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Title:Building a Dashy Africa - Phase 2
One-time payment: 72 DASH (28291 USD)
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Payment start/end: 2018-05-19 / 2018-06-17 (added on 2018-05-15)
Final voting deadline: in 10 days
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Proposal description

Building a Dashy Africa – Phase 2
Pre-Proposal Link
Article About DashyAfrica

We want to extend the “Building a Dashy Africa” Project to the rest of the continent by working together with other African communities and extend the knowledge of DASH across Africa. At this stage, we are proposing to implement some strategic actions that will allow our communities to work together on simple projects to allow us to reach achievable goals.

BADA Team will implement a comprehensive plan to maximize Dash adoption in Nigeria, Ghana, and Francophone Africa, addressing all necessary factors to establish a continuously-growing user-base in the most populated countries in this young and vibrant continent. The population of English-speaking Africans is 380M+ and French-speaking Africans is 120M+ across
24 francophone countries. This will be donethrough educational programs such as publication of informative Dash brochures,
meet-ups for average users and for merchants, translation of materials to French, creating partnerships, and more - all culminating in a DASH conference.

This proposal will also benefit fromdocumentation, fund security and performance-based escrow services provided by

All events will be recorded and documented with pictures and/or video.

Nathaniel Luz (discord “rotc”) the contractor ofthis proposal is a Social Entrepreneur and libertarian resident in Nigeria. He
has facilitated events in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and Cameroon in the campaign he refers to as the “Building a Dashy Africa.” You can see his resume and achievements at


This proposal will achieve the following and more:

Expansion of the DASH Africa Ambassadors Program Academy (Creation of more content in English and French)

  • 3 DASH conferences in Nigeria
  • Integrating more businesses to adopt DASH as a means of Payment in Nigeria
  • Continuous DASH Meetups and Ambassadors Drive across Africa
  • Seek to make DASH the most adopted cryptocurrency in Africa
  • Publication of 3,000 informative Dash brochures (bilingual) to be shared at events. 
  • Content would be sourced from
  1. Expansion of the DASH Africa Ambassadors Program Academy (Creation of more content in English and French)
This program is currently running successfully, and hasstudents from over 7 countries but still has some limitations. One of this is the need for more professional content for the academy online. The current content were created by Content translation into French would help us fully reach the Central African Region beginning with Cameroon. We will work with Dash Academy to supplement and co-ordinate our efforts to maximize effectiveness and accuracy of the curriculum

2. Partnership with other organizations

We will partner with organizations who share thesame ideology with us and speak at their events. We will do presentations
to the audience and members and have an inquirydesk at the event were people could come for more information.
$1,000 * 4 events = $4,000

3. Publication of 3,000 informative DASHbrochures

These brochures would be a guide to newbies onDASH. We hope to reach thousands of people through this.
$3 * 3,000 = $9,000

4. Dash Fintech Conference Lagos

This is a breakaway from the norm. After several events reaching out to mostly students and youths, the Dash Fintech Conference this would be the first conference for professionals. It's high time Dash awareness in Nigeria gets to the industrial players of the economy.

To this end, we plan to host key players fromthebanking industry, Directors of large corporations, and Entrepreneurs at the
Dash Fintech Conference Lagos.

Total $8,030

Part B - Translation, Outreach and Community Development

Sulemana Abdul Raif known on discord asDashgovernor would oversee Part B of this project. He has been a facilitator at
Dash Direct, educating local women on Dash. His role at Dash direct was to teach the local women how to use dash wallets and how they can transact or make payments with dash. It has been very successful since the local women can now use the wallet with ease. He has been a speaker at Dash conferences in Ghana and is known for his ability to teach the local folks how to use the technology.


1. Translation of Dash content to Dagbani
There is a need to translate Dash content toDagbani, a local language in Dash with over 1 million speakers. This local Dash
school would increase the velocity and massiveadoption of Dash in Ghana.

2. Dash Clubs
There are Dash clubs in five schools with theaimof promoting Dash in their respective schools. They would be trained,
equipped and released as Dash ambassadors tofoster individual and merchant adoption of Dash in Ghana.

3. Dash Community Connect
The Dash clubs will have a programcalled"Dash community connect". With this project, we will have a
 which will cover activities such as #Dashfestival where Dash block chain technology will be explained in local dialect
to the entire community members. This would be a Dash-only event and all
transactions will be strictlyin Dash.

4. School - Media Connect-
With this, we will be engaging the mediahousesespecially the local media houses to train its presenters and they will
further help promote dash on their variousprograms and other platforms. We will also have at least two local interviews
on Dash block chain technology.


TOTAL = $28,500

Total $28,500 at $410/Dash (Current Price +5% Volatility Buffer)  = 69 Dash
Remuneration = 2 Dash
Escrow Fee = 4 Dash
Risk Fee = 5 Dash
Proposal Fee = 5 Dash
Total = 85 Dash
Remaining Funds From BADA Phase 1 = 13 Dash

Grand Total = 85 Dash - 13 Dash = 72 Dash


The objective of this proposal is to take Dashfrom a “speculative asset” to a “cryptocurrency with utility” in Africa. Once
more businesses and schools are on-boarded and conferences are completed, benefits will be obvious and demand will grow. People of Africa will demand Dash for their transactions as it solves many problems with their national currency, including portability, security, and perpetual inflation. We will make Dash ubiquitous in Africa with high utility and velocity - with its greater security, medium-of-exchange and store-of-value properties than legacy currencies.

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1 point,3 days ago
voting YES. Impressed that you guys are already rocking out the new T&C logo in the photo.
Impressed with the "Dash content" into Dagbani (I gather this covers Dash basics and wallet operation basics).
Your further objectives look good.
Genuine efforts to get Dash into "hands" about the African continent is something I can support for sure.