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Proposal “BusinessandMerchantIntegrationinNigeria“ (Completed)Back

Title:Dash Nigeria BizDev - Complete Redesign, please read
Monthly amount: 51 DASH (5501 USD)
Completed payments: 2 totaling in 102 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-10-17 / 2018-12-16 (added on 2018-10-11)
Final voting deadline: in passed
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Proposal description

Table of Content

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Rebranding Statement

  3. Dash Nigeria Vision and Strategy

  4. Prior Work

  5. Proposal Scope November

  6. Budget Breakdown

  7. Dash Nigeria Roadmap

"The incredible journey of Dash in Nigeria"
When I put in my first proposal for dash adoption, Nigeria was a dash wasteland.Nobody talked about dash and nobody thought about using it. Dash had no merchants, no exchanges and no presence in general in Nigeria.By receiving feedback from merchants quickly realized that it would be too early to onboard merchants for dash acceptance. They wouldn’t be able to convert it in order to detail galing it and users couldn’t acquire it anyway.
Subsequently I turned to get Dash adopted into fiat onramps in Nigeria. This led dash to have numerous following exchanges which are now servicing dash in Nigeria: (truexgold.com, Satowallet.com, gredoe-currency.com, and recently Kurecoinhub.com).
Now the next steps of getting dash in front of the Nigerian people can commence. We have several pending integrations that should be completed soon.I’ll continue to onboard high value services and get meaningful small merchant adoption going as bottlenecks are now resolved. Thanks a lot for your attention. Let’s spread dash all over the world together!

Executive Summary
To prevent further confusion about the different proposals in Africa we have rebranded and redesigned our organisation as Dash Nigeria: Business and Merchant integration.
We’re committed to continue our track record of spreading Dash in Nigeria by continuing our onboarding businesses and merchants into the Dash ecosystem.
Our KPIs include the integration of Dash into 4 major players in the Nigerian cryptocurrency, payments or business solution space. Depending on which leads we close first these can potentially also include large scale B2C retailers or service providers.
As roadblocks concerning POS solutions and exchange infrastructure have been resolved we will also sign up 40 small everyday merchants in Nigeria monthly. We will offer continued merchant support.
Our team will be expanded to 9 persons with a total requested budget of 51 Dash monthly for two months.


Rebranding Statement

Historically there has been some confusion regarding the different activities of numerous proposals targeting Africa. Therefore we reworked our approach towards adoption in Nigeria and decided to rebrand our organisation as Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration. For more information please visit our new website (under construction).

Going forward there will be two Dash organisations in Nigeria: Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration and Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions headed by community member Juwon123.
Similar how Dash funded projects operate in Venezuela we will closely collaborate but apply for financial resources separately. This ensures the DAO has fine granularity in the decision making progress on the path to Dash adoption in Nigeria.
There are other projects operating in Africa not to be confused with Dash Nigeria: Business and Merchant integration; namely:
  • DashHubAfrica by Ultimatecrypto

  • Dash Business Massive Adoption in Ghana, West Africa by Zambang

  • Slam Dunk with Dash in Morocco! by Zakaria Ab

  • Team Morocco For Dash School In Arabic And Local Promotion by Salimes

  • Dash Roadshow by Cryptolib

  • Kuvacash by kuvateam

  • There are also activities by other Ghanaians like; George Pro, Cryptoris, Lukman, Sahabia, Issahabu, Dash Governor
Even though we aim to collaborate with these projects if there is opportunity for constructive cooperation we’re an independent project following our own strategy. We’ll work closely with DashWatch to ensure no future confusion arises about the areas of responsibility of our independent proposals.
This rebrand/ restructuring has being made possible by the guidance and oversight of Quansen.

Dash Nigeria Vision and Strategy
We are out to make Dash the mainstream cryptocurrency in Nigeria, enhancing economic growth and improving living standards of its citizens through Dash. We are committed to promoting the adoption and use of Dash in Nigeria.
Our strategy is double-edged: Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration headed by Nathaniel Luz and Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions headed by community member Juwon123.
Dash Nigeria: Businesses and Merchant integration:
My team will integrate Dash into major Blockchain/Cryptocurrency platforms and work towards merchant adoption of Dash in Nigeria.
Dash Nigeria: Software Solutions:
This team will work to overcome roadblocks for Dash adoption and develop utility-based softwares for Dash, such as the DashCart and AltSavings designed for the needs of Nigerian Dash users. This proposal does not fund the team Dash Nigeria: Software solutions.

We will design and roll out a user focused adoption strategy at a later stage after we have built sufficient Dash acquiring and spending infrastructure in Nigeria(TBA).

Prior Work
Since 2017 I have worked tirelessly to spread Dash in Nigeria. Starting from near zero adoption, today there are numerous services integrated with Dash. Because there has been confusion about actual deliverables I decided to list some important integrations I personally initiated:
  • Satowallet.com: Multinational, multicurrency exchange now offering a DASH/NGN trading pair.
  • Coindirect.com: Broker/Exchange now offering DASH/NGN conversion.
  • Truexgold.com: Broker enabling DASH/NGN conversion.
  • Gredoe-currency.com: Offering OTC trading of Dash
  • Coindirect.com: Exchange/P2P exchange which recently integrated into the Dash ecosystem. Supports 24 fiat currencies including NGN.
  • WegoEx: Popular offline currency exchange in Nigeria. Now offers Dash/Cash exchange services. It operates face to face exchange services all over the county. WegoEx is operated by nigeriabitcoinexchange.com, more information in the proposal scope section below.
Other non business development related achievements include:
  • 4000 wallet downloads.

  • In depth Dash education of 250+ persons in our dashafrica.org ambassador program.

  • Nigeria is consistently the country with the most use of Dash paid services on bitrefill.

  • Numerous meetups, conference attendances and other educational activities.
I have achieved these and others. I am confident to have achieved an appropriate ROI on my previous proposals and will continue my track record of bringing Dash to Nigeria.

Proposal Scope November - December 2018
We commit to deliver 4 large integrations each for Dash in the months of November and December. Our current publishable leads are as follows:

Exchange to offer a DASH/NGN pair. Also offers Dash backed loans.

Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange currently in the process of listing Dash based on the increasing usage of Dash in Nigeria.

Holding of prominent cryptocurrency businesses in Nigeria. We have integrated Dash into their WegoEx offering and are currently working with them to list Dash on their 3 other platforms.

Similar to bitnovo.com Yellowcard is positioned to facilitate easy user onboarding of new users to cryptocurrency. They are selling vouchers of small denominations in retail shops in Nigeria without even needing a bank account. They will expand to numerous countries in Africa, Middle East and the US in the immediate future. Such service is a crucial prerequisite for widespread Dash adoption to happen in Africa.

Delivering on one of the most discussed use cases for cryptocurrencies Bitpesa enables remittances into Africa using Bitcoin since early 2014. We have the chance to redirect this traffic through the Dash network by integrating Dash into their platform. Because of their numerous connections inside and outside Africa this integration can potentially be leveraged to pursue more integrations. BitPesa is probably the most used remittance solution based on cryptocurrency.

Ridesharing unicorn based in Estonia, Europe delivering Uber like services in mainly Europe and Africa. Interested in integrating Dash and features of the upcoming Evolution platform.

We are in talks with other businesses as well however we don’t want to overpromise. The above examples have to suffice as an overview of where we’re headed.

Furthermore we plan to onboard 40 merchants monthly in Nigeria. Up until recently we didn’t have working POS solutions with Nigerian Naira support and a lack of currency liquidation options. Most merchants in Nigeria are not ready to take the volatility risk of Dash.

As both SparkPOS and AnypayPOS now have Naira denomination support and the exchange problem has been solved we’re ready to sign up everyday merchants.

Note: 40 seems to be an unimpressive number, however is in line with the success stories of Dash Merchant Venezuela and Dash Columbia.

We will equip all new merchants with everything they need to start accepting Dash, e.g. “Dash accepted here” stickers. We will be accessible for questions and will check back with them once per month for the foreseeable future to address potential doubts.
Moreover we will round each month up with an educational seminar for our merchants where we can address common questions, give more in depth insights into Dash, foster network effect between merchants and potentially receive new integration leads.

Furthermore we will undertake PR efforts to promote Dash, our services and Dash usage on our affiliated partners.

We will also produce freely accessible Nigeria specific (video) material discussing Dash’s advantages, Dash acceptance for merchants and businesses, volatility management and related topics published on dashnigeria.com and other prominent channels such as Youtube.

Budget Breakdown
Total: 51 Dash for 2 months
See detailed budget here:

Dash Nigeria Roadmap
Businesses and Merchants integration
November 2018
  • Staff employment

  • Enlist 40 merchants

  • Release 4 integrations

  • Educational seminar for merchants

  • Press coverage

  • Video reports
December 2018
  • Enlist over 40 merchants

  • Release over 4 integrations

  • Educational seminar for merchants

  • Press coverage

  • Video Documentary
  • Office setup

  • Dash-Fiat Instant Exchange

  • Expand team based on demand

  • Scale up PR work

  • Roll out consumer focussed strategy(TBA)

These links may be helpful:


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1 point,5 months ago
Dash Watch November 26th 2018 Report on
Dash Nigeria BizDev by Nathanielluz
1 point,5 months ago

More coming...
2 points,5 months ago
Sincere appreciations for voting our proposal.

Expect amazing results.

Building a Dashy Nigeria
2 points,5 months ago
voting YES. IMHO...it would be actual Dash enthusiasts that would spend at merchants. I don't know what the investment 'delay gratification' culture is like in Nigeria, but I would presume it is better than most other African nations. A focus on sheer investment and holding Dash for years could be good focus.
The Bitpesa thing would be great (really we need a complete Dashpesa version). This has been talked about for quite a while though as I recall (maybe I'm wrong).
1 point,6 months ago
As a MNO I've already cast my vote which is an obvious YES for this proposal. Its time for us to put our money where our mouths are and start supporting these independent young men and women who are fighting for financial freedom. They have seen the message that the Dash community and Dash Core Group have put out there, and they have heartily responded in the affirmative. We are lightyears ahead of our competition and a yes-vote here will allow us to solidify our position as the top cryptocurrency in so-called 'third-world' countries.

This is a massively easy, no-brainer yes to me. We have the chance to make history gents, let's make it happen!
2 points,6 months ago
Yes you make a good choice, so i think that these ind of proposal to develop Dash in these country like Venezuela, African country, Haiti and Caribbean country will help Dash to grow in the rank because these countries have a population that suffer with inflation, corruption with banking system and traditional remittance services. So i wanna that we take as example Venezuela to support more proposal from these similar country.
1 point,6 months ago
MNO's let vote this into green. I have seen great improvement with Africa proposal. Hope to see more of this. I just finished reading one of the African proposal too. I must say this guys are really working hard now and taking time to present professional proposals and have great plan for Dash in Africa.

Check out one of their proposal: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/dash-global-utility-for-dash.40977/#post-200170

easy Yes for this one! Hope to see new business integration and merchant on DD.
4 points,6 months ago
There have been so many different African proposals that I don't have time to try and keep up with all of them anymore, the Venezuela proposals are starting to become the same way.
I know most of the guys started out with the the Dash Force meetup program but have lost track recently.

Africa is a very big place and so very important in the long run.
I don't want to keep losing people in this region, Cryptolib always did a great job but his last proposal did not pass. IMO This was mostly due to voter apathy and fatigue in the region due to other controversial proposals taking up all the money and dominating the conversation. Venezuela getting most of the attention lately has also played a big role in voter fatigue in Africa.

I will support this proposal on a month to month basis and hope to see the integrations promised above and will continue support if the budget allows.
2 points,6 months ago
We hope our rebrand would make it easier for the community to recognise the various teams working in Africa.

Thanks for your support since the days of meetups.

We will be most delighted to have the integrations and merchants enlisting rolling out one after the other once this proposal passes.

Thanks again for your support.
4 points,6 months ago
Please help keep the momentum going. These guys have worked so hard to build infrastructure, educate and innovate using Dash for Nigerian specific use cases. It's amazing. The bear market should not cause fear, but determination to get this show on the road. Lets make things happen. Big things as well as little things! Vote yes, please!
2 points,6 months ago
We can hardly wait to have all our lined up integrations launched.

Thanks for your support.
1 point,6 months ago
Good luck, hope to get this proposal approved
1 point,6 months ago
Thanks for your support.
3 points,6 months ago
Voting yes, I hope you'll be able to make the integrations happen, I look forward to seeing the new merchants on discoverdash.
3 points,6 months ago

Thanks greatly for your support. Expect amazing results.
1 point,6 months ago
unstoppable: q: what is incentive for customers to spend dash at merchants? wudn't they want to get rid of bad money (ie. naira) and hold on to good money (ie. dash)?
2 points,6 months ago
I and my teams are working on many ways like introducing merchants to pay their workers salary with a 15% dash and the rest in fiat.

There's already am established crypto community in Nigeria and they want to spend crypto since they earn it rather than change to fiat. They are our primary focus.

So our main focus is listing merchants on discover dash and getting users to keep dash instead of naira and lastly give incentives to dash users to spend and save dash.

Nigeria is the largest crypto community in Africa and second globally by Paxful rankings.
1 point,6 months ago
idea still that main focus cud be more stategic on focus on savings alternative to naira. Saw nigeria at #16 in the world on an inflation list. Also idea there cud be a strategy weakness by the main focus of listing merchants due to that consumers want to save good money, and spend bad money. And also challenge that the # of people that earn their salaries in Dash (and need places to spend it at) is very very low
2 points,6 months ago
q: why strategically focus on merchant + business adoption? people prefer to spend bad money first, and save good money. So incentive to spend dash is low? Thus,Q: why not instead focus strategically on promoting dash as a medium + long-term savings vehicle?
3 points,6 months ago
Our goal is to first list enough merchants and have big exchanges trade dash at the normal USD to naira rate before we can move to incentives to those who want to spend dash. We will be rolling out other plans such as our Consumer Focused Strategy after this one have been accomplished.

Promotion of dash as a medium of long term savings:

We have a savings account that have been created by the software development team. They have an MVP called AltSavings.com that allows Nigerians to save a part of their income in dash and they will be rewarded for doing that. The proposal will be out soon by the other team.

We also planned to introduce dash users in Nigeria with CrowdNode so that dash users can buy dash and earn a passive income with it, while saving long term also.
1 point,6 months ago
also q: does it seem correct that the inflation rate of nigeria is only around 11% annum per gov statistics? nathaniel: any input on this?
2 points,6 months ago
The NBS disclosed this in its “CPI and Inflation Report’’ for July 2018. So yes the naira is currently a bad money and people are looking for alternative means of savings which we are developing with the AltSavings application.

Thanks for your questions.
3 points,6 months ago
Yes from me, good luck.
2 points,6 months ago
Thanks greatly for your support.
4 points,6 months ago
Excellent proposal. I appreciate the clarity the rebrand will bring with regard to the different teams operating. The personal and corporate 'prior work' that you and your team have led are likewise very impressive. This is an obvious yes to me.
1 point,6 months ago
Thanks greatly for your support.

Expect amazing results.
1 point,6 months ago
1 point,6 months ago
Seems like a regurgitation of the same information we already had.

Most of the integerations you mention apparently were on your previous proposal marked at various stages in progress

Could you kindly elaborate the difference in cost suddenly please.

Thank you
1 point,6 months ago
Thanks for your question.

The last proposal was for conference and business integration. This is strictly a re-brand entirely. Our target is a minimum of 4 large business integrations and 40 merchants monthly. The previous proposal was for 3 months while this is for 2 months.

We've made progress on some of the integrations and we need to have a team to conclude some others. There are several integrations in the pipeline but hardly can I do all at once, hence the need for a team.

The only reason for the difference in cost is as the projects aren't the same. They are entirely different. The previous was for conference and business integration and this is solely for Merchants and business integration

A good portion of the budget goes to payment recruitment and payment of salaries for the Business Development team.

And please Mr-Hack you will help us grow stronger if you can comment more on preproposal as i recalled that you said you will go through the preproposal but you didn't. You would have been able to get a clearer picture of the proposal.
1 point,6 months ago
Hope you guys can do it, however would you explain what will your methodology be to get these merchants on board and what technology do you have that will convince them to use it?
0 points,6 months ago
Thanks for your question.

Yes we can. We've successfully concluded some integrations and were employing new qualified staff via jobberman.com.

What is your methodology to get merchants on board?

We have very trained staffs and we will be employing more. The staffs will be speaking to merchants about the benefits of accepting dash from low fees, decentralise system, protection from fraud and protection from customers charge back, we will also let them know that they will be expanding their customers base by accepting dash. We plan to incentivise merchants who accept dash at their store.

What technology do we have?

The software development team have added a quick liquidation service for merchants with zero fees you can check that out via dashcart app and we are opening a business whatsapp account that will also assist merchants who have any issues.
0 points,6 months ago
How do you train your staff ?
0 points,6 months ago
Jobberman.com is in charge of our staff recruitment and training.

Thanks for your question.