6 years ago
I don't think a cryptocurrency should sponsor a Cycling Team.
6 points,6 years ago
Great, we see here a proposal which was very well worked out for only 16 Dash, which has added value for the community. Pablo goes private risk with his 5 Dash and cares for this without ano financial profit. Dash in the blood, and hopefully in the legs. Full and whole support
6 points,6 years ago
I want to see swarms of proposals like this one come in. Yes!
5 points,6 years ago
Seems like a no-brainer to vote YES on this. Thanks for putting so much effort into this as well.
5 points,6 years ago
I agree with Dandy, reasonly priced and properly planned plus you did a pre-discussion about this budget proposal (bonuspoint).
You have my support.
2 points,6 years ago
Easy yes
2 points,6 years ago
3 points,6 years ago
Thank you for your support Dandy, quantumexplorer, Schnuppdog, qwizzie, ageless and Mastermined
4 points,6 years ago
Seems reasonably priced and properly planned. You have my vote
2 points,6 years ago
same here thats ok with me
3 points,6 years ago
Easy yes!
2 points,6 years ago
voted yes! the proposal is very good, and it has an acceptable budget
3 points,6 years ago
Lan_Ger, tuapoma, Macno and Beru, Thank you for your comments and your votes.
0 points,6 years ago
An easy no form me, I don't want these types of small proposals anymore, I want bigger harder hitting ones, as far as marketing goes. Masternode owners don't have the time to read up on 10's of these types of proposals each month, if we continue to be favorable to these types of initiatives.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy hearing people passionate about a coin such as Dash which could potentially change the lives of so many people for the better. But this can be done our free time as well, by wearing a Dash T-shirt or something. Furthermore I don't think any of these cyclist are qualify to educated people on how to adopt it into their businesses, nor could we aspect them to be. Currently the general public in Western World including france which is part of the SEPA banking system which works quit well to be honest, have any intent to start using dash, its all about investing currently, or businesses that need expertise to start integrating it. This type of promoting is simply a hit and a miss.

I don't even think the money is that well spend at all, we are giving way money to people that are cycling as a hobby. I much more prefer giving away Dash to people in under-developed nations than any of these types of proposals, aka give-ways such as the one Amanda did a while back.
2 points,6 years ago
I see your point however this one seems well planned. Read through it, you might end up reconsidering..
4 points,6 years ago
Hello A node to a Master,

Thank you for your input. Your comment makes much sense. In fact, like you, I also like big proposals.

However, we also know that the network don’t really appreciate big proposals if it is your first one. That’s why I prefer to start slowly and build a long term project. It gives the network the opportunity to truly know me without much risk.

“This can be done on our free time”. I absolutely agree and that is what I do. As said in my proposal, none of the money will be used to pay for my time or for the coach’s time. Besides, I have paid for stuff that I don’t ask reimbursement for. Finally, this project is happening whether it is funded or not. The only thing is by funding it, the impact will be much more important than without it.

I could maybe agree that Western World might not be the priority but I believe having initiatives and small “fires” starting everywhere will get us to our goals much quicker. Besides, I don’t think supporting my proposal will prevent the network from supporting any other proposal.

“Cycling as a hobby” – as explained above, we already have a coach with a degree to train at national level. The only thing missing are the talented members (which I have already recruited a few) which are going to be attracted by the coach’s level and the sponsoring of their gears and if they win the race. All elements are in place to achieve much more than just a hobby.

Hope those few words would have helped.