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Title:Changing the World Bit By Bit: Revolutionizing the STEM Education System
One-time payment: 131 DASH (3657 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 131 DASH (0 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-09-18 / 2017-10-18 (added on 2017-09-26)
Votes: 680 Yes / 142 No / 39 Abstain
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Changing the World Bit By Bit

Bit-By-Bit: Core Team CEO Ryan Taylor Interview: 

“Dash is a giving community.”
~Ryan Taylor 

Bit By Bit: Interview With Mark Mason: Dash Force News

What is Bit-By-Bit?
Bit-By-Bit is an organization that will employ high school and college age students as mentors to teach after school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related classes paid in Dash/Hour for elementary school students. Three pillars make up the Bit-By-Bit Foundation, the Mentorship Program, the Building Futures Program, and the Dash Awareness Program. 

Interview with Jacob and August at the Dash Conference in London:

About Me:
My name is August Domanchuk and I’m currently a Computer Engineering student at Iowa State University pursuing a minor in Business. If you've been keeping up in the Slack channel or Dash Force News, you might know me as one of the students who crowdfunded our trip to London for the Dash Conference. We have been working closely with the Core Team and community members these past few days and we have received some incredible feedback so far. It's truly been an invaluable experience for us and I cannot stress how much this opportunity and this community means to us.

Bit-By-Bit formed as a GoFundMe program that I created in February 2017. The goal of the program was to provide Computer Science Education for underrepresented and financially-challenged youth in elementary school. Bit-By-Bit grew into an organization that identified local High School students as mentors who volunteered their after-school time to run STEM-related classes for kids in the community. The program was called STEM Tech Tutors (STT). The group generated a lot of positive momentum, including articles in several news sources and video documentaries. The project was a great success for the whole community, but lacked the financial support to continue its mission.

A video on our previous classes:

Our Mission Statement:
The vision of the Bit-By-Bit foundation is to bring together communities for the purpose of providing extracurricular STEM activities in the community in a meaningful way which begins at the earliest grade levels and continues through high school. By establishing a presence within the community and within the school system, we can establish a strong network of students who are willing to mentor younger students on a wide range of topics, which augment and enhance the ongoing STEM programs in public schools. 

Our Plan:
  • Run bi-weekly after school classes in a variety of STEM related topics for elementary school students with a focus on financially challenged or underrepresented demographics.
  • Introduce Dash into a wider market by paying employees directly with Dash (Dash/Hr).
  • Teach basic concepts of cryptocurrency to students, parents, and community members.
  • Raise awareness for Dash by awarding small amounts to attendees at the end of classes
  • Expand our program to multiple communities across the US, including Ames, Iowa, Kalamazoo, Michigan and La Grange Illinois.
  • Host community events, such as coding competitions, robotics competitions, and hackathons with Dash as prizes

Bit-By-Bit: Dash Distribution Plan

Mentorship Program:
The Mentorship Program consists of older students leading classes and discussions for younger students to establish skills in the STEM field.

Operating Costs
  • Facility Costs
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance (Premium Domain)
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Miscellaneous costs(One-time-fees, domains, graphic designers, proposal fee)
Costs: 25 Dash per month

Teaching Materials
  • Bitsboxes (Coding Books for Kids)
  • Devies (Laptops & Tablets)
  • VR Headsets
  • Supplies and Kits (Robotics Kits)
Costs: 12 Dash per Month

  • Mentors
  • Development Team
  • Regional Coordinators
  • Director Council
Costs: 52 Dash per month (Employing ~26 Mentors)

Building Futures Program:
Building Futures is a pillar of Bit-By-Bit which directly donates educational resources like robotics kits and BitsBoxes (a monthly coding subscription service) to schools and individual students that are underrepresented or demonstrate financial need. Additionally, the Bit-By-Bit council will acknowledge a Dash Community scholarship for higher-level education which will be open for vote in the community. Any rollover funds from the other two pillars of the Bit-By-Bit foundation will be devoted to the Building Futures Program and will be given directly to the community. Additionally, if the price of Dash increases and we have rollover funding in the other programs we will devote these additional resources into the Building Futures Program.

Costs: 30 Dash per month

Dash Awareness Program:
The final pillar of the Bit-By-Bit foundation will include 10 Dash to host community outreach events to give away Dash to parents, kids, and community members in very small amounts to promote Dash as Digital Cash. This familiarizes Dash with an audience that is unlikely to use cryptocurrency on their own. Dash will be represented as more than the average cryptocurrency: its strengths in Instant-Send and its general functionality for everyday transactions will be communicated at these presentations. A practical implementation utilizing Dash in the Bit-By-Bit organization includes an autonomous payroll system where mentors “clock in” by scanning their Dash QR codes at the beginning of a class. When mentors clock out, they will automatically get paid the correct amount of Dash per hour that they worked.

Some examples of how community members might use Dash include:
  • Kids will put their Dash QR codes on their computers and they could tip each other if they like a friends program or if they help a fellow classmate.
  • Families could manage in-house expenses (allowances, chores, Homework points, etc.) through Digital Cash
  • At the end of the week long class periods we invite the parents and family members to come checkout the programs that the students have been working on. During this final class period, we would include a presentation on Dash and help set up everyone in attendance with Dash wallets and give out $10 in Dash to all in attendance.
Costs: 12 Dash per month

We estimate (based on data from our previous classes) that 40 different students attend our classes per week, plus around 60 parents per week would be given this opportunity. In total for the month, around 400 new wallets will be generated and used per month.

Whole micro-economies in multiple communities built on Dash.

Total Cost: 131 Dash per month

We will provide weekly updates including pictures and video content of our classes. We will also be actively working on PR and be in touch with news and media sources to cover our programs and talk about Dash.

Please feel free to reach out with questions/comments/feedback.

We have some awesome plans for the Bit By Bit foundation and it is our goal and a personal passion of mine to keep improving and growing the foundation and expanding our resources and connections. Just this week at the Dash Conference we have already received a request from a university professor to expand our program internationally but we would like to start small and build our trust within the community and scale accordingly, and naturally before we get ahead of ourselves. 

Lastly, I'd like to personally thank DJCrypt0 for his help and support with our proposal and for helping us with the 5 Dash Proposal Fee. He is working on a Non-Profit program for Dash called and he saw the potential in our non-profit organization and he is working on a way to help others accomplish similar goals.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our proposal and for helping us with the process. CoinGun, Mark, JoeZippy, Chuck, MooCowMoo, Ryan, Fernando, and many more!

Pictures of the Team Coming Soon:


Dash Conference Crowd Funding Video:

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4 points,6 years ago
C'mon folks. We need some more yes votes to give them a win. Watch the video with Ryan, vote yes.
5 points,6 years ago
August and Jake are two very remarkable young gentlemen. I had the pleasure to speak with them in depth about their vision and passion for this project in-person. They were extremely receptive to feedback and highly motivated for the right reasons. I sincerely hope this proposal passes and I wish them every success. This is the perfect opportunity for them to prove their worth to the masternode network. I personally would like to see this project eventually scale successfully to a national level and then use as a template to roll out at an international level. I strongly believe August and Jake will be the future rock stars of Dash and I know i'm not the only one who holds that outlook.
5 points,6 years ago
seconded. Go go August & Jake!
4 points,6 years ago
Voting yes
4 points,6 years ago
You guys rock! I'm all in.
3 points,6 years ago
count me in guys, youve got good energy, best of luck.
5 points,6 years ago
You guys are killin it
5 points,6 years ago
Got a good impression from you guys during the conference, count me in :)
5 points,6 years ago
Amazing work, great value! Your next proposal will be recurring?

Also please give the kids an apple (to eat) during class :)
2 points,6 years ago
good guys! voted yes! go ahead with the project
4 points,6 years ago
If I might make a marketing comparison...

You know when Apple first really took off? It was not long after they started putting a bunch of free computers in schools.

So what would happen to Dash if thousands of kids were exposed to Dash in this very positive light at this very impressionable age?

In addition to the direct effects, which are substantial, imagine what a high powered branding/marketing team could do with this. This kind of program is what PR/marketing teams dream about at night.

And of course, we do a fundamental good by teaching those STEM skills. The kids need this, and we as a society desperately need this. STEM = Science Technology Engineering Math, for those who are unfamiliar with the term.

Anyway, if it's not painfully clear already, I'm voting yes.
5 points,6 years ago
I like the degree of enthusiam, you bring to the table. Too bad, we did not meet on the Dash conference. YES for your proposal.
-2 points,6 years ago
I think the proposal is too expensive , sorry
8 points,6 years ago
Hi Gazynerto, thanks for your feedback. We thought about this as well but after talking with our team, the community, and doing a ton of research we are confident that we will find a good use for all 131 Dash. We will work on being as transparent as possible with what the funds are being used for and we truly believe that Bit By Bit will provide value to the Dash community and local communities that can't be quantified in dollars.
-6 points,6 years ago