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Title:** DASH in real use - first step of implementing Dash in Finland, Estonia & Latvia
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Payment start/end: 2018-02-17 / 2018-03-18 (added on 2018-02-12)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 167 Yes / 226 No / 43 Abstain
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Proposal description

Dear Dash Community, 

We are pleased to present the proposal of our project to you that aims to plant the seeds which ultimately leads to implementing Dash into our everyday life. We will start by introducing Dash and its opportunities and values to people who are not yet involved with crypto. We expect to grow them as users who sees Dash as a superior solution over Fiat money and are actually interested to take it into an everyday use (instead of seeing it just an investment option and becoming holders). This is a crucial step towards our goal.

Our ultimate goal is to hit the critical mass, which would give us the opportunity to actually start adopting the technology (e.g. offering POS solution on stores, etc.). However, we have to start small - test our ideas, analyse the results and gain trust before applying for BIG projects. We have found a good option for that and it is through participating in 8 motorsport events in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. Why do we consider this as a good option? First of all, we can plant the seeds on three different countries! Secondly, there are 3-4 thousand people each day wondering around, who have actually time and incentive to do the task for giveaway, and also to come by and become familiar with the system, ask questions, and so on.

On these events, we aim to get the attention of people, engage and let them use DASH in real life while providing all support they need as well as we educate them to understand the system and its values. This is going to happen over two-day events (in total 16 long days) which gives us enough time to carefully go through all these steps. We share information, but we also get valuable feedback from them. Please see the infographic below to get bit more details about our plan or have a look at the pre-proposal discussion.

In short, the value of proposed project is the growth of users who consider Dash as an alternative to local currency, sees its value and are open to take it into an use. That is, we are aiming very long term effects which ultimately leads (with the help of new projects) to implementing Dash as a cryptocurrency into our everyday life. Going through this project we get the experience and knowledge how to move forward. We aim to do following projects in the same countries, especially in Estonia which is small and quite tech-savvy - a perfect candidate.

PS! Our current plan is definitely not limited by the caterer service (this is what we can guarantee at this point). We are also looking for other options to use Dash before or during these events, such as for paying participation fees in Dash, or buying other goods or services on site.

Thanks for your attention and feel free to ask any questions! We are more than happy to discuss.

*** Pre-proposal and discussion

** Please click here to see the image if it's not displayed correctly or refresh this page

What is Dash Centre (DC)?
DC is a place in team area where everyone has access and where we will distribute Dash, share information about Dash or cryptocurrencies/blockchain technology in general and answering to all questions. We also help people with creating and using their wallets and making their first payments.

How does the giveaway work?
To participate in the "Dash giveaway", a person will have to take a picture of the Dash Car and share it on his or her Facebook or twitter account by using a tag #dashdrift. Following that, the person sends us their wallet's public address through either Facebook or twitter and we will make the transfer after validating the completion of task. The person can also do everything at the DC and show us a QR code. After transaction, he or she will have the opportunity to use DASH to buy some food and/or beverages from the caterer.  We are planning to give away around one DASH per event, which we could distribute to approximately 60-80 people (depends on the rate).

What's the deal with discount?
Everyone who pays in DASH can also get 20% discount from the caterer. This is a gesture for all DASH users, but also to get extra attention from the people who missed giveaway. Since it's hard to estimate the number of buys, we decided to tie giveaway and discount. In total 1.2 DASH is for giveaway and discount per event.

What happens after proposal gets approved?
We will start with our preparations. First, we make a new thread on Dash forum and post all project related updates over there, but where we also would like to get your feedback about our plans. The first event is on May 4-5, which means about 3-4 weeks earlier we have our social media pages up and have started to do promotion. We hope to have our car ready few weeks before the first event to already make exciting promotion pictures and videos. After each event we also post pictures, videos and we also plan to do statistics (e.g. how much was giveaway, how many wallets was created, how many buys, etc.).

Are we going to build a car for you?
Definitely not. We have the car and we are already modifying/improving it and this part comes from our pocket. We only ask Dash to cover the participation costs as well as everything related to Dash promotion.

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1 point,1 day ago
You have my support
0 points,1 day ago
How do you.make an overly broad statement as "first step of implementing Dash in Finland, Estonia & Latvia"

You do know there is already significant traction in estonia..
-11 points,4 days ago
Maybe we can stretch out the DASH letters really wide so that people can read them when the cars go by. Or maybe we can just flush this $36500 down this shitter now so we don't have to wait until July to waste this money.
3 points,3 days ago
Fake, please ban
4 points,6 days ago
Voted YES
-8 points,4 days ago
I bet you like eating shit. Hot, steamy bowls of shit. Yummmmmy!!!!
8 points,7 days ago
(Re-posting as MNO)

I like this proposal very much, because it makes people actually use Dash as money.
I think this is very important.

Sad to see so much "no" votes. Why are those?
-8 points,7 days ago
because your a fucking pussy
2 points,6 days ago
Still no ability on this site to block cretins like this undash62 guy then?
-7 points,5 days ago
Dash is digital cash not physical cash i feel this is another proposal where we are overpaying for some paint.
0 points,2 days ago
1 point,5 days ago
so dash shouldn't be used outside of digital world? did you hit your head before writing this comment?
5 points,7 days ago
This actually gets people to try some Dash and spend it. I am willing to do the experiment. Good luck!

0 points,7 days ago
Many thanks :)
3 points,7 days ago
I like this proposal very much, because it makes people actually use Dash as money.
I think this is very important.

Sad to see so much "no" votes. Why are those?
-3 points,7 days ago
online marketing is way better. this is such a local ads.
-2 points,8 days ago
I dont see how much benefit will accrue from a logo on a car. Offline events dont do much for digital cash unless it is a conference.. Getting the caterer to use dash at is fine but I am looking for something that delivers longer lasting value. Abstaining for now, leaning no..

Thank you for the proposal nevertheless. I applaud the hard work that went into it..
0 points,8 days ago
Thanks for your opinion. I'd say a cogwheel may also seem useless on its own, but the importance becomes apparent when it's connected to the system. That's what we are proposing - a system, not cogwheels separately. Long lasting value is the main aim of this proposal, please see my reply to AnCapitol (although we might have a different vision).

I believe we have to start from the ground level and introduce Dash to people who are not yet involved with cryptocurrencies and show them what they are really about. By engaging more and more people on right grounds, we can start offering POS solutions on stores, etc., that will be used and which ultimately leads to everyday use of Dash, if done correctly. Once we have achieved that, it stays!

We really should aim that and plant the technology, not overload people with advertisements and get them in because they have an impression of getting rich or even have no idea what they are doing. A quick rise in a market cap may be good for holders, but that could be just a short term, because if we are continuing walking the same path then it's just causing a bubble, which is going to burst at some point. Then all users are going to have a baaad time (especially the holders) and afterwards it's even harder to get people into using cryptos. Also, people who get into Dash because of that realise at some point that there are coins with higher ROI and ditch Dash without even blinking an eye...
-2 points,8 days ago
I also echo the opinion of my fellow MNO that this is low on priority list and will consider it close to the last voting day for now ill Abstain.
1 point,8 days ago
hahahahaha. you really are totally jobless... How much can one person troll..
0 points,9 days ago
Hi andreash,

thank you for your proposal.

It's kind of the same with your and Chael_MMAs proposal. It's cool and all, but I want to see either direct online marketing or more business onboarding.
I will abstain for now and change my vote if there is enough budget left on the last voting day.

Best Regards and good luck from Germany

3 points,9 days ago
Thanks AnCapitol!

I think there are heaps of online marketing proposals here already and we took another approach on purpose, which in my opinion has more value in. I mean, the question is that what's our main goal? Do we want to increase the number of people who just bought some Dash because they spotted an ad online, but they really don't have a clue what to do with it or how could they even use it... and they end up holding it in a hope they will become rich or sell it at some point.

Or do we actually want to make the big leap and take cryptocurrencies into everyday use in the future? The latter one is my goal and I'm afraid we can't achieve it overnight and through plain advertisement. It takes time and people should actually try it, be engaged, interested in and educated in order to see the purpose of using that (especially if it's not an easy "thing" to understand). When they do, then they also spread the word to their friends, family, etc. so it may have a snowball effect. We have already seen that effect, but the message that still spreads is more like "buy cryptos and you will get rich" style. That's not what cryptos should be or look like and that view has to be changed.

Our project aims to tackle this issue and it's relatively small. I am especially interested in collecting data over all these events, such as how many new users do we get via giveaway, how many of them are going to hold it or spend it, how many are going to buy more Dash from elsewhere, etc. This could be done by tracking blockchain and that gives us important knowledge and hopefully a reason to plan a similar project on a big scale.

0 points,9 days ago
Can we get Ott Tanak aboard?! :P
0 points,9 days ago
Hehee...well, we should start on a small how about we knock on his door right after we have successfully delivered this project? :P
0 points,10 days ago
Greetings Estonians! Wish you big success :)
0 points,10 days ago
Thanks! We appreciate that! :) Cheers!