Proposal “DCG-SUPPLEMENTAL-MAY24“ (Completed)Back

Title:Dash Core Group May Supplemental Funding Proposal
One-time payment: 818 DASH (25336 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 818 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-05-10 / 2024-06-09 (added on 2024-05-14)
Votes: 445 Yes / 31 No / 1 Abstain

Proposal description

What does this specific proposal fund?

DCG expenses break-even between a price of 28 and 31$. This proposal aims to make sure that our reserves don't get any smaller.

How are things?

Pretty good, we recently added NFT support to Platform. Masternode voting is well underway and about 8000 lines of code were added on it in the last 2 weeks. State Sync has gone from being something that we needed to worry about to being almost done. I was hoping we would be in a position to announce in May the future Platform release date, but it does not seem likely, at least for mid May. For us to make such an announcement we need to sure that we will hit such a date. This means we need to have finished masternode voting and state sync, and we need to be sufficiently advanced in the review and fee fine tuning to be sure that nothing else will pop up. Right now I am fairly confident that nothing will pop up but not at a level where I think DCG should make the official announcement.

The fairly good news is that Platform has not gone down for quite some time now on Testnet and external testers (thank you qwizzie) have started to run tests as well. Things do seem to be a lot more stable that they used to be.

What is left to do for Evolution/Dash Platform to be released?

We have work pretty much divided into many categories of work. Please understand the time required here are estimates. The work added here is also what we currently know of, and as testing is a dynamic process things might be added to this list as they are discovered. Also please note that some tasks can only be done by certain individuals on the team. Some team members are assigned to lower priority tasks because they are best suited to take on such tasks since putting them on the more complicated tasks would not give good results.

This is also a high level overview of the major items, there are many much smaller items that we are not mentioning here. You can see all the work being done here: (and this only the Platform side - not tenderdash, grovedb or the platform client text user interface that you can find in other projects on our github)

Consensus issues discovered that are outstanding:
Ask for all core information once for all state transitions in a block (discovered during stress tests) (2 people 3 days)

Features left:
Masternode Voting (1 person - 1.5 weeks left - was previously underestimated)
State Sync (1 person - 2 weeks left)

Fine tuning
Making sure that fees are set to values that represent costs to actual Evonode operators (3 weeks 2 people)
Internal code review (All the team 2 weeks)

Final testing of protocol upgrades (2 people 3 days)
Chain halt mitigation process (2 people 3 days)
Stress testing withdrawals (2 people 3 days)

If you have any questions, please direct them to quantumexplorer at dashcentral.

Requested funding is as follows for the May 25th superblock:
  • 817 Dash ($22,467.50 USD @ $27.5 per Dash)
  •     1 Dash Proposal fee reimbursement
Total:  818  Dash

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0 points,11 days ago
The Dash platform release is continuously delayed by the scammers who promote it and advertise it, simply because when it will be released, its uselessness will be proven.

It is that simple.
0 points,11 days ago
And of course, in an imaginary just and fair Dash world, when the uselessness of the Dash platform will be proven , all the masternode voters who voted in favor of it should give back to the community all the money that were spend for it.
0 points,10 days ago
How can we spot these masternodes who vote as bad actors? can become a very usefull tool in order to spot them and demand the money of the community back.

We are talking for aproximately 91 individuals, who all together hold about 387 nodes (evo or regular ones)

Here they are:
0 points,10 days ago
In an imaginary just and fair Dash world the masternodes will not vote.

It will be given to them 8528 (budget) /3648 (number of MN) = 2.33 Dash every month to invest.

All proposal owners will be forced to add their proposal in a stock market.

Thats how the masternodes will at least have the risk to lose their money when selecting wrong proposals.

Accountability now!
2 points,13 days ago
Maybe consider withdrawing this budget proposal for 818 dash and re-issuing a budget proposal for 618 dash, so the request for supplemental funding does not stiffle the funding request of the new to Dash budget system participant Escrewads, who is requesting 200 dash for this month (3 month period).

Budget proposals are usually decided by a few big master whales in the last two days of voting anyways, so there some time for DCG to do this.

DCG continuously requesting supplemental funding each month (eventhough the budget has already doubled in size and the DCG Compensation budget proposals increased with it) in my eyes gives DCG a greater responsebility to take action, if their requests for additional funding starts to conflict the way it is currently with another budget proposal.
3 points,12 days ago
On second thought : there does not seem to be much information out there with regards to Escrow Ads (a small startup company ?), and its main website looks to be down too. Raises some red flags for me with regards to its budget proposal. Lets first see if we get a response from them that makes their budget proposal valid.
2 points,12 days ago
They made their proposal 6 days before the end of the cycle... That in itself is a red flag.
2 points,12 days ago
Actually i have seen some valid proposals do just that in the past. Mostly due to unfamiliarity with Dash budget system and not understanding the importance of having sufficient time to properly discuss a proposal.
2 points,13 days ago
To be clear, this does not change the way i feel about DCG supplemental budget proposals, which i have been downvoting for awhile now, due to these DCG supplemental budget proposals not doing anything to the constant Platform delays the last couple of years and also have shifted from being planned to request funding for only a few months after the budget doubled in size (to build a new warchest to hire more devs) to now being requested every month indefinitely.

But my above comment does seem the right thing to do for DCG.
2 points,13 days ago
And with regards to latest Platform delay from DCG (more work to be done on feature Masternode Voting then anticipated, so not yet feature-complete and a need for some additional time to attack Platform themselves) :

I am okay with a possible June announcement and a possible July release of Platform on Mainnet, as long as the focus is now fully on getting Platform feature-complete on Testnet (top priority). I noticed a refocus lately on just that, so i think the attention is there. Just don't drag it out to the end of the year.
0 points,12 days ago
How can you say there is a delay when we haven't committed to a specific release date?
2 points,12 days ago
That is purely based on our discussion from the previous DCG Supplemental budget proposal :

I consider DCG to be on schedule, if by now there was indeed :

* DCG Platform release announcement (a month has passed after all)

Sam : ''If I would guess I would think we would be releasing in June. In about a month from now I will announce the official release date.''

* All remaining consensus issues solved (!)
* Platform reaching feature-complete status on Testnet

Sam : ''I believe we will have the first 2 you mentioned will be done, and the last 2 will be in progress.''
Unfortunetely the first two are still open.

With the above remaining open / to do and your admittance that Masternode Voting was underestimated in the first place, i can only translate that to yet another Platform delay and a diminished confidence in a June release for Platform by yourself.
0 points,12 days ago
Delays mean that someone commits to a date of release and doesn't make it. People keep on asking me when I think we will be releasing, and I'm giving people my best guess that I can, or would you prefer I just never answer?

You took that quote out of context. I have been quite direct that there's no official date for release right now. We are transparent about the work going on and the work progress. Some of our devs might quit, be sick and some things we work one can end up being harder than expected.

These are the things I have said:
"There's no official date for release right now, but Platform is looking pretty good. We have a few time consuming things to do, namely take another look at the prices of different Platform actions, but they are minuscule compared to what we have already achieved. If I would guess I would think we would be releasing in June. In about a month from now I will announce the official release date."

"The way things are going I'm getting more and more confident it will be June."
4 points,12 days ago
The way things are going month after month after month I'm getting less and less confident it will be June (i expressed my doubts about this last month) and with you now trying to back paddle on your own statement about when you were suppose to make the official Platform release announcement (blaming it once again on factors out of your control), that makes it only more obvious.

We will see when that official release announcement finally arrives, i just know i can't really trust any statements (estimates or otherwise) that the CTO of DCG makes about that and about Dash development in general, as they always end up being incorrect / too optimistic / too unrealistic these last few years.
0 points,11 days ago
I am not trying to back peddle, I just sent quotes about what was said. You might have interpreted what I said a specific way, but it is pretty clear: "There's no official date for release right now... If I would guess I would think we would be releasing in June".

As there is no official release date there is no delay. In your mind it might have been June because I said I thought it probably was June but I made sure to explain that my guess was not an official commitment.

People want transparency, so I tell people what I'm thinking. I am not trying to lie to anyone, things right now are not bad either. Masternode voting will be done within a few days and next week I will be working in person with Paul trying to set the proper fees for the system. We might still even release in June though at this point it's pushing it, so yes it might be July, it might even be August.

Right now there's not much more I can do than code. If you want things to go faster the best thing you can do is try to help find a way to take down Platform.
2 points,11 days ago
'If you want things to go faster the best thing you can do is try to help find a way to take down Platform.'

Due to the encountered rate limit issues on Testnet, i do not see much point in further testing Platform on Testnet.
3 points,11 days ago
Stress testing Platform with a number of testnet users simulteniously, with the purpose of testing Platform stability when its under severe duress, becomes impossible this way.
3 points,11 days ago
Maybe Paul can find a way to reroute failed transactions to other Evonodes, or maybe some Platform settings can be adjusted to prevent these rate limit issues from occurring in the first place. But those are big maybe's. Also i heard Testnet is down.
-2 points,11 days ago
Should be back up.