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Monthly amount: 7000 DASH (194119 USD)
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Payment start/end: / 2019-05-13 (added on 2016-01-28)
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193 people with obsolete thoughts , You have three months time, please think a little , not like a robot and without thinking just say NO !!

I don't know maybe masternode supplier wait for a miracle and prices were a hundred times a day Without doing anything then decide,
supply and demand have a direct relation with the result that the value of things.

If we give ourselves the official identity, our capacity is millions of times.  we need to become a company  Smiley And to show the world we do not coins.

Do you think the value of Bitcoin today because he's special features?

The answer is no, just because of the demand by the people.

Why is demand by the people? Because there are places to spend it, look at the map and see! (

dash has advantages that Bitcoin to even a blind man can see. Believe it or not, slowing growth Dash is just behind Bitcoin Mafia

Dash technology and facilities it is very good, people need DASH (digital cash). Evan and development team with develop & Features give more and more value to dash, but we need give ourselves the official identity.

The company has many goals will be to advance DASH but the main purpose of the company:

1# Contracting with many businesses for accepting DASH (in the real world and among the people, not just internet.)
2# Hire programers for Development of Dash App with IX for all smart phones (ios/android/blackberry/windows)
Your mobile phone is always in your pocket, not your laptop. Dash have weakness in this area. we need more focus on mobiles because we have InstantX :)
3# Hire a designer to create integration plan with discipline and be the favorite of millions people (not only Confirmed frome some of our community).

Note: Companies belonging to the DASH community & all Earning company in future just mere introduction and advancement DASH.

Apple started in a garage, it time to give ourselves the official identity.

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0 points,8 years ago
what happens when the company is sued or forced to put back doors in the code?
What happens when the company is made illegal in different places?
this will destroy the whole idea of digital cash
0 points,8 years ago
I just wanted to say "Nice down vote everyone :)".
I am glad to see Masternode owners take the time to spend does coins on smart projects.

Also we need to be careful do, with the ever increase in coin value, it will become more and more profitable to think of a scam, to let us vote for a bogus idea ( I think this may very well be one). In time we should maybe hire a couple of people willing do back checks, and let out siders sign contract if the plan to work for Dash, making sure they either deliver or need to pay the penalty for signing a contract, Service level agreement or something of the sort.
0 points,8 years ago
Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket.

That's a lot of money to create something for which a virtual corporation has no use... Cheap Stupid doesn't work, maybe Expensive Stupid will? If it costs that much, it's gotta be good...
0 points,8 years ago
There is nothing in this proposal that delivers value to Dash or it's users. Contacting business and hiring people don't necessarily contribute to a final product. If you do intend to create a company, you need sell or create something to keep the company in business.
-1 point,8 years ago
First, do not need to sell anything , If Dash is the best system in the world, but there is no place to spend it , Dash equal Shit :)

The company's goal is to create an official shape is Dash. Legal contract with the people, supply and demand have a direct relation with the result that the value of things.

dash not have a real designer , real development for mobile .