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Payment start/end: 2017-12-18 / 2018-03-17 (added on 2017-12-17)
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Proposal description

1. Who are we?

  • our pre-proposal thread here for more detail discussion about us.
  • Rocket Integration Technology ( RIT ) is a Technology Provider company.
  • Established in Singapore in 2014, RIT creates optimized Forex brokerage IT systems.
  • We specialize in complete IT Solutions for Forex brokerage technology and system and website development in Southeast Asia.
  • We deliver a wide array of innovative IT solutions and services in finance technology.
  • We develop specialized Forex brokerage solutions from branding all the way to the launch.
  • We also consult clients on how to get better market penetration.
  • The one-stop center for IT solutions and ongoing service from A to Z and SEO.
  • Our goal has always been to exceed expectations to produce satisfied clients.
  • Providing an efficient brokerage setup as we intimately understand the business, the traders, and the target market.
  • We have served many brokerage companies and the number of our clients has increased steadily since we operated.
  • Our clients are primarily from MalaysiaSingapore, and Indonesia.
  • Here's short video explaining about our proposal :

  • Our Interview session with Craig Mason about our proposal :

  • One of our marketing video :

2. What is our capacity?

  • We pioneered Forex Brokerage IT services in Southeast Asia.
  • Our IT team includes 18 passionate and talented team members who are responsible for the front and back end development of our products.
  • Serving number of Forex Brokerage Companies, we directly served 35,462 trading accounts ( growing ) that actively trading with us.
  • We have full access to these companies and traders.
  • Since we have direct access to this market, they already know and trust us.
  • We believe in effective technology, marketing and education it will be easy encourage them deposit and withdrawal via Dash.
  • The dissatisfaction with the current system is obvious and widespread.
  • As promotional tool, we plan to offer our clients a significant discount if they deposit in Dash.
  • Once they see how easy it is to deposit and understand with Dash for trading, we anticipate rapid adoption.
  • By integrating Dash with, the transaction process will be simplercheaper and much faster than the present system.
  • Dash user-friendliness and simplicity will make be easy transition for traders and public to accept DASH as their primary payment method.
Our sole vision is to create a bigger DASH Family within Southeast Asia.

3. Why Southeast Asia, Malaysia as first place?

Southeast Asia Market :
  • Alibaba makes a significant move to strengthen in the Southeast Asian market.
  • as the region is a promising e-commerce space.
  • Showing the region is well developed with people ready for any new wave of change.
  • Singapore is one of the top 10 richest country with an active trading for cryptocurrency.
  • Indonesia is one of top 5 highest population in worlds which can be useful for an exposure of Dash.
Malaysia as 1st Target Country :
  • during #MYCYBERSALE (11.11.2017), Lazada hit more than 100,000,000 MYR (+-250k USD) in a single day.
  • 11street Malaysia and Shopback Malaysia also experienced 3 times uplift for sales or website traffic.
  • Malaysia has the highest penetration of online shoppers (67%), Thailand (57%) and Singapore (52%).
  • Among Asean countries, Singapore is the 1st retail e-commerce market with 24%, Malaysia and Indonesia at 19%.
  • Malaysia has become Alibaba’s regional distribution hub and launched world’s first Digital Free Trade Zone ( DFTZ )
  • DFTZ provides physical and virtual zones to facilitate SMEs stimulate growth of the internet economy and cross-border e-Commerce activities.
  • Malaysian is more than ready to adopt any technology supported with adequate education and exposure.
DASH will change their perspective on daily spend and how importance Cryptocurrency in future.

4. Full Project Costing ( Refer attached graphic content below for Escrow and exclusivity agreement milestones )

Requesting for 130 DASH/month for three months for a grand total of 390 DASH.

1st month 118.5DASH for development5DASH reimbursement for proposal cost6.5DASH Contingency and Unexpected Fund
  • Planning ahead for full project plan 3 months ahead.
  • Development database for end-user and merchant registration through our system.
  • Develop a system for DASH payment flow from acquirer and settlement to merchants.
  • Develop Admin to peer exchange in between DASH - Fiat Money such as SGD, MYR, IDR
  • Integrate to all of our existing clients to enable them receive DASH for deposit / withdrawal.
  • Create an animation video giving full explanation about DASH and how it works in an easy way
  • Digital marketing via Search Engine Optimization and other social media to create more awareness towards DASH
  • Print out DASH T- Shirt, backdrop, stickers and flyers with bigger logo to create direct and indirect marketing to the public

2nd month 60DASH for maintenance and development63.5DASH marketing and giveaway6.5DASH Contingency and Unexpected Fund
  • Develop peer to peer (P2P) exchange to enable client trading among them.
  • Develop an escrow function to ensure peer to peer trading transacted securely.
  • Develop Point of Sales system to ensure a offline store can accept DASH as their payment.
  • Free seminars and training within Malaysia and Singapore to give exposure and awareness about DASH.
  • Create marketing and promotional video about to boost more exposure to the clients.

3rd month 60DASH for maintenance and development63.5DASH marketing and giveaway6.5DASH Contingency and Unexpected Fund
  • Continue the development Android and iOS mobile apps for for merchant usage.
  • Free seminars to more country such as Indonesia and Thailand for a better exposure to clients.
  • Continue with free seminars and training within Malaysia and Singapore to increase the exposure and awareness about DASH.
  • Targeting 31,000 new users using DASH as their primary payment method.
  • Our best estimates suggest it will require 390 DASH to accomplish these 4 tasks.
  • Base on our experience with previous large project costs, it seems wise to add 5% to account for contingency and unexpected fund.
  • This helps ensure that we can accomplish the task rather than run out of money right at the end.

5. What is our plan?

Related Business

  • The project is to integrate DASH-based cryptocurrency solution in all of our clients, the forex brokerage companies website.
  • Encourage them to use DASH as primary method for deposit and withdrawal transactions.
  • Lowest transaction fees among the Forex Traders in Southeast Asia.
  • Ensure the uniqueness of DASH to be far-reaching, especially within the Forex Traders.
  • Develop marketing teams that will help us to create widespread awareness about DASH.
  • RIT will give an amount of discounts to Forex Brokerage Company if they pay via DASH server and trading monthly fees.
The revolution is not only around Forex Traders. We plan to tackle the issue related to DASH liquidation in Southeast Asia :

  • Becoming the first Liquidity Provider for DASH Only in the Southeast Asian region.
  • To ensure that the end users can easily exchange fiat money to DASH and vice versa.
  • Exchange from DASH to fiat money within Peer to Peer (P2P) only with Escrow service.
  • Solving double exchanger issue Fiat -> BTC -> Dash or vice versa.
  • Increase Dash usability within region.
  • Will greatly encourage end users to use DASH as their primary payment.

6. What will we do?

DASH Payment Gateway and Processor
  • Develop a system to exclusively process payment using DASH via our website,
  • User friendly flow for clients to pay or deposit via DASH.
  • Provide an incentive for merchants using the system as their payment gateway.
DASH Exchanger
  • To ensure the end-user can easily buy and sell DASH.
  • Provide an exchanger service for DASH especially for our clients and traders.
  • Escrow service to reduce dispute and seamless transactions.
  • Rating system to show trader credibilities.
  • For offline business especially SMEs Business.
  • Enable ‘offline’ merchant accept cashless payment method.
  • Introduce the Online POS system either for *free or discounted price covering :
  • payment gateway for cashless payment.
  • Flexible product pricing configuration and discounts.
  • Inventory tracking in real-time.
  • Detailed financial reporting.
  • Capture customer information for an improvement.

Dash Awareness Program

Email Blasting

  • 35,462 accounts will be our targets.
  • Introducing and encourage to create DASH wallet.
  • Claim wallet with giveaway.

Forex Brokerages
  • Accept Dash for deposit / withdrawal.
  • Dash awareness with Forex Seminar.
  • Notify clients via Trading Platform.
  • Incentives for fee payments via Dash.

Social Media

Facebook Page
  • Dash Giveaway Program
  • New likes
  • Contest
  • Questionnaire

Youtube Channel

Google Adwords :
  • First page in Search Engine
  • Website optimization to comply with SEO

Offline Marketing
  • Printed materials :
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • T-shirt
    • Magazines
    • Stickers

Here's infographic for detail of our moving elements :

We have signed an exclusivity agreement for 24 months ( 2 Years ) and fund will be escrowed by Dash Core Team.

Refer our pre-proposal thread here for more detail discussion about us.

Our aim is to answer all of your doubt and question, so let us know what’s in your mind !

Thank you so much for your time and hopefully, we will move swiftly with this great project, together.

Best regards,


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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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-2 points,11 days ago
Dear all,

We hope everyone is well and it is not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year!

For your information, we will update our progress from time to time in our Approved proposal's thread.

Here is the link to our thread:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on our thread.


-1 point,11 days ago
Dear all,

We hope everyone is well and it is not too late to wish everyone Happy New Year!

For your information, we will update our progress from time to time in our Approved proposal's thread.

Here is the link to our thread:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on our thread.


0 points,25 days ago
Yes for the first month and then i will re-evaluate based on what gets done.
0 points,25 days ago
Hi Mastermined,

Thank you for your support. We will do our best to make sure never let down MNOs trust and we will keep post our update soon.

Thank you and merry Christmas !


-1 point,26 days ago
Just watched your video interview with Craig Mason-nice work friend!
0 points,26 days ago
Hey bchamz, thank you for your support !

A bit update, early today we did another session of interview with TaoOfSatoshi. We will update the video here later.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas. :)


5 points,1 month ago
Very well documented proposal with clear deliverables and milestones.. Escrow in place, preprosal, good team, big market, something to show..

One of the better proposals in this round so far.

YES! Best of luck..
1 point,1 month ago
Dear Wixamlee Sir,

Thank you so much for your support. As this is quite big proposal, it does need a proper planning and solid proposal we could say.
Again, thank you so much for your support.


3 points,1 month ago
For those who are curious for some additional specifics and detail about this proposal, here's a discussion I had with Amzar (the proposal owner) about this proposal:
0 points,1 month ago
Thank you so much craigmason for your time setting up an interview with us. Hopefully the video will give much more clearer about what's our proposal about and what will be covered with the proposal.

1 point,1 month ago
Why as bad we can say, so for me i see a very and a great team, i talk to them severals time, they are very professional and always ready to answer for questions, so i just have to say a good luck and we will wait. So MNO will understand as they begin to give a good vote to this proposal.
0 points,1 month ago
Dear carlomile3 Sir,

Thank you for your support, we do appreciate it so much.


2 points,1 month ago
Ambitious. If you can get all that done in a 3 or 4 month window for 390 Dash total we could meaningfully change how Forex trading gets done in SE Asia. That part by itself is probably worth what you're asking. How much Forex trading volume goes through your platform? The escrow and exclusivity means a lot for this amount of Dash.
1 point,1 month ago
Hi stillcantstop. Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's 2017 YTD trading volume :

106143.46 lot which equals to +- 10,614,346,000 contract size

106143.46 trading lot equals to +- 1,061,434.60 USD

Hopefully the data is what you are looking for.

Thank you so much again for your support.

1 point,1 month ago
Hi stillcantstop. Thank you for your interest. If you don't mind, we are collecting the data now for trading volume YTD. We will keep you posted soon about the total amount of our trading volume soon enough.

1 point,1 month ago
Thats a great addition to the dash ecosystem. Good to see efforts from that region growing. Voted yes
0 points,1 month ago
Thank you so much Beru Sir for your support.

We will work harder to ensure Dash widespread all over the region.


2 points,1 month ago
Hi RocketTeam, thanks for the proposal and for your interest in Dash. This is an excellent proposal and you've got my vote.

Can anyone confirm this 100%?
"We have signed an exclusivity agreement for 24 months ( 2 Years ) and fund will be escrowed by Dash Core Team."
4 points,1 month ago
I can confirm that we have an agreement with Rocket Integration Technology. They have defined approximately 30 milestones with estimated completion dates between January 7th and March 4th associated with payouts. If they post the details here, I am happy to verify them. I also can confirm that they have committed to an exclusivity period of 24 months. The funds are being paid to a Dash Core Group controlled address and will be paid in accordance with the completion of the milestones.
0 points,21 days ago
This changes my vote. Thank you.
0 points,21 days ago
Thank you pn0 for your support with our proposal.

0 points,1 month ago
Thank you so much Ryan Sir for verifying us. As per your request, we already posted the details of 30 milestones will be covered by the proposal.
0 points,1 month ago
Thank you Ryan. What is your opinion about having contracts for large proposals? It seems only fair that we should have a contract if things go wrong. Also, what is your opinion on making these agreements public?
Best regards,
1 point,1 month ago
Hi dashed, thank you so much for your support.

Let us double check with Dash Core Team whether is it possible for us to show part of the agreement to The Network or not for verification.

Else, we will try our best to ask Dash Core Team to verify the agreement.

Thank you
0 points,1 month ago
In my opinion these types of agreements have to be made public. It's a lot of money and we have the right to know what exactly the terms are.

Does anyone else agree?
5 points,1 month ago
Not a lawyer, but I expect that making the entire contact public would be problematic.

Personally, I am just fine with Ryan posting a confirmation of the existence of an agreement like he has above. As for the details, I trust that Core will negotiate a good deal for the network.
1 point,1 month ago
I do agree. I also truly trust in Dash Core (Specially in Babygiraffe).