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Title:Dash World - Private & Secure Communications with DASH as Payment Processor
Monthly amount: 321 DASH (8923 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (4 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2016-08-05 / 2016-12-19 (added on 2016-07-18)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 83 Yes / 426 No / 0 Abstain
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Proposal description

A small update:
-- request for an investment into 100 MNs, now over $900K, went to the Monte Carlo wealth management firm on July 21st;
-- should they invest such a substantial sum at once, our ask is for 50% of their MNs income to fund the development of this project;
-- DGBB support would strengthen the ask and enable us to work as we wait for their (and many others that will get acquainted with DASH through our efforts) for their reply.

: the Dash Forum thread where you can discuss the proposal is @ in a case something goes wrong with the formatting here.

Dear Masternode owners and the community members:

Dash World's crown achievement, d10e event in San Francisco where Evan Duffield has a featured speaking spot, Daniel Diaz participates in
panels, Perry Woodin speaks and Oaxaca uses the soda machine to demonstrate InstantSend (a.k.a. InstantX), does not lull us into a self-complacent stupor, on the contrary.

We ask for the support -- 320.9325 DASH a month, for four (4) months -- as we try to develop relationship with the "big money" to help us start resolving the proverbial problem: who uses DASH (adoption) via the "micro-economy of DASH" whose time has come. We came up with an idea that would simultaneously promote Masternodes Network as an Investment Opportunity in Financial Technology and a new product that would bring DASH in front of dozen if not hundreds (of new) investors and millions of potential users as the result. 


Private & Secure Communications Application with DASH as Payment Processor

There is a critical need for a secure messaging and money transaction platform. More than 8 in 10users are “very or quite interested” in in-app money transfer features. We will integrate the fastest growing messaging service, Telegram, with the advanced,second-generation crypto-currency, Dash, in order to meet that need.

The perfect combination of a messaging app with a focus on speed and security and a privacy-centric digital cash (Dash) creates Tele-X™, a native stand-alone app that conducts secure, instant, and anonymous money transactions.



Note that we have one known competitor at this time—Telebit, a simple bitcoin wallet that works with Telegram but suffers from all of the ills Bitcoin represents:
  • the blockchain bloat (transactions take forever, sometimes over an hour)
  • alack of specialized services
  • an inherent lack of Bitcoin privacy.

Tele-X™: Purpose& Benefits

Mass adoption of crypto-currencies is still a problem to solve, even for a seven-year-old Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: Technical Background and DataAnalysis (published as part of the Finance and Economics Discussion Series,Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.) suggests that less than 50% of all bitcoins in
circulation are used in transactions. With Dash that number is even smaller. Tele-X™aims at solving this problem by bringing Dash, the digital cash, to users via Telegram and Dash Electrum integration.

We seek to be the dominant payment processor for Private and Secure Communications Services.The potential to use, adopt, fork, and sell such a product is big. We will also create a turnkey specialized solution(desktop and mobile application) for:

  • therapists and psychiatrists
  • addiction counselors
  • human rights activists
  • journalists
  • lawyers
  • entertainers
  • and many more specialized services in addition to members of the general public wanting an in-app money transfer feature.
Project Status:

  ~ Working on TechPlan
  ~ Improving VIM setup
  ~ Studying Git and using git daily to write this plan
  ~ Studying Travis-ci   ~ Approaching investors for the Masternodes Network as an Investment Opportunity in Financial Technology
  ~ Approaching journalists and human rights activist that would benefit by using such an application.IMMEDIATE TO DO:
  ~ Study Markup
  ~ Convert TechPlan to Markup

LONG TERM GOAL is to have integrated Tele-DASH apps for the desktop, android, OSX, IOS.

We see this as a win-win approach. We already have all the material 99% done (some design and textual tweaks need to be done in matter of days)  and three "test groups":

  • Monte Carlo based wealth management firm;
  • Berlin based crypto investments venture capital firm;
  • Rio de Janeiro based private group of investors are waiting for it.
We are offering those investors an opportunity to re-invest a portion of their profits from a bundle of 100 masternodes into Tele-X™ development  for a minority stake in Tele-X™. If they do not fund Tele-X™ they might invest into masternodes.

DGBB Investment Purpose & Budget Breakdown

The goals of micro-economy of Dash and this particular proposal are the same:

  1. as we are bringing the real money to the eco-system to get serious investment for all sorts of developments (real salaries for developers are urgently needed);
  2. we are bringing DASH to general public and niche users alike.
"Targeted investors" were so far very impressed with the fact the DGBB has been funding the Dash World. All the material for them has been paid for from the Dash World budget. It would be crucial to show a DGBB support for this proposal. However, we can not expect someone forking out close to a million dollars in matter of days so the development should not wait as they are making decisions. And we need to reach out toward dozens and  hundreds of new people, thusly spreading the word of Dash in the most efficient way.

We plan to use the monies sought as follows (note these numbers are totals, we will spread the need over four months):

(at DASH/USD $8.10) for $1,875.00 logo and website design (home and internal pages).
We’ll be getting:
-- 2-3 initial designs of a home page only to determine the over all look and feel of a website
-- Roughly 3 rounds of changes to complete one design 
-- Images usually included within the price unless excessive or expensive
-- 3-5 initial designs 
-- Roughly 3 rounds of changes to complete one design.
-- Final files as layered psd as well as flat jpeg and for the logo:

169.75 DASH
(at DASH/USD $8.10) for $1,375.00for the actual application design (desktop and mobile versions).
We’ll be also getting:
-- 2-3 initial designs of a home page only to determine the over all look and feel of a website
-- Roughly 3 rounds of changes to complete one design 
-- Images usually included within the price unless excessive or expensive
-- 3-5 initial designs 
-- Roughly 3 rounds of changes to complete one design.
-- Final files as layered psd as well as flat jpeg and for the logo:

560.00 DASH
for the Team (35 DASH per one, for four main people, over the four months) as a token of appreciation as we seek the investment

322.50 DASH for the promotional activities as printing the palpable material (4-pages brochure, 26 pages proposal, 10 pages supplemental material) or snail-mailing it. Do not roll your eyes please, an investor banker friend from NYC told me NOT to email; a tangible, good looking material  has more "weight" and is more difficult to throw in the garbage.

This represents a total need for 1,283.73 DASH or 320.9325 DASH per month for four (4) months.

The Tele-X™Development Team

Dr.Robert La Quey, Ph.D,
while at Rice University,with Dr. David Reasoner, designed core instrument electronics for the NASA Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (deployed on the Moon by Apollo 14, 15 & 16). From 1969 to 1973 Dr. LaQuey was a research physicist at UCSD, developing spacecraft instrumentation for NASA.

During the late 70’s Dr. LaQuey helped to found International Remote Imaging Systems, Inc. IRIS went public (NASDAQ:IRIS) in the early 80’s and reached a market capitalization of over $300 million before going private. Dr. La Quey is also a Python programmer who actsas the grand sage overseeing the Tele-X™ development.**

Dash CoreDeveloper, going only under his avatarMooCowMoo, (NOTE: Moo did NOT yet fully agree to be a part of this project, even though we are in touch with him; that's most likely because we did not provide him with a clear path forward yet) has two decades of experience developing back-end software and custom toolchains for automating development, testing, and deployment. He built the first automated masternode service, and is the author of dashman,a masternode management utility, and dashvend,a point-of-sale software leveraging InstantX (later renamed to InstantSend).

Sasha Dundovic,application security advisor, is an IT Security Professional who started his IT career during the early days ofhome computers and the dawn of the Internet. He is an expert in networking and data protection, currently involved in IT security compliance projects in New York, with a focus on vulnerability assessments.

Sasha will be providing vigorous scrutiny of Tele-X™security issues. Once the application development advances it will undergo crosscheck security audits from outside firms and/or security specialists who will approve the app through consensus.

(NOTE: Sasha will not be paid as he's going to act in an advisory role as a friend, as  long as we do not have real investment secured. He urges me to seek the  aforementioned consensus with the utmost seriousness.)

Nathan Marley has a 15year career as a software developer for both the private and public sector, including 2 years in Information Security for the world's largest retailer. He has extensive experience with backend development, system administration and security and access control. (NOTE:Nathan did NOT yet fully agree to be a part of this project, even though we are in touch with him; that's most likely because we did not provide him with a clear path forward yet)

He is an active participant in the Dash community, a volunteer Dash developer, and the creator of the DashPayments for WooCommerce plugin, which enables WordPress merchants to accept Dash.

Roman Latkovic is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert, who as GreyGhost works closely with Dash :) and has conceived this and many other ideas.

Several years ago he and Dr. La Quey conducted a Case Study, TWITTER: THE DARK SIDE: Does Twitter’s EnableMassive Click Fraud? In the study, they created 1,677,769 fake clicks toone single Bitly link without being detected, thus proving the Bitly/Twitter security vulnerabilities.

** A note on Dr. La Quay's role because he would not act as the lead developer, so one of our tasks would be to find one.Bob's role is having a number of  components:
          ~ Talent scout and recruiter
          ~ Planner
          ~ Coach
          ~ Code reviewer, reading and providing  constructive criticism of everybody's code
          ~ Prototyper (1)
          ~ Tool Builder (2)

(1) He has spent most of his life prototyping things. Prototype are to Products what Sketches are to finished Art.
(2) Modern programming  uses a complex and growing set of tools to amplify the developers efforts:            
     ~ a suite of languages (C, C++, Python, JQuery, etc.), 
           ~ frameworks(Django, Flask, bottle),  
           ~ powerful editors (vim, emacs, 
           ~ integrated development environments (IDLE, Eclipse ...), 
           ~ git, github, gitLab
           ~ build systems for continuous integration(Jenkins, Travis CI ...)
           ~ Distribution containers (Heroku,  Docker, ... )

Dr. BobLQ wrote a little planning  tool will be polished enough soon and he will push it up as open source to github and start soliciting
contributors and users. We can use it for recruiting. In fact he would want to do this with all of the tools we build. Good tools attract good

Final Thoughts

A managed bundle of100 Dash masternodes holds 100,000 Dash collateral. Atan exchange rate of $8.10 on July 18, 2016 the bundle is valued at $810,000. We further propose that the investment revenues be allocated as follows: 50% to the investor and 50% to a Tele-X™ development of a
series of apps described in the proposal that goes to the investors.

This is the model any other developer of applications, services and products can use in the future.

While we're all happy that the masternode numbers are at the ATH, we can't build a self-sustainable Eco-system that serves as a perpetuum mobile, "only" producing income while DASH, as the monetary unit of the future and the payment processor is not utilized.

The Dash Evolution2nd Tier opens the door to very interesting strategies—such as smart contracts—and all sorts of different ways to decentralize how we conduct business in a peer-to-peer economy. We hope to help create something akin to a decentralized, dis-intermediated Airbnb or Uber—imagine the app without the company—or (perhaps a better comparison) a pure, decentralized, P2P, dis-intermediated
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube (social network and ad exchange).

Tele-X™, financed by a portion of the masternodes’reward, is one giant leap toward mass adoption.

We therefore kindly ask for your support.


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0 points,7 years ago
Thanks for the comments guys. Briefly:

@charybdis -- "Telegram’s special secret chats use end-to-end encryption, leave no trace on our servers, support self-destructing messages and don’t allow forwarding."

@DashRedWhale -- your points, to be properly addressed, require some deep thinking and serious analysis of the overall place where DASH is ATM and where it might go. I am not 100% certain this is the right moment or place for such a discussion I'd rather keep focused on the merits of this proposal alone.

As far as how to approach serious money, there are gazillion funds all over the world and we're all free to present Dash / ideas / projects in the way we think is the best for Dash's evolution. (pun intended)

At this moment in time, despite the current standing of this proposal as "controversial in terms of the community's support and understanding," I truly believe it has merit.
0 points,7 years ago
Excellent. I admire your conviction.
0 points,7 years ago
You're doing a lot of good for Dash in terms of pitching to big money investment. Dash already has the 'killer ap' of digital currency value exchange with instant send and private send. I don't understand enough about the technical and security aspects of the proposed integration with Telegram. In any event, isn't it preferable to approach these fiat whales with the benefits of the USPs that we already have in our possession rather than mixing it all up with a vague promise of some project which seems controversial in terms of the community's support and understanding?
0 points,7 years ago
I meant to add : For now my vote is no, but I am still very much listening to your ideas. Thank you.
0 points,7 years ago
Telegram isn't really secure and uses its own baked security protocol that isn't anonymous. Furthermore all chats are saved in the cloud by default and secret chats are not supported for groups or many desktop devices.
0 points,7 years ago
Two different communication channels. Telegram sends messages. DASH sends its transaction messages through its own communications via Masternodes.
0 points,7 years ago
Maybe I missed this in the descrip -- but is PrivateSend somehow integrated into the Telegram app? If not, how is anonymity ensured?

And what's with all the trademarks? Gross.
3 points,7 years ago
I would feel better about this if Telegram had gone open source by now, or if Telegram chats were end-to-end encrypted by default, or if Telegram hadn't designed their own crypto algorithm. I would rather see integration with the open source project Cryptocat .
0 points,7 years ago
I still voted yes though.
1 point,7 years ago
"We will integrate the fastest growing messaging service, Telegram, with the advanced,second-generation crypto-currency, Dash ..."
is there anything more than this sentence .. eg. a requirements list or feature description or architectural diagram? What can I do on Telegram with Dash?
0 points,7 years ago
In a nutshell, what we propose is a native stand-alone app that conducts secure, instant, and anonymous money transactions application.

It also, as specialized platform, produces niche products (applications) that connects professional services with users who need services to be conducted privately and would like to pay anonymously (e.g., lawyers, human rights organizations, journalists, entertainers, therapists, psychiatrists, and many more).

So, think of an interface in which you interact with your therapist, via video, voice, text or e-mail, whatever is your choice, and pay for the session anonymously, using Dash.