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Title:Partnership With Collective Evolution To Educate Millions About DASH & Increase New User Adoption
Monthly amount: 119 DASH (3597 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (3 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-05-18 / 2018-08-16 (added on 2018-05-09)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 45 Yes / 234 No / 13 Abstain

Proposal description

Faster, lower fees, privacy options, and a great community, this is what makes DASH great, yet not enough people know that and believe Bitcoin is the ‘gold standard.’ It’s time to change that.

We want to illustrate the improvements DASH has made on the blockchain that makes crypto a viable currency option for the world.

Summary of Proposal

Collective Evolution, a global leader in conscious media, with over 6 million monthly unique visitors, is proposing a long term partnership with DASH in order to promote the benefits of decentralization, overcome the ban on crypto advertising with a premium publisher audience, educate the public on the benefits of cryptocurrencies like DASH that have built better blockchain technology to help the world in a meaningful way. This would help grow the DASH network by encouraging more people to adopt the use of DASH as a practical currency. DASH would be helping to support influential independent media in a big way.

We are proposing 119 DASH monthly (at current value $462USD) in order to achieve the deliverables in a credible and quality manner.

As a side, our plan and platform would provide a viable option to educate a demographic likely to adopt crypto but who are struggling to understand and participate in crypto due to lack of education.

Further Detail

Collective Evolution has been operating for 10 years and is one of the largest conscious media outlets in the world. With our presence spanning Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and a powerful website, our content has been viewed over 2 billion times. While numbers are important, what we intend to do with those numbers to help support the DASH network is much more powerful. It appears that everywhere we turn, banks, old-world thought leaders and mainstream media have made their stance clear about cryptocurrencies amongst the public: They seem to encourage the public to doubt it and fear it as a viable form of currency. This is because banks and the establishment own and control media. 

With a global reach well into the millions, Collective Evolution intends on changing this outdated and misleading perspective to liberate people and encourage them to participate in cryptocurrency as the viable next step to decentralize power. Like many, we’re tired of hearing about Bitcoin as the gold standard for crypto. We want to help educate people to realize there are better coins out there with much batter tech and use cases. This proposal will also help maintain freedom of press which is direly needed in these transformative times. 

Brief Summary of Collective Evolution

Audience numbers:

So far crypto content has done well with our audience. CE's audience is open minded ideas, global change and

Our own Facebook page has 5.4 Million fans and our Instagram over 275,000. This does not include our syndication and partner networks that bring in millions more.
We receive over 6 million visitors to our website monthly. 
We have an email list topping over 250,000 and grows by 500+ every day. 

We currently have over 63,000 subscribers on YouTube.
CE has a global audience but is largely represented by the US (40%), Canada (10%), India (10%), UK/Europe (25%) most notably.

Similar to crypto, the largest age bracket of our audience is between the ages of 25 and 35. With a close second largest being between 35 and 45. 

This presents a unique opportunity to help educate an age group very intimidated by participating in crypto. We have found that many in the 35 – 45 range want to take part in crypto but have no idea how.The gender split is 55 – 45 in favor of males.

CE Story:

Founded in 2009, CE quickly gained popularity due to it’s neutral voice and lack of political slant. As a media and education company, we don’t simply create content to sway public opinion, promote one political side or another, or to win an argument. We help people see the world from a fresh perspective that is truth based but also personal. We empower people to think for themselves, educate themselves on things that will truly make an impact on our world and not simply follow the guidelines of a political party or leader. In essence, we remind people HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Collective Evolution carved out it’s niche within alternative media that can often be quite angry, extreme, emotional or unfounded. This has made Collective Evolution a very well trusted source for independent alternative media created by passionate journalists and content creators.

We believe the ways of the old world do not allow humanity to thrive, and it is up to each and every one of us to realize that. In order to change our system and world we have to first change within, and from there take action on supporting the things we know will make a difference and pull centralized power away from a few who often don’t have our best interests at heart. Trust in the mainstream media is thankfully diminishing, and its alternative media outlets that will be the rising force to bring real change to our world. This is a crucial time for alternative media to align with like-minded change makers and companies to once and for all bring the power back to the people.

Collective Evolution’s founder, Joe Martino, was asked to join The Evolutionary Leaders Council for his work with CE and the impact it’s having in creating a world based around peace and viable solutions to help the world thrive. The ELC group is dedicated to bringing actionable change to the world in a real practical sense. This put Joe alongside colleagues such as Deepak Chopra, Vandana Shiva, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch and more. 
Joe's interview on Anarchast Radio:

The influence, and authentic respect CE has built both online and offline has been a result of passion, authenticity and commitment to a cause of truly helping humanity change and bring forth solutions that put the power back in people’s hands. This is why CE feels it aligns so well with DASH.

As a media and education company, we produce our own content and we stick with facts. CE has worked to lead by example in covering stories that stretch outside the mainstream narrative but do so with facts and sources everyone can track. We avoid sensationalist approaches which keep people irrationally tied to information and instead bring a grounded neutral approach that helps us see things authentically and truthfully. 

We feel CE and DASH align for a number of reasons. The audience has a clear overlap with free thinkers, change makers and people who want to take part in crypto. And notably the desire to help make the world a better place. Helping to decentralize currency and create transparency has been a message we have shared since our roots and this is obviously something DASH is all about. 

DASHCares is a further example of how our audience would connect deeply with what DASH is doing. We have had our audience participate in similar ventures like when we funded water infrastructure in Africa through Charity Water, sending aid to Nepal during the earthquake as well as supporting The Greater Good Foundation which aids Africa. We want to showcase the deeper humanitarian aspects of DASH and how it’s truly changing the world as this aligns with the humanitarian aid we have been providing as well.

Benefits to DASH (Network Overall)

Millions of views, a great target market and a strong, well respected brand that operates from grounded facts; this will be the voice and audience DASH awareness will be brought too. Our plan is to encourage our audience to consider DASH network participation, not just building brand awareness.Like we said above, faster transactions, lower fees, privacy options, and a great community, are what makes DASH great, yet people are unaware of these things and believe Bitcoin is everything! It’s time to change that if we want crypto to truly become viable.

Having worked with sponsorships in the past we know deep down how to bring the most value in order to help a company or a movement. Education and story telling is truly where it’s at and that’s a big part of our intention.

Our proposal is not simply to make DASH a part of our websites advertisements, but to also to educate people as to why DASH is revolutionary, give DASH a platform to talk about it’s updates, and to talk about the good that DASH is doing through cryptocurrency. 

If people participate in DASH, they invest in themselves and helping others. This is a huge sentiment to convey.

Another high priority for us is to educate people via a series of videos and articles on how to get started with cryptocurrency. Our audience research and surveying shows that lack of education around what cryptocurrency and how to use them is one of the biggest barriers stopping people from getting involved. We would love to feature DASH as the primary currency we spotlight in educating people on why they should get started and how they can do so.


We plan to keep the DASH community informed of our work and deliverables via a clear line of communication on discord and the DASH forums. We also plan to work closely with DASH Force News to coordinate our efforts.DASH needs new people coming into the crypto space. At this point we can work on educating current crypto adoptees, but the real power is in new people coming into the space being able to make the educated decision that DASH technologically to be a game changer. 

1. (Video Series) Collective Evolution will produce a video series containing 4 parts about crypto currency, it’s potential, how to get started and how it will change the world. DASH will be the official sponsor of this series and we will outline the benefits of choosing DASH as a currency to participate in. Collective Evolution will work with the DASH team/DASH Force News to produce accurate facts and align with company goals in producing the series. This series will also be the ‘go to’ series to send viewers to anytime they ask about crypto and how to invest. It will help fulfill our education based mission around crypto awareness.

2. (Advertising Exposure) Collective Evolution will guarantee DASH 10 million monthly prime placement ad impressions on Verifiable by a Google DFP report. Considering Google has shut down crypto advertising, this is a way to get it back and direct. Given the fluctuation of DASH currency we are beginning with a guarantee so we can determine financial viability within the trial period before looking at full website ad takeover.

Comparison - Cost for 10,000,000 impressions on other sites:

Coindesk – $30 avg CPM = $300,000
ZeroHedge – $10 avg CPM = $100,000 – $10 avg CPM = $100,000
Collective Evolution - $5 avg CPM  = $55,000  (including all other deliverables)


Collective Evolution is offering a very financially viable way to reach an important targeted market of adopters and soon to be adopters.

3. (Regular News & Updates) Collective Evolution will act as a platform to which DASH can release press release information in the form of news articles or video stories on our website and social media on a regular basis.

4. (DASH VIDEO SPOT) Collective Evolution would work with DASH appointed personality (i.e Amanda B Johnson) to produce a news piece each week that would go out on our platform. Amanda would be reporting on behalf of Collective Evolution as DASH’s main spokesperson. The video would be co-branded.

5. (Advertising Exposure) Collective Evolution will add a “Powered by DASH” logo inside daily emails that go out to 160,000 daily email subscribers) Upon click they will be taken to a landing page designed to further educate readers about DASH and how to participate in the DASH network. 

6. (DASH on Facebook) DASH branding will appear in specific videos and on certain segments we produce and make viral on Facebook. This will help get DASH back on Facebook which has also shut down 

7. (Video Branding Partnership) DASH will be the sole partner of CE’s in studio new videos. These will contain DASH branding during the segment and post-roll.

8. (Podcast Episode Feature) We will do a podcast episode with a DASH team member of DASH’s choosing. This episode will go out to all of our subscribers. Currently our podcasts average about 30,000 listens each. 

9. (Podcast Sponsorship) Collective Evolution will notify podcasts listeners at the beginning and end of podcasts that CE’s podcast is powered by DASH and provide some basic info into how people can learn more about investing in DASH to grow the DASH network.

10. (Series Partnership) DASH would also become the official and exclusive partner of a weekly Collective Evolution episodic show we would bring back called ‘These Guys.’ The show covers differing perspectives on popular topics happening in our world through a comedic and entertaining style. Episodes would air once a week across all of our platforms.

Use of Funds

CE’s Monthly Budget Breakdown For Funds Gained From DASH

Full Time Journalists & Content Creators: $20,000
Researcher: $4,500
Video Production Team: $10,000
Content Manager: $5,000
Community Management/Outreach: $5,000
‘These Guys’ Show Production: $7,500
Editorial Copy Editor/Fact Checker: $3,000

Total: $55,000 USD or 119 DASH (1 = $462 USD) Monthly.

We propose this partnership for a 3 month trial to allow for Masternode Owners to see the value of our work and what we are delivering. Strategies can adjust as necessary, and we can hold accountable mutual benefit. From there we would propose renewal with the intention of a longer term partnership as long term relationship building is important to us.

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2 points,6 years ago
voting YES.
hmmm? ... why the lack of support so far (please comment). The proposal looks reasonable. I agree that when Evolution becomes available a proposal like this is on point.
0 points,6 years ago
I suspect it has something to do with Name3's comment below. Generally, many MNOs are disheartened at the measurable ROI in advertisement/exposure funding over the past few months concurrent with the drop in price.

There was also some controversy in the Pre-Proposal regarding some of the more fringe topics of some of CE's content and whether or not Dash ought to be associated with it. CE contends that these were the result of one-off partnerships with other media outlets and not reflective of the bulk of their content, but not everyone found that convincing.

On paper--so to speak--CE makes a compelling case in terms of reach, CPM, etc. CE also unfortunately has a negative reputation among more skeptically-minded communities, which could reflect poorly on Dash among those communities. However, CE also has a very positive reputation among other communities. I've frequently seen their posts and memes floating around, so they do have impressive reach.

I'm currently on the fence and for me the vote will boil down to what our treasury can support this cycle, but the fact of the matter is with the ad bans across multiple platforms, we will need to maintain publicity and a presence and CE can certainly provide that at a reasonable cost.
1 point,6 years ago
I'm a fan of this site and the cost per impression is low, so voting yes.
0 points,6 years ago
Do you have samples for how the ads would incorporate into your FB or other posts?
0 points,6 years ago
Maybe incorporate
0 points,6 years ago
edit - "Maybe incorporate" more pictures into the deliverables next time?
-1 point,6 years ago
I think this site would be interesting once evolution is out, it does not look like the type of people that wants to deal with pub and private keys. So a no for now , I think the price is fair do.
1 point,6 years ago
Surprising lack of support on this proposal so far, if anyone has any feedback we'd love to hear it to understand how we might be able to adjust. Thanks!
1 point,6 years ago
Thanks in advance to everyone for reviewing our proposal!
-1 point,6 years ago
I can only speak for myself, but I am done funding marketing for a while. There is no point marketing a product that doesn't have easy ways to procure and spend it.

Also as a side note, I find your pseudoscientific writing off-putting and would like to keep Dash as far away from it as possible.
2 points,6 years ago
Hey, This is why we propose educating people on how to actually get and spend it, as opposed to not at all. Marketing would lead to a landing page that would teach people how to actually do this, which is one of the biggest things holding back crypto.

Not sure what you feel is 'pseudoscientific' about our content, but OK. Thanks for taking the time to engage as it helps with feedback!