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Title:Continuation of Dash Roadshow, Ghana - West Africa
Monthly amount: 20 DASH (12163 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-02-17 / 2018-05-17 (added on 2018-02-09)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 290 Yes / 124 No / 31 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 303 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description


Having successfully completed a three month roadshow in Ghana, covering three regions (Northern region, Upper West region and Central region) from the month of October to December 2017, I
am submitting the second phase of the proposal to cover the next three regions of the country namely; Brong Ahafo region, Ashanti Region and Greater Accra region.

Completion of phase 1 article by Dashforce:[/url] 

First of all, I say thank you to the good members of this noble community for having funded and assisted me in diverse ways in making the first phase of this project successful, I say a big
thank you to all in my native language; “mpagya”. Though the first phase of this project has been successful, some interesting observations has been made during and after events of the first phase of this project. These observations have better informed me on how best to get Dash to the masses in Ghana through this
project. Some of the observations made were: 

Tertiary students (universities and polytechnics) form a major part of the public adapting and using Dash. This is
because of the continuous increase of graduate unemployment in the country giving students the urge to leverage available opportunities against the web of unemployment hence students take keen interest in speculative returns in Dash towards accumulating capital to start businesses after school. Also, students are able to make further research about Dash on their own that helps them make decisions in their best interest regarding either in speculating for future profits, savings on transactions with Dash or undertaking Dash base projects.  

Secondly, about 95% of Ghanaians react to information from mainstream media. This is because Ghanaians believe that information from mainstream media houses such as Joynews, Peace FM, luv FM, TV3 and GhOne is reliable and trustworthy. This second phase of the roadshow is therefore targeting tertiary students and the general public via mainstream media discussions and publications (sponsored ads). 

In developing economies like Ghana,tertiary students are more than twice likely to complete school without a job.
For this reason most tertiary students seek financial inclusion whiles in school and though no cryptocurrency is supposed to be promoted as an investment for future returns because of the risk involve, however, as a financial derivative, Dash is worth speculating. Evidence to phase one of this project, my first meetup which was for 50 participants ended up recording over 200 participants and about 75% of the participants was students, this was because the meetup was held to a town near a university. Most of these students speculated in Dash as at the time when Dash was at 300 USD/1 and when prices went around 1000-1300 USD, a lot of them testified they made good returns and could start personal businesses.Moreover, students are able to research further on their own about a coin and its features to make informed decisions regarding usage of the coin which reduces tensions among Dash users in times of market swings.Lastly, most students in Ghana are involved in mini-importation such as smart phones, laptops and accessories. Most of these students have over the years resorted to Bitcoin for online shopping however, Bitcoin transaction fee and confirmation time have most of them seeking better alternatives as bank payments is a very expensive process. This second phase of the roadshow seek to present Dash to students as a better alternative means of online payments, for speculation to raise future capital and as a better means of receiving remittance from family and friends abroad. This shall be done through organizing major conferences of not less than 300 participants each across the top three tertiary institutions in Ghana (Sunyani polytechnic, Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology and the University of Ghana, Legon).

The above mentioned schools shall be served with letters in the name of my Think tank organization (CLE GHANA which is now a partner to the ATLASNETWORK) for formal announcement of these conferences from lecture halls to campus media to Halls of residence and to officially inform school authorities about these conferences and since most students turn out for formal campus events with school authorities awareness, I
shall meet my targets. 

As I have mentioned above, Ghanaians react positively to information from mainstream media than local media houses. After successfully completing the first phase of this project, I visited the Brong Ahafo region for a radio show on moonlite fm, one of the top radio stations in the region, responses from the people of the region through the show proved that mainstream media could promote Dash more than just meetups. I have therefore identified the top three TV and Radio stations in the country respectively to discuss Dash during this phase of the roadshow. All the media stations identified (TV and Radio) are all multimedia stations therefore all other stations in the country shall pick whatever discussions on these stations and reproduce to their audience. The selected mainstream media stations for this project are: GhOne TV, TV3, Joynews TV, Peacefm, Moonlitefm and Luvfm and
discussions shall be in English language and “Twi”, a major Ghanaian language spoken across all regions. We shall appear on one radio and TV station each a month throughout this project.  

This phase of the roadshow shall reach out to a total of 900 tertiary students (undergraduates and postgraduates) across the University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and Sunyani Polytechnic. However considering the high population of these institutions as the top tertiary institutions of the country, the conferences shall be open to more participants if need be just like the first meetup which was supposed to host 50 but ended up with about 200. The roadshow shall also reach out to about 95% of the 17,449,819 economically
active population of the country through mainstream media.  


Transport to and within Brong Ahafo region (Sunyani) for one month                                                              $541.00
1hour discussion on moonlitefm                                                                                                                              $350.00
Transport to and within Greater Accra region for one month                                                                             $700.00
30 minutes Discussion on peacefm (multimedia)                                                                                                  $1425.00
Transportation to and within Ashanti region (Kumasi) for one month                                                              $650.00
30 minutes discussion on Luv FM Kumasi (multimedia)                                                                                       $1100.00     Accommodation and feeding for a month in a region                                                                                          $1120.00
Dash T-shirts for conference attendees in a region                                                          $790.00
Conference room rent in a region                                                                                                                            $800.00
Refreshment of attendees of each conference in a region                                                                                 $500.00
One TV discussion on dash each month (GhOne TV, TV3 and Joynews TV)                                                     $2300.00               Dash Roadshow banners, stickers and fliers                                                                                                        $400.00
Cameraman for pictures andvideo                                                                                                                         $400.00
Sub-total                                                                                                                                                                     $10,076.00
Contingency (9%)                                                                                                                                                      $1,005.84 TOTAL                                                                                                                                                $12,082.84

Reward for team and supportingorganizers/tips   1 DASH 

BUDGET AMOUNT RESQUESTED: At the current Dash price at 583USD and with a plus 20% margin of possible price increase (700 USD/DASH), I am asking for 20 Dash per month for three months to make this project a success.
NOTE: The 20 Dash include 5 Dash proposal fee and 1 Dash reward/tips for team and
supporting organizers.  

Some elements of the budget such as transportation,accommodation and feeding and conference halls rent have been adjusted against previous proposal budget due to distance and high cost of living in the above regions
compared to the previous three regions covered during the first phase of this project.The cost of media discussion has gone more than double of the previous price because the selected media houses for this phase are the top
media stations in the country and have the largest reach countrywide and even internationally (Joynews). These media stations are all multimedia stations and all other local media stations picks information from them to their listeners. These multimedia stations equally offer free one month sponsored ad news item for every discussion held especially in their morning shows which I want our roadshow discussions to be.
It will interest you to know that it cost about 1,200 USD to run a one month sponsored ad item on a multimedia platform in Ghana such as

Having created demand for dash in the first phase of this project, a place to buy/sell dash in Ghana became a major challenge. The only way people bought dash is/was either from me and my team or first get Bitcoin
to exchange for Dash from exchanges. This raise questions such as why don’t I just buy and keep/use Bitcoin? Why is dash not traded on any local p2p exchange? How does one dodge Bitcoin transaction fee and confirmation time if he/she has to get Bitcoin from a local exchange before getting Dash? For the above concerns and many more, me and my partner on the ground have created a local p2p exchange where Ghanaians can buy/sell Dash directly and make or receive payments in fiat through mobile money or bank depending on the customer’s choice. The exchange is and though we have to make some little editing, you can check us out and we should be live in a few days/week. Nonetheless, as a highly motivated Dash
evangelist, I still look forward to major developments around creating platforms for dash patronage and usability in the country that will include those who might be skeptical about trusting an online trading platform.

Me and my partner have personally financed all developments of the exchange till date. We look forward to creating liquidity (Dash) on the site via funding for this proposal from the treasury. We shall have the 20 Dash from this proposal loaded every month to the exchange for people to have access to buying DASH, though this might not be enough on a monthly bases considering the increase interest of Ghanaians in the coin, we believe that as an exchange platform, we will have the public selling Dash to us as well which should keep us balance on liquidity.

This project shall commence with personal funds and continue funding from proceeds of the sale of its funds from the treasury (20 Dash) via our exchange. This is to make sure that we do not just promote Dash but we
create usability at every stage on the progress ladder. Our exchange therefore shall run 24/7 creating lots of users for our platform for future returns. I shall personally become ‘the first’ cryptocurrency enthusiast known publicly by all age groups of Ghana through the leading TV and Radio Dash discussions nationwide, and Dash will become the first cryptocurrency to go viral in Ghana through this leading multimedia houses especially the TV Stations coupled with major conferences in the top universities of Ghana. Hence it become a win win win situation for me and my partner, myself and Dash Digital Cash. thank you and i look forward to the entire community participation in this roadshow especially a guest from Dashforce to join us on one of this conferences and TV discussions.  

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2 points,1 day ago
Despite the progress this proposal is making, as a learner who is open to ideas and concerns of the community regarding Dash growth, I am here to discuss any concerns those abstaining from voting may have. I understand when MNOs vote abstain, they either don’t understand the proposal or waiting for last minute? The later is cool since decisions will be made I however think 31 abstain without comments is bad since this is a long term project. Also this proposal has been live since first week of this circle and I must say the proposal is struggling. I therefore encourage all MNOs passing through to vote and please leave a comment and I shall respond accordingly if need be. Once again, thanks to everyone and is been nice working with you all, going forward, I hope to meet all expectations always doing my best. Help me turn Ghana to a Dash Nation, this is my target, nothing else till it is done.
0 points,1 day ago
Most of us in Ghana first heard the name Dash from this Dude. He has mentored most us and helped us to understand a lot and I've worked under This dude for several years.. I plea all MNO's holders will take a look at this and give him the chance again . I know he has proven himself beyond doubt .. he is the perfect guy for this
1 point,1 day ago
Dear masternodes why is this proposal facing such a backlash when everything is properly outlined in it. Do we forget what this proposal mean and who the owner is in his region for dash? The dash roadshow brought dash to light in Africa and this guy carried dash to Nigeria and Cameroon and the success dash is enjoying today can be traced to this young guys @cryptolib @zambang @ultimatecrypto and @rotc but I expect masternodes who are voting “NO” for this project to do that with comments else I plead with all masternodes to vote “YES” to encourage that great dash ambassador to work extra hard for this great community.
1 point,1 day ago
Cryptolib brought DASH to Nigeria but ROTC took DASH to Cameroon.

Slight correction please.

I plead with MNOs to vote YES on this project.
0 points,2 days ago
Voting yes. Good luck.
0 points,4 days ago
I hope that the MNOs are aware of @cryptolib's activities. He has established a reputation as a trustworthy and ethical community member. He is very active - just follow the DashDirect channel on Discord to see. I'd suggest that we should trust him and give him a chance to show us what he can do this time. He has not disappointed us in the past.
0 points,3 days ago
Thanks for your support. I have deeper love for this community
1 point,5 days ago
@cryptolib, Am so excited to see you're continuing this project. I must say that this Roadshow got me into Dash and All the great things I do for the network Today credit must be given to this man.
Another 3region is a good focus, I know your capabilities. This another greatness for Dash.
Dash-hub Africa.
0 points,5 days ago
Voting yes, good luck.
0 points,5 days ago
Thanks for your support, we will make you proud.
3 points,8 days ago
I somehow missed this proposal and just now saw it.
I have worked with cryptolib for a while now and gave him his start through the Dash Force meetup and presentation program last year IIRC. He has always done what he says he will do and has a deep understanding of the technology.
This one is a bit more expensive than the rest but I trust him to spend the Dash wisely. If there is any left over I would hope he would agree to give that away in tips to people who set up wallets.
2 points,8 days ago
Thanks very much Mastermined and I assure this community, I will cover an additional region if I have enough excess to do that (should price go up). Otherwise i will definitely tip all newbies with Dash wallets however, I just had the feeling that since I am left with 7 regions to cover, covering an additional region with excess funds will be better to have me rollin for next but last 3 regions. Thanks very much and in any case, this community can be sure I will puts all funds into good use.
2 points,10 days ago
3rd world countries need DASH
Voting Yes!
0 points,8 days ago
Sure, thanks very much
5 points,10 days ago
I checked downloads on android in Ghana, we got 788 per month last month, second only to nigeria and south africa, which are much bigger countries. So really pretty great, compared to some countries with the same size/population in africa who would get 5 downloads a month. A lot of people were also active users meaning they stuck around and continued using the dash app (there are also users on iOS). I think that was a pretty decent ROI on his last proposal. In this proposal he is increasing the amount to be spent which is line of what we ask of people. Start slow and then expand. That's what he's doing. It's a low Dash amount and he's clearly having an impact. Has my votes.
0 points,10 days ago
Thanks very much and I appreciate your support. I hope to bring more than expected ROI on this proposal this cycle. Going in a progressive style.
2 points,12 days ago
The success stories we are enjoying today as far as cryptocurency is a concern in Africa has its great source from you. You have brought Dash to Ghana, so as to Nigeria and so as in Cameroon. The African continent is proud of you for liberating them into a new world of digital currency. You have taken the challenge again to cover the entire regions of Ghana and this upcoming project is capable of paving the way for more greater adoption and increment in Dash ecosystem, when this is done Ghana will be considered as the hub of Dash Digital Cash. I plead with all MNos holders to give him the chance again.
He is capable
Hit the streets of Ghana again with this transformational project.
1 point,11 days ago
Such comments from non-voters do you more harm than good..
0 points,11 days ago
Oh they do that constantly cross post n shilling
3 points,12 days ago
I think Cryptolib is doing a really good job in Ghana!
0 points,10 days ago
Thanks very much Darkcoins for seeing goodness in my work.
2 points,12 days ago
I just looked at one of your previous videos and (while I don't know if it's you speaking or not) they are talking about 'dashcoin'. This - - is what you are promoting each time you say that. I can't vote yes to this but will hold off voting at all until you've replied. Please sort this
0 points,12 days ago
Hi sir, i don't know which video you are referring to however, in my early days before i realize a coin exist as "Dashcoin", i remember referring to Dash as Dashcoin and was corrected by Tantesfena and some other community members which is a long time ago, i guess in the early days of Dashcoin. I appreciate your observation and i assure you i never mentioned "Dashcoin" since then thanks very much.
1 point,12 days ago
Also saying..... 'With our lowest selling rate and the best buying rate, you only make profit from trading coins' ... is pretty duplicitous
0 points,12 days ago
Point noted
0 points,12 days ago
@Thus i appreciate this concern: Now, the exchange you see here though is a p2p exchange, but does not work exactly like how i will have to find a buy or seller on to trade with or buy/sell whatever crypto, sometimes and most at times especially in the beginning, we will have to buy and sell directly to customers. In the case of this exchange just like other local exchanges existing here, we determine the rates for which what coin is traded on our platform, reason is that, we do not spend the dollar here and sometimes because of exchange rates fluctuations, to keep your customers (most of whom do not understand exchange rates), it is best for the exchange to set rates in Ghanaian cedis. Here some local exchanges cheats their customers by setting high transaction fees which a part of it is absorbed into the rate. For example, have their buying rate at 4.50 cedi and selling rate at 5.5 for BTC. Yes we will make profit from our activities on the site however, it is what we use for maintenance and to remain in Business though we are not looking forward to abnormal profits, we hope to be the best platform for Ghanaians.
0 points,12 days ago
Why am I seeing Dash referred to as 'dashcoin' on your site? That needs changing
0 points,12 days ago
Thanks very much @Thus for your concern:
Our site s being built by someone and not me personally since i don't have the know how to develop a website like this, when i realized he kept Dashcoin with the Dash symbol, i shared this on Discord with the community for advise and have told my developer to make editing so if you check well, you will see that Dash Digital Cash and Dashcoin are used interchangeably on the site which i mentioned in the proposal details that we are still doing editing on the site. Thank you very much and i assure you, we will have it fix very soon before we go live. I respect branding a lot in this market.
0 points,12 days ago
*Dash logo
0 points,9 days ago
Thanks for your responses @cryptolib
0 points,7 days ago
My pleasure
0 points,12 days ago
I like what you are doing, voting yes! Good luck and carry on.
0 points,12 days ago
Thank you very much for your support, i really appreciate.
0 points,13 days ago
@cryptolib so we are spending 20 dash a month to help you maintain liquidity on your exchange?
0 points,13 days ago
Good question @realmrhack, the 20 Dash a month is funding for the proposal however since it is difficult acquiring Dash with cash in Ghana to maintain liquidity on the exchange, the 20 Dash I receive a month for this proposal will be providing liquidity (Dash) for the exchange while I use the equivalent in cash which I would have use to get liquidity for the exchange to run this project. Also, remember as people buy from the exchange, they will sell to it when prices goes up or when they need to spend, this keeps us in a liquidity circle so I will say the 20 Dash I receive from this project is just like an initial buy of Dash by me and my partner to get our exchange going however we wouldn’t find ourselves wanting over customers demand even when we have less cash because we can easily have funding from this proposal traded on the exchange then I take cash payments for the Dash from the exchange to keep my work going. And this helps us better to keep the exchange running 24/7 with Dash stock instead of asking the community for initial liquidity maybe when we go big we may think of that.
-3 points,13 days ago
This project is one of the best strategic project that can make Dash a mainstream currency.
I have personally endorsed it