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You can read the pre-proposal and discussion HERE!

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Thank you :-)
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Thanks for your proposal! You have my support --
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Thank you :-)
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Voted yes, thank you for making that proposal summary video.
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Thank you :-) Glad you liked the video
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very good! good luck!
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Thank you :-)
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Voted! Good luck!
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Thank you :-)
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Please stay tuned to CATV for a video about this proposal and how Dash can help the people of Venezuela. It will be released next week.
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Description and Goal Statement:

Cryptocurrencies in general and Dash in particular are not widely known, nevertheless used in Venezuela, even though people in this country would for sure benefit from this, given the exchange control, the hyperinflation of its currency (VEF), and the high number of citizens who have migrated to other countries and wish to send money or buy goods and services for their families and friends still living in Venezuela.

So, we have envisioned to hold this first of 12 monthly conferences about Dash and other cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs in Caracas - Venezuela, that aims to increase cryptocurrency and Dash awareness and use by Venezuelans residing both in and out of the country.

Finally, these events will serve to generate content to be posted on the Internet, in the form of videos, articles and podcast, that will increase good quality information availability about Dash both in Spanish and English.


24 Dash

Project Team:
Eugenia Alcala Sucre - Project management, workshops leadership - Telephone: +58 424 840 7568 - E-mail: - Instagram: @algo_don_franelas - Facebook: Eugenia Alcalá Sucre
Francisco Javier González: Operative assistant - Telephone: +58 424 841 3922 - E-mail: - Instagram: @entornocorporal

Dash community
Exchanges accepting Dash / VEF (like Cryptobuyer)
Venezuelans entrepreneurs and consumers

Project Purpose / Business Justification

Why Venezuela?

Since 2003 there has been a tight exchange control in Venezuela, which, coupled with the hyperinflation of our currency, has resulted in a decline in our purchasing power and a weakening of our economy.

However, we are known for our entrepreneurial spirit. In November 2016, the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI) launched its Global Entrepreneurship Index for 2017, which showed that despite the economy, the individual entrepreneurial initiative has managed to stay up in our country.

This is why there has risen a series of new business models for Venezuelans, supported by the Internet, that allow us to charge in other currencies for our products and services.
Besides, since almost two million people have left our country but still have family and friends here, there is the necessity of sending money or buy goods and services from outside our borders to be consumed by people still living in Venezuela. But it is still not that easy, operatively talking, because of banking restrictions.

All this represents an opportunity for cryptocurrencies in general and Dash (specially Dash Evolution) in particular, to become widely used by Venezuelans residing both in and out of the country.

Key Deliverables

This will be the first of 12 monthly conferences about Dash and other cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs that would be held in Caracas - Venezuela.

The participation for these entrepreneurs would be free of charge, and they may opt for prizes on Dash. But they should postulate themselves and be chosen according to the information given in their postulation, or get a personalized invitation for the event.

Besides, their level of understanding of every subject would be measured by a pre-test / post-test in Google Forms, so we can know how much they learned during the event.

Each of the 12 events would have:
Pre-test (5 minutes).
A keynote presentation on a specific subject (45 minutes).
A coffee break and networking time (20 minutes).
A workshop intended to agree on lines of action (individual and collective) for the entrepreneurs. This is the time when we can implement the giveaways (45 minutes).
Post-test (5 minutes).

Additionally, the entire event would be recorded on video, and from it, this content would be generated:
A maximum 30 minutes edited video to be posted on an exclusive YouTube channel.
Subtitles in English for this YouTube video.
A maximum 30 minutes podcast in Spanish to be posted on iVoox.
An article in Spanish to be posted on various blogs.
The same article translated into English.
Hilo en español:


Each conference addresses up to 80 Spanish Speaking entrepreneurs, who either live or come to Caracas - Venezuela for the event. The actions taken for theses entrepreneurs towards implementing or not Dash in their business or personal activities is not included in the scope, although they will be encouraged to do so.

Also, from each event we will generate content to be published on the Internet, that will be available for people all over the world searching for information about Dash and other cryptocurrencies, both in Spanish and English.

Project Milestones and Schedule

The first conference would be held in:
September 2017: Digital money: What is blockchain technology and what are cryptocurrencies
(the exact date will depend on conference hall availability).
So, we should start our planning and marketing campaign in July 2017.

Here are the other 11 conferences and the month in which each would be held (to be submitted in future proposals):
October 2017: What is Dash - Digital Cash and what is Dash Evolution - Fernando Gutiérrez @fernando
November 2017: How to submit a proposal for Dash Treasury Funds - JZA @JZA
December 2017: Wallets for Dash and other cryptocurrencies
January 2018: How to earn Dash and other cryptocurrencies
February 2018: How to buy and sell Dash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela
March 2018: Legal status of Dash and other cryptocurrencies buying and selling in Venezuela
April 2018: How to accept payments in Dash and other cryptocurrencies
May 2018: What is cryptocurrency mining
June 2018: Legal status of Dash and other cryptocurrencies mining in Venezuela
July 2018: How to participate on Dash Masternodes
August 2018: How to avoid Crypto-Scams

Success Criteria

Entrepreneurs assist and participate in the conference (to be verified by photographs, videos and the attendance form).

There are views, likes and comments in the YouTube videos, the iVoox podcasts and the blog articles.

Major Known Risks
Low attendance at the events - Risk: Low
Volatility of Dash and VEF makes the budget not enough for covering costs - Risk: Low


None at this moment.

External Dependencies

We want to invite the national entrepreneurial ecosystem through :
Impact Hub Caracas (
Concurso Ideas (
Wayra (

This would increase our chance to target the right people for these conferences.

Communication Strategy

Project team will communicate on a daily basis and have at least two meetings per week.

The project manager will post a status report in Dash Forum every month, with the evaluation of each event.

Reviews Planned

We will review our work monthly, before submitting the next proposal
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Pre-proposal and on going discussion here: