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Title:Dash Merchant Venezuela - Stage 2 (Scale up to 3000 merchants + Incentivizing the consumption)
Monthly amount: 210 DASH (5626 USD)
Completed payments: 4 totaling in 840 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2019-01-14 (added on 2018-09-07)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 0 Yes / 0 No / 0 Abstain

Proposal description

Dear Dash Community, we are so pleased to introduce you our next proposal for Dash Merchant Venezuela, the most succesfull merchant adoption project for Dash in the World. It is important to mention that more than 80% of all merchants in Venezuela have been affiliated by our team. Remember each one of our projects consists of a specialized team focus on getting the most effective results in their area.
- Total merchants affiliated to date (Sept 9th, 2018): 1452 (including Subway, Papa John's, Remax and local franchises)
- Dec 7th, 2018. Supporting customers with their Kriptomobile phones. Last Saturday we were in the City Market mall supporting customers with their first Krip phone, get their Dash and ready to spend.

- Dec 5th, 2018. Cafe "Mi Cosa" tells us about their daily transactions in DASH. This kiosk is one of the most active merchants we have in Caracas. In this video Alfredo tells us (and shows us) how many tx he is receiving per day in Dash.

- Nov 23th,2018.
You can check dozens of videos of actual Venezuelan users paying products and services with Dash, real adoption on action. Playlist here:

-Nov 14th, 2018. Integration of Dash Text in our POS system. This will enable anyone to pay in any merchant by just typing a single command. One of the most incredible feature of Dash Text!!

- Nov 12, 2018. This is happening on Youtube, we are inviting regular users to post their own videos paying with Dash in Venezuela. You can check the hashtag #VenezuelaPayswithDash for more videos!! Venezuela is actually becoming a Dash Nation, one day at a time.

This is a video where we show a summary of our work during the last 3 months.


Thanks to our work, Dash and Venezuela have been in the center of the crypto media/news sites. Recognized companies like Coindesk,, BusinessInsider, Cointelegrapho Cryptovest, have covered our story and always mentioning the great "merchant adoption" in Venezuela.
Articles are following:


Besides, Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group has stated that "Venezuela is the 2nd biggest market of Dash"

As we have stated in the past, have built a strategy for massive adoption of Dash in Venezuela. It consists of 3 stages that must be followed to increase the probability of success. The stages are following:

a- Merchant adoption: We must have the merchants first in order to people can be able to spend their Dash. Merchants is the first step and this is what this proposal is about, affiliating the most merchants we can.
b- Get Dash into people hands: Once we have the merchants now is time to fill the economy with Dash, in that way people will have Dash and they will also have options to spend it (merchants affiliated in Stage 1). The best ways to bring Dash into the economy is throught Remittances, Freelancing and Mining. We are working in a remittances project for this.
c- Incentivizing the consumption: At the same time we affiliate merchants and we bring Dash into Venezuela, we have to give people good reasons to spend that Dash rather than exchange it to Bolivares. We can achieve this using discounts, special promotions, Dash Back, loyalty programs.





Thanks so much for reading our proposal, we hope you support us!

Contact info:
Number: +58-212-720-1256

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Dash Watch November 26th 2018 Report on
Dash Merchant Venezuela by alejandroe
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Thank you!
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Dash Watch October 25th 2018 Report on
Dash Merchant Venezuela by alejandroe
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Thanks a lot!
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yes from me.
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Thank you very much!
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Yes vote here but I'd like to ask some questions:

1. Is this proposal strictly funding stage 01 - Merchant adoption or will the funds also be used for stage 02 or 03?

a)Can you provide the plan for on-boarding merchants? I can clearly see that a lot of merchants are already integrated (PapaJ, Subway etc.). The plan seems to be working but I don't see any information about it in the proposal.
b) How do you negotiate with these merchants? What kind of agreements are made? Can the merchants simply choose to opt-out for any reason at any time? Are they integrating for a specific time (eg. 1 year, 2 years) ?
c) Is support provided by your team when the merchants encounter problems ? I guess you most likely provide the training as well to the employees of these merchants on how to accept and deal with Dash transactions, correct?
d) Can the merchants provide some basic data on their Dash transactions? That would help your proposal establish some metrics on the impact you are having in Venezuela.

3. a) About the POS solution that merchants are currently using. Is it a simple Dash wallet on a phone/tablet, a solution that you have developed or using a solution being build by another team (Anypay, Spark etc)?
b) Are there any fees that merchants need to pay for using the POS solution? If yes, who collects those fees?
2 points,5 years ago
Hello @ichigo13, thanks so much for your vote! Regarding your questions

1- This proposal is funding: Merchant adoption (get to 3000 merchants) and part of the "Incentivize the consumption" program. The stage called "Get Dash into people hands" is part of our remittances project which we want to start very soon (Link to the remittances pre proposal here:

a) Plan for on-boarding merchants: currently we have a team of 12 sales agents (we plan to doble that number in October). They approach to merchants and pitch them: what is Dash, what benefits could bring Dash to the business, why Dash is the best option (crypto) to take as payment method, and then once the merchant is convinced we teach them: how to dowload the Dash wallet, How to accept Dash, How to use the POS, How to buy/sell Dash with Bolivares, legal aspects, etc. Then once they have all the information we give them the "Dash accepted here" sticker and we affiliate them on We also give them the contact info of Dash Help in case they have any kind of questions/issues. Later on, our QC (quality control) team call/visit them and see if everything is ok and make any adjustment they may need.

b) We don't have any negotiation with the merchants. We teach them how to accept Dash and the idea is that our QC team ensures that they have a long term relationship with us (Dash and Dash Merchant).

c) Yes, support is provided by: sales agent team, QC team and also they can ask for help to Dash Help. And yes, the employees are also trained.

d) Trought the POS there are around 20-40 tx per day. We project that out the system there are other 30-40 tx per day. With the "Incentivize the consumption" program that we will start next month the number of tx should increase a lot.

a) Yes, it is a web solution that anyone can open from their cellphone, tablet, pc, etc. It is being developed by QR.CR and we have provided a lot of feedback to that development.

b) Currently there are no fees charged in the POS, maybe in the future and in that way we could be self-sustainable but that will take some more time.

I hope I've answered all your questions. Let me know if you need something else.

Thanks again!

1 point,5 years ago
Clear answers. Thank you.
9 points,5 years ago
Alejandro, Lorenzo and team are doing a phenomenal job in Venezuela. I admire the teams work ethic and dedication to Dash. I'm in frequent contact with team. Alejandro and Lorenzo have also been extremely helpful with regard to PR media relation efforts. Every time an external journalist has expressed an interest in Venezuela and requested quotes or further information about merchants or Dash adoption the Dash Merchant Venezuela team has gone out of their way to deliver including offering translation services and video interviews for Western media. I know if I need to verify information or need a quick statement, they always do their best to deliver. It's a big yes from me.
1 point,5 years ago
Hey Mark, thanks so much for your words and support! We will always be happy to help in anything we can, we need to spread the word of what we are achieving here.

Thanks again!.

8 points,5 years ago
People in the crypto space who don't normally follow Dash are starting to take notice.

Lets keep pushing forward. We have all the momentum here. This is how adoption happens.
2 points,5 years ago
Thanks for your support! We will continue working for adoption, this is real usage of Dash.
2 points,5 years ago
The price is quite high. 900 stickers for $2500- that is about $3 per sticker.

$500 sallary isn't high for US standards but for Venezuela it is like a four year of work?

You can easily cut down the amount you demand by 50% if you wanted to.

Still voting YES for NOW, but will have an eye on you and your results. If you overachieve I will support your further proposals.
6 points,5 years ago
Hello @mcpancake, thanks for your votes and support. Regarding to your questions and comments, I will take the opportunity to explain you the situation about the costs here in Venezuela:

1- Some months ago, Venezuela entered in a cicle of hyperinflation, the prices for products and services increase by the day. This also caused that the prices also increased in $ (for example: 1 month ago a standard meal was 0.8$ and today is around 1.8-2.5$)
2- Right now the minimun wage in Venezuela is around 18$ (before a presidential decree, it was around 2$ per month). But this doesn't mean that with 18$ people can live "normally".
3- In order to live a "normal" life in Venezuela, you must way more than 18$ per month.

I assume you say 4 year work because you're thinking people actually live with the minimum wage here, but that is false, nobody can survive with minimum wage, it is an illusion, everybody either gets more money working independently or receives remittances from their family abroad, or simply starve.

500$ is a good salary for an executive and allows him/her to live a decent life with basic things like food, health and education covered. But they still won't be able to save much money or buy properties or cars.

Unfortunately, only a few people here can earn enough money to live a normal life. And that is why there are hundreds of thounsands of Venezuela leaving the country. We want to pay our employees a good salary so they can stick with us and they can live a normal life.

For ths topic you can read a post from the MNO DeepBlue in the Dash Forum, the link is this one:

In our 1st proposal we ask around 20k per month, right now we want to double the size of the team (because we want to scale up the results) and we will be giving more incentives for achieving results. So we can't easily cut down the amount by 50%.

The amount we are asking is for scaling up the strategy that we already proved. Besides, there is no place in the world where you can hire and maintain a whole team of 35 highly profesional people with just 17,590$.

Regarding our results, I promise you we will overdeliver. In our last proposal I think we overachieved what we promised despite all the circumstances (the Dash price dropped by 65%).

Thanks again for your votes! We hope you keep supporting us!

2 points,5 years ago
@mrpancake thanks for asking the hard question(s).
It's seem to be ungrateful thing to do, seeing some MNO unable to understand that tough questions need to be asked
I hope you understand, these types of questions are not meant to be mean or anything, but there are great many things we don't know about Venezuela.

I also understand that you and the team members I know of are professionals and deserved to be paid as such.
If all goes well, than one day in the future, I would vote for big Christmas bonuses or something like that for all does like yourself that deserve it, assuming of course that the budget will grow again to a point that we can afford.
3 points,5 years ago
Hello @A_node_to_a_Master. I agree with you, this type of questions are key to make people understand the projects, teams, situations, contexts, etc. I appreciate all of them because in that way we can create more confidence in you (MNO's) and the community in general.

I love that Christmas bonus idea! Looking forward to do something like that.

Thanks a lot.

6 points,5 years ago
I see this as *the most* influential work we can be funding. The strategy is working. We have a real shot at unprecedented market saturation. I am eager to see what AlejandroE and team can accomplish with an expanded budget. By my calculation 3000 merchants represents a tipping point.
3 points,5 years ago
Thanks so much Red. And yes, our strategy is working, now is moment to scale up.
-3 points,5 years ago
> 80% of all merchants in Venezuela have been affiliated by our team.

Do you actually mean all merchants in Venezuela? So just 20% to go and you are done with the entire country?
Or do you mean Dash accepting merchants? Or something else?
6 points,5 years ago
There is only one logical way to interpret that statement and that is that out of all the Dash accepting merchants in Venezuela, 80% were onboarded by AlejandroE's team
4 points,5 years ago
Hello @masternube, as @Ancestor said, it is 80% of all the Dash accepting merchants in Venezuela have been affiliated by us.