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Title:Dash Core Group September Supplemental Funding Proposal
One-time payment: 501 DASH (14008 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 501 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-09-10 / 2023-10-10 (added on 2023-09-14)
Votes: 559 Yes / 39 No / 26 Abstain

Proposal description

Dash Core Group September 26th Supplemental Funding Proposal

DCG already submitted 1 funding proposals for the budget cycle that pays out ´╗┐´╗┐September 26th. This is a supplemental proposal that will fund Dash Core Group with an additional 501 Dash:
1) DCG Compensation: 2,558 Dash per month (currently in month 1/3)
2) DCG Compensation Supplemental: 501 Dash (currently in month 1/1)

What does this specific proposal fund?

Assuming DCG’s current compensation proposal passes, with the price of Dash at $26, our funding for compensation will represent a significant gap from our actual compensation expense. This proposal will look to reduce some of the gap between our compensation revenue and our compensation expense.

How bad are things?

Things have changed from worrying to bad, as we are being forced to make cuts in the organization that are far from ideal. Our compensation reserve now sits at less than 1 month (if no additional funds - and around 2 months considering current level of funding).

How did/will DCG reduce staff?

We have continuously reduced staff during this bear market. However this month, the board of DCG has decided to out of necessity to let go of some long time contributors to the project which will reduce our head count by about 1/3rd. This includes almost the entirety of the business development and marketing/communication parts of Dash Core Group. This has been a painful decision and one that will come with downsides.

What other cost cutting measures have happened?

Many contributors in DCG have temporarily reduced their pay while continuing to work very hard, I would like to thank them for their commitment to the project in these less than favorable times.

How much of an impact do the supplemental proposals have?

A big impact. The supplemental proposals leave us in a much better state to hold off being forced to cut vital employees as the bear market lasts longer.

If you have any questions, please direct them to quantumexplorer at dashcentral.

Requested funding is as follows for the September 26th superblock:
  • 500 Dash ($13,000 USD @ $26 per Dash)
  •     1 Dash Proposal fee reimbursement
Total: 501 Dash

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4 points,7 months ago
This is what i like to see from the Platform teams in the future :

Release Schedule for v20.0.0


* Soft Feature freeze (no new ideas, any merged PRs should implement an open issue)
* Soft translation string freeze (no large or unnecessary string changes until release)
* Start RC cycle, tag and begin building v20.0.0-rc.1
* Open Transifex translations for 20
* Split off v20.x branch from develop
* Start merging for v21.x on develop


* Release v20.0.0.0-rc1


* Hard feature freeze (No new PRs except for release PRs and fixing breaking / non-QOL bugs)
* Translation string freeze (no more source language changes until release)
* Begin Release Process


* Tag and start building v20.0.0


* Release v20.0.0 final (aim)

NOTE: This schedule is just a plan, it is not authoritative, nor final. As development continues dates will change and will be updated here.

If the Core team can do this for their Core updates (for a number of years now), i don't see why the Platform teams can not do the same for their Platform updates.
It gives so much more clarity to the Dash community.
2 points,7 months ago
I also think the Platform teams should be bundled into one Platform team, so it is more easy to achieve the above.
3 points,7 months ago
CTO of DCG : Oversight on and ultimately responsible for Platform team and Core team

Leading Platform supervisor : managing Platform team
Leading Core team supervisor : managing Core team
2 points,7 months ago
Both supervisors need to provide upstream reporting directly to CTO of DCG.
CTO of DCG can either demote or replace a supervisor, if they do not perform well.
1 point,7 months ago
I'm voting YES as well.
The situation DCG is in is serious and similar to what Musk had experienced with his own companies.
Hopefully the story finishes the same positive way.
If that helps you have my supp.
-1 point,7 months ago
Voting no on this budget proposal requesting supplemental funding. I think DCG is on a path of running out of reserves, regardless if this budget proposal for supplemental funding passes or not.

I also think the board of DCG has made some wrong decisions in the past with regards to addressing the high runrate of DCG, which led to having DCG reserves for just Oktober / November.

I implore the board of DCG to switch to survival mode straight away, eventhough it is most likely too late anyways to get a grip on DCG depleting reserves.
2 points,7 months ago
What does survival mode mean to you?
-1 point,7 months ago
Bringing DCG runrate down to $125,000 as soon as possible (rather yesterday then today), and then evaluate if further steps are necessary. At this point i would not even wait for the results of your decision proposal, before implementing this.
1 point,7 months ago
I mean... that's exactly what is happening. What makes you think it isn't?
0 points,7 months ago
There is a difference between this :

'As things stand we are getting ready to reduce our manpower to get our monthly expenses from approximately 175k USD to around 125k USD per month'

and this :

'Bringing DCG runrate down to $125,000 as soon as possible (rather yesterday then today)'

I just hope by now, you are not too late with this.
3 points,7 months ago
Sorry if things were not clear, we have already notified many people in the organization and are moving to trying to get to 125k asap right now.
3 points,7 months ago
Good to hear.
2 points,7 months ago
Or you risk running out of reserves before Dash Core v20 even hit Mainnet.
1 point,7 months ago
> I implore the board of DCG to switch to survival mode straight away, even though it is most likely too late anyways to get a grip on DCG depleting reserves.

I second this and demand a complete shutdown of Platform/Evo work until the budget and runway is completely repaired. However, unlike qwizzie I am voting YES, because NO doesn't help us retain the Core devs.