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Title:DashForce: February - March
Monthly amount: 205 DASH (16838 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 205 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-02-18 / 2017-05-19 (added on 2017-02-23)
Votes: 883 Yes / 90 No / 20 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description

DashForce: February - March
Updated 3-28-17

DashForce has been in full effect the last month or so with the testnet contest, DashForce meetup contest and several different DashForce_tips contests/tasks. We have sponsored bug bounties for the new website and successfully helped on several other community related task. The last one was the General Bytes Dash CTM thunderclap social media campaign that will reach around 500,000 people. Myself, Mark Mason @niburuhybrid, tao and others have also been heavily engaged in YouTube and Reddit debates/outreach lasting hours and going on for days/weeks. Other members of the DashForce swarm have also helped out tremendously in these debates and have been tipped accordingly but deserve much more.

The Swarm:

The swarm has grown nicely but is more decentralized (185 people joined the channel) than I had original envisioned. We have now moved into a more structured swarm model and I have created a dedicated swarm channel in slack, #dashforce_swarm.  I have also launched a new MVP contest for the top 5 members who go above and beyond in the #dash_force slack channels. The top 3  most active participants will each win a monthly grand prize of $100 and the final two will win $50 each. Details and links on how to participate below.
Smaller tips will still be paid out to continue to build the swarm but only the top 5 will win the $400 monthly prize.

DashForce_Tips Contest Thread: Help Dash to Win Dash

DashForce Meetup Contest:

DashNation slack invite

#dash_force slack channel

Here is a brief list of some of the people and organizations that I tipped and encouraged @tao and @splawkik to tip as well... Dashcentral, Dashninja, Unsung Charity, Eric Sammons for his Great articles, Amanda and the YouTube host who interviewed her, The Dash Mobile crew for continued YouTube mentions and several other youtube stars who mentioned dash positively in their videos. Also, lots of tips have gone to people who helped Dash in various ways on Reddit and in the dash nation slack.

February Budget allocation: 105 Dash + 7.75 Roll over from Jan meetup contest = 112.75 Dash

Bitfinex exchange contest 23
General tip fund 39
Meetup Contest 6
February Swarm contest 4.75+

Spent 72.75+
February Rollover 40 Dash

Projected March Budget allocation: 70 Dash + 40 Rollover = 110 Dash

WOC contest - 10
New Team member Payroll - 6
MVP contest - $400
Meetup Contest - 6+
General Tip Fund – Ongoing
AjM 8000 Dash forum member contest - 0.8
Reddit Tipbot Repair - ?
YouTube Tipbot - ?
Twitter Tipbot - ?

Coming Next Month!!!

New Website
Slack Mod Squad
Support Desk Incentivization Program
New Full Time DashForce Team Members
The Swarm 2.0
Pantas Sifir Math App Contest as DASH awareness program
And much much more!

Once again thank you to all the masternode owners who voted for us and if you have any questions, comments or suggestion please share them below.
For more information please see the Original proposal and discussion thereafter....…-under-new-management.11208/

Here is our public tip addresses posted for transparency. We will not keep an account of where every little tip went but you will see most of them in Slack and Reddit. Any leftover funds will be sent to the Dash core team tip fund at the end of the 3 month proposal cycle....

Mastermined - Xy1wox12sP2JKqf9nBycMjArzsXgRL1nw9
Tao - XuoXzzjSzQXPMa6hQ2i9K1JaRkM5XJVqaJ
Splawik21 – XfDctWtdQGo2AxVSoJyYd7QqzXZrxRMA8r

Reddit tipbot history

My Reddit tipbot history for January

Requested funding is as follows for the February-May budget cycle:
200 Dash Per month
5 Dash reimbursement for the proposal cost
Total: 205 Dash

 More updates to come after the phoenix meetup!

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0 points,10 days ago
How does the meetup contest works? If this is a renewal would be nice to have the link to the previous proposal.
0 points,9 days ago
The link to the meetup contest is listed in the proposal.
The link to the original proposal and all updates since then is also listed in the proposal.
1 point,6 days ago
The proposal needs a brief mission statement and an overall update, both of those are being worked on right now.
0 points,6 days ago
Good to hear! :)

Looking forward to it.
0 points,21 days ago
Formating issues yet again
0 points,21 days ago
Looks fine to me now. I fixed it the first day. You still having issues?
0 points,1 month ago
A quick update: The Dash Force Swarm is going into high gear on Dash Nation Slack! The #dashforce_tips channel has been renamed #dash_force, and the expectations have been simplified. There are now two simple ways to earn tips, and promote Dash and combat people who seek to spread FUD. Looking forward to continued growth of the team.

To see the improvements, go to Dash Nation Slack, and see the #announcements, and the #dash_force channel.

Invite link: http:/
0 points,1 month ago
Edit link:
1 point,1 month ago
The Dash Force has been great. There has been a great deal of involvement already, and our social media presence has improved a great deal. I'm happy that the Dash Force is helping this happen. There is more work to do, however, and we would appreciate your support to continue. We regret that Splawik cannot continue, but Mastermined and myself, along with the volunteers will be able to keep this initiative humming. Thank you, Masternode owners!
0 points,1 month ago
DashForce Reloaded: February - March
0 points,1 month ago
Formating issues yet again, lol. Please bear with me while i try and fix it.
0 points,1 month ago
I don't know / don't remember what this is and the link above seems to be for this page?!