Title:Please VOTE- DAO can still afford to Fund, DASH HUB AFRICA: Jan-May 2019 "Boosting Merchants Count and Integration in Ghana"
Monthly amount: 59 DASH (4001 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (5 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-12-17 / 2019-05-15 (added on 2018-12-12)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 98 Yes / 190 No / 61 Abstain

Proposal description

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105Dash Left in DAO for this Cycle, Please Vote To Fund Dash Hub Africa, We are requesting 59Dash.

Brief Description 
Dash Hub Africa have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, Nurture new ones, Increase our Merchant On-boarding, Business usability In-store and Online and not jeopardize Dash speculator growth in Africa.

356 Yes More Needed
Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
gobject vote-many 90c800f276bca6eef423cadd7ae2e5d5d6a273ac3c65f88d799d8b7ae9164534 funding yes 

Thank you for the continuous support!

History of Previous Funding
Our last funding in September 2018 had successfully expanded our operation creating Ambassadors in 8 Africa countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda) with notable achievements which include:
In Addition of that we also:
  • Successfully created partnership with Omega Links International, In the Bear market has educated over 1,000 participants on 24th November 2018 at Central University College. (
  • Achieve 1,500 Wallet downloads with estimated of 600 active users of Dash in Africa monthly.
  • Over 220 Merchants Dash Pitch Monthly, with over 100 Active Merchants and Over the Counter Exchanges for DASH in Africa.
  • DASH Roadshow in 8 Africa countries (Expanding DASH Outreach in 8 Countries- Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin Republic, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda)
  • Ghana follows USA and Germany Top up on Bitrefill paying with Dash and Highest Unique Numbers ahead of Venezuela and Columbia. (Report requested from Bitrefill)
  • With our proposal unfunded due to market price, Dash Hub Africa still contribute over 80% progress of Dash in Africa-Expansion, Integration, Business Development and Rampant growth of Dash in Africa.
  • We continue to onboard Merchants, educate new users, integrate exchanges and Mobile money operators for more real time use case and increased transaction traffic from Africa.

Project Summary:
This is an outline for a plan to generate greater return on investment and contribute to the growth of Dash network. We plan to achieve Autonomy by securing Self-sufficiency and continue on boarding Merchants, Business Outlets, Mobile Money Operators (Over the Counter Exchanges) and High Charge back Industry and New Users in Ghana, Africa. We want to minimize the amount of asking and extend operations to maximum in order to improve Dash use case and Merchants in Africa.
This proposal intends to expand Dash Real-time use case on Remittances, High Charge back Industry (Travelling, Reservations and Hotels), Mobile Money Operators, Merchants and Exchanges with a self-sustenance plan in Ghana, West Africa.


Dash Products and Services to be rendered at our office to increase DASH Transaction counts in Ghana- Cash Transfer (Local and International), Online Shopping and payment, Airlines and Hotel payment, Bill payment (DStv, GOtv, Startimes etc), Airtime and Internet Subscription, Merchants and Business Acceptance, General Enquiries.


Organize monthly Workshop/ Conference targeting those receiving and sending Money worldwide to educate them about the relevance of using Dash in order to increase usability and increases numbers of New Users and Merchants.

In Ghana, we have Ebitpoint Exchange, Ebitcoinics and the first Ghanaian Cryptocurrency Exchange Add DASH pairing to BTC and other Altcoin The team will integrate 10 more Online and trading exchanges for easy liquidity and conversion of Dash in Africa.

Mobile Money is the most popular among unbanked and under banked people in Ghana, We want to expand our strategy to this Merchants to integrate Dash into their services to create easy and fast liquidity for Users and Merchants accepting Dash Digital Cash.

Businesses with high charge upon receipt of payments needs to use Dash to reduce operational cost and ensure business growth. Tourism and Hospitality Industry which are Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist attractive center, Shopping Outlets and Hospitality companies are more noted for huge charge back which makes Dash important. We would move to inform them how Dash can help their Business grow, introduce interested Businesses to Dash, get them listed on Dash Business Directory as a Merchants accepting Dash and provide them Business Support. 
BUDGET AND ESTIMATED EXPENSES Please Open the shareable link forProposal Budget and Estimated Expenses

Proposal Information
Remittances with @Dashpay is Easy,  Fast and Super-Convienent. Call on us at anytime when you want to know about #DASH in Africa. DASH HUB FINTECH


Dash Hub Africa is committed to continue our track record of expanding Dash in Africa by continuing educating, training and on boarding Merchants and Users into Dash ecosystem. Our KPIs include on boarding 5,000 Newbies and Wallets, 400 Merchants and Business Outlet, 10 Sales Agent, 5 Online Exchanges and 20 Over the Counter Exchanges with Merchants 24 hours support and value creations achievable in 6 Months. However, we want to create successful stories for Dash in Africa. Learning and sighting current achievements of Dash Venezuela by Eugenialcala, Dash Merchants by AlejandroE and LorenzoReyC and also Dash Columbia by George Donnelly. Please support of transformation plan and grassroots initiatives.

Since November 2017, when this initiative was created DASH HUB AFRICA insight was to teach, educate and empower Africans about the use of DASH as a payment solution in Africa. We have grown predominately Thanks to the Masternodes Network for our continues support, DASH HUB AFRICA currently operates in 8 Africa countries (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, Ethiopia and Uganda) with Ambassadors and Stalwarts contributing their quota in increasing Dash real case use in Africa.
Nevertheless, Masternodes Network and Dash Community have got issue with identifying which project belong to who from Africa with this in mind, Dash Hub Africa has restructured our plan and re-branded our strategy for easy identification, Increased Merchant onboarding, continue partnership with existing industry players and stakeholders.With our previous strategy not yielding many results, we want to focus on another side of the Cryptocurrency Industry which is Remittances, High Charge Back Ventures and Mobile Money payment for easy liquidity.
Currently Venezuela is in the grips of unstoppable inflation-one of the worst in modern history, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Dash has predominantly grow to replace Bolivar with Venezuela Merchants accepting Dash as a payment option rising over 2,400 according to Dash Business Directory ( a strong team of passionate users on the ground educating communities and vendors about Dash. Dash Hub Africa team have learned from the strategy adopted by the Latin America team and have concluded with the situation ground in Africa that REMITTANCES, HIGH CHARGE INDUSTRY (Hotel, Restaurants and Recreational Centre) and MONEY MOBILE OPERATORS should be our growth focus that will yield better return on Investment to the Dash network. It is expected that through this proposal we can onboard more Merchants and continue creating Real time use case of Dash in Ghana with the focus of becoming self-sustained hence fund our operation through revenue generated from Dash Hub Product and Services.
Key Performance Indicator
  • Open an Outlet/Business center for Dash Buy Back/ Easy liquidity, Consulting and Support to Merchants.
  • Dash Hub Products and services. (Cash Remittances, Online Shopping and payments, Airlines and Hotel payments, Bill payments, Airtime and Internet Subscription, Merchants and Business Acceptance and General Enquiry) 
  • Partnership with 20 Mobile Money Operators/OTC Exchange for Dash Buy Back and Easy Liquidity for Merchants and Users
  • Business Development Plan for self-sustaining team progress for 12 Months (1 year).
  • Weekly Online Merchant Education and Training for progressive result in KUMASI
  • Mainstream Media Splash (Radio Station and Live presenter Mention)for product Advert and Promotion in order to motivate our Merchants/Agents to continue accepting Dash
  • Integration of Dash on 30 Online Shopping Outlet, Exchanges and ensure prompt Delivery to Customers paying with Dash.
  • As Merchants number grows, Users Wallet Downloads grow accordingly by creating more people to spend Dash.
  • Increase our partnership and Integration for DASH in Ghana.
  • YouTube Videos of all our recorded Activities to serve other regions in Africa.
  • Submission of weekly Masternodes Update and Progressive Report
Media and News

Report and Evaluation

Update will be posted on all Dash official channels (forum, discord, reddit, twitter and telegram) Comprehensive report submitted to Dash watch and on the pre-proposal link. If you have any questions, recommedations, please direct them to @Ultimatecrypto
Dash Reddit:
Twitter handle for DASH- HUB Kumasi [i][/i]
YouTube channel [i]




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0 points,6 months ago
Friendly reminder to Masternodes: All your votes from last month are cancelled, null and void. Unlike previous months where successful proposals can kind of coast because all their YES vote carry over, this month, THEY DON'T. Please go vote so that we don't leave deserving proposals high and dry. If you are having problems voting, this thread will likely solve your problem, otherwise ask.

The clock is ticking.....17 hours. Let's get after it!
1 point,9 months ago
I am surprised that you mention "Betty Place Restaurant is one of our merchant accepting DASH" while is is actually advertized with a Bitcoin-Notice board in their shop window.( look up your own link

Therefore I am changing from YES to NO!
0 points,10 months ago
voting YES
1 point,10 months ago
voting YES for this African based proposal also.
C&P comment of mine below:
(currently writing this from New Zealand where acquiring Dash still SUX VERY HARD). What are the MAIN priorities in Africa???.
Here are some priorities I think are most important, and Dash acceptance at retailers ranks lower down the list:

1) On-ramps and off-ramps for Dash to African fiat currencies.

2) Emphasis on Dash as a long term investment (saving/delayed gratification). This would include excellent teaching material/videos online where investors can learn about on/off-ramps from fiat and wallets. Additional: Services such as CrowdNode.

3) Dash trading pairs on as many exchanges as possible, with InstantSend and recognised by the exchanges.

4) Remittance services (Dash specific would be incredible).

5) Merchant acceptance of Dash. (not high on my list)
3 points,10 months ago
"Only Proposal DAO can still afford to Fund" = not true
0 points,10 months ago
Hello @ageless

We understand how limited the DAO is due to the bear market and how MNOs have decided to focus the limited fund on areas that matter. We consider our proposal to be the Best for the remaining fund available in this cycle.

Hope you will support us to make Africa ecosystem growth for Dash.
0 points,10 months ago
105Dash Left in DAO for this Cycle, Please Vote To Fund Dash Hub Africa, We are requesting 59Dash.

Brief Description
Dash Hub Africa have built a spotless reputation for Dash in Africa and we must retain it in order to keep existing Merchant Confident, Nurture new ones, Increase our Merchant On-boarding, Business usability In-store and Online and not jeopardize Dash speculator growth in Africa.

380 Yes More Needed.
Manually vote on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
gobject vote-many 90c800f276bca6eef423cadd7ae2e5d5d6a273ac3c65f88d799d8b7ae9164534 funding yes

Thank you for the continuous support!
0 points,10 months ago
You have my support, good luck.
0 points,10 months ago
Thanks for the support!
-2 points,10 months ago
Come on peoples! Lets give Dash Hub a well deserved infusion, please!
2 points,10 months ago

5-6 months is too long.

The bulk of the Dash seems to be spent on "Execution" at various places but there is no links to video or pictures or telling what was accomplished there. Please provide more info on what the Dash was spent on.

I don't see this budget info in this new proposal?
From your last proposal....

August Cycle 2018
31.5 DASH Execution at Ivory Coast 13th September to 29th September 2018.

September Cycle 2018
26.5 DASH Execution at Cotonou, Benin Republic 6th October to 19th October 2018.

October Cycle 2018
27.50 DASH Execution at Lome,Togo (Exchanged to Fiat @$151.50 per Dash)

The last one was over $4000 dollars, the others even more i'm assuming, what did we get for that?
0 points,10 months ago
Dear @Mastermined

The timeframe on our proposal was concluded by DASh Hub Africa team due to the bear market situation and chance due to treasury avaliability. We divided the total requested amount by 5 months cycle for us to easily get MNOs fund us during this cycle.

The past funded proposal in August cycle have Good track records and achievements. Kindly read DASH WATCH Complete Report

Also view our YouTube channel for Videos
And documentation on Twitter
Check out Dash Hub Africa (@DashhubAfrica):

In order to make our proposal simple and short to read we decided to submit extract of our complete proposal. Kindly read Full Proposal to get the below Analysis

Thank you! Hope to receive your support. Merry Christmas.
1 point,10 months ago
What I don't understand it the need to add new countries. Simply work in one or at max a few and deliver a depth of adoption. Demonstrating this adoption with evidence, is key. Otherwise one will simply assume that you are after the easy, low hanging fruit available in every new place you go to.

To me South America at this point offers a better outcome for the limited Dash Treasury we have.

I do admire the teams determination in continuing when voted down, but also acknowledge, that this probably means they are sitting on a hoarded pile of Dash from previous rounds, that has been used to fund them when they don't get approval. If so they are probably asking for too much.
2 points,10 months ago
Hi @CaptAhab

This proposal is for Ghana, Dash Hub Africa is now restructured and focused to grow Dash network in Africa for acceptability, utilities and usability.

Our last funded proposal from DAO in August cycle aimed at expanding Dash into 3 French speaking Africa countries, this proposal before funding generated concerns and comments regarding our expansion strategy MNOs need Results and not Country grow count. So far we have restructured Dash Hub Africa with focus on Individual country and keep hold on country expansion till further notice.

The team is selfless and determined to make the change in Africa payment system, we are not sitting on any hoarded pile of Dash to keep us sustainable even after been defunded 4 times. All our current achievements have been through personal funding and selfless commitment no motivation for any team member the only motivation we have is the change we want Dash to cause in Africa.

I hope this make you understand of current situation and hope to see you support us!

Dash Hub Africa needs your support, Africa needs Dash to grow!
0 points,10 months ago
The dream to make our nation great and grow the Dash network usability and utility service is our core priority at Dash Hub Africa.

Ghana Best Online Retailer Shop for Phones & Accessories, Computers & Accessories , Men & Women Clothes, Art Works , Home Appliances, Kitchen Gadgets will soon add Dash as payment option as we finalize our discussion.

Vote for our Proposal to continue making impressive progress for Dash in Africa.

Please Note: This is one of current achievements that will yield great ROI for Dash.
In addition some of our completed achievements.

The first Ghanaian Cryptocurrency Exchange Add DASH pairing to BTC and other Altcoin

Betty Place Restaurant is one of our merchant accepting DASH in Kenya and now making headline on BBC World News Helping to showcase real-time use case of Dash in Africa.

eBitpoint Exchange and P2P Market for easy liquidity of Dash in Ghana.

Azerashop is Ghana’s exceptional online shopping experience.

Your Support is Vital and Key to more achievements!

Thanks for Voting for us!
1 point,10 months ago
In these lean times, Dash Hub has lost 4 proposals, no funding in 5 months, yet they keep up the pace, doing education, meetups, with their small army of volunteers. Can we please show them some support? Please vote Yes for this modest proposal!
1 point,10 months ago
Actually, I'm not sure about exact numbers, could have been more or less, but they've been squeezed out a lot this year and I do hope they can pass this proposal!
0 points,10 months ago
@TanteStefana You got the figures right, We have lost 4 Proposal so far and I Hope MNs would consider passing this for self sustainancy and achievements.

Analysis Below
Dash Boost to sponsor Ghana Blockchain Conference NOT FUNDED.

Irrecoverable proposal to Console after a System Crash due to power outage and gobject prepare not
found. Transaction Hash:2c62f2eddb738c9f8810b9a3412dddebbf015ffda1774fb1a660a4fbb39ec1d8

Dash Boost “DASH HUB Business Development Plan” NOT FUNDED


Your Support is Key to success.
2 points,10 months ago
This is amazing to me. What a site, I wouldn't have imagined 2 years ago that we would see this rapid level of growth. But here we are. This is another obvious yes for me because we are the first cryptocurrency to have several teams distributed throughout Africa working for Dash! All of our competitors whether it be PIVX, Monero, BCH, BTC all of them lack what we have, the young energy and fire of the up and fast growing populations outside the west, and the financing to stoke that flame.

Other coins are busy fighting over table scraps in western countries where, up until very recently, the volatility and economic chaos that are staples of other countries was not as visible. Countries with strong payment processors, financial institutions and banking magnates that dictate the air of the financial and economic atmosphere. But where are we? 2500 stores in Venezuela. And now we have several teams looking to replicate that success several times over in Africa. Let's give them our full support and vote YES!
1 point,10 months ago
Thanks for the support, We are dedicated to continue working hard.
2 points,11 months ago
I see plenty of progress and documentation. Keep in mind they have continued getting the work done despite getting no funding for the last two Treasury cycles. This is the "do or die" cycle. Given the demonstrated level of commitment and progress, I vote yes.
2 points,10 months ago
Thanks for the comment @solarguy. Dear MNOs for the past 2Months we haven't been funded by DAO.
All our current achievements was done through personal funding and selfless commitments...We don't want to jeopardize our progress of work and achievements so far for Dash growth in Africa.
This is a WIN WIN Affairs for Dash and Africa.
Thanks for the support once again!
2 points,11 months ago
I'd like to again encourage MNOs to vote on this proposal because we are lucky to have a team in West Africa who are enthusiastic and want to get Dash adopted in their countries, and it is imperative that Dash gets adopted for use everywhere and anywhere it has the opportunity to do so. These people in African countries are ready to use dash and just need a little more informal infrastructure to get Dash distributed and adopted. Dash only has value, IMO, when people use it. Africa, like South America, is a place that has such a need, and it's need for currency has kept it separated from the rest of the world far too long. I believe our teams in Africa can really get the fires of Dash burning strong. They just need a little support. Lets show them some support finally, please!
3 points,11 months ago
Hello Tantestefana! thank you so much for your comment. One day, another Venezuela will be built from Africa and we at Dash Hub Africa will be proud to announce it.

Thanks for your support and the trust you put on us, we will not disappoint.
2 points,11 months ago
This is a great proposal from @Ultimatecrypto.
Your commitment to grow this network where it matters in Africa is notable. I hope to see this become successful.

The treasury can afford this MNOs let us support this grassroots effort their nation would one day become another Venezuela for Dash.
2 points,11 months ago
I agree with RobbyDash01. It is a reasonable ask and we should support further education in African countries.
1 point,11 months ago
Thanks for your support! We will continue working for adoption and real usage of Dash.
6 points,11 months ago
Dear Dash Masternodes

Kindly read through our Dash Watch update for our previous projects from the Network.

In November, We had major integration achieved.

1. add Dash on their exchange for easy access to Fiat for both Users and Merchants.

2. The first Ghanaian Cryptocurrency Exchange Add DASH pairing to BTC and other Altcoin

All of this was achieved through our efforts. We need to continue achieving as we have redesigned our plans and intend achieving better results for the Dash network.

Kindly give us your support and be confident of positive results.
Thank you!
7 points,11 months ago
This is not a big ask to keep up education in an areas that could benefit from the use cryptocurrency.

Even in this bear market there is no reason for us losing fundamental educational projects in poor countries such as Ghana.
4 points,11 months ago
Dash Watch December 14th 2018 Update on
DASH-PanAfricanExpansion by Ultimatecrypto
2 points,11 months ago
Thank you @DashWatch
4 points,11 months ago
Hello @Realmrhack

Since my initiative started, I can confidently say my activities has got relevant impacts on Dash. My operations has expanded into 8 different Africa countries (Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia) with trained Ambassadors/Stalwart working hard everyday to grow the network in their localities. Also, my previous proposal was defunded due to the bear market situation and not lack of transparency/poor reporting to Dash Watch.

In November 2018, We delayed to submit our progressive report to Dash watch making them to publish Incomplete Update of our work. This was because I was Hospitalized but now we have updated Dash watch and got a drafted report yet to be published. You can view this draft through the link below

Dash Hub Africa remains committed, transparent and highly accountable to the Dash network. We have restructured our plan and focus our massive adoption strategies on Remittances Market, High Charge back Industry (Hospitality and Tourism), Mobile Money Operators for easy Liquidity of Dash to Fiat for both Users and Merchants.

I hope to see you support our grassroots effort in making Dash grow in Africa.
-2 points,11 months ago
We have spent considerable amount of funds on @ultimatecryptos activities his previpus proposals where rejected by the community due to lack of transparency & poor reportibg with dash watch.

I still have reservations when it comes to @ultimatecryptos proposals, especially in light of his highly suspicous behaviour such as changing the previous proposals tittle to change the narrative.

"New Proposal will be posted soon: "Please Vote down"

After his previous proposal failed he changed the tittle to the aforementioned

Voting NO
6 points,11 months ago
I'm not one to be controversial with others in these chats but you are being very unfair with your accusations.

The amount being asked here is not overgenerous to remain a presence in Ghana. The crowds are evident in the videos. For being such a young man I am somewhat amazed by Ultimatecrypto's motivation to continue forward with Dash.

I believe this young man is too valuable for use to lose for this small proposal ask, even in this down market.
6 points,11 months ago
Where is the lack of transparency and poor reporting with Dash Watch? I see nothing but posts, they have their own Discord thread, and are desperate for people to LOOK and take an interest in their work. With all the negative FUD you constantly post, I hope people are wising up to you and ignoring you.
-5 points,11 months ago
@tantestefana if you have nothing credible to add dont bother.

Maybe you should do some due dillegence yourself and READ the reports

Instead of voting emotionaly, and trying to ingratiate yourself to the PO/Community

People rarely like the comments from people who are blunt and straightforward
5 points,11 months ago
I've read the report on Dash Watch, I see they are over budget, but who isn't in this market? WHERE are they not providing info on their work? It says there, that they are in communication with Dash Watch:

In communication with us and community

What problem do you have? What am I getting wrong?
-7 points,11 months ago
The previous report was very negative, this report is less than 7hrs old

Thank you
5 points,11 months ago

Our previous report with Dash Watch was not complete due to the fact mentioned in the new report.

Thanks to Dash Watch team for the complete report on our 3 months proposal. ""

We want to continue growing DASH in Africa, we have recentred our plans to Ghana first and then expand in the future.