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Title:DASH MALL AND PARKING: 1500 organic TXs/Mo, 2000 new wallets, growth of Dash ecosystem in western Venezuela with 1st Parking program in the world by CabiDash
Monthly amount: 69 DASH (8299 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 138 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2019-08-16 / 2019-10-15 (added on 2019-08-17)
Votes: 883 Yes / 187 No / 7 Abstain

Proposal description

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Dash Mall and Parking is the first Program in the World where we works to convert the majority of a shopping center (Mall) into a Dash ecosystem, with a deployment of training, monitoring and management of the use of Dash as payment method in parking lots, promoting, for the first time the real use of Dash and the acquisition by P2P method and with the possibility of replicating it in many places, generating opportunities of growth in the Dash Economy that will allow business people, merchants and entrepreneurs to solve the problems that arise in Venezuela when making and receiving payments, with the use of digital tools that adapt to their needs.

  During the pilot test, with scarce resources, 741 transactions were reached in 30 days including 2 days of general blackouts and there was a weekly 50% organic increase of requests from businesses.

¿What does this specific proposal fund?
  This proposal funds Dash Mall and Parkingongoing costs – including all developers, administrative, bussines and other costs.
Deliverables of this proposal: 
- 2 Parkings of Shopping Centers (1 currentand one additional).
- Duration: 2 Months (every day)
.- Participants: Users of the shoppingcenters in the Mérida area.
- On average 50 organic transactions per day (firststage), after 30 days, 80 transactions per day.
- Transaction counter developed andimplemented by Spark.
- 2000 new wallets
.- Advertising on the outside / inside ofshopping centers.
- Thanks to our results in the short timeof operation and our business contacts in the region, there is the possibility of achieving one or two additional integrations with businesses of multiple branches or greater name in the region.

  In Venezuela, the payment methods used havebecome a big headache for business owners, causing a decrease in revenue and lost sales, mainly due to the shortage of bills, caused by hyperinflation, causing long lines to pay and interruption in the enjoyment of the services and the purchase-sale within the mall, due to the barriers of registration in the payment methods that hinder its use.
  The shopping center Milenium has 2 ticketoffices of which only 1 allows payment with cards causing long lines at the main ticket office, generating difficulty and inconvenience in the way of making payments to users.

  Dash Parking and Mall allows the adoptionand use of Dash in shopping centers mainly in the parking system, surpassing all other payment methods and determined that hundreds of users enter Dash which has also increased the demand for Dash and the actual use among the owners of the establishments of the shopping centers, without any registration.
We have a new P2P system where each usercan purchase Dash, in addition to alliances with exchange teams recognized offering promotions and discounts.
In 1 month, 100 users, 61 men and 39 women were surveyed; 64 were under 30, 36 were older, the most used phones were Android at 85%.
Users exchange other cryptocurrencies for parking payment, using Dash wallet (Hash Engineering Solutions) link with Uphold.

Adopcion strategy:
-         Implementation of the Spark system and backup in parking lots, considering a 2-hour training for employees on what are cryptocurrencies, what is DASH, how to use it.
-         Enable the P2P model so that parking users can purchase Dash safely, legally and conveniently, through our alliances with local license exchanges.
-         2 Meet Ups per month aimed at merchants and tenants to show the use of Dash as payment method.
-         Discounts between 5% and 10% in stores as an incentive for users who make payments with Dash, negotiating with stores to reach a critical mass and share incentives.
-         1 Dash Day per mall.
What Dash gets: 
- Generate a self-sustaining ecosystem, which allows the free development of the Dash Parking program.
- Alliances with the rest of the teams that are operating in Venezuela: for being in the western region of the country and being the only ones operating in Mérida, Zulia, Los Andes,  we have the possibility to complement the work in the rest of the country and we are currently talking with several organizations from other regions to help them implement Dash.
- An excellent ROI ratio for each Dash invested. We expect to complete 50 transactions per day, and 2000 new wallets, to achieve a return of Dash, as indicators to start.
 - Additionally, we hope toachieve growth in the real and sustainable use of Dash in the area of ​​malls
and parking lots in the region (These objectives will be measured later).
 Cost Breakdown:
 Budget requested per month: (Dash Rate= 94 USD/DASH)
Development:                                          1.128 USD --- 12 DASH
Marketing and multimedia:                   2.162 USD --- 23 DASH
Discounts:                                                    470 USD --- 5  DASH
Salaries:                                                    1.974 USD --- 21 DASH
Other expenses:                                        752 USD    --- 8 DASH
Total cost per month:                          6.486 USD --- 69 DASH 

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0 points,3 months ago
One parking lot? No. Can Venezuelans even afford to drive right now?
0 points,3 months ago
@yoanacastillo as much as I like your project and can see the huge potential I want to see a fully worked out business plan. The reason are not just for MNOs to understand the investment opportunity but also for you to demonstrate to the MNOs funding your proposal that you have thought through all the aspects of your project. The business plan is not just for the MNO benefit. It is for your benefit also. I see many worthwhile projects getting funded for a while and then MNOs stop funding after a few months. One reason for this is they do not see the long term vision of the project and the reason for that was there was no worked out business plan that helps to build that vision. I know that business planning requires a lot of work but it will greatly increase the chances of your project being successful by thinking through all the important aspects of your project that you may not yet have thought of. There could well be opportunities that you are missing right now because you have not completed a business plan.

I really love your project but I'm still voting no. This is the hardest thing for me to do but I will not longer be voting positively for projects that do not provide a fully worked out, detailed business plan for their proposal. Even if you are at the early stages of trialling a business plan is still very valuable.

I also recommend you give more regular updates on progress to keep MNOs up to date on your work and your progress. If you don't do this then your project has a high probability of not being funded in the future.
0 points,3 months ago
See this page on the basics of how to put together a business plan:
5 points,4 months ago
This is a very well prepared proposal with a good use-case for Dash, because of the cheap tx fees of our network.
Great that you guys are working with the Spark dev to measure tx and impact!
Voting yes on this one
Good luck to you Yoana & Cabimas Team
0 points,4 months ago
Very kind, RobertoDiaz, for your comments.

We are working tirelessly to achieve the goals and objectives set with Dash Mall and Parking.

Yoana and team
9 points,4 months ago
Strong yes from me, quite impressed with what has already been achieved before the funding request.
0 points,4 months ago
Hi, agnewpickens, for your comments.

The achievements have been satisfactory and we are going for more, thanks for support.

Yoana and team
11 points,4 months ago
This project has all the basic elements of a viable project in my opinion. These are as follows:

1. This project fulfils a need that normal currency cannot fulfil.
Parking is a real problem in Venezuela because there are long queues at car parks due to payment machines not working reliably or cash handling issues with large volumes of notes. Dash solves both these problems.

2. No viable solution at the moment
Since normal payments systems are not suitable for this type of issue DASH is a perfect solution. This means people will be obliged to have to use DASH if they wish to park their car i.e. it is not optional. Dash therefore forms a gateway through which people must pass. This is an important requirements with any project. There needs to be an obligation for the customer to use DASH.

3. Large numbers of people will be exposed to DASH
Unlike other projects such as Merchant Sign Ups where we have to visit hundreds of shops to sign up a merchant - with this project we only need to sign up one car park. Since the car parks have a difficult and pressing problem to solve that normal currency solutions cannot adequately solve (unlike merchants that have other solutions) Car park operators are very open to adopting a DASH solution. When they do they have hundreds of clients that need to use their car parks every day.

4. Dash could develop a custom car park solution using DASH that could then be marketed as an actual turnkey Payment Solution Product to all car parks in Venezuela - potentially bringing in millions of new customers.

5. There is a clear focus and target market for this project.
Unlike merchants project which have a whole host of different merchant types that have different requirements. Car park operators invariably have their own set of specific requirements. Once we know what those are it is much easier to market to them the solution. In addition Car parks are easy to find and identify making marketing more focused.

6. Location Venezuela. A parking solution run on DASH would work in Venezuela due to hyperinflation however it may not work in other countries that have more reliable payment options such as credit card.

What is missing from this proposal:
I want to see a plan for sustainability in this project. It is not enough to plan that you will continue to receive Treasury funding in the hope you will keep this project going. You need to design this program from the very beginning to be self sustaining financially. This means design your product to ensure that you will receive income from providing this solution. You can either charge a small commission on each sale or you can sell actually license the solution to the car park and they pay for a annual license. The parking problem in Venezuela is enough of a problem for the parking owners to pay for the solution.

I would like to learn more about the team and the management behind this project. Who you are. What you experience is?

I would also like to see an NFC card developed for parking payments similar to the oyster card (london Underground) or the Octypus card (Hong Kong). This way customers do not even need a smart phone to use DASH to pay for their parking. I would like to refer you to an article I wrote on the Dash forum which explains how an Dash NFC card payment would operate:

I have seen some projects saying they wish to first build a product before they build their plan for sustainability one example is the Dash Taxi project. This is a huge business mistake because we could invest a large amount of money to build an app that simply cannot be used or will not be used and we will not foresee these issues without a properly thought and business plan. The business plan must come first. From now on I will only be primarily voting for serious projects that have a fully functional business plan showing that sustainability is built in from Day 1 . This demonstrates to me that the proposal owner is planning for the long term and not the short term. The only exceptions to this rule for me now are essential services needed by the network such as DashHelp or DashText which have to sustain to support the growing customer base.

During my research on how to establish DASH in Venezuela I had also identified 3 specific market areas where DASH could solve a specific problem that cash would not. Parking was one of these therefore I feel that if this project is managed correctly it could lead to a parking payment product that could easily be rolled out to all car parks in Venezuela that have the same problems.

This project also needs to remain independent of the Latam projects. I'm concerned that the Latam project is already too heavily centralised. We need to maintain independent projects such as this for the long term security of our marketing campaigns.

I also want to see a business plan for sustainability and self funding worked into this proposal from the start. Include a deadline date when you expect to be self funding. I would encourage you consider the development of a specific DASH parking payment solution that involves an DASH enabled NFC card. The card would be branded with DASH with a link to training a beginner on what dash is and how to use it. This Dash parking payment solution could then be marketed to car parks throughout all Venezuela. The NFC card would not require the user to have a phone and makes it ultra simple for anyone to use. No tech involved.

This is a very exciting project and the type of project I want to see us supporting more of.

Voting YES
5 points,4 months ago
Very kind, deep blue, for your comments.

We are in the first stage of the project and we want to incorporate these two shopping centers and then expand to more shopping centers in the region or other relevant sites, but we will adjust this according to the result of this first quarter. We are a small team and we want to maintain an excellent ROI for Dash, so the plan is now: Implement on this scale, learn, adjust and then grow. Our vision is to be able to give excellent results with an exemplary ROI.

We are still reviewing the structure of costs and possible revenues to make a medium and long-term business plan that is self-sustainable, in addition to the legality and possibility of generating direct income in some way, since we have little time running, as we see the two options to grow: Charge a small fee per transaction or a license to the parking lots, now we are still adjusting the model so we do not have enough data to make conclusions.
We see that you know the subject of Venezuela quite well, thank you very much for your suggestions and help, if you have time we would love to hear some other suggestions to improve or see what links or recommendations you suggest reading to implement (Like the NFC, we will look for which ones would be ways to implement that in the medium term)

Our work and passion for Dash is maintained and will grow by helping to be part of the solution, and we hope that our achievements will be approved and that the CabiDash team can continue to grow while reaching and exceeding the goals. For now we are very excited to be considered to take the next step, after our pilot!

We are happy for your support and questions! Very friendly

Yoana and the team
0 points,4 months ago
Yoana, I think that you have a real opportunity to do something big if they deal with the >> serious and professional << issue when the injection of this 'seed capital' is approved within a few hours.

Yoana I recommend that you consider taking advantage of the opportunity granted to you in your 'business plan' and it would be interesting that 51% of the shares are under the protection of the DIF- Dash Investment Foundation

You have to think, I repeat, if you do it professionally and seriously, this proyect will be (a women team led ) creating a Company, and Jobs --> In Venezuela <--, sustainable over time, if you create a business model.
1 point,4 months ago
Hello Yoana, thank you for your reply. I really think this project could be very successful and it could be scaled up potentially to many car parks. Please note however I mentioned in my first post that I've made a decision that I will only vote on proposals where a business plan for a sustained project will be presented. You have mentioned that you will not be doing this as you want to trial it out. I understand that however it is necessary to plan now for the future sustainability. This is essential because we have seen too many projects being funded with treasury money where the plan has not been thought out and our money has just been wasted when the project died.

It is really important now that every project have a plan for sustainability, at least for me that is essential. If the project owner is not prepared for that then it tells me that they are not really serious about the project.

There have also been some requests for explanations by some MNOs in this post about the costs of the project. I have to agree that some of the costs appear high for what is being delivered. I have read your breakdown of costs however to me they look high as well. e.g. the hosting and web dev I know for a fact is priced higher than it should be - I know this because my company does a lot of web dev work and I know what it costs. In addition you are based in Venezuela and the costs for certain things like labour are a lot cheaper than the rest of the world.

I would request that you answer these questions. I really want your project to go forward because I know creating a solution for parking really is a great potential for introducing DASH to many thousands of people and also moving onward perhaps into the Malls themselves based on the success of the parking.

MNOs have seen so many projects where they have either failed or have been over priced or other such issues that it is important proposal owners understand that MNOs now are voting to stop this happening.

I want your project to go forward but I need to see a properly worked out plan with ideas for how you can make this sustainable. Until that can be provided I am changing my votes. I hope that you can provide the information requested so that I can then vote again in favour of your project because I think it has great potential.
-14 points,4 months ago
I have reviewed the transactions for Milenium Car Park. They have achieved 940 transactions from July-15 to August-25, or 42 days. That is an average of 22.3 transactions per day. The average transaction amount is 0.0018829, or about 17 cents of the USD. The total amount collected is 1.77183816 dash. Thus far, no money has left the address. There are a 7 transactions for less than 0.00001 dash (less than 1000 duffs). The lowest transaction is for 0.0000073 dash (730 duffs), and the highest transaction is for 0.16 dash or 9% of the total received. The blackout days are visible because they lack transactions: July 23 and August 6. Some patterns are visible that probably represent the number of hours spent at the shopping mall. A common range of values is from 0.0013 to 0.0015 dash. I also see a lot of transactions around half that amount or around 0.0007 dash. If the benefit to Dash is the transactions at the car park, then the blockchain data should be provided to all MNOs in my opinion. It is a public ledger after all and the QR code of the Dash address is available to anyone who visits and pays for parking.

I like Yohana and Hillary and I like their energy and enthusiasm. However, I am concerned that this may be over-priced, especially if the only tangible benefit to Dash is to generate less than 2 dash worth of transactions for a car park.
Why do you need 6 employees? What are their duties?
Why do you need to spend 12 dash on "Development"?
Why do you need to spend nearly 7 dash per month on a web page?
What are the discounts for and why are you charging for them in your proposal?
-16 points,4 months ago
This is another worthless and pointless budget proposal in lasting many years chain of "venezuela" program. And as always lots of "yes" from people who don't want to analyze budget wastes.
16 points,4 months ago
Could be 1 of the top proposals this month that is focusing on winning market-share for the currency use case (vs. speculative/investing use case)
6 points,4 months ago
Thank you for your appreciation currency_use_case and understand that the projection of our program is focused on promoting a DASH microeconomics.
13 points,4 months ago
Yes from me, good luck
4 points,4 months ago
thank you
13 points,4 months ago
Thank you Yoana for the proposal. Is interesting

A few questions about the ROI of the proposa:

For a business in Venezuela, when it is trained and taught about the advantages of using Dash as a >international< payment system, it should be sufficient to understand the advantages vs. cash and debit card.

Inside the mall. What is the number of business that you estimate to adopt Dash with this campaign? For evaluate if you complied with the ROI if the proposal is approved.

1.1) What is the plan, to create a micro-economy to create demand for the use of Dash in the mall. The business between them and the users with bussines?

You have commented that you are in dialogue with more parking into other shopping centers.

2.1) What is the roadmap, so that the business and parking of these shopping centers adopt Dash, with the point 1.1 conditions in the term of execution of this proposal?

3) What is your roadmap to be >>self-sufficient << with financial resources generated by the businesses / shops / parking you adopt?

5) What would happen if you in 3 months you cannot be financed, how are the shops and the mall? how they have support?

Thanks for your motivation and effort
9 points,4 months ago
Hi Blockchaintech, thanks for your question.

1) It is important to comment that our initial goal is to get at least two thousand users who use Dash in the parking ecosystem that we will address and thus reach thousands of transactions.

Achieving stores will be a goal that complements step one and improves the ecosystem. In the current Commercial Center and the new Commercial Center to work we have an objective of achieving at least 25% of relevant commercial premises in adopting the use of Dash as a Payment method. So, considering the amount of transactions and locations that we can reach, we expect the ROI to be one of the best in the Dash ecosystem (Obviously we are just beginning, so the goals will probably be adjusted as we get more data for longer) .

1.1) In Venezuela, specifically in shopping centers the plan to promote this micro economy Dash is ongoing, this conclusion was reached in our pilot test where people could make decisions and think for themselves what form of payment they wanted to use.

The failures of the collection tools such as points of sale, double charges made by the bank (fiat), the blocking of national bank accounts and the shortage of fiat money create demand in users to adopt a new payment method that is profitable , fast and easy.

Having a support within the mall and the strategy of selling Dash p2p that allows them to know more about dash, uses and benefits and in turn acquire them. That is why we believe that it is possible to achieve micro economies within the shopping centers that accept Dash, using the parking lot as a key point of the micro economy.

2) Thanks to the work in these first 30 days of operations, and our business contacts in the region, we have talked with several entrepreneurs who want to incorporate Dash in the payment of parking lots in other shopping centers, and today we have two with word commitment (Verbal commintment), and we will focus on growing to a CC per month, which will be enough to validate the processes and make adequate training in this first stage in the Merida region.

2.1) On the roadmap we think in a first stage to incorporate these two shopping centers and then expand to more shopping centers in the region or other relevant sites, but we will adjust this according to the result of this first quarter.

We are a small team and we want to maintain an excellent ROI for Dash, so the plan is now: Implement on this smaller scale, learn, adjust and then grow. Our vision is to be able to give excellent results with an exemplary ROI.

3) We are still reviewing the structure of costs and possible revenues in addition to the legality and possibility of generating direct income in some way, we have just completed a month of operations, so we do not have enough data to make conclusions. But being self-sustainable is one of our medium-term goals.

4) We hope to reach and exceed the goals to be able to maintain DAO financing, but if we are left without financing we would seek to keep the ecosystem growing through the help of allied teams, remotely or otherwise. In any case, the ecosystem that is being built is based on education, solving a problem and creating new habits and CabiDash has been working on growing adoption without ever having received DAO funds.

Our work and passion for Dash is maintained and will grow by helping to be part of the solution, and we hope that our achievements will be maintained for a long time and that the CabiDash team can continue to grow while reaching and exceeding the goals.

We are happy for your support and questions! Very friendly

Yoana and team
14 points,4 months ago
The proposal looks well and for sure will put more adoption of Dash.
The only thing which bothers me is why out of 803 transactions you've done none of the users who paid with Dash actually spent their change after all those days.
Might you explain before I decide to vote on this proposal?
I'm also wondering if you get the funding for those 2 months what would you do after this period passes?
Will you do a renewal on the lowered costs to continue or what?
Thank you.
9 points,4 months ago
Hi Splawik21, thanks for your question!

What we have achieved as our first 803 transactions, is to get a large number of people to try using Dash in order to pay for their parking service, with over 99% of them using Dash for the first time ever.

What we saw these people do, was acquire just enough Dash to pay for their parking and try crypto for the first time, and that is why the leftover is mostly unused, especially because the amount used is generally around 0.001 Dash per hour, so people in this initial month have acquired the specific amount to test if this really works.
What we are seeing after our first 30 days of operations, is that some of these people are coming back, and they have also looked for other ways to acquire and spend Dash, as they already have a Dash wallet and have tested this new payment method, so we see this as a great onboarding tool into Dash.

On Merida city we have identified at least 15 malls with a similar or larger size than the one we are working on, so we see an immediate opportunity to expand Dash integration into more malls, while we maintain and improve operations in the ones we already signed up. All of this besides the opportunity to bring into the Dash ecosystem other stores and merchants. So we eventually see the opportunity to foster a full Dash city in the mid term.

Thank you for your time and please let us know if you have any other questions!
5 points,4 months ago
Thank you for this explanation. Make sense. You git my support.
5 points,4 months ago
Thank you Splawik21.
We will do it in the best way.
9 points,5 months ago
Hello Yoana!
I will vote in favor of your proposal
1 point,5 months ago
Hi, JulieSimmons thanks for support, we (@cabidash1) continue doing our best work.

Yoana and the Team.
8 points,5 months ago
Do you have a more detailed cost breakdown?
3 points,5 months ago
We managed to find cheap prices on the material, marketing and other costs and implemented the most important resources to achieve the objectives established in the Merida area, where more Dash is needed.

Budget Requested
Development:                                        USD 1128 12
Traker developed by Spark                                     USD 500 5,31
Web page                                       USD 628 6,68

Marketing and multimedia:                   USD 2162 23
Mall Marketing Material (including internal banners) USD 800 8,51
Community Manager USD 500 5,31
Video and photos USD 400 4,25
Uniforms USD 462 4,91

Discounts:                                                                USD 470 5
2 Dash Days                                       USD 188 2
2 Meet Ups                                       USD 188 2
Store discount                                       USD 94 1

Salaries 6 people                                                  USD 1974 21

Other expenses:                                                              USD 752 8
Transportation USD 282 3
Events                                                     USD 470 5

Total cost per month                                       USD 6486 69
5 points,5 months ago
Who is the PO?
2 points,5 months ago
1 point,5 months ago
It's me, Dash Cabimas team
-8 points,5 months ago
Im Voting NO its quite clear at this point most funds get pocketed as admin fees.

As per coin desks recent article it may also be evidentially clear that we are wasting good dash after bad dash.

More poor choices.
2 points,4 months ago
Yes, our progress in Venezuela is not where we would like it to be. Which country do you suggest we focus on to which market-share for Dash as a currency if not Venezuela?
-1 point,4 months ago
Argentina may be a good option
3 points,5 months ago
Hi Realmrhack, thank you for your comments!

The funds that go to marketing and salaries (I assume this is admin) are 100% dedicated on making sure users of the mall know about Dash and can learn how to get Dash and spend it. We will continue training of staff and also plan to have a dedicated area to teach people, including making infographics people can take and also training for bring new users to Dash.
This is the methodology we used to get more than 500 people onboarded in the first month, and now we will expand the activity.
The development is will be used in getting the right tools ready to allow biger scale.

And the discounts will be used as incentives once we get enough relevant merchants with traction as a way to have faster growth, because we do not want to give away Dash, we want to have organic transactions.

Nobody is in any way "pocketing" any money, as Dash mall and parking is expected to bring increased results to the Dash network by achieving 50Txs per day in the first days and a total of over 2000 new wallets (users) plus an increased ecosystem where people will learn and use Dash.

Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.

Yoana and team

PS: We do not believe in the Coindesk article, as it was not well done and it has not data.
3 points,5 months ago
Strange to see a Dash member quote a Coindesk article that got such a backlash from the Dash community for being biased and without facts. An article that had to be corrected two times no less by its writer.