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Title:DashForce Reloaded 1-4-17
Monthly amount: 300 DASH (7775 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 600 DASH (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-01-04 / 2017-04-20 (added on 2016-12-24)
Votes: 746 Yes / 69 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

DashForce Reloaded 1-4-17
Decentralize and Incentivize Everything

Well we have almost completed the first proposal cycle and things are
going great in Tao's DN slack with tips flying around everywhere for
the DashForce tips contest, testnet participation, help desk support
and much much more. I have personally had the Reddit tipbot busy cranking
out tips for high value comments and Reddit help desk support. The
Reddit tipbot has been a bit cranky at times and so I have asked
my fellow DashForce members to save a bit of their tip funds this
month so we can help upgrade the Reddit tipbot.
Thanks to all the masternode owners who voted for the DashForce Reloaded
Proposal and helped make all this possible!

The Swarm:

he Swarm contest was pushed back last month due to lack of initial
participation. That said, it is still on the road-map but I'm going
to push it back to month 3 where it can be adequately funded. We have
had great success in the DashForce_tips slack channel with several
people earning smaller tips by participating in less complex swarm
like task. We will start people off earning smaller tips there and
then transition them into the more structured swarm contest when we
have 15+ people. I will also be changing the swarm contest rules up a
bit to make it more of a real competition between the members. Right
now we have a nice little decentralized swarm going with around 10
people working at their own pace and helping out when and where they
can. However, to be a 100% effective and efficient swarm it will need
more structure and leadership in the future.

Testnet and Meetups:

By the end of this proposal cycle around $200 dollars in dash will have
been tipped out in support of Testnet. Splawik21 (with core team
input) has stepped up to take the lead on next month's planned
DashForce Testnet proposal contest, freeing me up to focus on other
areas that need attention.
One of those areas is a Meetup contest that I am working on which we will
be launching this next proposal cycle. We've had a few Meetup
proposals and some have been very innovative and cost effective while
others not as much. I will take what has worked best and build around
those proven strategies to grow our meetups around the world. One
thing I was really impressed by was what JZA and the BITCUNERS are
doing. They came up with a great idea to buy the refreshments up
front and then giveaway some Dash and have people buy the
refreshments with the Dash, kinda like how the Dash and Drink worked.
We will try a few different strategies and do whatever works best. I think we
all like to see pictures and videos and get progress reports, so
that will be part of it. I understand some people will be concerned
about  privacy (rightfully so) so just a picture from the back of the
room would be cool. Once we really get going I would like to make
this a very real competition between meetups so we can sponsor the
best ones and adopt the most successful models. I would also like to
avoid having 20-30 meetup proposals to vote on every month in the
future, LOL. Although technically I will have to vote on all of them, but you won't!

Once again thank you to all the masternode owners who voted for us and if
you have any questions, comments or suggestion please share them

Original proposal and discussion thread....

Here is our public tip addresses posted for transparency. We will not keep
an account of where every little tip went but you will see most of
them in Slack and Reddit. Any leftover funds will be sent to the Dash
core team tip fund at the end of the proposal cycle.

mastermined - Xy1wox12sP2JKqf9nBycMjArzsXgRL1nw9
tao- XuoXzzjSzQXPMa6hQ2i9K1JaRkM5XJVqaJ
splawik21- XfDctWtdQGo2AxVSoJyYd7QqzXZrxRMA8r

Requested funding is as follows for the January 4th budget cycle:

295 DASH Per month 
5 Dash reimbursement for the proposal cost

Total: 300 Dash

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1 point,7 years ago
DashForce Reloaded 1-4-17
The current DashForce funding for this month is 103.25 Dash.
My recommendation for this month's budget allocation is...

Testnet contest – 50 Dash
Meetup Contest – 23.25 Dash
General Tip Fund/DashForce_tips contest – 30 Dash
2 points,7 years ago
Voted Yes !
We need this shit !
1 point,7 years ago
For anyone who thinks that Dash does not have a major Social media problem and that DashForce is not needed or too expensive I would suggest you take a look at this reedit poll that was just brought to my attention by @kodaxx on slack. BTW I/DashForce tipped him 0.2 Dash and I also tipped the person who added Dash to the poll 0.2 Dash. As of right now Monero has 62 upvotes and Dash has 3 upvotes. It was 56 upvotes for xmr and Dash had -3 at one point right after kodaxx posted a link to the poll. If you are wondering if this is just an isolated incident I can assure you it is not, I see similar results all the time like this on reddit, Houston we have a problem!
If you were some newbie investor which coin do you think you would invest in after seeing those results? Take a look at the thread and please upvote!

Cryptocurrency Of The Year. Come and vote!

Also, n00bkid brought up the question of budget allocation this month and I said it had not been determined and was ultimately up to the community. Without knowing exactly what splawik21 is planning for the testnet proposal contest or what the Dash price will be I would probably recommend 60% for testnet, $150-$200 for the meetup contest and all the rest go to the general tip fund for reedit activism, comments on articles, youtube, twitter, btctalk troll patrol etc etc etc.
I would also recommend using some of those testnet funds to have Amanda B Johnson make us a how to testnet tutorial video.
The meetup contest will start slow this month and sponsor the 3 best meetups and build from there in the coming months.
Those are my basic budget allocation recommendations but as always there will be a discussion period and the community will ultimately decide once we have all the required info.
0 points,7 years ago
I'm unable to tell how the funds were spent last month, and this proposal does not tell me how these funds would be spent this month. I want bullet points and numbers, not long paragraphs. Will abstain from voting until these all-important points are made clear.
2 points,7 years ago
Hey n00bkid how's it going.
Great question and something that should have been included. All the info is in the DashForce thread along with all the details that others have asked about. I tried to make this proposal as short as possible and figured those who wanted more details or missed the first proposal would click the link and read the full original proposal and all the updates in the thread. Last cycles budget allocation is one that I should have included at the bottom of this proposal though.
Originally we had 50 Dash set aside for the swarm contest but because of the low initial participation I decided to call it off after about a week and a half. I update everyone in the thread and said the extra funds from the swarm contest would go to double testnet tips and the rest would be split between the DashForce members tip funds to be tipped out normally.

Here is the original budget allocation I posted......

Total contest/tip budget this month. ~$650
~$400 for the swarm contest (50 Dash)
~$100 for testnet tips
~$150 other tips

The price has gone up quite a bit so the 50 Dash for the swarm that was worth $400 is now worth around $550. After the swarm contest was pushed back the testnet tips were doubled from $100 to $200 which is worth more now with the price increase also. The “other tips” which is our general tip fund for help-desk support, high value comment on articles, twitter activism, youtube, reddit etc etc etc was increased from $150 to $450 from the swarm contest funds. It's more than $450 now with the price increase.
I personally have about 3 Dash left in my tip fund this month and anything I (and the DashForce team) have left after the end of the budget cycle will be sent to the core team tip fund.

This month's exact budget allocation has not been determined yet but most will go to the testnet contest splawik21 is working on. The testnet contest has not been written up by splawik21 but he has it worked out in his head. With the original one month trial run proposal length it has made it difficult to plan ahead. If this month's proposal passes Splawik21 will write up the testnet contest at that time. The same goes for me and the meetup contest, I have it worked out in my head but have not written it all down yet and won't until the proposal passes. A 3 month proposal period will help tremendously with these issues.
As always there will be a discussion period and we will seek community input on how much each project should be funded within the budget we have.

I hope that answers all your questions but if not let me know and I will do my best to answer any more question you may have.
0 points,7 years ago
*thumbs up*
1 point,7 years ago
The goal of setting up a decentralized swarm is a worthy one, but also one that will require a lot of work to get off the ground. We've found that the Slack is a great place to organize and deploy people to comment, upvote, and downvote things in the necessary places. Through constant emphasis on this, we will be able to build a dedicated group of people who will be able to respond to any need in a reasonable amount of time. We would appreciate your support through the initial phases of getting this off of the ground.
1 point,7 years ago
Ouch, a grinch just hit us with 37 down votes, LOL. Well Merry Christmas to you too buddy ;)
0 points,7 years ago
Unclear specific purpose. If it had been a simple "fund test net" I would have voted yes.
1 point,7 years ago
It's multi purpose. "fund test net" is part of it, funding world wide meetups is another, funding decentralized help desk support across different social media platforms is yet another, community energizer and new member outreach another and the list goes on. We've been very busy as you can see :)
So a simple "fund test net" title would not have done it justice or expressed the full purpose and scope.

It continues to evolve for the better and aims fix areas of the Dash ecosystem that need attention before it becomes a problem.

Here is the original proposal that goes into the general purpose.
Original proposal and discussion thread....
2 points,7 years ago
I have changed my vote to a yes.
Perhaps in the future I would suggest you make a simple list of the things you intend to do. Example:

1. Tip-bot/promotions 80% of budget.
2. Testnet 10% of budget.
3. Misc. 10% of budget.

1. More Dash visibility.
2. Publicly viewable tipping histories.
3. More testnet activity/hosting.

Details details bla bla bla details.
2 points,7 years ago
cool, thanks!

The budget is a bit in flux at this experimental stage. I do try and set budget percentages but if any little thing changes it throws everything off. I tried that last time and had to change it and give updates to all those changes and i don't think most people even read it, LOL.
Wherever the funds are needed is where they go. Any leftovers go back to the core team tip fund at the end of the proposal cycle.
After about a week or two into the budget it becomes more clear and like last time i will give budget percentage allocation updates at that time. Having a 3 month cycle this time will make everything much easier.

The milestones are a great idea and will be added when we have more time to gage results. In the original prop i said it would take a month or 2 to get everything figured out and running smoothly, we are still on schedule in that regard. Right now we are less than 3 weeks in so not much can be gleaned so far. I can tell you that community participation is up though, up in regards to responding to articles, youtube videos, reddit stuff etc etc etc.

Publicly viewable tipping histories are viewable in the public tipping addresses i posted as part of our transparency pledge. If you go on slack you will see 70% of my tips there and most of the rest are on reddit. Almost all of tao's and splawiks are viewable on slack. It's all very publicly viewable.

I hope that answers some of your concerns and thanks for your suggestions.
0 points,7 years ago
Yes, the majority of my tips are in Dash Nation Slack. I was having dummy issues setting up the Reddit TipBot, but I think I have it now and will get into the Reddit tipping swing after the holidays.
1 point,7 years ago
Formating issues, bear with me while i edit it.