Proposal “DCG-SUPPLEMENTAL-JUN24“ (Completed)Back

Title:Dash Core Group June Supplemental Funding Proposal
One-time payment: 618 DASH (17935 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 618 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-06-09 / 2024-07-09 (added on 2024-06-14)
Votes: 479 Yes / 12 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

What does this specific proposal fund?

DCG expenses break-even between a price of 28 and 31$. This proposal aims to make sure that our reserves don't get too much smaller with a current price around 26$.

How are things at DCG?

We are currently expecting the accelerated release schedule to pass, we have a plan in place and are in the process of executing it. Things will be quite intense for many contributors inside of DCG for the upcoming month. Should be exciting times ahead.

I will not be making the usual Platform report in this proposal, as it has been given in the accelerated release proposal.

If you have any questions, please direct them to quantumexplorer at dashcentral.

Requested funding is as follows for the May 25th superblock:
  • 615 Dash ($15,990.00 USD @ $26 per Dash)
  •     1 Dash Proposal fee reimbursement
Total:  616  Dash

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0 points,26 days ago
You are trying to discredit the truth.
Are you Asatur or nor are you Alexey Gusev?
Who forbade me to chat on Discord?
The community will slide into dictatorship or begin to resist and think with its head.
The DASH rate is pegged to the ruble. Analytics for 7 years - you'll laugh...
Then cry! (FSB)
0 points,26 days ago
DCG and discord bastards ban everyone.
They can't stand the truth - vile community!
xkcd - you despicable have the power and banned for the truth.