Title:DACH: Business Development Q1/2020 (revised budget)
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Proposal description

DACH: Business Development Q1/20 (revised budget)

Dash Embassy D-A-CH ( was founded on the 23rd of Feb 2018. Our main goal is to increase the adoption of Dash by convincing FIAT-Gateways such as ATM Companies and Exchanges and companies from the payment industry, such as payment service providers (PSPs), cashier systems and payment terminals to integrate Dash. 

We are part of the Mobile Commerce Community of GS1 Germany ( GS1 is owned by leading retail companies such as supermarkets, grocery stores and drugstores. By creating standards for payment and logistics for their stakeholders, GS1 has significant influence on the payment industry. The most known standard GS1 ever created was the EAN/GTIN Barcode that you can find on every product in the world.

In addition we are playing an active role in Bitkom is Germany’s digital association and represents 2,600+ companies of the digital economy ( Jan Heinrich Meyer (essra) was elected to be a board member of the blockchain working group of Bitkom ( along with IBM, DATEV and Comdirect. Because of this Dash Embassy D-A-CH is involved in creating the strategic mission of the blockchain working group of Bitkom and has access to industry leaders and research institutes of the digital economy in Germany.

For some of our future activities it will become mandatory to have an official regulatory classification for Dash. This is why we are in contact with the German regulator - BaFin ( on a regular basis.

In the beginning of 2019 we initiated Dash Co-Working (DCW) to share our experience in business development with other DFOs, work on common goals, share our resources and thus mitigate inefficiencies resulting from the DAOs decentralization. As part of the DCW cooperation, Sinay Demirel (@sidem), our IT- and Integrations Manager, is supporting other DFOs with the technical integrations of their acquired partners. We invite every long term DFO with a business development background to join the existing group (DACH, DCG, Next/Thailand, Nigeria). For more details regarding DCW please have a look at:

Our current strategy is the result of our past years experience and research. For further information on the evolution of our strategy please see our previous proposal:

We believe that the decrease of the Dash price is becoming a serious problem. That’s why we consider adding investment related topics to our strategy. To learn more about the potential of this market we started researching and are now in conversations with financial institutions such as and and professional investors.

Highlights 2019

3 Exchanges:

250+ ATMs:

5 Crypto-PSPs (

60+ traditional PSPs (due to the mentioned Crypto-PSPs)

20,000+ Merchants all over Europe due to the mentioned Crypto-PSPs (incl. leading European online casino, leading swiss online shop, leading Portuguese football club, leading Portuguese smartphone reseller

1 Giftcard:

For further details on our integration projects please take a look at

We have been a Co-Organizer of 

For further track record see our Dash Watch Reports:

You are more than welcome to join our channels on Discord:

Dash Nation: #dash-embassy-dach
Dash Talk: #dash-embassy

What will Dash get from our proposal for Q1/20?
1. Business Development

We will be following our previous business development strategy from Q3/19 ( This means that we are focusing our activities on FIAT Gateways such as ATMs, Exchanges and Wallets and companies from the payment industry such as Crypto-PSPs (payment service provider), traditional PSPs, cashier systems and payment terminals.

To enable the full potential of the Crypto-PSPs we are working with, we will host an event called “Cryptocurrency Day” together with GS1 Germany in their knowledge center in Cologne on the 21st of January 2020. The overall goal of this event is to connect Crypto-PSPs and the traditional payment industry to increase the number of Dash accepting merchants significantly, like it is already happening due to the partnership between Salamantex and ingenico for Austria and Germany ( or Switzerland due to the partnership between Bitcoin Suisse and Worldline ( We are expecting up to 150 decision makers from the traditional payment, retail and banking industry to attend the event. We created the agenda of “Cryptocurrency Day”, invited speakers and convinced sponsors. GS1 Germany is inviting their members as attendees. The event is accessible on invitation only. For further details on the agenda please take a look at:

2. Integrations

To keep you updated in a transparent way we do live reporting for all our integration projects by using the kanban software trello. So please have a look at our integration pipeline to get detailed information. 

Integration Pipeline:

In addition to our own integration projects Sinay Demirel (@sidem) is supporting other DFOs (Co-Working members) with the technical integration and assistance of their acquired partners.

3. Events

On the 15th of January 2020 Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will speak about Dash and it’s adoption at the “DLT in payments” event of the Digital Banking & Financial Services working group of Bitkom at Frankfurt School of Finance (attendance on invitation only for Bitkom members).

On the 21st of January 2020 Dash Embassy D-A-CH will host the “Cryptocurrency Day” together with GS1 Germany to connect Crypto-PSPs with traditional payment companies and the retail industry. For further information please take a look at 1. Business Development. (attendance on invitation for GS1 Germany members only)

On the 11th of February Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will attend “Finanzmarktklausur” of Wirtschaftsrat (economic council) as a regular attendee to generate leads from the banking industry (attendance on invitation only for Wirtschaftsrat members).

On the 13th of February Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will attend as a regular attendee to generate leads from the traditional payment industry and major e-commerce companies (attendance is free of charge and open for everyone).

On the 16th of February Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will attend (leading trade fair for retail technology in Europe) as a regular attendee to generate leads from the traditional payment industry (attendance is open for everyone).

On the 26th of February Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) will attend the “Decentralized & Self Sovereign Identity” event of Blockchain working group of Bitkom as a member of the board (attendance on invitation only for Bitkom members).

The list above is not complete yet. We will try our best to acquire as many events of this kind as possible for Q1/2020.

4. Lobbying

Suitable to our Business Development Strategy we are part of working groups about digital transformation, digital payments, Fintechs and digital Banking in the following associations:

Together with Bitkom we have been working on positioning paper in regards to the blockchain strategy of the German government in 2019. In 2020 we will do the same with the EU consultation for the regulatory framework of Crypto-Assets.

Right now we only have been able to utilize Bitkom and GS1 Germany for our business development activities. We hope that we are able to do the same with Wirtschaftsrat in future.

5. Website

We will keep our website and all included services up-to-date and constantly create regular news updates consisting of german translations of articles and updates of our own achievements. New possibilities of accepting Dash by our partner businesses will be prominently featured to promote stronger business development also via our website.

6. Social Media

We are using our social media channels for community updates, event announcements and merchant posts and for sharing German articles. 

If you want to subscribe to our channels, we will be happy to welcome you as a subscriber. 

7. PR

We are sending out German press releases whenever we have news to share. In addition we will keep up the work with DCG and DashNews in DCW (Dash Co-Working) to bring international news into crypto related media platforms in DACH region and DACH news in international media.

8. Legal

While talking to regulated exchanges and Crypto-PSPs we experienced the recurring need for an official statement about the regulatory classification and AML compliance of Dash by the regulatory entities of the corresponding jurisdiction.

Our lawyers from Germany created a legal opinion that we shared with BaFin (German regulator) to get a regulatory classification of Dash as a unit of account and a certificate of compliance for PrivateSend. As BaFin is the most restrictive regulator in EU we believe that other regulators in our region will follow their opinion.

9. Team

Jan Heinrich Meyer (@essra) - 
Sinay Demirel (@sidem) -
Klaus Hipfinger (@simontheravager) -

10. Financials

Budget requested for Q4/2019:

238 Dash/month (estimated avg. Dash Price of $ 81,83) = $ 58.47k or € 53.19k (total in Q4)
Due to the decreased Dash price we only received € 41.9k (total in Q4). 

Budget request February-March 2020:

We use the 30 days SMA with an average Dash Price of $87,21 for the 1st quarter of 2020 on the 31st of January: We request the total amount with a volatility buffer of 10% for the quarter because of the risk of possible price declines.

Here you can find the revised budget for February and March 2020:

Links to our Liquidity and Capital Resources: 

DACH Business Development - Public Budget Planning and Accounting 2020:

Corporate Wallet Address:

Thanks for your support! In Dash we trust! 

We are eager to read your comments and are thankful for your advice. 

The Dash Embassy D-A-CH Team

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2 points,6 days ago
"That’s why we consider adding investment related topics to our strategy." - Good. Without investment Dash fades. We can virtue signal 'digital cash' all day long (it feels like virtue signalling sometimes), but ongoing investment in Dash is just as important, if not MUCH more important.
1 point,12 days ago
FYI: it looks like that due to the new regulations the DACH region is becoming more and more attractive for the crypto industry
2 points,20 days ago
Voted YES on this revised budget proposal with a lower funding request amount (good job).
This means voting NO on their original budget proposal !! Original budget proposal can be found here :
3 points,21 days ago
UPDATE: Cryptocurrency Day @ GS1 Germany incl. a very interesting follow up

On January 21st our long awaited Cryptocurrency Day took place at the knowledge center of GS1 Germany. The event was created to connect Crypto-PSPs with the traditional retail (supermarket) and payment industrie to increase Dash adoption on a large scale. Over 50 decission makers from the traditional industries attended. A lot of promising connections have been made. BTC-Echo will follow up on this with an article.

We already scheduled follow up meetings with a leading cashier system software company in Europe serving over 90,000 cashier systems of leading European retail companies and one of the biggest traditional payment service providers in Europe:

For pictures please take a look at:

Media coverage e.g.:
1 point,21 days ago
Wrong Nexus URL. Please use:
3 points,21 days ago
UPDATE: Thanks to Jan Heinrich Meyer being a member of the board of Bitkom working group for blockchain along with IBM, comdirect and Datev , we recently received a consultation document on an EU framework for markets in crypto assets from the European Commission. We will work on this together with DCG and hope for a positive outcome for Dash in regards to the final European regulation.
2 points,21 days ago
UPDATE: Our blog post for the Bitkom "Digital Payments" working group is live. The topic of the event was "Payments via DLT & Blockchain" - exciting lectures from the Bundesbank, BaFin, Leondra and of course from us Dash Embassy.

Because of this event we got invited to a workshop with one of the biggest retail (supermarket) companies in Europe. The topic of this workshop is to discuss how an integration could be done. Unfortunately we are not allowed to share any additional information due to a signed NDA.