Title:Dash Merchant Venezuela - Massive Adoption Program (2000 merchants in 3 months)
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Proposal description
If Dash price keeps around $450-$470 we will be able to run this program not for 3 but for 5 months and we will increase our goal to 2700-3000 merchants.
We have been doing some tests of our sales strategy in order to make improvements. We have had a very positive reaction from merchants and we already affiliate a few ones (below are some pics or either here: Kiosk Lady, Millenium Car Wash and Car Dealer, Los Costilla - Sanducheria). A very good new is that the Lady from kiosk we affiliated, was selected by DashBoost to be the beneficiary of their 1st proposal, here is the link of the Dash Boost proposal: Dash Boost Proposal "Venezuelan Kiosk Lady"


This proposal is cross-posted at the Dash Forum here: Dash Merchant Pre-Proposal

Andrade92AlejandroE (Dash Help Venezuela) and Eugenia Alcalá (Dash Venezuela)
Hello Dash Community! We are excited to introduce you the proposal for a Massive Adoption Program for Merchants.

Important links:
Pre-Proposal document:
Survey results:


We will visit 2000 merchants in the next 3 months in Caracas, in order to convert at least 600 into Dash accepting businesses.

In Venezuela there have been important efforts from successful initiatives to promote the Dash adoption, such as Dash Caracas, making more than 2000 new users download their wallets and “getfreedash” with its effective referral system. However, we look with concern that the number of users has an exponential growth, while the number of merchants or businesses where they can spend to obtain goods and services grows very slowly, being unbalanced the user-merchants ratio.

We did a market research which shows that almost 91% of merchants would be willing to accept Dash only if they have enough information about how to use it and the legal aspect. We will teach them about this issues, but we will to do it massively. You can find theresults of the surve in this link:


Dash Merchant Venezuela

Dash Merchant Venezuela aims to balance the users-merchants rate and achieve DASH adoption by small, medium and big merchants in a massive way. Providing them with the appropiate information through a professional and nearby institution that can provide them with support. They need with legal, technical, financial, accounting and tax advice to accept Dash as a payment method in their businesses.

General Strategy:
We will visit 2.000 merchantsin Caracas, Venezuela.

2- Pitch them what is DASH and why is the best way to accept payments inVenezuela and improve their cashflow.

3- We will ask merchants to accomplish some requirements. If they completethe following list, we will give them a "training tip" of 5$ in Dash:
Put the "Dash Accepted here" sticker in their business.
Post on their social media that they are accepting Dash.
List their business in
List their business in the merchant directory of

4- We will have 1 sales team of 6 people (this could increase in the short time due tothe demand)

5- We have segmented the merchants in 3groups in order to make different approaches:
- VIP: Hotels, airlines, big chains (supermarkets,franchises), gourmet class restaurants, high clothing, turism.
- A: medium restaurants, coffee shops, cars workshops, medium companies.
- B: little businesses, new entrepreneurs, "Kiosks" (little storesin the middle of the street), etc.

6- For a deeper understanding from merchants, we will give free courses regarding:
- Howto accept DASH as a payment method.
How to setup their DASH wallets.
- Howto buy and sell DASH with Bolivares.
- Cryptocurrencylegal framework in Venezuela.
- Howto integrate DASH in their cost structure.
- Tipsand recommendations.
This courses will be given 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays)

7- Referral Strategy:
- Every merchant or person who refers to us other merchant will win a reward of 5$ in Dash.
- In this way we will reach more merchants with less effort.


Alejandro Andrade: Project Manager. 25years old. Chemical Engineer from Universidad Simón Boívar. (Caracas, Venezuela) He was sales manager from "Baterias Duncan" the biggest car battery manufacturer in Venezuela. His last job was in "Galleteria Puig" as a Project Manager. (Ig & Tw: Aleandrade92, Discord and Dash forum: Andrade92. Linkedin:

Alejandro Echeverría: Project Manager and advisor. 24 years old. He is the founder of Dash Help Venezuela, the first official support center for Dash (and any cryptocurrency) in the world. He is also advisor for some teams in the Dash Community like Dash Argentina and Dash Youth Venezuela. Dedicated himself to make profitable business models (Easymed, TuGruero-, Ctrl+C USB). DASH Forum/Discord: AlejandroE. Linkedin:

Eugenia Alcalá: Project Advisor. She is the founder of Dash Caracas and Dash Venezuela. She has organized 6 Dash Conferences with more than 700 attendees each. Also she is the advisor of many Dash teams around the country like Dash Maracay and Dash Help Venezuela. She is specialist in team management. Dash Forum: algodon.franelas

Bruno Modica: Sales Manager. 39 years. Degree on publicity in Universidad Nuevas Profesiones (Caracas). More than 13 years on clients and team management. Sales specialist. He was the Head of Marketing for Latam of a documentary production company that works in Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia. He also was Executive analyst for key clients in the biggest coupons portal web of Venezuela, having more than 250 clients in his own portfolio. He actually works in as Strategic
Alliances Director.


We will work in alliance with some Venezuelans and non-Venezuelans teams that have been funded by the Dash treasury, in this way we will work alligned and coordinated to achieve the same goal: massive adoption of Dash in Venezuela. Following are the allies:

Dash Venezuela: led by Eugenia Alcalá (algodon.franelas). Dash Venezuela has organized more than 6 DashConferences (DashCaracas) and they will help us organizing the educational courses for merchants. Besides, they will rent us the space of their office for this purpose.
Dash Help Venezuela: led by Alejandro Echeverría (AlejandroE). DashHelp Venezuela is the first support center of Dash (and any cryptocurrency) in the world. They have provided support and assistance in the Dash Caracas conferences, and they have solved more than 200 issues per event. They will provide us in site support on the courses for merchants. led by Nate (djcrypto). is a marketplace where the payments are exlusively in Dash. We will help Nate with the recruitment of online merchants for this website. In this way we will increase the exposure of merchants and also we will help in its directory.
Feedbands: heis working on Dash ads for google and different websites. He and his team will help us sending traffic from merchant to our website ( In this way we can catch more merchants everymonth.

Contact information:

Thank you very much for your time and for reading our pre proposal!

Below are some pics of some merchants we have affiliated in our first tests:

1- "Kiosk Lady ", Caracas, Venezuela. Link

2- Los Costilla - Sanducheria.

3- Millenium Car Wash & Car Dealer. Link

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0 points,7 days ago
I like the way this team are getting real value from the DASH they give to merchants.

I would suggest one other request to consider requesting from the merchants before they got their DASH. They would agree to create an email signature that they will use whenever they send out any email. It would be something like the following:

"DASH Digital Cash the revolutionary new cryptocurrency is the solution to Venezuela's currency crisis. To find out how you can start using DASH as a safe, secure currency in Venezuela visit to learn more.

The above message could be used as both an email signature and posted on websites by the merchants to raise awareness of how DASH can help solve the currency crisis in Venezuela.

I think it also only fair that all DASH conference attendees that receive free DASH also agree to use this message as their email signature or agree to post this message on their website if they own one. In this way we have a fair exchange of value DASH for this message exposure to help Venezuela convert to DASH as their national currency.

0 points,6 days ago
Hello DeepBlue,

Thank you very much for your support . That's a great idea of yours, we've only considered merchants social networks as DASH publicity once affiliated by Dash Merchant. We will include your advise to our strategy in order to gain more exposure. Thanks again!


1 point,10 days ago
I think this is a great initiative and I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do, so I am voting yes, but I wanted to pose to you the same question I posed in some of the other merchant integration proposals. Lately we've been talking about how important it is to not only see merchant integration, but customer use. In addition to helping merchants integrate, what will you be doing to ensure the customers of these merchants both have access to Dash and incentives to use it?
2 points,9 days ago
Hello Arthyron,

Thank you very much for your vote! Yes we have many programs to ensure Dash transactions, specifically with our Referral Program we will motivate merchants to refer more businesses to us. Also, we will make the first DASH purchase in every merchant we affiliate and give them many ideas like products discounts if you pay in DASH. We are secure this incentives will help DASH integration to become more easily both for merchants and costumers.
1 point,9 days ago
Referral programs and suggesting other ideas, sounds like a great start, thanks for your response!
1 point,12 days ago
Wow! This team never stops. Dash Latam needs more passionate, dedicated, and professional entrepreneurs like you guys. Dedicating all of your time and efforts to bring financial freedom to our people.

Congratulations, wish you the best.
0 points,7 days ago
Thank you very much my friend!
With our combined efforts we are secure in this project success.
2 points,13 days ago
Easy yes for me. Proven team that gives active participation and feedback on the forums. First rate plan of attack. Professional video. And a very attractive price.

0 points,13 days ago
Thank you very much for your support! We have high expectations and we are sure we will accomplished them.

2 points,13 days ago
Dear andrade92,
You have my support.
Good work Venezuela team.
1 point,13 days ago
Hello JoL.
Thank you very much for your support. We are working hardly and we will delivering results very soon from our pilot tests.


Alejandro Andrade
5 points,15 days ago
A Very, Very, Very, exciting project. Once this is proven to work scale up is easily achievable. Once again I really appreciate the Venezuelan team putting together a first class proposal. Well presented, backed up by actual statistics, infographics and a complete budget breakdown.

With Alejandro (DASH Help Venezuela) and Eugenia (Dash Caracas conferences) we have a proven team backing this project. I also really appreciate that the Venezuela projects always respect our budget and put in a modest budget amount that is really appreciated especially as we have few funds available at the moment. They always achieve a lot with the DASH we provide.

If DASH achieves nothing else except converting Venezuela to DASH as it's national currency it would be a huge success.

The GDP of Venezuela last year was 346 Billion. Imagine that could all be DASH. That is 3 times the market cap of bitcoin.

There is no resistance to getting established in Venezuela unlike almost every other country of the world. The Venezuelan people need and want DASH all we have to do is help support these teams and Venezuela could convert to DASH as its national currency in less than a year.

Once Venezuela is using DASH as it's national currency DASH will become a lot more stable on the price because it will be being used as a currency - not as a speculative investment.

MNO's we need to give as many resources, focus, and support as we can to these Venezuelan projects. Let us help create the first DASH Nation. Viva Venezuela! Viva DASH!

Definite YES!

1 point,14 days ago
Thank you very much DeepBlue,

We have very good news coming soon even before the first month of the project (May). As you said, there is a great opportunity both for DASH and Venezuela, with the first class team we have we are secure of this project success. Thanks again for your incredible support!

Alejandro Andrade
5 points,16 days ago
I can’t be more excited about this project. When I had the idea of doing this massive adoption program for merchant I could’t think in someone better than Alejandro Andrade and Bruno Modica to manage the project and the sales team.

I am 100% sure we will get the results we have planned. Venezuela needs this kind of projects in order to boost the Dash adoption and get results fast!

We want to thank the whole team of Dash Venezuela for offering their spaces for the inductions and classes and for their full support on this project.

Everyday I am more convinced Venezuela will become the first Dash Nation, it is already happening.

1 point,15 days ago
Can't say yes enough. Venezuela is one of the few places that is on the brink of fulfilling Dash purpose. Funding of this should be priority after any network funding has been made.
1 point,14 days ago
Thank you RobbyDash01, indeed we are making some pilot tests in this month in order the adjust our adoption process. There is a huge receptivity from merchants and we have no doubt that Venezuela will become the very first Dash Nation!
3 points,16 days ago
I am very excited to be a part of this project, along with my team of DASH Venezuela, as well as with DASH Help Team and DASH Merchant Team.

This will be a great boost to our Entrepreneurship Program, and a key piece to achieve one of our Strategic Goals for 2018: ADOPTION: At least 1000 merchants accepting DASH in our web page:

With the talent and dedication of our Program Coordinators (Communities: Alexis Lugo, Entrepreneurs: Hanny Figueroa, Companies: Meilyn Alejo), the rest of our team, and the competence and focus of Alejandro Echeverría and Alejandro Andrade, this can only produce great results.

All of DASH Venezuela Allies, together, will make of our beloved country the FIRST DASH NATION!
1 point,16 days ago
Good luck guys.

Full support from DASH Youth Venezuela, looking forward to working with this great team.

Moving towards massive DASH adoption in Venezuela!!!
1 point,15 days ago
Hello santos_br, algodonfranelas (Eugenia) and AlejandroE.

Thank you very much for your support and your kind words. Without you this wouldn't be possible. We are doing our best efforts in order to bring the results we have planned.

Bruno and I already started the hiring and training of the sales team, we made up our sales speech/strategy, the workshop materiales and uniforms. So, during April we will test our sales strategies in order to make adjusments and improve it. Our goal for this firs pre-test is to visit 75 merchants.

Thank you very much again for your support!