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Title:DACH: Marketing and Business Development Q3/20
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Proposal description

DACH: Marketing and Business Development Q3/20

Dash Embassy D-A-CH ( was founded on the 23rd of Feb 2018. Our main goal is to drive adoption of Dash. To achieve this we were convincing FIAT-Gateways such as ATM Companies and Exchanges and companies from the payment industry, such as payment service providers (PSPs), cashier systems and payment terminals to integrate Dash in the past. During 2019 we experienced that convincing payment companies, wallet providers and exchanges was becoming harder and harder. This was happening for two reasons:

1 - We convinced most of the major crypto-companies in our region to integrate Dash. This means that the number of remaining integration opportunities has decreased.

2 - The remaining companies are demanding a higher degree of awareness, partnerships in marketing and/or advertising or a listing fee.

This only applies to major crypto-companies. We could move on integrating Dash in smaller services, which are not demanding anything except for a twitter post, but we are convinced that integrating Dash in those, comparably less significant, businesses is not adding a lot of value to Dash, anymore. We are not willing to pay for integrations into the major companies, as we believe that this would send the wrong signal to the industry. Much rather we would like to work on increasing the degree of awareness and create partner programs, because this would enable integrations following real market demand. We are convinced that this approach is a lot more sustainable than “pay to play” integrations, as it offers additional benefits, such as increased visibility and usage of Dash in general. All this was part of the reasoning behind our decision to work on a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

This proposal is based on the DCW: Marketing Strategy and Structure proposal we submitted in January 2020

All the actions listed below are the results of the findings we made during the past 5 months. The derivations and reasonings can be found in our working document: 

As we are aware that a document which contains over 160 pages might fall under TLDR, we want to give you a short summary of what we learned from our research. For further details please take a look at the entire document linked above.

1 Research Summary

1 - Payments 

The traditional payment industry in Europe is beginning to adopt cryptocurrency payments. Worldline (3rd biggest payment company in the world) will start their rollout for BTC and ETH payment in collaboration with Bitcoin Suisse (Broker, Staking, Crypto-PSP) in Switzerland during this summer. They control the vast majority of the payment market in Switzerland. ( 

We were not able to convince Worldline/Bitcoin Suisse to integrate Dash into their payment solution, because they believe that the awareness of Dash and the demand of potential users for Dash are too low, compared to BTC and ETH.

A1 Payments (leading payment company in Austria) and Ingenico (worlds biggest payment terminal company) already started their rollout for BTC, ETH, Dash, Stellar, Ripple and Litecoin payments in Austria in collaboration with Salamantex (Crypto-PSP)

According to A1 and Salamantex the usage of BTC is already increasing. Dash is lagging behind BTC and ETH and is not catching up with the current growth phase.

2 - Remittance

Dash can’t offer any advantages for remittance inside of Europe compared to companies such as Western Union, Transferwise or MoneyGram. It seems like the competition in the most attractive corridors by volume is so high that Dash can’t beat it, as long as fiat on-/off ramps are involved. This can only be changed if Dash will be used as a means of payment in the sending or in the receiving country. We did not examine intercontinental remittance yet.

In conclusion we found that the benefits of Dash remittance can only be fully utilized if the need for fiat on-/off-ramps is eliminated.

3 - Finance

According to BaFin (German regulator) the demand for financial products based on crypto-assets is increasing significantly. Right now Dash is not available as ETN/ETC or as any other kind of derivative on traditionals markets. Those kinds of products based on Dash will only become available if a potential issuer believes that there is enough demand for the underlying asset or if a third party pays for the setup fee and covers the initial investment. Dash is not benefiting from this growing market, because the demand for Dash is too low. 

The reasoning behind the low demand seems to be connected to the comparably low market capitalization and the comparably low usage at the POS and in e-commerce.

4 - Media

Europe's leading digital publisher ( and Europe's leading news-website for finance ( are invested in the first fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange based in Germany ( Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other projects are getting coverage on leading financial news websites and even in mainstream media. Dash is almost not getting any coverage, not even in crypto related media. As a result Dash is not being recognized by people interested in cryptocurrencies. Conversations with leading finance news websites such as (32m visitors/month) and leading crypto related news websites such as BTC-ECHO (1.3m visitors/month) have revealed that Dash is not being covered because of its comparably low market capitalization.

Unless the market capitalization grows significantly, it is unlikely that Dash will get significant organic media coverage for the technical innovations and updates it delivers.

5 - Competitors 

BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP and XLM are the closest competitors of Dash when it comes to availability and usage via Crypto-PSPs at the POS and in e-commerce. They have access to a much bigger user base than Dash due to a very comprehensive distribution in Multi-Coin-Wallets and Crypto-Banking. Most of them are a lot more visible on crypto related news-websites and in social media. The most visible and best distributed are having leading figures in media. All of them are having a higher market capitalization than Dash. 

Currently we are unable to convince any of the large multi-coin-wallets or crypto-banking services to integrate Dash. This is because they believe that the awareness of Dash and the demand of potential users for Dash is too low compared to its competitors.

6 - SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) 

The SWOT analysis has shown that due to the current market developments in the payment and financial sector, but also due to the increase in availability in the area of ​​wallets and crypto banking, there are numerous opportunities for Dash that can have a strong positive impact on the success of Dash as a means of payment. At the same time, however, there are also numerous threats, which mainly result from untapped opportunities, which might lead to the project failing. When considering the threats and opportunities in terms of strategy, two factors are particularly noticeable: market capitalization and awareness. This means that many of the opportunities can only be used, and the majority of the threats can only be avoided if Dash's awareness and/or market capitalization increase. As a final conclusion, it can be stated that crucial investments need to be made in the awareness level of Dash, that educational work on the product has to be carried out, that Dash's mission statement has to be communicated more strongly and that business development and communication in the area of ​​investment have to be carried out. Partner programs for the payment industry should also be developed and measures to increase transactions should be taken.

The Treasury and the DIF seem to be Dash's biggest strengths at the moment. They should be utilized to increase the visibility of Dash's superior technology and to avoid the threats and take advantage of the opportunities the market is offering.

7 - Strategy

The paragraphs above have shown that Dash's success is limited by a low level of awareness, a low market capitalization and a low demand by users. We call this Dash's growth threshold

To overcome this we need to work on the two limitations that we can take influence on, which are:

- low level of awareness 
- low demand by users

To do so we identified five target groups. All of them contain several personas, such as the hodler, the trader, the pirate or the developer. For each of them we created a detailed marketing funnel and specific arguments based on their interests and mindsets so that a conversion can be made.

We highly recommend you to learn more about this by taking a look at the strategic goals, target groups and strategy chapters of our working document: 

We understand that not all of you are willing to do the deep dive. This is why we created this graphic as an abstract overview of what we want to achieve:

For logical reasons it does not make a lot of sense to start approaching all of the target groups at the same time. This is mainly because they are building up on each other and leads to the following prioritization:

The target group IT-Branch/Developers is not part of the prioritization due to the reasons mentioned in the working document. Dash Owner, Crypto Idealists, Crypto Hodler and Crypto Developer are the personas that should be addressed immediately.

2 Marketing Actions

In this part of the proposal you will only see marketing activities, which are planned for short term. We expect this period to take around 6 months. While executing this, we will prepare marketing activities for mid term. The paragraphs below are part of our working document. Some of them are referring to chapters and paragraphs of that document. Please make sure to read them.

10.1 Short Term

Dash Owner, Crypto Idealists, Crypto Hodler and Crypto Developer are the personas that should be addressed immediately in order to create the basis for achieving the strategic goals defined under 8. On the basis of the strategies presented under 9.1, the following measures are derived.

10.1.1 Landingpages

To begin with, information and arguments that can lead to the conversion of the respective personas must be prepared in a bundled form and made accessible. For this purpose, landing pages will be created, which are tailored to the interests of the personas and thus allow them to change their beliefs. The topics will be payment, technology and investment (Masternodes/Shared-Masternode-Staking), whereby the ideological component and the mission statement of Dash will always be part of their content. Landing pages will play a central role in all communication measures and will act as the destination for traffic.

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: 3 Landing-Pages
KPIs: Number of visitors and conversions (clicks on further links)

10.1.2 Blog

Currently only German translations of Dash Core Group updates are published on the blog at Going forward, summary blog posts will be created for the press releases published at The blog will also be expanded to include the content categories payment, technology and investment. In these three categories, all topics that can influence the beliefs of the target groups (see 9.1.2 & 9.1.3) will be covered. 

Any blog posts created will be integrated into the landing pages in a meaningful way, so that the thematic preferences of the visitors of the landing pages can be flexibly addressed. For this reason, each blog page will also link to the landing page with the appropriate topic. Individual blog posts will be distributed via the social media channels of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH, in forums, in groups on Facebook, via newsletter and in telegram groups. They can also be used as thematic hooks in cooperation with media platforms and influencers.

To increase the reach of the blog posts and thus the number of visitors to the landing pages, it would be useful to advertise the posts on the social networks. (see 10.1.4)

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: Initial 9 contributions, then 8 contributions per month
KPIs: Visitor numbers and conversions (clicks on landing pages)

10.1.3 Newsletter

A newsletter is used to keep interested users up to date and to draw attention to new blog posts. Depending on the subscribers' wishes, the newsletter is sent out every 2 weeks or monthly. It also allows a selection of content based on the topics mentioned under 10.1.2. 

In order to give potential newsletter subscribers an additional incentive to subscribe to the newsletter, each subscriber receives a shopping voucher of 5€ when paying with Dash on Satoshi Goods will provide this voucher free of charge.

More details about the topic can be found here:  

Task: Setup newsletter, dispatch newsletter
KPIs: Leads or recipients

10.1.4 Social Media

Building on the insights gained in, the Dash Embassy D-A-CH will initially focus primarily on Facebook, including Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and smaller social media channels such as Hive. To keep Dash fans aware of the topics of payment, technology and investment, and to achieve greater coverage of their own content through user-side sharing, the blog posts designed under 10.1.2 will be shared immediately after publication. 

To encourage users to use Dash for payments, incentives are created through competitions and customer interaction. Such incentives will always communicate the beliefs aimed at under and combine them with activity. One example of such an activation would be "The Dasher of the Week". The concept of this contest is based on users posting proof of their use of Dash in payment transactions and thus participating in a raffle for shopping vouchers. A quiz provides knowledge about the technology behind Dash in a playful way. For their participation, the winners will be rewarded with a fan package.

To improve interaction rates and strengthen the bond between Dash and its fans, online game tournaments will be organized for the community. Everyone is welcome to participate. The games will be selected based on a survey of the community. The top three finishers will receive a prize in Dash and will be recognized via postings. 

An introduction of Dash acceptance points is used to increase the visibility of these acceptance points within the community. Combined with special offers and discounts, the number of Dash transactions can be increased. 

In addition, graphical statistics on Masternodes are published regularly. These statistics can include a reference to ROI, but also deal with other metrics.

It is recommended to advertise the corresponding postings in order to increase the reach and interaction rates of the individual posts and thus, for example, to increase the number of blog posts but also the number of Dash fans per se. At the beginning it is especially important to find out which of the postings lead to the best conversion rates, so that over time an optimization can be made. More details on the required budget will only be possible after a concrete editorial plan has been drawn up.

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: Editorial plan, Content creation, Community management
KPIs: Follower, Interaction

10.1.5 essra - Influencer

Based on the findings of 4.2.4 and, a separate media figure or YouTube Influencer will be built up, as this promises higher coverage in addition to the existing channels than relying exclusively on completely Dash specific channels. It is important to show a certain amount of tact and sensitivity when creating content, since a purely Dash-based channel can quickly appear one-sided and would probably not be well received by potential subscribers. To ensure that the channel has the widest possible reach, it is advisable to enter into cooperation with other crypto-youtubers, particularly at the start. We have already created content for test purposes under the pseudonym "essra": 

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: Editorial plan, Content creation, Community management
KPIs: Subscribers, Views

10.1.6 Forums

To reach Dash Owners, Crypto Idealists, Hodler and Developers apart from our own communication channels, it is necessary to create Dash-related threads on the topics of technology, payment and Masternode(-Staking) in the forums listed under In case corresponding threads already exist, it is necessary to actively participate and make the blog posts listed under 10.1.2 available. To avoid a possible advertising impression it might be useful to work together with active community members or to use the influencer figure mentioned under 10.1.5. Relevant forums in the German speaking area are 

Another conceivable option would be to place advertising for specific topics, blog posts or landing pages on forums. This would entail additional costs, which would have to be covered by an additional budget.

Task: Creating Threads, Sharing Content, Active Participation in Discussions
KPIs: Conversions (clicks on landing pages and blog posts)

10.1.7 Market Letters

The number of market letters related to cryptocurrencies, as listed in, is currently relatively small, but Dash must still be represented in letters with investment related topics. A cooperation with the publishers of these market letters will therefore be sought and editorial content will be jointly developed. The objective is to position all relevant information, which is also mentioned on the investment related landing page and in the investment related blog posts, in the market letters and to establish links to the investment landing page if possible.

The cooperation arrangements mentioned above may involve additional costs, which would have to be covered by a corresponding budget.

Task: Establishing Contact, Negotiating Offers, Content Concepts
KPIs: Conversions (clicks on landing pages and blog posts)

10.1.8 Podcasts

To complement the YouTube channel of the influencer figure, interviews and other already existing content, which does not require visual material, will be published as podcasts on all platforms. Advertising for this format is currently not planned. This is an overview of the already existing channels

Google Podcast:

In addition to their own podcast, the influencer figure is suggested as a discussion partner for the podcasts listed under, where he or she can refer to their own YouTube channel on the one hand, but also convey knowledge about Dash.

Task: Adjust and share video content, arrange interviews
KPIs: Subscribers for Youtube & Podcast

10.1.9 Events

The events listed under usually have a B2B orientation, so cost-intensive partnerships and sponsorships should be avoided in this category of events. It is desirable to place the media influencer figure as a speaker or panelist, as long as this is possible without fees. This also applies to participation in larger meetups. While these events usually have a B2C orientation, the CPC (cost per conversion) cannot be compared to digital measures due to the small number of participants and the high travel costs. 

A different approach could be taken with organizing an event yourself with the intention of making a profit and a clear focus on the topics of payment and possibly also Masternodes. More details can be found under 10.1.10 Crypto-Payment Community.

Task: Speaker Placements
KPIs: none

10.1.10 fairpaid - Crypto-Payment Community

The name "fairpaid" is used to establish a coin agnostic community for those who want to pay with cryptocurrencies. This community basically deals with the ideology behind cryptocurrencies. Its goal is to gather all idealists from the crypto-scene in one place and to create a lifestyle-movement as outlined in Within such an environment, Dash has the opportunity to convince other personas of the advantages of Dash in the payment traffic through testimonials of already existing Dash commuters. The activation measures defined in 10.1.4 can also be shared in such a community, which increases the visibility of Dash and thus the number of potential new Dash owners & commuters.

The first step is to start the "fairpaid" movement in the form of a Facebook group, on Telegram and on Hive. The creation of corresponding threads in the forums mentioned under 10.1.6 is also required. If sufficient interest is shown by the community, the approach under 10.2 will be pursued further and measures will be taken to expand the offer.

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: Create Facebook/Telegram Group, convince Influencer, Media Platforms and PSPs to participate, Community Management
KPIs: Members

10.1.11 Masternode Staking Community

In a similar way to the payment community outlined under 10.1.7, coin agnostic groups will be created on Facebook, Telegram and Hive, offering users the opportunity to exchange information on the topics of Masternode and Shared Masternode-Staking. These groups will be regularly updated by the Dash Embassy D-A-CH on new developments and partnerships of Dash through the blog posts written under 10.1.2. To enable a lively culture of discussion, influencers and media platforms are planned to be won over to provide regular content. 

Assuming that the groups are well accepted by the community, the approach under 10.2 will be pursued further and measures will be taken to expand the range of offers.

More details about the topic can be found here: 

Task: Create Facebook/Telegram Group, Convince Influencer, Media Platforms and Masternode Service Providers to Participate
KPIs: Members

10.1.12 Influencer-Marketing (Cryptocurrencies & Developer)

As mentioned in 10.1.2, 10.1.11 and 10.1.12, influencers have an important role in the spread of information. With their opinions and evaluations, they also have a significant influence on the consideration phase of the target groups defined under 7 and can make important preliminary work for the actual conversion of potential Dash Owners and Spendlers.

To benefit from these potentials, cooperations with influencers are being sought. The main goal is to arouse the influencers' interest in Dash, so that they will become multipliers of press releases and other news about Dash in the future. In order to achieve this, it must be ensured that the influencers deal with Dash intensively. Because Dash is currently not one of the most hyped coins on the market (market capitalization, general awareness level), especially crypto influencers are currently prioritizing other projects that achieve better results in terms of click rates. It will therefore be necessary in some cases to compensate for the research effort involved.

The result of the initial research just described will be content that will contribute to the education about Dash and can be used for example in blog posts or on landing pages. In the cooperation with influencers it is absolutely necessary to develop concepts together and not to make strict content specifications. We will provide inspiration and support in the research, but the thematic focus will be completely in line with the basic interest of the influencer. The subjects we will focus on are as follows:

Technology - Dash DAO, Masternodes, InstantSend/PrivateSend, LLMQs, ChainLocks, Platform

Investment - Token Economics, Masternodes, Shared-Masternode-Staking

Payment - Speed, Fees, Privacy, Partnerships

It is not yet possible to say which influencers from the German-speaking world will cover which topics. More detailed information will follow as soon as first talks have been held. A separate budget will probably be required for this measure.

Suitable Youtubers can be found here: 

Task: Establishing Contact, Definition of the Thematic Framework, Support with Research
KPIs: Number of Videos, Reach

10.1.13 PR / Media Cooperation

According to the findings of, news websites are one of the strongest information platforms for Crypto Owners. It is therefore inevitably necessary and absolutely essential to work on the presence of Dash on news websites. The problem is, however, similar to what was mentioned in 10.1.12, that Dash is not a very hot project at the moment. For this reason, more trending topics are preferred in news coverage. The only possibility to increase the presence of Dash on news websites is to develop content together with the editorial and sales departments, which is published in the form of sponsored editorial articles and links to the landing pages listed in 10.1.1. Besides the mentioned sponsored editorial contributions, static content must be provided in knowledge areas that present Dash in all its facets and also link to the landing pages. An additional budget will probably be required for this measure.

The topics we focus on are as follows:

Technology - Dash DAO, Masternodes, InstantSend/PrivateSend, LLMQs, ChainLocks, Platform

Investment - Token Economics, Masternodes, Shared-Masternode-Staking

Payment - Speed, Fees, Privacy, Partnerships

On top of "paid content", we will continue to use the press releases published at to generate articles on recent updates from the Dash ecosystem.

Suitable websites are: 

Tasks: Definition of the Thematic Framework, Support with Research, Negotiation of Media Prices
KPIs: Number of Articles, Range

3. Business Development

We continue to maintain all our existing business contacts to be able to execute our business development strategy which remains to be focused on fiat gateways, wallets and crypto-banking and companies from the payment industry such as crypto PSPs (payment service provider) and traditional PSPs. Following our strategy document above, financial products based on crypto, such as funds, ETNs, certificates etc. might also become part of our business development strategy in the future, even though we believe that this should be part of the work of the DIF.

Important: it is unlikely that we will be able to deliver integrations during the upcoming months, but of course we won’t leave any opportunity untapped.

4. Integrations

To keep you updated about all our integration projects we are using the kanban software trello. To get detailed information about the status of all integration projects, please take a look at our integration pipeline:

In addition to our own integration projects Sinay Demirel (@sidem) is supporting other DFOs (Co-Working members) with the technical integration and assistance of their acquired partners.

5. Team

Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) -
Sinay Demirel (@sidem) -
Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) -
Nils Herrmann (@orion)
Johanna Czekalla -

6. Financials

Budget requested for Q2/2020:

165 Dash/month (estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 91.05) = Total Q2: $ 45,117 or € 41,316 

Due to the decreased Dash price we only received € 32,346k for the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Budget request Q3/2020:

We use the 30 days SMA on the 5th of July 2020 with an average Dash Price of $71,57: We request the total amount with a volatility buffer of 10% for the quarter because of the risk of possible price declines.

DACH Business Development - Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2020:

Corporate Wallet Address:

We hope for your vote, support and contribution and will be happy to answer all of your questions in the comment section.

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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3 points,9 days ago
It's a real shame that this didn't pass this cycle with 900 Dash left unallocated. I'm wary there is a lot of information to digest here but I'm certain for most that could find the time to do the diligence into the work being done it would be an easy yes. You don't have to agree with every facet of this proposal, but please understand that this is a methodical approach to marketing and business development that will be responsive and measured - what doesn't work will be found our relatively quickly and will be iterated upon or discarded.

This team works incredibly hard, gets a ton of results and constantly improves and collaborates with other teams lifting the whole DAO up - they're invaluable and defunding them is at huge risk to the value they've built up over the several years of work they've done for the DAO.

In terms of other concerns:

Is it too expensive? Yes it's expensive but this is a 5 strong team with proven historical results who work hard in every area of Dash, they have connections with the crypto and traditional payments industry at the highest level, they're constantly working on new integrations, partnerships and supporting existing ones.

Is it relevant for Dash to target the DACH region? Yes, absolutely, crypto might be more needed in real terms in Latin America, Nigeria, etc. but there is still a strong need across the rest of the world too - and don't forget that the majority of crypto 'use' right now is speculation, and those speculators live in wealthy countries like those targeted by this team. The value of our Dash can be dramatically and directly impacted by the work of this team, increasing the value of the treasury and our capacity to fund adoption efforts too.

Are they moving the needle? This is always a hard one, we've had years of announcements from tons of different teams, with very little tangible impact, but Rome wasn't built in a day. On-going work like this is how we build a strong foundation to truly grasp and leverage the next bull run into real use and real adoption. When Bitcoin (and Dash) hits the headlines across the world again, do you want Dash to be able to turn around and say 'Dash is accepted in 100,000 stores across the west, can be enabled by any merchant or payment service providers using a verifone, ingenico, clover, or NCR point of sale'? Do you want there to be a good foundation of developers, business owners and technical solutions in place and ready to catapult Dash to where it belongs? This is definitely a hopeful vision, and who knows, it might not come to pass, but I can guarantee it's significantly less likely to by burning the bridge with this team.

Is it bad to target investors? There was an argument below that this will decrease the value our MN payouts, which in my mind is counter-intuitive, targeting investors is targeting demand, demand increases price, price increases USD value of payouts - even if they are split between a greater number of MNs. There is no issue in my mind with targeting investment, though I'm happy to be corrected on this if this is a flawed line of thought, any economists game?

Why are they targeting marketing now? They're still targeting business development too, this isn't a pivot to something new, this is them identifying a pain point for Dash, we now have one marketing employee at DCG (Fernando) as I understand it, Mark is covering PR with his team but that is tangential to the work this team will be doing; influencer marketing, direct marketing, landing pages, social media, blog, youtube content, events, podcasts etc. The fact is, Mark works closely with Jan and these two teams complement each other fantastically.

For those on the fence, please also consider the risk of not voting too. It's something that's not always considered but this is a relationship and it goes two ways, there are numerous hard-working Dash supporters who've taken other opportunities and despite what some say, we don't have a line around the corner of people with this skillset or value built up over the years waiting in the wings.

For those who have other hesitation points, let this team know what they are, I guarantee they'll get back to you right away and work to understand any issues raised and alleviate them where they can.
1 point,7 days ago
I thought the ask was a little high, but I did vote yes.
1 point,8 days ago
Thank you for your support and sharing your point of view, Ash.
1 point,14 days ago
You have my support.
0 points,14 days ago
Thank you, qwizzie.
1 point,18 days ago
I do not like the idea of fake YouTube channel. Holding off my vote for now
3 points,17 days ago
Hello thorhammer,

thank you for your comment. We assume that the “fake YouTube Channel” you are talking about is the essra channel. If this is the case we don’t really understand why you think it will be some sort of fake. Me (Jan Heinrich Meyer aka essra), I’m a real person. The CEO and founder of Dash Embassy D-A-CH and member of the board of the blockchain working group at bitkom (german digital association). This is what is stated in the description of the youtube channel and this is what I say in the welcome video of the channel. Even though I’m always talking about Dash being my favorite coin and that I’m working for Dash in fulltime in almost every video, it might make sense to explain who I’m at the beginning of every single video, so there won’t be any misconceptions. Thank you for the hint.

In addition the link to the imprint of the youtube channel already has a Dash logo in front of it and leads to the website of Dash Embassy D-A-CH.

It will be obvious that the YouTube channel and me as a person belong to Dash.

The reason why we decided to brand the YouTube Channel after an individual rather than an organization can be found in our strategy document, in short: social media accounts of individuals (or leading figures) seem to have much larger followings than accounts that represent organizations (check 4.2.4 in our strategy document). So we are basing our influencer account on an individual that represents Dash and its superiority rather than an organization to increase effectiveness in reaching more people.

I hope this helps with your decision making. Please also keep in mind that the YouTube channel is only a small part of all planned activities. In addition to the channel we are planning to build landing pages, run a blog, run a newsletter, do social media marketing, get Dash in market letters, create a crypto payment community, create a masternode staking community, convince crypto- and development youtubers/influencers to talk about, explain and build tutorials on Dash and get coverage for Dash in crypto related media. All mentioned activities are short-term. In mid-term we will extensivice our efforts to reach additional target groups.

For further details please make sure to read our strategy document and the presentations linked in the proposal description.

Thank you for your time,

3 points,17 days ago
Ok thank you for reply. It is hard to know what is going on in the vids because I dont speak the language. I will vote yes. Good luck
0 points,24 days ago
UPDATE: As a kickoff for a planned series on Dash, Sidem explained Dash and it's innovations including the DAO, LLMQs, ChainLocks, InstantSend, PrivateSend, Scaling strategy and Dash Platform on the developer centric YouTube Channel "The Morpheus Tutorials" with over 100.000 subscribers.

This is part of our Strategy to reach more developers for Dash Platform / DApp development.
0 points,24 days ago
4K views is not too shabby for a 1hr+ video. Nice work.
1 point,11 days ago
A "view" on Youtube is counted even if people only watch part of the video. The exact algo is secret, but some YouTubers say more than 30s is enough. In any case, people don't need to watch the full 1hr+ to count.
0 points,11 days ago
Probably depends on the length of the video what counts as a view, still, for a 1 hour video, that is a good number. Is it worth over 300 Dash/cycle for this kind of exposure is my question.
1 point,25 days ago
dash dao should not be financing a roll your own strategy for influencer marketing. voting no. Would like to see dach return with a reduced scope, paired down proposal next time.
1 point,11 days ago
A researched and well structured approach to marketing as shown in this proposal is IMO a good way to increase what DASH desperately needs: awareness. (much better than lame dank memes that certain accounts spin out on Reddit). Voting yes.
0 points,11 days ago
Thank you for your support, MasterNoodle. It's much appreciated.
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Hello mikenewhouse,

thank you for your comment. The scope of this proposal is much more diversified than “a roll your own strategy for influencer marketing”. All planned activities, such as landing pages, blog, newsletter, social media marketing, market letters, youtube channel, payment community, masternode staking community, influencer marketing and PR are the result of the findings we made during the past 5 months while working on a strategy. Us working on this strategy was what the network voted yes for. During the whole time our working document was available to the public. The status got documented in all of our DashWatch reports and we asked for feedback on a regular basis. We also updated all fellow Dash Coworking DFOs on our findings regularly.

If you don’t agree with the findings we made in the process of creating the strategy, which we would like to execute now, it would be great to hear your reasonings.

Thank you for your time,

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The issue I have is with the word "marketing" and the entire emphasis of this word is not correct in my opinion. Essra does not currently distinguish between the word "marketing" and "education". However for me there is a world of difference in my opinion and it is of critical importance this difference be highlighted.

As MNOs know from my previous posts, I have not agreed with the DACH "marketing" strategies. Let me be clear, however, I cannot fault Essra's and his team's commitment, dedication and hard work. Unfortunately, however, I do not agree with their underlying logic or strategy to date. The strategy has been to do integrations into payment systems etc even before DASH is a viable alternative for currencies such as the Euro. In my opinion all that time and money spent on doing integrations has been ineffective and of little value to the network. The reason is that for countries such as Germany that has a fully functional Euro based payment system DASH cannot compete currently compete as a payment method at this time. Later on, yes, Dash will exceed the Euro in terms of utility but right now DASH it is simply not an alternative to the Euro in the DACH region and therefore integrating into payments systems at this stage of Dash's development is a waste of precious time and money. Money we could have spent on more worthwhile activity that could have actually increased DASH's profile.

Integrations are not mass adoption if there are no practical use cases for DASH that solve real world problems. The DACH marketing strategy has been exclusively focused on ways to market and integrate DASH i.e. the emphasis has been on what *we* want. The strategy I would use, however, is to forget about what we (DASH) wants and focus on what our *customers* want and need now - and then give it to them. Meet our customers where they are in their learning about cryptocurrency.

I do not see currently any viable uses of DASH in the DACH region that can solve real world problems that the the Euro cannot already solve. This will change later down the line but right now and for the foreseeable future this will be the case.

The DACH region contrasts with that of countries that need DASH as a currency solution such as Venezuela. I have written a detailed articles about this on the Dash Forum:

Dash's target markets:

Essra uses a definition of marketing that encompasses education and unfortunately doing that diminishes the value of education which is customer centric and not marketing which is DASH centric. There is a world of difference between the two and the customer can feel the difference. We need to align with what our customers want and need now. That is high quality educational material.

I also disagree with Essra's current idea of creating his own brand Youtube channel and not using the DASH brand upfront for the following reasons:

1. Essra will be receiving funds from DASH but, from what I can see, this will not be transparent to the viewers of the new proposed channel. If viewers were to find this out then it would undermine the credibility of the channel in my opinion because there was a hidden motive.
Instead it should be clear and upfront and honest to the viewers who is running the channel and why.

2. The Channel should be branded DASH because Dash should not be labelled as "Alt" Coin to bitcoin. It is a revolutionary new Digital Cash payment system and deserves its own channel in its own right. Current crypto holders are not our primary target market. It appears to me the Essra channel currently talks more about Bitcoin than DASH. So why should we be paying for a channel that is promoting Bitcoin and also build a brand for Essra himself?

First Bitcoin holders (and other crypto holders) are unlikely to move to DASH - why? because they have an emotional and financial connection with their own coin. Let me ask you, would you move to Monero? or Zchash or some other competing coin? Why not? The likely answer is you would not consider moving. The reason is that Dash holders have bought into DASH and what DASH represents. This is the same for people with other coins. They have bought into what those coins represent. Later on, other coin holders may decide to move to DASH however I do not see them as our target market in the DACH region at this stage.

Therefore who should the target market be for in the DACH region? In my opinion the target market in the DACH region should be new people who have not yet got into crypto but want to learn how to get into crypto. These people have not yet formed their ideas and emotional connections with a coin.

My view is that if we were to invest in trying to establish DASH in the DACH region we should be providing high quality educational content on getting people started with DASH only at this stage. This is content in the German Language providing step by step guidance on getting started with DASH as a cryptocurrency. There is very little content out there that explains even the basics in a clear, systematic, logical and simple way.

What are people looking for in the DACH region? New people are looking to learn how to get started crypto and become familiar with the technology. Not because they want to use it but because it is the future of money and learning about it now is an investment for the future.

My view is we should provide educational material with step by step guides for total beginners.
We should also provide educational material for developers so they know what DASH can offer and how to start using it to develop their own apps that can solve real world problems. This is content we create, we own and we will receive the traffic for it.

I also very much disagree with going after investors to buy masternode shares. The reason for this is that we already have sufficient Masternodes and getting more will actually reduce our MN earnings.

One thing that is important to understand is that investors look to invest in projects that have a clear vision for what the Project is working to achieve on . If you look at Amazon investors they put up with Bezos for years re-investing all the profits back into the company. They stuck around because they could see the long term vision of the investment back into the company. Investors invest because the project is sound, not because its a "good investment". A sound project makes a good investment and savvy investors know this.

Therefore who is the target market in the DACH region? I believe it is 3 main areas:

1 the beginner wanting to learn what crypto is about.
2. It may be a small business owner that wants to earn a little crypto as an investment without having to go through an exchange. They would want to know how to start accepting crypto for their business.
3. developers who want to learn how to build apps on the new DASH platform.

Germany is famous for its high quality programmers. The DASH platform will provide a solid platform for them to start their venture into crypto. Educational content on how they can do this and what the DASH platform offers in German would be beneficial. If Dash developers can easily learn how to get started developing with DASH then the value would be generated from the apps they build. These apps will solve real world problems and it is the solving of real world problems that will increase the value of DASH.

Note I am specifically using the word "Educational" and not "marketing" . I looked at the current Essra channel on youtube and has very little in the way of step by step educational material.

If a German Educational only channel with complete focus on the new users and developers could be built then that would be worth voting for in my opinion. The users will find the content through the google search rather than speaking with other coins and other projects which I feel is using precious time and resources trying to convert other coin holders to DASH. I do not believe that is the way to go. The new people finding the content will have confidence in DASH if the quality of the content is focused exclusively on helping them and not promoting DASH as a coin. They will feel confident in using DASH and which coin do you think they will start with if all the tutorials are demonstrating only DASH?

I wish to emphasis that DASH is *not* an Alt coin. Dash is a new generation of cryptocurrency that is focused on being Digital Cash. This goes far beyond what Bitcoin can do. We need to be presenting openly what DASH can do without talking about other coins. I posted an article of this point at the forum:

10 Reasons DASH is not an Alt coin

Essra also mentions in his funding description the possibility of DASH failing as a project if we don't get more funding or greater awareness. I disagree with both points. Firstly failure is not an option as far as I am concerned. Dash cannot fail provided we keep going. There are people that are highly devoted and motivated to build the DASH project. We have one of the strongest communities in the field. We have a super talented Dev team. We have some of the best, exciting and groundbreaking technology in the entire field of cryptocurrency. Irrespective of the DASH price the project will always continue and get better and better. We have some of the best minds and talent in the crypto space. We will always find a solution to any problem that is thrown our way. It is just a matter of time before DASH gets the recognition it deserves. Until then we should remain positive, creative, innovating, hardworking, dedicated, focused and committed to Dash's success.
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Hello DeepBlue,

thank you for your detailed feedback. It’s much appreciated. I will try to address your concerns step by step.

1. Marketing/Education:

From our perspective education is a method that can be used to market a product/service/… and by that it’s part of marketing. Let’s take a look at the definition of marketing on wikipedia

“Marketing is the study and management of exchange relationships. It is the business process of identifying, anticipating and satisfying customers' needs and wants. Because marketing is used to attract customers, it is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. Marketers can direct products to other businesses (B2B marketing) or directly to consumers (B2C marketing). Regardless of who is being marketed to, several factors, including the perspective the marketers will use. These market orientations determine how marketers will approach the planning stage of marketing. This leads into the marketing mix, which outlines the specifics of the product and how it will be sold. This can in turn be affected by the environment surrounding the product, the results of marketing research and market research, and the characteristics of the product's target market. Once these factors are determined, marketers must then decide what methods will be used to market the product. This decision is based on the factors analyzed in the planning stage as well as where the product is in the product life cycle.”


In fact education is the method we are focused on mainly in the marketing mix we created.


2. Educational materials/Tutorials

Providing step-by-step tutorials and educational materials about Dash is part of our marketing mix. These materials will be created for people (“customers”) who haven’t been in touch with Dash before and developers who will be able to build DApps on Dash Platform. This kind of content will be part of the landing pages, social media, blog, newsletter, essra YouTube channel, market letters, payment community, masternode staking community, influencer marketing and PR/media partnerships. A first example for this is the initial video on “The Morpheus Tutorials” (over 100.000 subscribers) in which Sidem explains the features and functionalities of Dash to developers. Further examples for planned content of this type can be found in the presentations linked in the proposal description.

3. Target groups

I don’t agree that all people in the cryptoverse are emotionally invested in the coins they own. This might be the case for the hardliners, but it’s not the case for everyone. Most people in the crypto space are investors and most investments are not based on emotions (like you described with your Amazon example). However, I absolutely agree with you, that we should educate people who haven’t been in contact with Dash before. This will be part of our mid- and long-term activities. Now why don’t we start with those target groups directly? This is related to the funnel we described in our strategy document. In other words: we need to do our homeworks first.

If a person that has never been in contact with crypto at all wants to get started with crypto, this person will do some research after an initial contact with a coin. Let’s call this person person A. Let’s say person A hears about Dash and finds the idea behind the project interesting. In the next step person A will google “Dash” to learn more about it. Using Google to search for Dash will open up a whole universe of content and information about Dash and other coins. The biggest part of this content will be provided by news-websites from the crypto space. Person A will now start to learn more about Dash and inescapably about other cryptos. It’s very likely that person A will watch crypto youtubers and probably even join some forums or facebook groups to hear the opinion of people, who are already in the crypto space. In our funnel this process is called consideration.

Because of this customer journey it’s mandatory to educate people from the crypto space first, before reaching out to people who haven’t been in contact with crypto ever before. Otherwise we might lose person A to another project, even though we have been the initial point of contact and have the better technology.

4. Investors

Most people in our region (and I think it’s the same for most regions worldwide) are seeing crypto as an investment. In fact investing in crypto is the first barrier that people need to take before they can start using Dash as a means of payment. As stated in our strategy document we are making a difference between speculative investors and sustainable investors. This is why we are focused on Austrians and Goldbugs mainly. They already have a mindset that will help them to understand the benefits that Dash has to offer. After them becoming Dash Owners we will work on converting them to Dash Spenders, as we described in the strategy document.

5. Euro/Payment companies

You said that currently Dash has no advantage compared to the Euro, but that this will be the case in future. Except for privacy and censorship resistance I agree with this statement. Can you tell at which point in time you believe the shift will happen? We are convinced that due to the current financial politics (zero interest, money printing) it’s not too far away. However, the leading payment companies in Europe (Worldline, A1, Ingenico, …) seem to be preparing for this. Otherwise they wouldn’t start crypto payment services and begin the rollout of these services during this year (for further info please take a look at the press releases linked in the proposal description). You need to decide if you want Dash to prepare for this too and if you want Dash to be part of the current developments from the very beginning, or if you are fine if Dash will be late to the party being only recognized as some Altcoin.

6. Failure

I think I understand your point of view, but I think you got me wrong. I don’t fear that Dash will fail because of product or funding issues. I think it might fail because of a lack of usage. You can have the greatest product in the world, but if no one is aware of it and no one uses it, I would consider this to be a failure. This is why we created the strategy and this is why we want to execute it. Our competitors have a higher visibility and a higher degree of usage (see the stats in our strategy document) right now. Let us not underestimate them and not assume they will never be able to close the technology gap.

7. essra YouTube channel

As said in other comments the channel will have a very close connection to Dash. The description of the channel says that I’m the CEO and founder of Dash Embassy D-A-CH, the imprint link has a Dash logo on it and leads to the Dash Embassy D-A-CH website. In every video I created so far I’m talking about Dash. In the welcome video of the channel I’m explaining that I’m working for Dash full time. But I hear your voice and I understand your concerns. To avoid any misunderstandings a viewer might have, I will mention who I am and who I’m working for in the beginning of every single video.

The reason why we decided to start the essra channel instead of another official Dash channel is that in most cases individuals get a higher number of subscribers, then brands/companies/projects do. Just take a look at Roger Ver and BCH. I don’t want to compare myself with RV, but this example explains the idea behind the channel very well.

In addition we will be happy to contribute German content to the official DashPay Youtube Channel, such as translated versions of the animated videos of DCG.


I hope I was able to clarify most of the issues being raised and I really think that we are basically on the same page. As in the month before, I offer you a call to dive deeper and discuss any concerns that might still exist in addition to public communication right here on DC.

Thank you for your time and the efforts you put in your feedback.

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I appreciate the work this team has done with integrations, but this proposal looks like it covers mostly marketing, I don't think I can support this particular offering at this ask. Would have liked to have seen a smaller request until the team could demonstrate a working marketing strategy.
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Hello agnewpickens,

thank you for your comment. In fact this proposal is mainly about marketing/education. It is the result of the work we did during the past 5 months, which was creating a marketing strategy. Working on this strategy is what we got funded for. Now we are ready to execute.

We will only be able to demonstrate that the strategy we created works, if the network allows us to execute it. As stated in the strategy document there probably will be some adjustments to some of the planned actions over time, because theory might differ from practice. But we are convinced that our research helped a lot to close the gap.

Thank you for your time,