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Title:ESPN analyst, media personality, MMA fighter, Chael Sonnen strategic partnership with Dash.
One-time payment: 325 DASH (196970 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-02-17 / 2018-03-18 (added on 2018-02-13)
Final voting deadline: in 6 days
Votes: 424 Yes / 133 No / 51 Abstain
Will be funded: No. This proposal needs additional 178 Yes votes to become funded.
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Proposal description

I will be joining the 3 Amigos on Friday February 23rd to talk Dash and answer some of the questions
you in Dash Nation may have about my proposal. It is my intention to talk openly about how we can 
make my proposal translate in what Dash Nation is eager to accomplish. If you have voted "Yes"
thank you for the support, I will not let you down. If you haven't voted yet, or maybe
already voted "NO" I would encourage you to tune in, we can take this walk together. Opportunity leads to
opportunity, I would not be here if I didn't see Rory in his Dash shirt at the last Bellator fights. Now that I 
am here, I want to tell you why this proposal is different and what value adds I can bring to the table. I hope you tune in.
Thanks to those that tuned in this past Friday to watch me to do ringside commentary and post fight interviews at Bellator. 

Product Description:
Chael Sonnen becoming a spokesperson for Dash by using media opportunities and social media platforms to drive Dash awareness and expand the Dash economy. Also a 1 YEAR fully DASH branded MMA Events title sponsorship with a pro fight event where
the fight purses are paid in Dash.  

The proposal has 3 objectives (details further in proposal):
1. Let’s get Dash into circulation by paying pro fighter purses in Dash.
2. Create Dash awareness by becoming the Title Sponsor of a longstanding MMA show.
3. Use objectives 1 and 2 as my platform to promote Dash in all of my media avenues.
About me: 

I have been extremely fortunate that my career as a fighter has brought me so many
other opportunities to be in the public eye and extended my possibilities beyond the cage.
I have been a coach on TUF (The Ultimate Fighter), starred on Celebrity Apprentice, currently an
analyst for ESPN, appear on Jim Rome regularly, appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast, guest commentator,
amongst many other media opportunities. I have written 2 books and most
recently “The Four-Pack Revolution”. In the process of all of this I have been
working to build my own brand by taking advantage of all the internet platforms
available to me. Please check them out.

Here is some of the information about where to find those and statistics:
Facebook- Facebook Page 384,000 Likes 
Instagram- Instagram page Sonnench 225,000 followers
Twitter- Twitter Page @ChaelSonnen 804,300 followers
Youtube- YouTube Channel Chael Sonnen 74,000 subscribers with over 10 million views
Podcast “You’re Welcome”- You're Welcome Podcast Downloaded 2 million times 

I’ve been a MMA fighter since I was 19 years old and have had the privilege to fight in 5 different
fighting leagues around the world including the UFC and just recently advanced
in the tournament to be world heavy weight champion in the Bellator Grand Prix.
During my career, I have fought the likes of Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson,
Wanderlei Silva, Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans, Mauricio Rua, Anderson Silva,
Michael Bisping, amongst many others. 

How this proposal benefits Dash:
Let’s talk first about the Rumble at the Roseland. Hosted at a concert venue in Portland Oregon,
Rumble at the Roseland is Oregon’s longest running and most respected mixed
martial arts organization. Our next event will be our 97th liveshow.
We have had the privilege of having 15 athletes graduate from our show to go on to fight in the UFC.
We also host SUG (Submission Underground) which has featured Jon “Bones” Jones, Meisha Tate,
Dan Henderson, Ricco Rodriguez, Jake Shields, Timy Sylvia, Urijach Faber, Chad Mendes, and more.
Annually we host 10-12 events. This is where we want Dash to be our Title Sponsor for a whole
year. We will brand our octagon mat, our ring posts, the digital fight clock,
ring girls, press conference backdrop, posters, flyers, all in Dash. Dash will
be the OFFICIAL sponsor and this will be indicated in all of our marketing
materials for the events as well. Most important of all, we are going to put
together a pro fight card where the fighters will receive their purse money in
Dash. During the events we will have a Dash booth to help educate our customers
and the person working it will coordinate and educate the fighters to assure
they successfully receive their Dash in their own Dash wallets. 

These events sell out with a capacity of around 1100 and our live signal and replay distribution is
typically viewed by 180,000 viewers. This is where the Dash digital time clock
will be seen. Along with all of this our announcer and commentators will be
trained to give Dash their regular shot outs. It is my belief that once the
sporting world hears from me about what we are doing here, more exposure will
continue to come in. I will be sure to do my best to update all the media
coverage this will get. 

Our target first event is Rumble at the Roseland 97 and is scheduled for April 14th of 2018.
It’s an already scheduled event and our agreement for the first year of sponsorship will begin on that date.
Upon approval of my proposal, I will begin to assemble the pro fight card to be paid in Dash and that will be the
following event. This will give me ample time to hype up the Dash title
sponsorship and the upcoming pro fights to be paid in Dash. I’m going to
contact our vendors and see if we can take video of us buying the mats, ring
posts, press conference backdrop, ring girl outfits, in Dash. If I can get them
to agree I believe it will be great exposure for them, but also help in the perpetuation
of the Dash economy. Another idea I would like to pursue after having positive
conversation with Dash community members is to try and incorporate accepting
Dash as payment for tickets and concessions. I’ve been introduced to Alt Thirty
Six by TheDesertLynx as an up and coming platform that may make this feasible
and will explore it’s integration into our current systems for implementation.  

Dash is not buying a slot of my time or just a spot on my fight trunks. I want this to be a longstanding
relationship we are in together beyond this initial proposal. Which is why in
my 3-month commitment as a spokesman for the event and Dash, I hope to bring so
much value, because it’s not only good for my Dash wallet, but the competitor
in me wants to feel that I can directly help fuel the growth of Dash in the
cryptocurrency market, and possibly play a part in history. I will use the
Rumble at the Roseland event as the springboard to start having the
conversation in all of my platforms about Dash. As we go along I would like to
have respected names in the Dash community come on my shows with me to talk
Dash, because while I love talking, sometimes it’s better to let the pros do
the talking. Mark Mason commented on my pre-proposal about possibly
collaborating with Amanda B. Johnson, I can see the value in this. Dash Nation
members have reached out and asked, “how will you use your media platforms?” I
kind of eluded to this in my video, it’s easy to wear a hat, or a t-shirt, or
throw up a graphic on a video, but does that message just say Chael Sonnen is
being paid to promote Dash? This would put Dash in the same category of every
energy drink, diet supplement, or fight clothing brand that has ever cut me a
check to promote their brand. I want when I talk Dash and this event on my
Youtube, Podcast, on TV, or my social platforms it feels natural. I want people
to believe in Dash, because my message feels organic, authentic, and I believe
in it.  

Lastly, I want to help with getting people to act. Just the other day I posted a question in #dash-talk
on Discord and it provided a few good answers, but appeared there wasn’t a
fully agreeable one. I wanted to know where would we want to send traffic from
my platforms? I was told, Dash School, These
are the important conversations that I want to have to help Dash grow and
utilize attention. I am hoping there is a consensus when we go live and there
are many more of these conversations. 

Let’s wrap this up: 
I am a believer in cryptocurrency and in particular, Dash. The speed, the fees, and most importantly
the DAO are what make me believe in Dash and those same reasons is why I am
baffled that Dash is not top 10 in market cap! That’s going to change and I
want to help. When I thought about bringing this proposal to the Dash community
I wanted to check as many boxes as I could and I hope my proposal has done
that. As the MNO community reads over my proposal and prepares to vote, I would
like to leave you with a couple of lasting thoughts. 

I already have skin in the game. I am bringing Dash into a forum for something that I have already
built and is already in existence, this is not to fund a startup project. Let’s
be honest having Dash integrated into Rumble at the Roseland will not just be a
talking point for me to satisfy this proposal, but it will create headlines
that will bring even more attention to our event. Dash wins, Rumble at the Roseland
wins, and hopefully my vested interest in Dash will win too.  
This is not a short-term play for me. I want to build a working relationship to bring Dash to the
forefront of cryptocurrency, now, and into the future. I realize that if I don’t deliver value in this first proposal,
that opportunity will not be available to me. That is why I will be active in the Dash community both
internally and externally to see to it that we are building a fruitful long-term relationship.
I will deliver.  

Last of all I want to thank the following people for reaching out to either express their
endorsement, offer support, ask important questions, and help me shape this
final proposal to what we hope to be a winner for Dash:

Mark Mason
McLovin (Sorry no face tattoo in proposal)
Tao of Satoshi

Here’s MY call to action. Vote YES. Thanks Dash Nation! 

Dash payout breakdown:
Rebranding of Octagon mat- 8 Dash (Good for over a year)
Rebranding of cage post covers- 4 Dash (Good for over a year)
Ring girls refitted and branded in Dash- 1 Dash
Press conference backdrop- 2 Dash
Local media advertisement and distribution with Dash representation- 5 Dash
Pro Fight purses- 60 Dash
Me using all of my media platforms to promote Dash and this event- 240 Dash
Proposal fee- 5 Dash 
Total- 325

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0 points,1 day ago
If this could broken into 3 and escrowed this would make for a proposal with a better chance of roi than payingeverything at one. Have been many cases of dash making payments without delivery.
-2 points,1 day ago
I dont think we should be paying 225k for a proposal like this. I feel this is going to be another unmeasurable campaign without clear roi. The Rory fight investment hasn't really paid off either, havent seen any updates. Voting no.
5 points,1 day ago
Hello asics766. The trickiest thing about any marketing campaign or marketing in general is measuring ROI. If my proposal passes I intend to have someone on my team working as intermediary with Dash and myself to be sure we are hitting our KPIs for what Dash is looking for. Wallets? Awareness? Dash School? I hope to make this a joint effort. If the opportunity presents itself this Friday, check in on the 3 Amigos, as we go over my proposal in more detail. Thank you.
-4 points,1 day ago
I saw some of your comments against Brazilian People(something about their poverty) and insinuations against African Americans. I understand it is MMA and the hype around fight, but I wouldnt consider this is the kind of celebrity role model we should be engaging when dash is going after latin america.
5 points,4 days ago
Great Proposal. Chael would be a great addition to DASH nation. Tons of value adding a personality like Chael.
3 points,4 days ago
Thank you BigStackBri.
-5 points,2 days ago
Make a video apologizing to all these children and talk a little about how this game of industry worked for Brazilians, here is my video message for you.
4 points,2 days ago
With all due respect to your nation and it's kids, you need to familiarize yourself a little more with the marketing of boxing, wrestling and MMA. People don't tune in/show up to watch 2 guys who seem to like each other fight.
-3 points,2 days ago
Show me a Brazilian who lacked respect with the detroid poor children or the ghetto of the United States to do marketing, not marketing, what is inhuman is not marketing!
1 point,4 days ago
Chael, on your large media platforms (e.g Jim Rome), will you be prepared to quickly summarize the features that both distinguish Dash from BTC and make it superior? Crafting the right bullet points to fire out to a largely crypto unsavvy audience could be both difficult but highly rewarding.
4 points,4 days ago
Hey Photosynthesis. Sorry about the confusion here, my wife set up an account on dashcentral "Quicks-a-Dash" and was logged in, I didn't realize it when I commented. That's my response below.
3 points,4 days ago
Hi Photosynthesis. I've went through the Dash School with Amanda. It was very informative. I can promise you this, I will never go into an interview unprepared. Most importantly too, I've wanted to emphasize this all along, I intend to work with the community to get the right message we want to inform people about Dash. Thanks for the question.
0 points,4 days ago
@ Rango : There are still multiple troll comments on this thread. Realmrhack, undash62. Could you please look into it?
3 points,2 days ago
However Reelmrhack is likely a troll.
2 points,4 days ago
Realmrhack not a troll.
0 points,8 hours ago
Both of you are trolls and the same person as dashed.
0 points,8 hours ago
Good read. Play much poker?
-3 points,4 days ago
Thats Chael Sonnen! Dash wanna support a guy like that?
6 points,3 days ago
This reaction is very similar to seeing someone in a movie playing a mean character and being mad at the actor because you didn't like the character.. The reaction he got out of you was intended, so i understand what your saying.. I myself wouldn't consider a role someone plays as an entertainer to be indicative of their personal character, and definitely wouldn't let it sway the way I might vote on any proposal.
The Value Chael might bring to dash is much more important to consider imo.
7 points,4 days ago
Hi MCProtesto2000, the comments collected in this video were not in the privacy of my home, but instead with cameras rolling. The entertainment and fighting industry is all about hype. There is always a good guy and a villain. Fight promoters and entertainment entities all want whatever draws audeince attention and creates headlines. It's the nature of the beast.
-5 points,3 days ago
Talk about poor kids from Brazil is industry game?
0 points,4 days ago
to bad Chael Sonnen! you lost a Brazilian Vote !
5 points,3 days ago
As Nyk states above, he seems to have been in character.

I would reconsider. That video is not evidence that Chael will be bad for Dash.
4 points,4 days ago
Hi studioz, sorry about the confusion here, my wife set up an account on dashcentral "Quicks-a-Dash" and was logged in, I didn't realize it when I commented. That's my response below.
4 points,4 days ago
Hi studioz, I hope you reconsider. This video was created to help sell tickets and help draw a Brazilian audience of 207 million. I've been in MMA for a long time and have had the privilege to get to know lots of great Brazilian people. Either way I respect your opinion. Thanks for your once "yes" vote. I hope to do great things for Dash.
6 points,6 days ago
The exposure this delivers is huge. Chael in particular is uniquely poised to bring Dash exposure in ways a lot of other proposal owners would not be able to, because he's not just an MMA fighter but also a media personality with appearances on numerous programs and networks including ESPN. He has a lot of connections and the attention of not only fans but producers and influencers in numerous fields. This is a pretty easy "yes," IMO.
6 points,7 days ago
Best of luck.. Looks like a great proposal..
You have my support..
3 points,7 days ago
Voting YES but I would like you to don't use only "DASH" while marketing, add "Digital Cash" under it. It is very important at this stage of "brand recognition"
4 points,7 days ago
mrpancake, if my proposal passes I will work with the Dash community to craft the marketing message we want people to hear and see. Thanks for the support.
9 points,8 days ago
UPDATE: I will be joining the 3 Amigos on Friday February 23rd to talk Dash and answer some of the questions you in Dash Nation may have about my proposal. It is my intention to talk openly about how we can make my proposal translate in what Dash Nation is eager to accomplish. If you haven't voted yet, or maybe already voted "NO" I would encourage you to tune in, we can take this walk together. Opportunity leads to opportunity, I would not be here if I didn't see Rory in his Dash shirt at the last Bellator fights. Now that I am here, I want to tell you why this proposal is different and what value adds I can bring to the table. I hope you tune in. Also if you want to see me live in action I will be doing guest commentary for the Bellator fights this coming Friday, starting at 7:00 PM EST. Thank you.
3 points,3 days ago
ill be there
4 points,7 days ago
If you have any questions for Chael please post them under here and I will be sure to ask them.
6 points,8 days ago
Voting yes. Chael will be a great asset to help grow Dash Nation.
2 points,8 days ago
you got my support
2 points,7 days ago
Thank you qwizzie. Appreciate the support.
6 points,9 days ago
Fellow MNO,

I urge you to give this proposal a thorough review. And the merits i think this is a Yes.

Its not a one day thing like Rory.
4 points,9 days ago
Agree, “Cage post covers- 4 Dash (good for over a year)” says it all right there. Long term
2 points,9 days ago
Thank you.
2 points,9 days ago
Thank you.
0 points,9 days ago
You aren't one, remember?
5 points,9 days ago
Looks good to me - solid yes!
3 points,9 days ago
Thank you.
4 points,9 days ago
Call me crazy, but I think the value in this proposal is driven as much or even more by the full year of exposure (10-12 events) at Rumble in Roseland as it is by Chael's promotion. In either case, it's an easy yes for me.
3 points,9 days ago
Thank you.
8 points,9 days ago
I know some people will read MMA in the title and instantly be turned off — but please, take a step back and look at what is actually being offered here.

This is NOT Rory Macdonald Pt 2 where Dash is sponsoring a fighter for a single fight. True there is a fight sponsorship element to this proposal with Rumble at the Roseland, but MOST of the Dash (~74% of the ask) is for Chael Sonnen, a very popular person with a large social media following and big US mainstream media connections (ESPN, Jim Rome), to promote Dash.

This is MUCH more about informing the masses, sports fans in particular, about Dash and its merits... than it is about MMA.

Factor that in when voting.
2 points,9 days ago
Thank you for seeing the multiple layers of my proposal. I did what I could to add as many value adds for Dash as possible. I appreciate your support.
4 points,9 days ago
Hell yes, this is going to be some great exposure.
0 points,9 days ago
7 points,9 days ago
Crosspost from The Dash Forum...

"This is excellent!

As I already told Chael, during the Dash Force weekly meeting last Tuesday I was saying to the guys that to really takeover the MMA scene we needed Chael Sonnen onboard, a week later, here he is!

Chael is one of the best if not the best promoters in the whole MMA universe. Chael is one of the smartest people (not just fighters) in the game and is very good at what he does. Between this and the Green Candle MMA projects Dash will soon effectively be the official cryptocurrency of the worldwide MMA community.

Super pumped for this one, you have my yes votes Sir."
3 points,9 days ago
Thanks for your votes and your support.
2 points,9 days ago
Enough with the MMA fighters until we get some metrics it is actually working. Dash has a CMO now, go talk with him and if he approves and posts his opinion here then I'll vote with him.
2 points,9 days ago
Hello dashed. For my own perspective. What are the KPIs you are looking for personally? Thank you.
7 points,9 days ago
I'm not sure Zastrow wants to have every proposal go through him.
-3 points,9 days ago
CMO = Marketing, Zastrow is Business Development.
4 points,9 days ago
Good point. Wrong person but my point remains.
-2 points,7 days ago
Your point is that you're not sure he wants to have every proposal. Who said anything about *every* proposal? Also making this decision is literally the job description of a CMO.
2 points,6 days ago
So, if not every proposal then the CAMO is just supposed to hang around these discussions and read which ones Dashed or anybody else want him to review and then jump on that and post his feedback? That is your plan?
1 point,6 days ago
(CAMO should read CMO)
-2 points,9 days ago
Hello Chael_MMA,

thank you for your proposal.

This time I have to agree with dashed. This is something that should go through the CMO.
I really don't know the reach of MMA and I think that we need to onboard businesses for regular people to get further. Right now, this is a nice marketing campaign, but that's not enough for a solid yes from me.

Since I find your proposal somewhat interesting (Deck the halls with DASH is a very nice touch), I will vote abstain. If the budget should not be depleted by the last day of the voting cycle, I might change to a yes.

Best Regards and good luck from Germany

3 points,9 days ago
Thanks for your feedback. I hope that I have not painted myself into a corner, by giving the impression that I am just another fighter getting into the octagon representing a sponsor. I have been fortunate that MMA has created multiple opportunities outside of MMA that I have used to leverage myself as a businessman and media professional. All of which I would like bring to our relationship. Appreciate you reviewing my proposal.
-2 points,9 days ago
Not convinced that proposal will deliver ROI .

A few wallets here and there, some sponsored tweets, a MMA fighter gets some dash, nothing that does anything for general populace adoption. It is far fetched to believe that people will start using dash by seeing a logo.. It is more complex than that, it is not self explanatory like soda or soap..

People can keep talking about social media reach but unless people really need to use dash, they wont use it. It is going to turn out exactly the the Rory mcdonald fight..Pay dash, forget dash..

However since there are hardly any better projects to vote for , I am voting Yes for the interim.
3 points,9 days ago
Hi Wixamlee. I hope you pulled back the layers of my proposal, because I agree with you 100%. Getting people paid in Dash such as the fighters and hopefully the equipment and signage people, all of which will be documented. Then using my platforms to create the message that Dash wants the world to hear. I am not going to jump on my youtube and start telling the world my interpretation of Dash. I would like to work with the Dash community to help create the message that we want the world to hear. I have been active in Discord and I believe we can work together to make that happen. Thanks for reviewing my proposal.
-9 points,9 days ago
more mma *sigh*
7 points,9 days ago
Again. This is about promoting Dash on major media platforms. Only 85 of the 325 Dash requested is being used directly to sponsor MMA events.

I want Dash mentioned on places like ESPN because I want the value of my investment to go up... I want more people to hear about Dash and what it offers... do you?
3 points,9 days ago
Second thoughts jgcminer im with you on this... This is wayyy better than rory!