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Title:CRYPTALRESEARCH: All you need to decide
Monthly amount: 294 DASH (7113 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-09-17 / 2018-12-15 (added on 2018-09-03)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 77 Yes / 441 No / 21 Abstain

Proposal description

"CryptalResearch is an organization whose missions to analyze project propositions presented to the Dash Community .
CryptalResearch introduces a new focus on Dash Community projects. It helps its members to validate and cast an informed vote thanks to its positive or negative recommendations. The outcomes are based on careful and accurate analysis’."

Why support CryptalResearch ?

By publishing our papers, we thrive to give our community a fair and fact-based opinion about the voted projects,which will ultimately increase the value of Dash by bringing institutional investors to our ecosystem, hence the Dash value hold by the masternodes.

What we deliver:  Equity Research style coverage:

CryptalResearch is a research house whose aim is to provide Dash community with institutional-like investing recommendations through elaborate research reports, with a goal of helping our community have all cards on deck before taking a decision.
Dash Valuation Model, which is consistently updated with new parameters after each of project voted, join our purpose which is to develop a strong valuation model inspired by Equity & Corporate finance models that not only integrates the core value of dash, but also aggregates the ecosystem and treat all projects.
Funded by masternodes, and filtered by CryptalResearch, the projects we will work on together will increase the overall valuation of Dash. At CryptalResearch, we’re not afraid to develop and discuss state of the art models mainly due to our founders’ successful experience in financial markets, on both buy &sell-sides.

 Why is this important?
  • As we see more institutions coming, it’s a data piece that is important to have.
  • Because institutions simply don’t buy in something they can’t value with a DCF or a multiple model, they may need more in-depth analysis on the project environment and his viability
  • Helps determine a future value of Dash , Future cash flow, Usage , Penetration ,ect
  • Keeps track of all the progresses of the various projects and their impact on the valuation, and outputs a target price adjusted to the progress of the project.
  • Evaluates proposal within the context of their impact on the current valuation and identifies redundancies, of impact, and always links them to a valuation and a general scope.

Our channels of distribution:
As we will be doing an equity research style report,we will be distributing them through Bloomberg, Reuters, Lantern Research, Cryptalnews,Six Financial

Why is distribution important?
As we target current and future “Institutionnal masternodes”, itis important to distribute in trusted & known sources.

What we have done:  Our confirmed analysts have already produced 9 reports about Dash and the
We aim to produce an analysis for all the projects proposed. A PDF version is also available in the links below:

Who are we?
CryptalResearch is an organization whose mission is to analyze project propositions presented to the Dash Community. CryptalResearch introduces a new focus on Dash Community projects and helps its members to validate and cast an informed vote. CryptalResearch is a team of senior analysts: equity and private equity analysts and financial analysts.
The owner: Amine Larhrib, a crypto-entrepreneur Amine is setting new standards in the cryptocurrency trading world, founder of CryptaNews, a collaborative and independent news and media platform. Founder of CryptalDash Exchange, he is launching the world’s first integrated cryptocurrency exchange.As a managing director of CryptalNews, he is committed to changing the way cryptocurrency news are shared and to enhancing readers’ experience.Amine spent the last 8 years in capital market roles in Hong Kong, Canada, and in the Middle East where he held senior clients’ coverage roles.His responsibilities span from Sovereign Wealth Funds across the EMEA to Equity Derivatives Interbank intermediation. Amine holds a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University.


Blue Horizon Advisory is our key partner.It is a business analyst firm specialized in identifying the strengths of business
and the improvements it has to implement. It helps organizations realize optimal efficiencies and to breakthrough barriers
preventing advanced, sustainable growth.BlueHorizon Advisory’s approach to the financial business analysis is based on
using accurate financial tools like different derivatives (in hedging,speculation, and arbitrage) equity, bonds, M&A and predictive analytic methodology. Blue Horizon Advisory is technology oriented, it strongly believes that a successful
digital use in a business is fundamental to its success.

  • Customized solution tailored for the Dash Community's specific needs ·    
  • Implementation analysis and supports to help Dash Community to validate and cast an informed vote on its submitted projects·       
  • Analytics that ensure benchmarks are met·       
  • Identifying the project's real problem and/or investment opportunity ·      
  • Determining stakeholder needs to address the problem or opportunity more effectively·        
  • Facilitating the selection of the best alternative among the various projects ·        
  • Validating that the project aligns with the Dash Community values and mission·     
  • Delivering consistent,high-quality results

We help the Dash Community to propose Dash related business projects by doing the research, audit, advisory, risk and delivery
services. We help Dash Community to validate and cast an informed vote on the submitted projects 

Because, research illustrates:·        
  • 21% of projects were canceled prior to being delivered or were never usedonly·        
  • 37% of all projects succeeded in delivering the required functionality ontime and on budget·        
  • 46% of projects were over budget·        
  • 63% of projects were either challenged or failed
Source:"ChaosReport," Standish Group International

CryptalResearch is dedicated to cover the cryptocurrency market, in terms of analysis, evolution, benchmark and perspectives. CryptalResearch covers mainly the Dash community proposals. CryptalResearch aims to provide MNOS with a solid decision-making tool and help them support their budget proposal votes with a complete analysis of the projects. While working on the Dash community's projects, the confirmed analysts of CryptalResearch team focuses on: ·   
  • The added value of the projects are likely to bring to Dash and Dash community.      
  • The background of the project owners: does it translate a guarantee or potential for the project success?
  • The businessplan analysis: can it be scalable?
  • The budget: what will it be covering?
  • The SWOT analysis of the market: direct and Indirect competitors
  • The upsides and downsides of the project
  • CryptalResearch produces then a positive or a negative recommendation based on the analysis’ outcome.

CryptalResearch currently publishes its analysis and researches on, a news and information website that
broadcasts 24-hours a day the latest crypto-related news: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, reports, market daily, etc.
CryptalNews also has a dedicated video section on the website where it produces and broadcasts instructional and “how-to”
videos to educate its audience on the crypto market. CryptalResearch also publishes its researches on CryptalDash exchange platform.  CryptalDash is a robust cryptoexchange and trading platform equipped with institutional grade matching engine
and third-party crypto exchanges order routing capabilities. All under one dashboard, enabling a seam less trading experience.                

CryptalResearch aspire to be the research and analysis division for the Dash community. CryptalResearch’s goal is to provide in an unprecedent way to the community:
  • An analysis that covers the main cryptocurrencies in the market.
  • Analysis and recommendations for all the submitted proposals for the community votes.
  • On-demand analysis: Dash Masternodes will have the legitimacy to ask CryptalResearch to cover and produce specific analysis and research notes.

Thank you Dash community!

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Discussion: Should we fund this proposal?

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1 point,5 years ago
Maybe try to integrate with Datch Watch?
1 point,5 years ago
Dash Watch has not been approached by this proposal team but is always open to discussing ways to improve the Treasury system with groups who have relevant skillsets.
0 points,5 years ago
We generally don't have time/interest to read all the proposals and discussions, let alone to read additional research about them.
0 points,5 years ago
The quality of the research in the reports was excellent. The recommendations and analysis were also very useful and accurate. The quality of these reports was quite noticeable and I'm wondering what background your organization has had in this area in order to produce analysis and reports to that high standard?

I think this project would be a valuable contribution to the governance decision-making process, providing time-strapped MNOs an excellent summary of the projects in order to help the network make better quality decisions.

I am personally concerned that a great majority of MNOs are not making good business decisions in selecting many projects that are not going to work. I suspect that some MNO may not possibly have had sufficient years of business experience in order to determine a good project from a bad one. I see so much treasury money being burned up on proposals that are simply not going to work. It seems that many MNOs are voting based on if an idea sounds good, rather than on solid business fundamentals, which includes the planned execution, marketing, geographical location of the project and most importantly the team behind the project. We are wasting so much treasury money and we are not sending enough money to the quality projects. I suspect now that a good portion of MNOs simply can't have had sufficient years in business to be able to make sound decisions based on experience. I find this most disheartening because what is the point of having a treasury fund if we are simply wasting a good portion of that money on projects that have little chance of success? We have some projects that are going to be successful and thankfully some of those are being voted through. There is not much point having a treasury fund if the great majority of money is not being used wisely and in order for it to be used wisely we need to be making sound decisions. I am voting yes for this proposal.
1 point,5 years ago
The proposals are already a lot to read. Research is good but I don't have time to read even more.
Videos, including interviews and analysis might be more useful.
2 points,5 years ago

Sorry have to vote NO,

1) no pre-prop discussion
2) large ask
3) unknown prop owner.
4) no escrow
5) no previous track record of history

Thank you for your proposal.
0 points,5 years ago
Hi Realmrhack

Just to give you some idea about what we already have done:
We produced 9 reports about Dash and the proposals:

Hope that will make you change your vote :)
0 points,5 years ago
@hani-- that d s nothing to address the concerns i raised.
0 points,5 years ago
Asking for your annual budget to be paid in 3 months? You can easily make your proposal much more attractive by asking for 1 or 2 month budget in 1 or 2 budget cycles.
Apart from that it is too expensive.

NO from me.
0 points,5 years ago
Thank you for your feedback mrpancake.
We're actually asking for one year funding because we gathered a dedicated team devoted to the dash community ( Reports, flashs, valuations & proposal analysis) exchanging with our database of clients ( Funds, institutionals, Desks.. )
It's hard to keep a team working with no visibility in terms on salaries - We already started the process (9 reports already) with our own funds but we need more funding to make the project live.
-1 point,5 years ago
Bit too steep, I think that a more down to earth buget would be great, 294 DASH a month is just too much. Maybe you meant to require 294 for the whole 6 months in which case I will suggest to break down your proposal into maybe 60 DASH for 4 months.
0 points,5 years ago
The 294 Dash is for 3 months. The 883 is the annual budget. You can see the budget details on the proposal
Thanks for the question
3 points,5 years ago
You are requesting about 6 months worth of funding. Why is that?
0 points,5 years ago
Thank you for your feedback Acedian.
We're actually asking for one year funding because we gathered a dedicated team devoted to the dash community ( Reports, flashs, valuations & proposal analysis) exchanging with our database of clients ( Funds, institutionals, Desks.. )
It's hard to keep a team working with no visibility in terms on salaries - We already started the process (9 reports already) with our own funds but we need more funding to make the project live.
5 points,5 years ago
You mentioned Dash Foundation a couple of times in your budget proposal, please explain what you think the Dash Foundation is to Dash.
4 points,5 years ago
Yes CryptalResearch produced some decent quality work, but doesn't justify the price tag. No for me.
-1 point,5 years ago
Thank you for your feedback.
The annual budget is justified by a dedicated experienced team that will work full-time on the proposals and cover all what the community requests
-1 point,5 years ago
It sounds like you want the job of Dashwatch, I was not aware it was up for grabs ?!?
4 points,5 years ago
Apologies, Hani--.

A_node_to_a_Master seems to have forgotten that in Dash, all jobs are up for grabs at all times. Yes, we may appreciate the work being done by current employees, but of course, there is always room for improvement.

Sorry for the unwelcoming comment.
1 point,5 years ago
Can you please point to me towards the discussions that people are discontent with DashWatch that they want to give up on them all together ?

And or if I am stating the obvious than why is their no comparison seeing they want to compete for the same spot ?

Also are you aware MNO want to work towards collecting and managing proposals on a platform called Dash Nexus ? They also work with Dashwatch and have also made little complaints.

Questions for you Callalilly:
1 Why down vote me ?
2 And why apologize for a my question? .

Just to be clear I provided them with an opportunity to answer why they are a good addition or replacement ?
1 point,5 years ago
Dashwatch is mainly a tracker of the approved projects, its main aim is to provide to the community different performance metrics and progression status of the on going projects, in order to compare and evaluate them regarding their initial goals and declared milestones. This has huge benefits for Dash community as it provides the so needed and longtime missed data and information to assess the status of these projects. This can only lead to more accountability and help meeting deadlines.

We believe that Dashwatch and Cryptalresearch roles are not interfering in any way. In fact, they are perfectly complementary as Dashwatch focuses on post voting and following up on approved projects, while Cryptalreasearch first mission is to analyze and provide a full in-depth investigation during the propasal phase, even before the project is approved.
To put it in simple words, Cryptalresearch helps to take the best voting decisions based on factual information and scientific analysis, while Dashwatch offers a tool to follow on, assess progress, and keep track on the performance of each passed project.

Besides, Dashwatch has even been useful for our analysts, as they could find in it, and at many occasions, some valuable information on passed projects while benchmarking for many proposals.

To sum up, Dash community and MNOs need both tools to cover the full project journey, from voting decision to assessing progress and performance.
-2 points,5 years ago
Thank you Callalilly for your support :)
0 points,5 years ago
We appreciate the work done by Dashwatch. But we also think that we can bring the expertise we accumuled in the equity and m&a. Our team and I have more than 10 years experience in market finance.
Please have a look to the work we already done. You can notice by yourself, the differences and depth between CryptalResearch and Dashwatch.
0 points,5 years ago
I have seen you're website yes, and their are some things are good about, it but it not perfect, DashWatch isn't perfect either, but they are working hard to improve it. Maybe they can do with some pointer from you but don't want to replace them, nor do am I planning to read both you're reports as it creates allot of extra work as an active MNO voter.