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Title:DASH's Return to National Broadcast Radio
One-time payment: 32 DASH (967 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 32 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2023-04-11 / 2023-05-11 (added on 2023-03-25)
Votes: 514 Yes / 62 No / 24 Abstain

Proposal description

Several years ago, DASH was a major sponsor of Free Talk Live, the top crypto-friendly talk radio show in the United States. We were the first broadcast program to discuss bitcoin back in the day (2011), and many crypto OGs discovered bitcoin and DASH by listening to our libertarian talk show on the radio or online via live streaming and podcast. 

If you are newer to DASH and don't recall those days, a little more about Free Talk Live: Our main host, Ian Freeman, was awarded last year the coveted Freedom Of Speech Award by TALKERS Magazine, the key talk radio industry publication that maintains its "Heavy Hundred" list of the hundred "most important" talk shows in the nation. Free Talk Live is currently at #24 on the Heavy Hundred. We have over 170 radio stations across the United States that air our show at various times throughout the week. You can see them on a map here.

We on Free Talk Live have always been of the old-school view on crypto - that it's supposed to be peer-to-peer electronic cash to allow people to escape government money and the banking system middlemen. FTL hosts helped multiple mom and pop business owners in the Keene, NH area accept DASH at their point-of-sale and for years until 2021 operated the only DASH Vending Machines in New Hampshire until they were stolen by the FBI in the raids against the Crypto Six.

For over a decade we were sponsored by Roger Ver of but they decided to end our relationship at the end of 2022. At around the same time we reformatted our show "clock" to completely eliminate two of our four entire commercial breaks per hour, so now we have only two breaks per hour, which means our show has longer segments and 20% more talk time. It's been a really great change as we can now get deeper into discussions on-air.

At this time, we're in the unique position of having absolutely no advertisers. We're relying on our listeners to contribute directly for $5 a month via either our Patreon or Odysee. If we do accept advertisers in the future, we will be extremely choosy about it. Our hosts are really enjoying not stopping the on-air discussion for live ads, but we would be willing to do so for the right advertiser.

So, that's why we wanted to come back to DASH. We have a history of promoting DASH whether or not DASH was sponsoring us, and our hosts are all fans of actually using crypto. We pay our hosts a gas stipend - currently in Bitcoin Cash from our longtime sponsorship, but that would become DASH if this proposal is accepted.

We'd like DASH to replace our previous relationship with Due to some feedback on the pre-proposal thread, this proposal is for an hour-exclusive live sponsorship, seven-nights-per-week. A live sponsor is an advertiser we talk about live during the show. We do not do recorded ads anymore since we eliminated the two breaks per hour earlier this year. All recorded ad inventory is reserved to our radio network (Genesis Communications Network) and our radio stations that air the show so they can air their local ads. Recorded ads aren't near as effective as live sponsorships, which is what we'd like DASH to be - again.

With what is happening in the world financially today, useful cryptos like DASH have never been more important. Let's bring DASH back together with its former broadcast partner, Free Talk Live.

For 32 DASH per month ($2,000), conversations about DASH would be heard on 170+ radio stations, via our podcast, live streams, and on various video platforms. DASH would be on every show we produce and we do them every day, even on holidays.

Feel free to give us a listen, or better yet, give us a call and tell us the cool stuff you think our audience should hear about. Listen in various ways via and call us at 603-283-6160 anytime between 7-10pm Eastern.

Questions and feedback are welcome, thank you for reading.

Bonnie Freeman on Behalf of the FTL Crew
Host, "Free Talk Live"

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yes from me
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Thanks Bonnie, as discussed on the forum, I am voting YES for this, good luck!
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