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Title:DASH at Anarcapulco - Presentation by Juan S. Galt
One-time payment: 140 DASH (3388 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-02-06 / 2016-03-22 (added on 2016-02-03)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 1552 Yes / 49 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

Hello! Everyone. 

This is a proposal to fund the purchase of a low tier sponsorship Package at Anarchapulco to deliver a speech about DASH, its potential, technology and investment opportunities to 500+  Anarcho Capitalists, entrepreneurs and cyberpunks. The presentation would be filmed and published without ads or paywalls at under a creative commons license.  

I'm Juan S. Galt, I Interviewed Evan Duffield this December at Labitconf 2015, and have been researching Blockchain tech for over two years. 

Anarchapulco 2016 is almost here, and its is a very unique conference, bringing together a community that I really believe has a lot in common with DASH's community and Ethos.

To give you a taste why this conference matters. Here's the TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit's speakers list.

The conference events include:

- Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 
- TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit
- An Ayahuasca Ceremony! 
- Change Media Boot Camp.
- The 4th rational physics conference

So I hope you can get a sense of the audience you would be reaching with this speech. 

The budget proposal is as follows.

400 USD to be paid to Anarchapulco for the special Sponsorship package. 

150 USD to be paid to me, Juan S. Galt for preparing and delivering the presentation and speech. 

20 USD to cover costs of funding this submission proposal.

10 USD to help fund the printing of pamphlets and business cards or other marketing materials. 

I'll cover extra costs where they arise. 

The conference is during the 18th to 21st. And I will get 20 to 30 minutes to speak. 

We will have to pay up front, so this needs to pass before the current budget cycle ends. 

Let me know what you think! 

Best regards.

Juan S. Galt

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0 points,8 years ago
Voted yes, have fun at Anarchapulco
5 points,8 years ago
Hi Juan, good to see you active. There seems to be only 57 DASH currently available this month given all the proposals that are active. So I just wanted to say that we support this proposal regardless of the budget limitation this month that may prevent it from being paid. So we will fund this no matter how it goes. Cheers.
3 points,8 years ago
Low-level, grassroots stuff like this are my favorite types of proposals! Voted yes.
6 points,8 years ago
You have my votes. Good luck Juan.
3 points,8 years ago
Totally. You would represent Dash well.
3 points,8 years ago
Nice Juan, glad you are here!
1 point,8 years ago
Good luck! This should be a cool event.
0 points,8 years ago
This is exactly the kind of project we need right now. I hope more people submit proposals today for smaller project to gill up this months budget. #democracy