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Title:Dash Core Group Operations April - June
Monthly amount: 5112 DASH (133037 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 5112 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2024-03-10 / 2024-06-08 (added on 2024-03-09)
Votes: 560 Yes / 82 No / 0 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

Dash Core Group March 25th Funding Proposals

DCG is submitting 2 funding proposals for the budget cycle that pays out March 25th:
1) DCG Operations: 5,112 Dash per month (currently in month 1/3)
2) DCG Supplemental proposal: TBD on amount.

What does this specific proposal fund?

For the last year or so DCG only made proposals aimed for contributor compensation. We did this due to the fact that the amount in our infrastructure balance was sufficient to pay for our infrastructure needs.

We will continue to make one main proposal, however, from now on this proposal will be for what is essential for DCG to operate, this includes compensation, legal and infrastructure costs. This does not include any business development deals or marketing costs, however since DCG is now primarily a software development organization we do not anticipate any proposals related to business development or marketing in the future. We will however most likely make proposals to join specific conferences as we wish to put on full display the benefits of Dash Evolution once it is released.

This proposal funds Dash Core Group's ongoing operating costs - this includes compensation, legal and infrastructure costs.  This is a multi-month proposal that will cover operating costs for April through June 2024.

What is the proposal funding?

As of March 1st, 2024, DCG has 22 paid staff at full time/close to full time associated with the project and 3 part time contributors. In addition, we have 2 volunteers who have decided to work for no compensation and 2 people who have decided to work at minimal compensation. The amount of developers we currently have is given below.

We estimate that our projected run-rate for March for compensation will be around $156,000 and around $8,000 for infrastructure. We also expect to have to pay legal expenses in the upcoming months as we transition DCG's shares to be owned by the DIF (approved by a previous proposal). With this current proposal, we are asking for total funding of $204,466 per month.

What does DCG's current structure look like?

DCG has evolved to primarily be a tech focused organization that can be grouped into 2 main parts, technology and technology support.


  • CTO Samuel Westrich - quantumexplorer (making this proposal)

  • Lead C++ Software Engineer
  • Lead C++ Software Engineer
  • Senior C++ Software Engineer
  • Senior C++ Software Engineer
  • C++ Software Engineer
Mobile (no change):
  • Lead Android Software Engineer and Principal Developer
  • Sr. Android Software Engineer
  • Android Software Engineer (Part time)
  • Sr. iOS Software Engineer
Platform Consensus (no change):
  • Sr. Go Software Engineer
Platform Protocol (no change):
  • Lead Rust/JS Software Engineer
  • Senior Rust Software Engineer
  • Rust/JS Software Engineer 
Platform Database (GroveDB)
  • Rust Software Engineer
  • Rust Software Engineer (we are looking for a new software engineer for this position)
Platform SDK
  • Sr. Rust/JS Software Engineer
Research (no change):
  • Lead Tech Research Engineer
  • Tech Research Engineer
Technology Support:

Communication / Business Development / Marketing (no change):
  • Business Development Manager (very part time (1h/week) )
Documentation (no change):
  • Lead Technical Content Developer
Human Resources (no change):
  • HR Specialist
  • Lead Infrastructure Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer (new hire)
  • Web Developer
Project Management (no change):
  • Lead SM / Project Manager
  • SM / Project Manager (part time)
Product (no change):
  • Head of Product
Quality Assurance (no change):
  • QA Engineer
Tech Support (no change):
  • Lead Support Engineer
  • Support Engineer

If you have any questions, please direct them to @quantumexplorer at dashcentral to ensure we are notified of your request.
Requested funding is as follows for the March through May budget cycles:
  • 5,111.66 Dash for core team compensation per month ($204,466 USD @ $40.00 per Dash)
  • 0.33 Dash / per month proposal reimbursement 
Total: 5,112 Dash per month

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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2 points,13 days ago
I quote:
qwizzie 2 points,14 days ago
As i understand it, this whole 'releasing a stable version of Platform to Testnet and invite everyone from the Dash community to attack it, was planned for this month ?
quantumexplorer (proposal owner) 1 point,14 days ago
Yep, we are very close to that right now. I would say about a week away.

Respected quantumexplorer (proposal owner)
Please tell us how are you doing at work?
At what stage is the platform and when is the final?
3 points,8 days ago
Oh sorry, this version was released on Thursday and deployed on Friday, I will make a post on Monday explaining where we are.
1 point,1 month ago
5112 +1000 suplemental - 186 infrastructure = 254818 USD per month

22 employees

AVERAGE SALARY about 11582 USD !!!!!

DCG is a pure gold digger, thanks to the unthoughtful votes of the Masternodes!

Vote the numbers!!!!!
2 points,25 days ago
I agree with you, the budget is not justified
1 point,1 month ago
This is completely wrong. As said in the proposal, many people are still taking 10% less salary. As I said our estimated costs for 25 people is 154000, or on average 6,120$/person. If you look at average developer costs in blockchain, we currently are paying less than market average.
0 points,1 month ago
If your monthly plan is to give 6120$ average salary per employee, and as long as you are currently asking 254818 USD for this month, what are you going to do with the remaining 100000 USD ?

Maybe put the 100000 USD into your pocket, while keeping the 10% underpaid employees in their status? Something else maybe?

I would like you to clearly state what are you planning to do this month with the remaining 100000 USD you are asking from the budget, and also provide the necessary transparency so that everybody could verify your claim and and confirm that you are not yet another big promisses's scammer .
2 points,1 month ago
How do you think we survived the bear market? We had reserves. Any Dash not being spent on monthly operational costs goes to replenishing these reserves. The reserves that used to be at 1 year and now are about at 1 month. We do also post all financials on the forums once per quarter.

I also take way under market rate for my position, about 50% of what people would probably expect, mainly because I place the needs of the project first. This means that I see much more value in having more developers, vs my own pay.
-1 point,1 month ago
Really? And in what money address the reserves are being kept? Will you reveal that address so that it will be auditable, or is it a hidden secret similar to lamassu scam proposal?

And by the way, how do we know that the 25 developers are real persons and not imaginary puppets of yours? Have they ever passed any proof of personhood test?

We should force the dash developers to pass a proof of personhood test, otherwise the developers may be fake!

Vote for Encointer, stupid masternodes!!!
2 points,1 month ago
Well for one, you can look at Github. You can also look at the development updates we do every few weeks where you can see various people. You can also see in discord various people in calls and in discussions. You can also probably find many of our devs on various sites such as linked in etc. Also many community members have seen or interacted with many of our developers and other contributors.

Also we have 16 devs not 25. 25 is everyone.
1 point,1 month ago
I asked also about the adress where you will keep the 100000 USD. You forgot it?

Now, about the so called 25 employees.
Here they are, here is where they were supposed to be

Opps, I can count 32!!! We have 25 employees, we present 32. Is this professionalism?

Among the 32, we have 14 where the ONLY contact is their dash e-mail address!!!

So how can someone confirm that they are real persons and not sockpuppets?
0 points,1 month ago
As said in the proposal text:

As of March 1st, 2024, DCG has 22 paid staff at full time/close to full time associated with the project and 3 part time contributors. In addition, we have 2 volunteers who have decided to work for no compensation and 2 people who have decided to work at minimal compensation. The amount of developers we currently have is given below.

So that's 25 paid people, and 4 people who are getting nothing or a token amount. That's 29.

If we go into we can see that there are 2 board members that I didn't count in our staff. Ernesto and Anton.

I admit that our website needs to be updated for the recent changes over the last month or two as Wisdom is no longer a contributor, and Leon White is only an advisor, and we had a new hire Vivek, as well as Marina no longer being at DCG but instead at Dash Growth (She was a volunteer for a small time).

I explained how you can confirm that they are real people. In fact just google them.

For the address that holds our Dash reserves we use a wallet with advanced security features so that not 1 person has full control of the wallet, this wallet is a HD wallet so change addresses are not the main address where funds are received from the proposal.

This wallet holds about 40% of our reserves and the current address for the majority of our funds is here:

The rest was converted to USD and to pay people, as our USD reserves were practically empty.

Currently our reserves are roughly at about 160k USD. 55k in Dash and 105k in USD.
-3 points,1 month ago
Vote the numbers, stupid!!!!!
0 points,25 days ago
Apparently DCG votes for themselves
1 point,19 days ago
While members of DCG might hold Masternodes, DCG itself does not hold any Masternodes and has never voted for itself.
-3 points,1 month ago
You calculate your salary in dollars at the rate of $43 per 1 DASH.
Investors are unhappy and demand a calculation of your work at $430 for 1 DASH. That is, it is fair to pay you 10 times less coins.
I think this is fair! So that the team would also be interested in the growth of the value of the coin and wait for profits for years!!!

DCG is swimming in dollars regardless of the price of the DASH, and more than 2000 top addresses are in a multi-year and multiple dollar drawdown.

Dear itsdemo, he makes justified claims to you. It is obvious that voting is a conspiracy of large masternode owners and has long been centralized.
2 points,1 month ago
If we reduced everyone's salary by 90% vs fiat amount they would no longer be able to pay for essentials such as rent and food. This would cause people to leave their job.
0 points,1 month ago
If now DASH drops from 43 to 33, will you demand an additional payment, and marketing advertising will be cut off?
That is, you want paper dollars in abundance, and the investors of the entire community who have been starving for 6 years are indifferent to you and are in the way.
Instead of promoting advertising, marketing and trying to increase the value of the coin, a monstrous team with an organized centralized vote ruins the project and causes hatred among investors.
You rob the budget every month, so you will choke on these coins!
1 point,13 days ago
This for those that understand well the yingyang of economics. That Mr Westrich claims the needs of a starving minority - whom are unable to pay for rent and food - are more important / favorable than the needs of the majority.

Rest assured that Mr Westrich is living on borrowed time and will, in time, face certain realities.
-1 point,28 days ago
There was just 850 Dash left in the treasury that we are asking for with a supplemental. But we did so after no other proposal came.

Remember that there are many people who voice what they want for DCG. I believe most wanted DCG to be a tech focused organization. DCG is now a tech focused organization. There is enough budget for other DFOs to flourish or be born that take on the other aspects needed for our project to succeed. We need people to make those proposals though.
1 point,28 days ago
Yet, aftair you already drained 2.5 million USD, the question remains.

3 points,1 month ago
May I know what is for such infrastructure that requires $8000? If you use masternodes, then it's already give you rewards, websites and everything else does not require such enormous expenses.
0 points,1 month ago
DCG does not run any Masternodes on Mainnet, nor do we get any rewards. We do however run a Testnet and a Devnet for the network with about 100 and 20 nodes respectively of various types and performance, because of our savings plan this costs us about 3.5k USD/month down from about 11-15k when I became CTO. On top of this we have costs for continuous integration of about 1 to 1.5k/month. I have a feeling you are aware what CI is, however for those reading this that are not aware, continuous integration runs our test suite on code pull requests.

Recently AWS started charging charging us about 500$/month for IPv4 addresses. We are looking into buying a IPv4 /24 block for the Dash Testnet to save on long term costs. This will cost about 8k USD as a one time payment, which would be slightly less than 3k spread over 3 months.

Adding everything up we get slightly less than 8k, but we also have some minor expenses such as AI services to speed up development (around 200$/month) and some yearly software licenses.
2 points,1 month ago
I'm asking because, I'm CTO of PirateCash and these figures surprise me greatly because we've infrastructure no less than that, plus we have many services which DCG don't have. Also, we did request Dash DAO for support our services for DASH and it was 18 DASH / mo but.

Why is DASH using AWS ? Did you try to use Hetzner ? AWS is really expensive
0 points,1 month ago
AWS is expensive if you don't use a savings plan. With our savings plan, and a further 5% reduction using a specialized credit card for Amazon I feel like we are getting a good very good price for the amount and power of the nodes we have up. Would you like to share the amount and configuration of your nodes?
2 points,1 month ago
How to verify that this proposal was created DCG? Anyone can type title "Dash Core Group Operations April - June"

Where is digital signature or something else ?
3 points,1 month ago
The payment address, visible on is always the same for all Dash Core Group proposals. The address is 7mUyau75ATy1c6LoZeG3D57jKBkR4iHJkE

Also as we have seen before when someone tried to impersonate someone else, there would be a long list of people saying in the comments here if this proposal wasn't made by the expected author.
1 point,1 month ago
It’s good that you know, but as for me, DCG should somehow provide more information, at least the address should be on the dash network, is it there? The best way is to sign the proposal with the key they use to sign releases.
1 point,1 month ago
Just like your Dash Central name 'hades' is unique in Dash Central, so is the name of the proposal owner 'quantumexplorer', who happens to be the CTO of Dash Core Group. You can verify this through the link i previously provided. There has been cases of people trying to impersonate known proposal owners, but with no success (see
-2 points,1 month ago
What ? Are you nuts? In that case, not only quantumexplorer but also the owner of dashcentral could easily impersonate DCG!

Hades is right, DCG should sign the proposal message by using their well known dash address.

DCG behaves very very unprofessional!
2 points,1 month ago
There is also a claim process where a proposal owner needs to claim ownership over his or her proposal before his or her name gets visible as proposal owner on Dash Central.

Anyways, maybe once Dash Platform is released on Dash mainnet, Dash Central can start using DPNS (Dash Platform Name Service).
-2 points,1 month ago
Are you retarded, or you impersonate the retarded?

Whatever the ownership claim in dashcentral is, the dashcentral administrator (or the hacker that managed to get access to the dashcentral server) can impersonate anyone.
3 points,1 month ago
The minute the Dash Central administrator impersonate a proposal owner on Dash Central and changes the payout address to his own address, is the minute Dash Central is done for as beeing a valuable service for MNO's and proposal owners.

This is of course something the Dash Central administrator is well aware off.
Same thing with hackers, who to this day never managed to exploit Dash Central in that regard.
2 points,1 month ago
Also such a budget proposal would simply not pass, due to MNO's and the person getting impersonated commenting on such a scam proposal.
-1 point,1 month ago
Oh boy! Not by chance you are THE ONLY one who vote against mnowatch.

You are completely irrational!!!

The comments in Dashcentral can be deleted!
-1 point,1 month ago
I think we should Invent a protocol that will diminish the votes of the irrationals. The more irrational some one is, the more his vote will be diminished.

The masternodes are irrational indeed, but qwizzie is one of the kings of irrationality.

Qwizzie is a poor dolphin and holds a few voting power.

But imagine a parallel universe where qwizzie is a whale! The situation of Dash in this parallel universe would be even worse, and a system of punishing the irrational voters would be even more necessary.
3 points,1 month ago
Such a little drama queen you are. One look at your three 25 months proposals that nobody is interested in, are heavily downvoted and where most of the 65 comments is basically you talking to yourself pretty much confirms that.
-1 point,1 month ago
Au contraire! Encointer is a great success!!!!

We are close to reach 10% participation!!!!

If the proposal passes the 10% participation threshold, then I will ask the following question to the masternodes: hope that rationality will prevail and they will vote YES.

Yes, I know that you are an irrational person, so I dont expect a YES from you.
1 point,1 month ago
Where can I see information about DCG ? Where is team DCG ? Is pasta-pasta in DCG team ?
3 points,1 month ago

Pasta is part of Core Team, together with Odysseas and UdjinM6.
2 points,1 month ago
and a few others it seems.