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One-time payment: 30 DASH (900 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 30 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-09-02 / 2023-10-08 (added on 2023-09-02)
Votes: 552 Yes / 34 No / 32 Abstain
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Proposal description

Hello Dash Masternode Network and Community Members,I hope this message finds you well.

My name is CryptoSI, and I am excited to present a proposal that I believe will significantly contribute to the Dash community's growth and education.

To create all 6 videos in the series I'd like 30 Dash, This is more of a token payment, Regardless of the proposal passing or not the videos will still be created.

Please let me know if you feel this fee is too low, I will gladly raise itThis proposal will last for 1 cycle.


Some of you may be familiar with my work on, where I regularly review Dash proposals along with other DAO projects and attempt to educate and engage people on DAO governance and the developments within
DAOs across crypto.
You can view Daowatch videos here : -I am currently in the process of creating a similar suite of videos for PIVX, A fork of Dash which has moved to proof of stake and maintained the priority on Privacy.
You can view the videos created for PIVX here: -These tutorials have empowered PIVX community members with clear instructions on creating proposals, voting, and tracking progress.
Once completed these videos will also be posted to my DAO focused Site, DAOWATCH.BLOG

Introducing: DASH DAO Tutorial Videos

Building on the success and experience gained from the PIVX project, I am proposing to create a similar series of tutorial videos tailored specifically for Dash.
These videos will be designed to educate both new and existing Dash users on creating Dash governance proposals. The aim being to help to onboard more entrepreneurs and builders into the Dash ecosystem.

  • Educate: Provide clear and concise tutorials on putting forward proposals in DASH governance and more.
  • Engage: Foster community engagement and collaboration through interactive content.
  • Empower: Enable users to make the most of Dash's unique features and benefits.
Content Overview

The DASH DAO Tutorial Videos will cover topics such as:
  • Getting Started
  • Initiating Community Discussion
  • Adding the Proposal to the Chain
  • Monitoring the Proposal
  • Promoting Your Proposal
  • Reporting
Budget and Resource Allocation

The requested budget for this project is 30 DASH, which primarily covers the labor required to plan, create, and publish the tutorial series.
Since all editing, recording, and hosting duties are being handled by myself at no extra cost, and the videos will be hosted free on YouTube, this budget is primarily for compensating the time and effort put into this project.

Here is a simplified breakdown of the budget:
  1. Planning and Scripting: Each of the six videos requires thorough research,
    scripting, and planning to ensure the content is accurate, engaging, and
    helpful. This task is estimated to take approximately 25% of the
    overall time.
  2. Recording and Editing: This involves recording the video, doing the voiceover, and editing the
    footage. Given the complexity of this task, it is estimated to take
    around 50% of the total time.
  3. Finalizing and Publishing: This includes final touches, proof-watching, uploading,
    and publishing the videos. This task will take approximately 15% of the
    total time.
  4. Promotion and Community Engagement: The remaining 10% of the time will be allocated for
    promoting the videos on various platforms and engaging with the
    community for feedback and discussions.
While the sum requested may seem modest given the scope of the project, it is important to note that the primary motivation behind this proposal is to contribute to the Dash community and promote active engagement in its decentralized governance model.
Although the potential for higher earnings exists elsewhere, the value derived from enhancing community participation and empowering individuals with knowledge to contribute effectively to DASH's governance is seen as a significant reward for me personally.
I really just want Crypto and DAOs to improve and ultimately succeed.

Community Engagement and Distribution Strategy

The strategy for hosting and distributing the videos has been designed to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility, promoting a high degree of engagement among the DASH community and beyond.

  1. Hosting: The tutorial videos will be hosted on two primary platforms. Firstly, they will be uploaded to my YouTube channel, which provides a user-friendly and widely accessible platform. In
    addition to this, the videos will also be made available within the DASH community through embedding or linking, ensuring direct accessibility to community members.
  2. Promotion within the DASH community: I plan to leverage the community's established communication channels for promoting these videos. These channels include the DASH forums, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and any
    other relevant platform. This will ensure the core user base is promptly
    informed of new tutorial releases.
  3. Broader Promotion: We plan to reach beyond the DASH community by leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Engaging posts and snippets from the videos can serve to capture the attention of
    a broader audience. These posts will contain links to the full video tutorials, inviting interested individuals to engage further. This strategy not only aims to attract potential new community members but
    also raises general awareness about Dash's unique governance model.
  4. Ongoing Engagement: Following the release of each tutorial, I will actively participate in ensuing discussions, answering questions and providing clarification where necessary. This ongoing engagement will help to
    build a sense of community, encourage active learning, and ensure that the content is clearly understood.
  5. Feedback Loop: Finally, a continuous feedback loop will be established to inform the ongoing refinement of these tutorials. Community members will be encouraged to provide their thoughts and suggestions, allowing the
    content to evolve according to the community's needs. pending future proposals of course.
Through this multi-faceted distribution and engagement strategy, we aim to ensure these tutorials reach a wide audience, stimulate robust discussions, and ultimately foster a more engaged, empowered, and active Dash community.

Collaboration and Feedback

I believe in the power of collaboration and community input. Therefore, I invite all Dash community members, especially Masternode owners, to share their thoughts, suggestions, and feedback on this proposal. Your
insights will be invaluable in shaping the content and ensuring that it meets the community's needs.
For the thumbnails I'm going to try to collaborate with Dan S (discord handle), As he was the person who helped me create the template I use for the DASH Proposal of the week twitter posts I regularly create.
I may change the FEE in light of any compensation he requests as I feel he should be propoerly paid for his time. He has previously helped me for free.
I will include information about existing guides and tooling.


If the proposal does not pass, I will still complete the tutorials and post them, I will however not allow Dash to post them on their youtube channel and I will feel upset and rejected.
If the vote fails but I am given the Dash via donation, I will gift the content to Dash for them to do as they please in the same way I would if I were funded by the treasury, I will however not get the bragging rights of calling the tutorials the Official Dash DAO tutorials.

You may Tip or donate to this address : XvDvzTnAHmLtTqdCywxwtRhigKDFDNzo7XConcerns

With Platform coming soon, I'm expecting new wallets to be created and the proposal creation process to possibly change, in which case these tutorials will quickly become outdated, if this is the case I will of course put in a new proposal and ask for yet more funding to create NEW tutorial videos.
This may happen anyway if new ways to create proposals become available via differenc wallets such as browser or mobile wallets.


The DASH DAO Tutorial Videos aim to be a valuable resource for the Dash community, enhancing understanding, engagement, and utilization of Dash.

With your support, we can make this vision a reality.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via Email or Twitter if you have any questions or would like to discuss this proposal further.

Thank you for considering this proposal, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


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3 points,7 months ago
Just for information - Please find the first released video (second of the entire series of 6 videos) which shows how and explains why Pre-proposal discussion is vital to a good proposal.
0 points,7 months ago
There are already DAO tutorials available. Also, do we want to encourage people to come in with their bright ideas , ask for funding only to be shot down because they haven’t proven themselves to be competent or trustworthy yet?

What I think we need are tutorials on how to use platform. What problems it can solve for people, the types of things that can be built on platform, and at a lower level, how to use Evo wallets- which will hopefully provide some great expense and investment reports??
2 points,7 months ago
Thanks for your comments, as I've replied below and on the forums, this is NOT the only set of tutorials I plan to do for this DAO. If there is need for tutorials on platform (when its released - no date set yet). This is not an either/or, I can comfortably do both. I also expect Incubator and the marketing department to have guides and tutorials built.

I understand the worry about having new people join the DAO and get paid in Dash from the treasury, but thats the reason why we have pre-proposals, I've already made a video describing the best way to create a pre-proposal on Dash. Honestly I think the best DAOs have plenty of new proposers, it means we are reaching new people, the 'shooting down' will happen at the pre-proposal stage, or better still we can all work together to turn a proposal that would of been shot down into a proposal that would be useful and helpful to the project.

I often speak of the difficulties of migrating between projects, and I feel that the best DAOs will be the ones which have the best onboarding processes, and especially with Dash Platform coming we want to have developers and entrepreneurs lining up to get funding for things that help grow, maintain, and expand our network. Assuming we get a decent price bump in the upcoming bull market we want to be as open and welcoming as possible as the competition for L1 devs, smart contract devs and crypto projects will hot up and networks will all want to have things built on their network, platform and dash will be no different, but that openess shoud start now.

Sorry for the wall of text. ;)
3 points,7 months ago
Increasing participation in the DAO? I am voting YES.
3 points,7 months ago
Thanks for your support :)
4 points,7 months ago
You are planning to do 6 tutorial videos on Dash, and they all focus on the Dash DAO (initiating Dash community discussion, creating a Dash proposal, monitoring a Dash proposal, promoting a Dash proposal, reporting on a Dash proposal).

I rather see you do 6 promotion videos on Dash, with the first three videos promoting Dash current features (including a video on Dash governance and on Evonodes, as those type of new masternodes are already operating on the Dash network) and the last three videos on the upcoming new features with regards to Dash Platform / Dash Evolution.

We are only one update away from launching Dash Platform on Dash Mainnet. I think promoting Dash current features and Dash upcoming new features is more valuable to the Dash community, then focusing just on Dash Governance system and how to setup and maintain proposals.

This may involve stepping outside your comfort zone (DAO / Governance) and researching the upcoming new Dash features as well as Dash current features, but i think it is worth it for you personally (you learn more about Dash upcoming new features) and it will ultimately be more valuable to the Dash community.

Once Dash Platform hits Mainnet, Dash governance system will expand anyways as Evonodes will be able to vote on Platform-specific topics (for example voting-in Dash blockchain-registered usernames and voting on future Platform updates). So in short : Dash Platform / Dash Evolution will bring changes to Dash Governance system, where governance will run through normal masternodes and through Evonodes. Evonodes can vote on Platform-specific topics, normal masternodes can't.

Dash is currently at Dash Core v19.3 (mainnet) & Platform version 0.24 (testnet).
Dash Platform / Dash Evolution will be released on Dash Mainnet later this year (i hope), through Dash Core v20 & Platform v0.25
4 points,7 months ago
Yes, We had discussed this in the forums, I'm happy to do other videos, I dont think its a case of 'either/or' I can comfortably do both. I also highlighted the possibility that these tutorials become outdated once Platform arrives, the thing is, I'm not entirely sure when Platform will arrive and I'm happy to redo these when it does, I may put in a proposal for that when the time comes, but i'm not sure we should assume it would be this year without a firm date and judging by the last update I saw there seems to be new work being added to the release version each time they update.

I think different videos are a great idea, but I would really like to start with proposal creation and make my way from there :)

Also 2 of the 6 videos are already made during the process of submitting this proposal, so it's kinda late to turn back now, I'm going to make these regardless, its just a case of either they're worth funding, or...... I dont even want to suggest the alternative. lol

Thanks for the support, I'll leave a link to the videos here as soon as they go live within the next few days.
2 points,7 months ago
Fair enough.