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Title:Dash Core Group Marketing (End of Feb - End of April)
Monthly amount: 266 DASH (57590 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 266 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2021-02-12 / 2021-05-12 (added on 2021-02-07)
Votes: 780 Yes / 58 No / 4 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash Core Group February 27th Funding Proposals
DCG is submitting 3 funding proposals for the budget cycle that pays out February 27th:
1) DCG Compensation part one: 2,663 Dash per month (currently in month 2/4)
2) DCG Marketing: 266 Dash per month (currently in month 1/3)
3) DCG Legal: 266 Dash per month (currently in month 1/1)

This proposal
This proposal requests funding for marketing and communications.  It is cross-posted here.

With the upcoming Platform release to mainnet and a new head of marketing position expected to be filled within the next few weeks, it is essential that we begin allocating funding toward marketing activities. DCG’s last funded marketing or PR proposal was in fall 2019, so funding of these activities is long overdue.

Use Of Funds From Previous Proposal
The Dash Core Group marketing budget has not been funded since September 2019.  We have spent roughly $40,000 since then and have approximately $20,000 remaining in our marketing account.  The funds from the last proposal were used to primarily pay for our owned media. Specifically, we paid for:

  1. Website extension for  We needed design work, improvements in our multilingual setup, creation of new pages for Dash use cases, ability to pull additional information from exchange APIs, and the ability to integrate the developer DAPI documentation (once that documentation is complete).
  2. Translations. We only translate our wallets and website (including the very complete, but due to budget constraints, we had to cut on our plans last year and rely mostly on volunteers. With more available funds we would like to increase the number of languages we support and fill a few gaps.  Our current translation run-rate costs range between $750 - $1,000 per month.
  3. Adoption Workshops with various local partners.  Venezuela remittances initiatives in Spain and Chile, that include educational events where attendants got their first remittance subsidized (Spain, with Bitnovo and Dash Latam) and some smaller online actions (Chile, with OrionX). 
  4. Travel.  We had some limited travel related to conferences as well as a meet-up during the 4th quarter of 2019 and the 1st quarter of 2020 before COVID-19 shut down all travel and conference spend.

Use Of Funds From This Proposal
As you are most likely aware, we are currently in the final stages of recruiting for a new marketing head for Dash Core Group. Because of this, we don’t have yet a complete split on how the funds will be used, and certainly any highly-skilled marketing professional will want to shape the spending plans whenever the role is filled. However, since the amount we can request from the budget for non-compensation expenses is very limited, we believe it is important to start funding this budget now so this person has some funds upon start. These funds will also keep paying for the day-to-day expenses which we incur to maintain the website and translate our content, as detailed above.

Once the new head of marketing is in place and in sync with the other people and projects in the community that perform marketing activities, we will create a supplemental proposal for any additional amount that is needed to execute on the plan that (s)he establishes for Dash Core Group marketing activities, especially around the upcoming Platform release.

If you have any questions, please direct them to @babygiraffe at dashcentral to ensure we are notified of your request.

Requested funding is as follows for the budget cycles paying out end of February, end of March and end of April:
· 264.34 Dash for marketing expenses ($30,400 USD @ $115 per Dash)
·     1.66 Dash proposal reimbursement
Total: 266 Dash

Note: Any unused budget will be applied toward other marketing & communication expenses and any resulting taxes.

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4 points,8 days ago
I don't think people understand WHY DCG had limited marketing and it all has to do with funds. Hard decisions had to be made. Do we get some form of Dash Evo out that's faulty and doesn't do things right? or do we build the infrastructure out properly to support so much more than just user names? Do we use funds to market what isn't available yet? Just so we can maybe pump Dash? Make even more people angry when there are delays (inevitable on ANY project built from the ground up) or hold off and make a big bang when there is something to brag about.

Unfortunately, most Dashers don't appreciate the wisdom behind the decisions that have been made. We are now at the threshold of launch and you want to punish DCG (and thus the network and all of Dash) by not funding the one thing we've all been waiting for? Seriously?

You're expecting commercials, but instead your getting a mind blowing product and you're mad because we haven't wasted funds on fucking commercials these last 4 years? How dare DCG waste resources on building the product sign up partners, gain integrations and attracted tons of developers, who are genuinely EXCITED to work on DashPay.

Well, I guess we're stupid because instead of short term hype we opted for long term TOP OF THE LINE PRODUCT! How stupid is that?

Uh yah, we shoulda concentrated on hype, it's more important...
0 points,6 days ago
DCG marketing needs <> Dash network marketing needs. There is a lot of stuff that falls under the umbrella of marketing, marketing is actually the discipline that inviolves everything required to bring a product or service to market, we have Mark Mason working PR, that is a completely different form of marketing, DCG's needs are not the same needs as the entire network, stop asking them to do a job outside their scope, they are the Core Group, not a retail arm.
1 point,13 days ago
I'm sort of new here (not to crypto or Dash even but looking deeper into the DAO) and i must say Dash has not impressed me with its marketing (i actually have to search for videos and news).
I'm in a several smaller (low low cap) projects and their marketing with much limited budget and people are better then Dash.
As much as i want to vote yes at this point my vote is no. I like to see a roadmap or something similar to a action plan to improve the adoption and make the name Dash (love the name by the way) something people recognize.

The list above is not bad but far far from what i like to see.
The whole marketing strategy is lacking. How about focusing on social media like Reddit/Twitter/YT influencers?
Some continuous commitment to make content about What the team is doing and partnership and whatnot.
Hell when i came into the group and made some noise (plus awesomedash i think) was when Binance started removing the 10 confirmation. Marketing team should be on top of these things. Firo is driven by 1 guy. His on top of "everything" and doing a tremendous job.
I hope you guys really start to take marketing more seriously. With 20 new projects coming every day we need to have a much stronger footprint in our marketing to stay relevant.

ps. This week it has been improving. Not sure who pulled in Bitboy to talk about Dash? Plus there has been more twitter push .
2 points,11 days ago
This is a request for DCG marketing, whihc does not encompass the needs of the entire ecosystem, but those of DCG specifically, a a forum moderator, even at my small salary, I am a part of that budget. We have Mark Mason doing our PR for just this reason, DCG has specific marketing needs that are not related to the entire network, this does not include public relations and other outreach covered in other proposals.
0 points,11 days ago
No one "pulled in" Bitboy. Bitboy saw an undervalued coin ready for a pump and alerted his followers to that reality.
-2 points,13 days ago
Voting no. You can read more about why here:
3 points,15 days ago
Marketing, last...hallelujah!
5 points,18 days ago
Yes on marketing.
4 points,18 days ago
Yes - I hope this budget keeps going up as the price rises. The CMO is going to need every $1 he/she can get.
-3 points,17 days ago
We don't why we need this funding, or how were going to spend it, but give it to us now and we'll figure it out later. Is this for real? And people are voting yes? How about hell no. Figure out what funds are needed and why, then make a proposal. This is just ridiculous.
-3 points,17 days ago
"We don't know why..."

Also Dash's marketing has been historically ineffective. With such an awful track record, MNO's should be skeptical here, and not give DCG the benefit of the doubt. Demand an impressive, competitive marketing strategy, and some damn results before rubber stamping these marketing proposals.
5 points,15 days ago
Not true. DCG did an excellent job marketing InstantSend. This was something I didn't think was possible, but they actually did it by creating "FastPass" and getting exchanges on board.

The real problem has been the delay of Evo MVP. We can't market vaporware. With the release of Evo MVP that all changes.
4 points,20 days ago
Yes to long overdue and yes to funding this.
2 points,19 days ago
Thank you.
0 points,20 days ago
Not sure i totally understand this part : '1.66 Dash proposal reimbursement'
Your other budget proposal (legal) mentions '5 Dash proposal reimbursement'
2 points,19 days ago
1.66 Dash per month for 3 months = 5 Dash reimbursement proposal fee for marketing.
The legal proposal is for 1 month, so we are asking for the entire 5 Dash reimbursement in that one payment.
1 point,19 days ago
thank you, makes sense now.