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Title:Dash Force September - December
Monthly amount: 195 DASH (29523 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-08-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-08-10)
Votes: 735 Yes / 113 No / 9 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description


We at the Dash Force aim to be the Dash community's front line of defense and support. Our mission is to provide support to the human ecosystem surrounding Dash, ensuring that its network effects are maximized by building a community that is the envy of the digital currency world. Whether it be countering online trolls, reporting critical news, helping local meetups flourish, encouraging economic activity to newly integrated services and exchanges, or bringing in new members and fans, we will do our best to ensure that Dash's community grows and strengthens into a positive social movement behind some of the most amazing and revolutionary technology of our time. Above all, we seek to conduct ourselves as ambassadors of the Dash community in a polite and professional manner, using honesty and genuine goodwill to represent and preserve Dash's positive and community-focused brand, and relentless tenacity and commitment to quality work to ensure that the job gets done right.

Current Dash Force Operations:

Dash Force PR
Dash Force has responded to the growing demand for Dash to increase its media presence by partnering with BTC Media to reach media outlets far beyond Dash Force News and end Dash’s conspicuous media blackout. In our first foray we have managed to get Dash’s incredible success story in Venezuela covered by over 75 publications, including Bitcoin Magazine, and we have additional stories still in progress, including the ever-elusive Coindesk. Our goal is to ensure that Dash’s various and continuing achievements receive top-level coverage in all major crypto media outlets, as well as well beyond the crypto world.
Additionally, we have stepped up our game representing Dash in person. Most notably, Mark Mason delivered a speech before the UK Parliament, and Joël Valenzuela has been invited on a panel on blockchain voting moderated by Erik Voorhees and Christina Tobin at Politicon, an event with a projected attendance of over 20,000.
Dash Force  July 2018 PR Report By Mark Mason

Dash Force News (Rebranding this funding cycle) publishes 2 or more new articles everyday covering the Dash community.  There has yet to be a day when something notable was not going on.  Fortunately we have a lot of good news to cover.  DFN is also translating articles into 6+ other languages. English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Korean.
Dash Force News Webmaster Report

Discover Dash currently has 2000+ Dash accepting Merchants. Recently Updated Website!
In an effort to provide the Dash community with the necessary resources to reach mass adoption as quickly as possible, we have started, a merchant listing and adoption website. This will give new users and businesses all the resources they need to start using Dash, and provide a powerful visual statement of how strong and diverse the Dash economy has become.The site is actively maintained and strives to be “the” site for Dash business listings.  Plans are to continue to grow this and provide easy to use guides for merchant adoption, meetups and more. Live chat has recently been added and 24hr. Live chat support will be available after a little more testing.

Dash Force YouTube – The channel currently has almost 3000 subscribers with 1 to 2 weekly shows.
3 Amigos Podcast is done live and features the 3 partners that run Dash Force. This is an easy going discussion of the weeks topics with the occasional guest and questions from the live chat.
The Dash Force News 3 Amigos Podcast is now broadcasted on The Liberty Radio Network and is also available to listen to on the following platforms: Itunes, Tunein, Stitcher, Google Play, Overcast, Podbean.
There are also more or less monthly interviews with Dash related guests like Scott Farsworth AKA Dashracer and Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver along with Evan Duffield and others.
During the May - August cycle we were pleased to interview Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor,  DCG CTO Bob Carroll and many more.

Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Program
Meetup Programs in Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, Germany, Russia, England  the US and many more. Around 10,000 wallets have been set up during these meetup classes with potentially hundreds of thousands being exposed to Dash in a positive way through large presentations and festival events.

Discover Dash Merchant Adoption Program  - On hold due to funding constraints

MVP Contest is a monthly award of 1 Dash to the most Active and Valuable members of the community.

Swarms and the Mod Squad
Active engagement on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Bitcointalk, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram and other social media Platforms. We also assist in reviewing and helping with pre proposals and active proposals. Everyday task include, article sharing across multiple Social Media Platforms and moderation of said platforms, upvoting/downvoting positive/negative post and countering misinformation.

Joël Valenzuela on using Dash for everyday purchases - CNN International

Mark Mason Blockchain speech at UK Houses of Parliament for Bahrain Opportunities Forum 2018

April  Budget Allocation:
0 +  74.842  Rollover = 74.842

Dash Force Core Team Salaries (3 full-time and 14+ part-time) -  87.56
Website budget - Upgraded Server -  0.316
Dash Giveaway at Talent Land in Guadalajara, Mexico 2018 - 1

Prop Fee - 5
Dash Force Meetup Contest: 234 wallets set up - 5.25
Total 99.126

May Budget Allocation:
150 - 24.284 Rollover  = 125.716

Dash Force Core Team Salaries (4 full-time and 14+ part-time) -  71.67
Website budget - Upgraded Server -  .19
Dash Force Meetup Contest: 122 wallets set up - 2.95
@KennethBosak - 2
Tip Budget - 1.02
Mises Event - San Francisco Seminar on the Future of Money - 1.51
Crypt0 -2
Total  81.34

June Budget Allocation:
150 + 44.376 Rollover = 194.376

Dash Force Core Team Salaries (4 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 106.217
Website budget - Upgraded Server -  .29
@KennethBosak Canada - 2
Website domains - .874
Dash Central Donation - .5
Dash Force MVP Winners: June Cycle - 4.006
Dash Force Meetup Contest Winners: 175 wallets set up - 6.6
Total 120.487

July Budget Allocation:
150 + 73.889 Rollover = 223.889

Dash Force Team Salaries and New PR funding (4 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 151.51
Website Budget - 0.37 + Extra Bandwidth July - .09
Dash conference - Venezuela - 2
DashBoost/Pasta - 1
My Dash Wallet Discord Tip Fund - 1
Dash Force Meetup Contest: 309 Wallets set up - 8.75
MVP Program - 1.5
Total 166.22

August Budget Allocation:
150 + 57.67 Rollover = 207.67

Dash Force Team Salaries and New PR funding (4 full-time and 14+ part-time) - 195.20

Upcoming and Special Projects!
Dash Force News Writing Contest - On hold due to budget constraints
Discover Dash Merchant Adoption Program Phase 2 (Brick and Mortar) - On hold due to budget constraints
Discover Dash Merchant Adoption Program Phase 1 - On hold due to budget constraints
Dash Force News Rebranding - Progressing Carefully
Dash Force Free Escrow - Mastermined
Proposal Fee Help Program - On hold due to budget constraints
Dash Force Outreach to International (Women) Entrepreneurs - New outreach program on hold
VICE: Wall Street Meets Pepe - Cryptocurrency Is a Bro’s World - Anja
Dash Force China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Latin America, Korea, India and more - Hiring Freeze due to budget constraints

Dash Force Core Team
4 full-time roles:
Brian FreeMan @mastermined - Treasurer and Executive Director of Dash Force and Founder of Dash Force News
Mark Mason @MarkMason - Dash Force Webmaster, Media Relations and Director of International Outreach
Joel Valenzuela @thedesertlynx - Chief Editor and Writer for Dash Force News, Dash Force Community Ambassador
Albert Arellanes - Discover Dash Support and Live Chat , DF Contest Manager

14+ part-time roles:
Justin Szilard - DFN Head Writer
Kanuuker - Dash Force Social Media Swarm leader
Solowizkid - Mod Squad Social Media Swarm leader
Agnewpickens - Mod Squad Altcoin Ambassador
Arthyron - Mod Squad Pre Proposal and Proposal Helper
TroyDASH - Mod Squad Discord Mod - Will be volunteering for free starting in September
Macrochip - Mod Squad Reddit Mod
Wilmar Toro - Dash Force News Spanish, Translator, Video Presenter and community Outreach
Yujin - Dash Force News Korea, Translator. Video Presenter and Community Outreach
Roxane - DFN French Translator and Outreach
Fabio and Jan - DFN German Translator and Outreach
Dmitrii Zhludin - DFN Russian Translator and Outreach
Rígille - DFN Portuguese Translator and Outreach

Dash Watch Report

Thanks again to all the masternode owners who continue to vote for us!
If you have any questions, comments or suggestion please share them below.
For more information please see the Original proposal and all discussion thereafter.

Requested funding for the September - December budget cycle:
Total: 195 Dash Per month

Special Note:
195 Dash does not cover our monthly burn rate at the current price (Sub $200). If the Dash price does not recover soon we will be forced to make some very major cuts going forward. A few of those cuts have already begun with most contest and upcoming programs being paused. A hiring freeze has also been implemented and unfortunately some members will have to be let go next cycle if the Dash price does not fully recover by the end of August.

Dash Forum
Dash Force September - December Proposal

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2 points,5 days ago
I would recommend that DFN continue to look for and recruit a female video spokesperson. I know it's hard to find a lot of women in the crypto world (numbers game).

The reality is that the combination of charm, wit and intelligence (attractiveness helps a lot too) in a woman will bring more people to the network, including other women.

Amanda was great but we all know she's done making the videos she used to make. The number of people she recruited is outstanding but now we need a new face.
0 points,15 hours ago
How do we know for sure ABJ is done? Perhaps if she knew how much we appreciate her past contributions and how much we have come to miss her, she might consider coming back in some capacity.
0 points,4 days ago
We have been trying for several months, it's a fool's errand.
If you find someone like that send her our way. You'll have better luck trying to find a unicorn or spot a mermaid.
1 point,4 days ago
Could I suggest @bitquinn on twitter?
3 points,5 days ago
One important factor that will help to increase the DASH price is ensuring investors have the information they need in order to make investment in DASH. Large investment firms have teams of researchers collating information on each of the cryptocurrencies to work out which ones are worth investing in. DASH is signing up more merchants than any other crypto yet our statistics for these sign up are not yet being displayed on All we see at the moment is a graphic of a merchant but no numbers, no statistics. This makes it impossible to know how many merchants have been signed up for each country and the rate of merchant signup.

If we want the DASH price to start increasing your contributions to this are critical since you are currently one of the most important sources of information for DASH.

I would therefore request that the website list out the statistics for merchants signed up and break up this information for each country. Give the total number of merchants signed up for that country and the number of new merchants signed up in the past calendar month.

In addition a special page could be set up ranking each of the countries of the world in terms of number of merchant sign up and the numbers of merchants signed up in the month. This will act as an executive summary in one page of this information.

The executive summary would also spark competition between grass roots teams who are currently being funded to sign up merchants and these stats will make them more accountable and therefore spark competitions between teams. Whenever results are publicly displayed and teams are competing for funding they will work harder to get better results which is only good for DASH.

Once this data is publicly available we could have some press releases alerting the World media to this summary merchant sign up page. It will make compelling reading for investors to see real use case merchant uptake of DASH. This will all help to increase the DASH price as big investors can see we are making significant headway to real live user adoption.

If other MNOs want to see this data posted on please indicate that you want it by putting +1 comments below this comment. We need to increase the DASH price people and this is one way of helping to do that.
3 points,5 days ago
Great comment!
We do have some of these numbers as I have seen them but they are not as easy to access as they should be. You also make a great point about competition between teams and I totally agree. DD definitely needs more analytical breakdowns and this is something we can get Albert working on ASAP.
Let me ping Mark and get his input as he is our go to man for Discover Dash.
2 points,5 days ago
Currently has 2215 total merchant listings with 857 located in Venezuela.

Just for reference so others reading this are fully aware the homepage has always stated the total number of merchant listings to nearest 100.

I do respect and understand the value in having data freely available for all to see. I've always tried to set an example to the network being as transparent with analytics for all of DF projects.

Here is a chart showing total merchant listings since website refresh -

It's actually good timing and convenient as for those that follow my twitter account will have recently seen I've been posting number updates frequently but also started to post charts to reflect growth in adoption. So this is something I've been been actively working towards. I just need to incorporate it into the website now.

The changes that you're requesting would involve automation and custom development which comes at an extra expense. I have to be honest with you, we don't have this in the budget right now. I'm also afraid this request isn't something that can be done overnight at the flick of a switch. So I don't want to fall in to a trap of making promises I can't keep. I have to be realistic and be honest with the network. However, what I can do in the mean time to accomodate your request to a similar effect is to manually create and upload charts with the data on the website as a work around at no extra expense to the network. I already have a few active conversations ongoing with key developers within the community for improvements.

We have started to put the wheels in motion to get more exposure and acknowledgement for Dash merchant adoption. We have a new dedicated Twitter account for Discover Dash to increase awareness and to also highlight merchants listed on directory adding extra incentive for businesses to register listing on site. I just need to go over some house rules with Albert first so we can keep to a best practice posting methodology to standardize posting delivery. What MNO's can do now that wish to help support this effort is to follow the account to help us get more traction. Thank you in advance.

I would also like to state that we are proactively promoting the merchant directory in particular the rapid rise in adoption and growth in Venezuela via our PR partner and already achieved more media coverage on this particular subject for Dash on a scale that has not been done before. On Monday we had a meeting with our PR Firm to push the excellent Venezuela Dash documentary by Rodrigo from Dash Brazil and also to highlight the merchant adoption numbers on Venezuela among other locations. Over the next week I'll be able to report more information on publication coverage. For previous outreach on this subject please see the PR report.
1 point,5 days ago
We would not need automation for this to start with. We would just need a single page with a single table. The table could just focus on the top 25 countries only if you are short on time. This could be manually updated once per month only. The table would simply need 3 columns as follows:

1)Country 2)Total Merchants 3)Merchants This Month for (X)

X = the previous month.

If the table could have a date next to it saying table last update on (Date goes here) and then next update date due on (Update goes here)

It would then just require one update per month for these 25 top countries. This would be enough and would be tremendous value even like this. Updating the table manually should not take more than half an hour at most if the data is collated in a manner that would facilitate the update.

This process would indeed be manual but would not take too much time each month if you organized a system of data collection and sorting that facilitated this as new merchants came on board. It would just then require updating the numbers in the table once per month e.g. if you had a spreadsheet that you could enter the new signups in. Then just sort by new sign ups and simply enter the data into the table.

A simple table would be informative enough and would give us the progress at a glance without having to look at graphs. We would not need a graph and in fact graphs may not make it so simple to compare progress between countries at a glance or to see at a glance how many new merchants were signed up in the previous month.
A table with countries ranked in order of total merchants however would enable the progress to be seen at a glance and for the competitive spirit to be sparked amongst teams.

This page would most definitely be referenced by investors for a metric on DASH uptake for real world users.

I am aware you post the total updates on the home page however this does not show the rate of uptake which the table would show this data and it does not break up by country - which would spark competition between teams.

Thank you to DFN team for listening and in particular to Mark for offering a part time fix until an automated process can be in place.
1 point,5 days ago
Thank you for your suggestion. As soon as I saw your comment I got to work. You're absolutely right automation is not needed for this solution to work.

I'm happy to now report back that the changes you have suggested have now been implemented on the site.

I've added a new Statistics menu option at top of website.

The Dash Merchant Statistics page is now live at the following URL:

There are 3 charts displayed. Monthly Total Listings, Top 10 Locations & Top 10 Categories.

Although on page it states it will be updated on a monthly basis I'll make sure I update it at the end of August so it's fresh moving forward.

Thank you for your support.
1 point,5 days ago
I have just checked it out. Great work Mark!
0 points,4 days ago
I think Venezuela at DiscoverDash should be extracted and given it's own site, in both English and Spanish.

3 Amigos Podcast:

You really need to get women onboard. Remove Brian, replace with female.

Continue the interview diversification from outside of dash. Even invite our competitors.

Stop preaching to the choir and make a concerted effort to reach a much broader audience.
0 points,4 days ago
3 Amigos Podcast:

LOL, I totally agree. Paging Amanda!!!
I will be doing less and less shows going forward. We may start experimenting with the format a bit and have a guest on for the first 30 minutes to an hour or so and then invite members of the community on. A pre after party if you will.
The show could go on for up to 3 hours like the Joe Rogan podcast. The most important thing would be timestamps and making short highlight clips.
What you are suggesting would be another show or more like a interview were we to invite fluffy pony or tone vays on to debate. The 3 Amigos podcast would be 3 against one which is not a good format for that.

Joel is already going out and reaching a broader audience with plans to do more, Mark is doing that as well when the opportunities present themselves.

Thanks for your support!
0 points,4 days ago
Am happy to hear there are changes afoot, I think that's a very positive step. But no, I wasn't remotely thinking of fluffy! :-D

I get there's a place for in-depth content, I just think broader appeal should take a higher priority.

I'm confident you guys can do it, I think you just needed a bit of a push.
2 points,6 days ago
Like your work, but it's almost a case of too much of a good thing. You pump out so many articles, it's hard for every single one to be a hit.

Do you have plans to refresh to sort or highlight significant news? As of now, it's an endless stream of sorta-interesting-maybe-nice-to-know-stuff with A FEW EXTREMELY important need-to-know articles every now and then.

Think if a person new to DASH wants to know the most important news in the last 3 months, how would they find it on your site? The reverse chronological listing makes it impractical to sift through and find relevant important info over a long time. Is there another way?

E.g. a lot of news sites have a "top stories" box listing a few headlines for the best stories... It does require work curating but it's something that's sorely needed.
5 points,5 days ago
For people who only visit every few days everything should still be on the front page and easy to navigate. For people who visit less than that I started the week in review article for a quick summary, it publishes every Saturday.
We could start a monthly review article with only the most important highlights of the month and/or a top stories section if we can make it work. That is actually a great idea and I think it would help you and others out a lot.
There is a "trending" link at the top of the page but I personally don't find it very useful. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for your support!

This Week In Dash: August 6-11
1 point,15 hours ago
Thank you, yes the weekly reviews have been nice. Yeah, a top stories section is sorta what I was looking for, but a monthly (or even quarterly) review would definitely help out a lot!
2 points,6 days ago
Totally agree, Especially late, it just looks oh well what do we write about this time ? Decrease the amount of articles, and only put out the higher quality ones.
1 point,6 days ago
Easy YES from me. Yes, DFN should be negative regarding Dash if it is warranted. Balance.
Love the podcasts (3 Amigos). Love the interviews.
0 points,8 days ago is, by far, the greatest contribution of Dash Force. And it's also likely their only contribution that's important to the valuation of Dash.

So for that website alone, I'd vote yes -- but not for $32,000 a month! Vastly, insanely overpriced.
1 point,7 days ago
It's a very low expense given the massive value we're getting. They have people on staff full time and a ton of contributors.

They've created a new PR function outside of Core which the MNOs were begging for. They conduct interviews, events, podcasts, etc. There's a lot of the backroom communications they do to facilitate integrations and outreach as well. Why is is this not obvious?

No one does the Dash network's bidding better than DFN. Name anyone else who does.
1 point,5 days ago
I'll let that red herring in the last part of your comment slide, and simply state that we obviously don't agree in our valuations of the proposal in question.
0 points,8 days ago
The must for ecosystem.
0 points,8 days ago
Dash Force News is a paid advocacy organization and doesn't pretend to be otherwise, except for the name. This means that news that isn't positive for Dash but nonetheless very relevant for investors may not get all the coverage merited or possibly any coverage at all. I for one would like to see more independence for DFN so that they can cover ALL the news without concern over losing funding requests like this one. What's best for Dash in the long run is the truth, good or bad. Alternative revenue streams could improve that independence. Is there a plan in place for eventual sustainability without treasury funds? Or is dependence on treasury funds the intentional method for ensuring our promoters promote? I guess I'm asking is DFN supposed to be advocacy or news? It can't do both jobs at the same time and do them well.
-1 point,5 days ago
billyjoeallen - the name of the organization is "Dash Force". "Dash Force News" could be thought of as one wing of that organization, where its existence is consistent with one of the aims outlined in the Dash Force mission statement. Regardless, I think these are good forward-looking questions.
1 point,8 days ago
Read or re-read their mission statement.
-1 point,8 days ago
That doesn't clarify the situation. "We at the Dash Force aim to be the Dash community’s front line of defense and support. " "News" is commonly understood to be more than defense and support of a given group, thing or position. That's the definition of "propaganda".
0 points,8 days ago
Excellent point.
1 point,8 days ago
Just for clarification, I am not questioning anyone's personal integrity. I am questioning the incentive structure.
0 points,9 days ago
Easy yes.
-2 points,8 days ago
3 points,10 days ago
I increasingly rely on you as a vital resource for performing my masternodely duties. You've earned my vote.
-2 points,8 days ago
Thanks, we'll keep it 100.
5 points,10 days ago
As always, one of the most important groups in the ecosystem doing all the heavy lifting that no one else is willing or able to do. Most recently, stepping up to fill the gaps in our PR representation in the crypto space has been DF's most impressive feat, even as a pilot project, and I hope the markets can recover enough to fully fund those efforts in addition to DF's regular contributions.
-1 point,8 days ago
Thanks! Fortunately it hasn't cost very much more, so I'm doubting we'd have to up our asks to keep it up.
0 points,9 days ago
Easiest yes vote to make. Truly the brightest spot in the DAO.
-2 points,8 days ago
Thanks for the show of confidence, it's humbling. We'll keep living up to it, and then some.
3 points,10 days ago
This is really a must. You guys do a ton of work for the network. I enjoy reading and watching your content. The Dash podcast interviews keep getting better and better.
1 point,8 days ago
Thanks very much for the support, we keep trying to improve all the time.