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Title:Contactless Dash Payments for Porcfest
Monthly amount: 105 DASH (2722 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-04-18 / 2018-06-17 (added on 2018-04-23)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 131 Yes / 251 No / 92 Abstain

Proposal description

Contactless DashPayments for Porcfest

Since our last proposal to the Dash Treasury in November, Festy have been fully concentrated
on building our contactless payments system to a market ready standard. Thanks
to your support, the first bar in Ireland was able to accept Dash with the
simple tap of a wristband - an amazing experience that yielded only positive
feedback from the staff and management. We now have many more festivals and
bars on the road to becoming Dash-enabled. We have begun integrations with 15
merchants and 2 festivals in Ireland and are expanding to the United States for the first time
thanks to a partnership with Porcfest.

Porcfest takes placein New Hampshire from June 19 - 24 and consists of the most hardcore
cryptocurrency users on the East Coast - many of whom are privy to living
completely free from traditional finance - embracing the crypto revolution.
This proposal is to integrate with the 40 merchants at the festival plus a
minimum of 25 retailers in New Hampshire and Boston including the costs of
1,500 contactless wristbands for Porcfest and 3,250 contactless Dash cards for
business integrations to allow users a convenient way to pay with Dash. All
attendees collect their wristband upon entry to the festival and can top-up
using cash, card and Dash. The proposed funds will cover the hardware costs to
integrate with merchants - most of whom are small businesses residing in the NH
area and ordinarily may not be able to afford to upgrade their Point of Sale
systems. At the festival, the merchants that use Festy will actually own the
payment terminals and bring them back to their stores after the festival with
installation assistance from our team. Consumers transacting in the
participating locations will be able to use their favourite Dash wallet on
their phone to pay with QR so this is not restricted to the Dash cards. This
campaign will bring a total of 4,750 new users to Dash through the Dash cards
for convenience and simplicity and it will be compatible with existing Dash
users who may want to use their Dash wallet app which opens it up to more than
Festy users.

The benefit tomerchants is the completeness of the Festy POS system. Transactions are instant
and there is no additional work for the merchant, who can accept Dash and
convert it in fiat currency if they need to make purchases from their
suppliers. The Festy POS has the same functionality as a standard POS and is
not merely a QR wallet on a tablet: it is a complete Point of Sale system. We
have listened to the needs of merchants and our system features stock
management, item lists, conversion from Dash to fiat, VAT calculation, receipt
printing, cash till, contactless payments, real-time data analytics, access and
event control. Festy comes in three sizes: mobile, tablet and military-grade
laptop which is waterproof for risk-prone bars and festivals.
Payment Solutionsfor Porcfest
Attendees arrive atthe festival and receive a Festy wristband at the registration and top-up
booth. Upon registering, the wristband is loaded with Dash which can be spent
at any of the Point of Sale terminals. The wristband handles payments and
access control.
How does oneregister?
Attendees canregister and top-up using Dash by downloading the Festy app or by using their
favourite Dash wallet app and at the Festy top-up station using cash.
Top-up is done usingthree means:
  1. Cash    
  2. Credit card
  3. Cryptocurrency
Transactions arehandled through Festy’s Point of Sale and settlement is done at the end of the
festival. Credit card transactions are facilitated using the Festy app which
allows people the convenience to go cashless and top-up anytime. This allows
people to buy Dash with credit card.
Point of Sale Integration
Merchants will usethe complete Festy Point of Sale system, QR code and NFC readers which accounts
for all wristband and cash payments for their entire menu. This interface is
customisable to fit the precise layout of all the other POS interfaces to
ensure ease of use.

Event Control
Tapping the Festywristband is faster than processing cash and therefore the benefit to
integrating with our POS is less queuing and more efficient trading for
Organiser Analytics

All of thisinformation is auditable in real-time for the festival organiser and merchants.
Through a login portal on special permission will be granted to view eachand every transaction as it happens.
This will providedata to things such as how many drinks have been purchased; how much money is
loaded; the total amount spent and yet to be spent; average spend per head and
average time between transactions; money available in the top-up stations and how
much has been withdrawn; the efficiency of every aspect of queuing. Festy is
fully-compliant with GDPR and consumers own their own data.
Here is a portion of the analytics from our last concert, featured in our Medium blog.

Return on Investment
Festival Organiser
  • Access to data analytics
  • Access to event control admin panel
  • Ticketing solution and Event control
  • Free POS integration
  • Cashless payments
  • Access to data analytics
  • Convenient top-up and withdrawal
  • Full control over funds
  • No risk of theft
  • Integrations with 65 merchants 
  • Dash branded cards and wristbands
  • Sales & Marketing in the USA for Dash for 2 weeks after Porcfest (total of 3 weeks)
When the festival isfinished, the Festy team will coordinate and assist with businesses in NH
integrating with Dash. The festival is a one-time annual event and alone won’t
bring enough adoption to Dash so we are strategically using it as a way to
bring the POS systems to the retail market in the region following the
festival. Festival integrations are temporary whereas retail is constant. The
team will take two-weeks after the festival furthering integrations,
door-to-door sales and marketing on the East Coast. Our journey begins in
Lancaster and brings us to Plymouth, Concord, Manchester, Exeter, Hampton,
Portsmouth (NH) and finishes in Boston (MA). The trip overall will open up a
total 50 integrations in New Hampshire and 15 integrations in Boston with a
total of 65 merchants accepting Dash payments by July. Unlike other proposals
integrating Dash payments, our team will not be drawing a salary for this work
and we only seek expenses (receipts for each expense will be provided).
The budget for this proposal is broken down below.
Thank you for your vote.
Item   UnitsPrice per unitPrice
Point of Sale Systems65$1,000 each$65,000
Dash-branded Wristbands for Porcfest1,500$2.50$3,750
Dash-branded Cards 3,250 (50 for every merchant outside Porcfest)$2.50$8,125
Team flights for 7 people$5,000
Team accommodation for 3 weeks
Mini-Van rental for 3 weeks$1,700
209 Dash


Reports are completed monthly and are found on which the most recent one can be found here:

Our Medium blog updates development and community updates of our integrations which can be found here:


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1 point,6 years ago
Dash Watch April 28th 2018 Report on
Bringing Festy & Dash to the public - Irish Pubs Global Market by operaincubator
1 point,6 years ago
Well, done, this is helpful !!!
4 points,6 years ago
I would suggest, you do some good will things without pay for Dash, and make take the time to setup a exclusive contract with Dash, otherwise I don't expect you to get funded again any time soon. I for one will be voting no even if the budget is 10x higher than it is now.
6 points,6 years ago
"Dash is paying for you, while other crypto's get a free lunch," - DEAL BREAKER. I'm out,

"In a free market, competition is what drives innovation" - But Dash is paying for EVERYTHING. Tell me about "free" again. - Bitcoin mentioned ONLY within article. smh
4 points,6 years ago
It’s crazy how someone could just completely blow off the coin that gave them the start up money in the first place. And continues to ask for more!
5 points,6 years ago
This Festy card mentions 'The Future of Payments' and 'contactless crypto' seen here: Dash not mentioned.

I have questions:
How much funding has bitcoin put into this?
How much funding has BCH put into this?
How much funding has Ethereum put into this?
10 points,6 years ago
I thought we already paid for most of this stuff on the previous proposal...

"Bringing Festy & Dash to the public - Irish Pubs Global Market

3 months working with a new fully equipped development team will align perfectly to ensure Festy are fully prepped and ready for the festival season which begins in May 2018, enabling us to fulfill our dream of bringing Dash and Festy to major festivals all around the world.

Total: €25,800 per month

Wristbands & cards (design and printing) €10,000
New wristbands and Dash branded cards x 20,000 units
Dash-branded ATMs for the 10 venue locations €90,000
Dash ATMs x10 units
POS Systems, NFC readers and devices to give to venues free of charge for initial integrations €40,000
Enough hardware for the first 1,000 locations with no charge - We will be announcing this on our feature piece in the Irish Pubs Global editorial to incentivise adoption

Total: €46,666 per month

We contact a music venue in our network for integrating Dash
We deliver a Festy NFC reader and General Bytes ATM and train the staff to use the app on their tablet/company phone
A minimum of two members of the team will fly to the location to provide consultation and we will run a launch event, which acts as a training for staff and also good marketing for Festy.
We provide follow-up consultation with calls and emails throughout the beta period, providing support for merchants.
Following beta of our Minimal Viable Product, we will launch at the festival season commencing in May 2018 in Europe and the United States and expanding across South East Asia and India.

Marketing and Business Development
Create and secure business development leads for Festy integrations
Effectively market & promote the Dash and Festy partnership globally
Business Developer €1,500 per month
Business Developer €1,500 per month
Events organiser €1,500 per month
Installation and consultation for merchants at each location €15,000

Total: €12,500 per month

Promotional Merchandise for use at events ie stickers, beer mats, giveaways.
Staff / Representative uniforms for use at events.
Information packs for Merchants and consumers.
Photo and videography for event documentation and website €1,000 per month
Dash Branding
Graphic design €900 per month
Dash giveaway redeemable for one drink at the bar at locations, giving customers a chance to spend Dash

Total: €9,900 per month"

Was all of this stuff completed? If not, why not and where did the money go?
1 point,6 years ago
Hi Mastermind,
Thank you for your comment.

I will break your question into the 5 categories in which you request updates on. Again we remind MNs they can read our monthly Dash Watch reports.

1. Development team funding for 3 months
The duration of our November proposal was for 3 months which finished in February. We achieved this goal by releasing our consumer app to the Google Play store in early March and completed our MVP at SXSW in Texas. Since then our Point of Sale system has been released to the market in April 2018. This was done ahead of schedule and indeed it cost a significant portion of our budget as projected.

2. Hardware purchases
For the most part, we have integrated with bars and festivals in Cork, Cancun, Texas, Toronto and New York. These integrations were done free of charge to the merchant as promised and did come at a cost. I urge you to read our blog for updates on these integrations.

Regarding Dash branded cards, these are separate to this proposal which is for Porcfest & Dash and are additional to these cards. You can understand that festivals carry customised branding and the nuance of design is very important for a brand.

3. Dash ATMs
It was our understanding that there was a proposal by another company to integrate Dash with General Bytes ATM which should have been completed by now. We are waiting for updates on this proposal for integrating Dash with General Bytes in order to proceed with our order of ATMs. Otherwise we would only be facilitating Bitcoin/Bcash/Ethereum compatible General Bytes ATMs. You can interview this user on DFN and ask them when we should expect this to be complete so that we can make our order of Dash ATMs.

Your assumption that we are not fulfilling our delivery on hardware purchases is difficult to understand. We have been updating progress every month on Dash Watch and our blog. Masternodes are invited to attend all our events to audit our work anytime. We send out invitations to our events on Discord, newsletter and Eventbrite. To date only one member of the Dash community has been coming to our events ever. I will be glad to invite you to our next event should you wish to see our hardware in action and make your first Dash purchase at a festival. This will be taking place on June 16th in Live at the Marquee in Cork. I will warmly welcome you to my city and assure you the experience of spending your Dash with the tap of a Dash card is empowering.

4. Business Development
Our business development team have been doing an outstanding job in securing integrations all around the world since the word Go back in November. This proposal is to work on a specific tour across the East Coast of America in June. You must understand that we are not even including salaries for this proposal, we are merely trying to cover our costs of adding 65 merchants to accept Dash. The intention is genuine and you can see this if you compare our ask for the ask of other comparable proposals.

5. Advertising
Our advertising and promotional materials have all been executed already. This proposal does not even request any advertising.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
2 points,6 years ago
Thanks for the thorough answers. Looks like I need to do more research as most of the updates you posted I was unaware of. We will also look into the General Bytes ATM issues and see what the hold up is as I too remember that was supposed to be done already.

Can you list or link to all the businesses that you are currently integrated with, I had know idea that was done.

With the budget as tight as it is you may consider taking a smaller 3 person team with a shorter stay to save money. Thanks for your time.
2 points,6 years ago
Nice catch, very interested in the answer to this as well.
7 points,6 years ago

Why does this article not mention Dash and only Bitcoin, what blockchain did Festy use?
-1 point,6 years ago
We refer to the wording cryptocurrency because our platform is multi-currency including Fiat and cash. I am sorry if you assumed Festy was Dash-only - what gave you this assumption?

For the record, the largest crypto deposit into Festy was Dash and withdrawals were restricted to Dash only.

Festy are not using the blockchain for payment processing, in fact.
1 point,6 years ago
You need to read between the lines, if you seen enough of their content, you realize that they will trow Dash under the bus if it suits them. This includes, not mentioning Dash but yet other not currency's such as ETH. I am sure you are also aware how unprofessional they have been talking to dashforcenews first, instead of talking to Dash core team, and what they said was child-est at best
-1 point,6 years ago
We did not accept Ethereum at our MVP launch.
1 point,6 years ago
Festy has made regular progress reports on Medium and met their milestones. This is a functional and convenient Point Of Sale product which is an essential part of making Dash work as a currency. It was a huge hit at the big music festival in Austin (Feedband's festival). Technically, it works, and by all reports it works well.

I am voting yes.

Yes, they could do a better job of promoting Dash in the progress reports. I have encouraged them to revise their progress reports to make the Dash sponsorship more prominent and obvious.

2 points,6 years ago
We actually used standard iOS / android wallets at the Feedbands fest. We wanted to use festy but there wasn't enough extra room in the budget.
0 points,6 years ago
My bad, thanks for the first hand update. Good info leads to good decisions.
0 points,6 years ago
You can read more about our partnership with SXSW here:
0 points,6 years ago
Oh yeah, and Porcfest is a big deal. This is the premier festival of the Free State Project in New Hampshire. This is a hotbed of Dash activity, with numerous merchants that accept Dash. You could not find a better aligned demographic for Dash. Back in the day, it was all about Bitcoin. For various reason, like Bitcoin doesn't work very well as money, Dash has become the prominent crypto there. This proposal makes sure the buzz will be about Dash. Let's do this.

5 points,6 years ago
Your previous track record leaves something to be desired. I will be voting yes for this, but the successful completion and communication of this proposal will directly decide any future requests for funding.
5 points,6 years ago
That what I said, 2 proposal ago, and again 1 proposal ago. The presetation, where the where promoting festy, and mention ETH instead of Dash was really the dealbreaker for me and some other as. I don't have the link anymore, but it's up on youtube
3 points,6 years ago
Can the Festy POS system accept normal dash transactions?
2 points,6 years ago
Hi thesingelton,
Yes. The Festy POS system can accept payments from all Dash wallet apps and not just the NFC cards. Consumers can use their favourite Dash wallet app to pay using QR code. Our aim is to maximise the number of wallet apps we support in order to drive adoption.

Thank you for your question.
2 points,6 years ago
Good, then you have my votes.
-2 points,6 years ago
I think we need to take a chance at anything that stands a chance of increasing merchant adoption. Voting yes.
2 points,6 years ago
Is this really a pay only with Dash ? or you going to promote and offer other coins as well ?
4 points,6 years ago
I want this and all deals for 3 years minimum to be Dash exclusive, and this has to be do by contracts. I am sorry don't think you deserve any kind of trust anymore.
0 points,6 years ago

Thank you for your questions which can be phrased as "do you support multi-cryptocurrencies or can you sign a 3 year Dash exclusive contract?"

Is there precedence for contracts such as this for other proposals currently active & previously passed? If so, can you please upload an example so we can review the model?

In a free market, competition is what drives innovation. Dash stands out because of its low fees and high performance. By supporting deposits of multiple cryptocurrencies and offering Dash exclusivity on the withdrawal of funds which we already do, it brings more adoption of the POS by merchants and ensures that new consumers are introduced to Dash.

Can you also please define where specifically your distrust stems from? In our view, our business pursuits have only added value to the Dash network.
6 points,6 years ago
Distrust, comes for multiple things, but doing presentation purely promoting Festy, and not even mention Dash even do they sponsored you do those presentations. Was the deal breaker specially when you started naming ETH as a currency !!!
5 points,6 years ago
Dash is paying for you, while other crypto's get a free lunch, including coins that have a much bigger hold on the marketing including something as ETH which should clearly not be used as a currency at all. To me it also shows a lack of competent understand, how ETH works.

I am sorry, no hard feelings, but Dash and Festy don't seem to be inline with each-other.

All I can say, take a look at ALT36, and furthermore learn from them and how the have acted professionally towards Dash, and make ask them for advise why going into an 3 year exclusive contract with Dash can be a good thing.

Best luck to you, especially with
5 points,6 years ago
Sounds great! Is your code open source and auditable? Can you share the mechanisms behind your wristbands?
0 points,6 years ago
Hi quantumexplorer,

At this point we have no practical way to encourage or reward third party contributors. As such, while we welcome audit requests from the developer community, we are not in a position to justify opening it to the public contributors. Once our development reaches the stage that we require 3rd party contribution we will revisit our position.
4 points,6 years ago
We obviously want this, why the no votes?
8 points,6 years ago
operaincubator has a track record that is perceived by many as to be less than stellar. I'm guessing that's why.
0 points,6 years ago
Hi quantumexplorer,

The perception of our company referred to here as "less than stellar" is presumably based on evidence that our performance has been sub-standard to date and if so, we are more than happy to discuss this openly. Aside from the fact that we respectfully question whether that evidence actually exists, it is assumed that those accusing us of the same have made their assessment based on a complete review of milestones and developments achieved by Festy since our previous proposal that passed in November.

We strongly urge MNs who are casting their vote on this proposal to objectively study the technical + business development progress that Festy has made by reading our community updates on our Medium blog (