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Title:Bitcart & Dash Advertising Proposal
Monthly amount: 117 DASH (40967 USD)
Completed payments: 1 totaling in 117 DASH (2 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2017-08-19 / 2017-11-16 (added on 2017-08-22)
Votes: 863 Yes / 76 No / 31 Abstain
Will be funded: Yes
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Proposal description


Amazon Advertising Proposal
Written by Graham de Barra, Bitcart CEO

  Bitcart has hit a milestone by completing the development of v4.0
  this week with a launch date set for this Friday, 25th of August.
  We are currently trading in the region of $100,000 per month in Dash
  which circulates within the Dash ecosystem. Bitcart is the solution to
  Purse refusing to adopt Dash and allows people to save 15% on Amazon
  with Dash.

  Phase two of our Roadmap with Dash is to scale Bitcart. We aim to
  increase the demand and the number of Dash users on our platform
  with this budget. To accommodate for the ever growing demand of
  Bitcart and Dash we have decided to run an advertising and
  marketing campaign. This will commence in September and run
   until December 2017.

  Dash have exclusivity on Bitcart meaning that any promotion of Bitcart
  will directly benefit Dash. This benefits the Dash ecosystem by requiring
  people to adopt Dash in order to be able to shop on Amazon with 15%
  discount. The entirety of Bitcart’s assets and capital is stored in Dash. 
  This dedication to Dash has lead to Bitcart’s decision to not trade any
  profit it makes. Therefore Dash remains in the ecosystem. Our cashflow
  shows 3-years income
, all of which will be in Dash and all wages will be
  paid in Dash as a company policy.

  Utilising digital and print promotional methods it will be vital for Bitcart
  to target not only Amazon customers but Dash users too. Dash has
  exclusivity on Bitcart so it is the only cryptocurrency that is accepted.
  Crypto exchanges where Dash is sold would be an ideal location for the
  online promotion of Bitcart. Analysing alternate Dash touch points would
  also present opportunity for Bitcart promotion where appropriate. In
  relation to the Amazon market segment, the amount of target market
  research and analysis required would be relative to the size of the
  market itself. A budget for market research will reveal more about this
  demographic’s behaviour.

  Expected Outcome: To advertise Dash as a service to purchase on
  Amazon with 15% off. The outcome of this is to turnover of more than
  $100,000 equivalent in purchases with Dash per month/ $1.2 million per
  year for this service and thus increasing exposure and adoption for Dash
  which has exclusivity on Bitcart.

  Total Budget Request: 117 Dash for 3 months (performance-based)


  Bitcart Cashflow 2017 - 2019

Bitcart v4.0 will launch just before midnight Pacific time Friday 25th August 2017.

  Amazon Demographic
  Approximately 60% of households in the United States have Amazon Prime
  memberships. 82% of the $112,000 p/year income bracket have an Amazon
  Prime account. Customers are therefore highly valuable for Bitcart and Dash.
  Almost ALL high income-salary households in the US can avail of 15% off
  Amazon using Dash.

  With 60% of all American households having an Amazon Prime account, our target
  market is hundreds of millions of people in the US alone. This advertising campaign
  will introduce these people to Dash through the 15% discount on Bitcart. Prime
  members on average spend $1,300 per year on Amazon. The annual revenue of is $130 billion. We are preparing for the shift from fiat to Dash
  by allowing people shop on Amazon now, thus transferring this revenue
  from fiat into Dash.

  This is an advertising campaign that will set Dash apart from other cryptos
  because it will put us at the top of mainstream e-commerce ahead of any other

  Here's how we'll accomplish this.

  Online Marketing Strategies
  Online channels include Exchange banners and newsletters, Social Media
  strategies, Media Outlets. Keyword Strategies, Search Engine Optimization
  methods and Paid online advertising.

  The largest crypto exchange place supporting Dash is Bithumb. There is a
  pending Bitcart and Dash advertising campaign which will be hosted on Bithumb.
  Because of this, we would prefer to use the budget for other means. Other large
  crypto exchanges trading Dash include Kraken, Shapeshift, Poloniex and Bittrex.
  Research and investigation into these alternative exchange places supporting
  Dash could lead to more promotional opportunities, albeit not a priority for now.

  Coindesk are the largest media outlet reporting on blockchain-only news. Online
  banner advertising can be purchased for up to $5,000 for 3 months and special
  advertising can be acquired for amounts over this.

  Forbes magazine have the largest readership out of any mainstream media
  outlet covering blockchain news, with millions of online and printed readers
  globally. Bitcart CEO was featured in Forbes in an interview with senior editor
  Laura Shin announcing Dash exclusivity. Given the regular coverage and kind
  of readership, Forbes magazine would be an excellent outlet for an advertising
  campaign. The Korean market is the largest for Dash and increasingly for Bitcart.
  Forbes Korea is the cheapest Forbes to advertise. Back page advertising for one
  issue is $25,000. Bitcart have a partner in Seoul, Korea who is assisting us there.
  Bitcart's second largest market has always been South Korea and since we
  exclusively switched to Dash in April 2017 all our customers adopted Dash for it's
  low rate compared to bitcoin, which suffered high margins at the time.

  Utilising methods of Search Engine Optimisation such as adwords, keywords /
  longtails and meta tags will be essential in exposing Bitcart to an ever increasing
  target audience. We have partnered with Google EU Headquarters based in
  Dublin, Ireland, who work with high potential advertising partners in the EU, to
  assist us. This resource will be invaluable for insights and customer behaviour.
  From this we can gain a deeper understanding in the behaviour of Amazon
  shoppers and create good content and keywords based on this.

  Amazon ranked 9th in ad spend on the non-branded grocery keyword group,
  spending $134,000 from June 2016 through May 2017, while ranking 9th in clicks
  with a 2.8% click share. Whole Foods ranked 18th in ad spend with $51,000 spent
  on the keyword group over the last 12 months—a decrease from the $57,000 the
  company spent on the same keywords from June 2015-May 2016—and 19th in
  clicks with a 1.2% click share.

  This market in groceries will soon be dominated by Amazon given it’s investment
  in this industry and its interest to disrupt.

  Offline Advertising

  Prior to acquiring Wholefoods in 2017, Amazon were among the smallest advertisers
  in the grocery market. This trend will predictably change with their $13.5 billion
  acquisition into the grocery industry which is valued at approximately $700 billion.
  We will research opportunities to advertise in an industry that Amazon will undoubtedly
  conquer for years to come. Targeting the grocery industry, specifically Wholefoods and
  competitors to Wholefoods in Seattle, is a priority. Example of supermarket ads are
  trolley’s, floor advertising alone aisles, external advertising. We will explore every option
  and dedicate a budget to making a big impact in at least one supermarket in Seattle to
  show 15% savings when you shop with Dash.

  Putting Dash and Bitcart in healthy grocery stores is not only strategic by preparing
  ourselves from supermarket disruption, it also heightens our brand value by associating
  our brand with healthy lifestyle.

  The exposure is worth hundreds of thousands of people in South Korea and Seattle with
  the aim to shop on Amazon with 15% using Dash exclusively. Leveraging the exclusivity Dash
  has with Bitcart means that people will have to buy Dash to get the discount! There is a
  reason Dash have partnered with us since May because they see how Dash can benefit from
  being the only cryptocurrency saving you 15% on Amazon. This will increase the value of Dash
  and will drive interest to Dash for Amazon customers.

  Further Resources

  Bitcart Development Roadmap

  Video Inverview of Bitcart CEO with Tao of Satoshi

  Slack Channel


  Press Releases 

  Advertising Campaign on racer jet at Oshkosh with 800,000 spectators

  Proposal Reddit

  Proposal Forum Thread

  Screenshots// bitcart v4.0

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0 points,1 day ago
i will vote "no" temporary.i saw many delay send gift card.i thought that it should not advertising before the service you provided good enough.
0 points,2 days ago
I want test your service but have some problem: (1) in sale service I cant enter my #dash wallet. I see my #dash wallet without last 2 symbols. (Dash wallet lengths - 34 symbols, in your form only 32 symbols) (2) text area for code have extra symbol. Amazon claim code - 14 symbols, your text area 15 symbols. I receive error code ... :(
Bad user experience. Please inform me when you fix this bugs.
0 points,15 days ago
So I tried the site last night, it was broken (actually got a php error) in the checkout process. I sent a support email, 24 hours later, no response. This is not encouraging...
0 points,14 days ago
Hey zeal, the website should be working. Sorry for the late reply, we are up the walls with orders. I've forwarded your message to our lead developer. If you're still receiving the order please let us know.
0 points,24 days ago
What's the status of the website update?
0 points,24 days ago
Bitcart v4.0 is live already!

You can visit or you get the beta version and is the old version. We would like people who test the beta version to please report feedback to us on

A huge thank you for your support!
0 points,11 days ago
login on the beta site is not working. registration not working. As far as I can tell Bitcart v4.0 is not live
0 points,7 days ago
Hey zwolf, beta was buggy. Now we have gone live. You can login on and make orders!
2 points,24 days ago
I was really hoping you'd have the new site live on "main net" because every GC I've purchased in the last two weeks has required me to follow up about not getting the codes.

This needs to be automated ASAP.
0 points,7 days ago
The new site is now online, which means we are coming to the end of Phase 2 of our roadmap. Next up: Automation!
0 points,27 days ago
Update Day 4:

A huge thank you for your overwhelming support for our proposal! We will continue to answer any questions by the community daily and continue to work 24/7 for the Dash community!

As promised, Bitcart v4.0 is here!

Here's an exclusive link:

This is a login for access to v4.0 and we invite you to try it out and let us know what you think.

We will enable the sign in/ register button once the backend is connected which will be the end of the day. You can get a feel for how the website will look.

Notable features:
1. You can see we have added and a list of other gift cards and a walkthrough will be on v4.0 explaining how you can avail of these using Bitcart.
2. No bitcoin in the logo (complete Dash exclusivity)
3. Updated the login member area (available in beta-only)
4. Updated contact information
5. New frontend design and customer journey

There are a number of backend updates which are detailed in our Trello which we are working on connecting now. This will connect the backend to the frontend and will be ready for people to login.

You can find the Trello updates as we go along:

Thanks for your patience and continued support!

1 point,27 days ago
I'm looking forward to the launch of Bitcart V4 and i'm giving you my support for this advertising and marketing campaign
0 points,27 days ago
So has your v4.0 site rollout been delayed? Seems like you are now past the time you stated this would happen by?
0 points,27 days ago
Hi Meth, we are due to bring v4.0 online very soon. It will be released with another video so stay tuned!
0 points,27 days ago
I voted with a yes but I want to see a re branding in the future. Dashcart! Drop the Bit.
1 point,28 days ago
Day 3: Video Update Big Annoucement

Thanks to everyone who's voted and given feedack. This feedback is invaluable to us improving our service. Today around midnight Pacific time we will launch Bitcart v4.0 Beta for you to try.
3 points,29 days ago
Graham, does your business require complete trust in your employees? I suspect you have to watch the funds closely, and thus everything depends on you getting card codes out. So I'm worried about the scalability of your business. Can you honestly handle more work? Where are the log jambs in the system? I suppose this isn't really the time or place, but still, I'd like to hear what you have to say about this before approving funding for advertisement ;) I really love Bitcart, but it's so inconsistent. If people expect to be paid in 24 hours as it says on the website, they're going to get irate when it takes days or a week even, to get their codes. Please at least under promise and over deliver. Say on your site that it will take (longest expected wait time) to receive your codes. You will have fewer irate people bugging you :)
0 points,28 days ago
Tante, thanks for your suggestions. Our new website v4.0 will launch at midnight Pacific timezone later today. Since May we've been cleaning bugs in the backend and now we are ready to begin scaling the business. We wouldn't be proposing this if it wasn't for the timing of launching v4.0 which we believe is a prime opportunity to promote Dash and Bitcart to the masses.

Bitcart is ready to begin scaling and we have a very strong development team composed of experts in Amazon, automation and AI who are working on our development roadmap:

As we develop we need the resources to bring our service to the top and seriously contend with and other competitors in the space who refuse to switch to Dash. Bitcart only accepts Dash and all our capital stays in Dash. We want the best for Dash and Bitcart together. With your help we can achieve great things for v4.0

I will be on video again today answering any questions that will help earn your support.
0 points,27 days ago
Well, I am going to support you on this, as I think you are one of the smartest and most energetic young people here. I just hope you're not getting too far ahead of yourself :)
4 points,29 days ago
Start rant:
As a masternode owner and a customer of BitCart I have to say that you currently have a poor website, poor customer service and a poor delivery time frame. It generally takes about a week before one gets their cards numbers. No communication on status ever occurs, and response to support emails is non-existent. Currently, you are not running your business very well.
End rant.
Having said all that, I believe in your vision and I want it to succeed, but I worry you are damaging your brand with a poor customer experience.
So, will this money also go to improve your business operations/website/communications/delivery?
1 point,28 days ago
Thanks for your message, zwolf. Our service has had some issues recently with delivery time and replies. Please allow me to explain some of these issues which you have rightly mentioned.

Since we dropped bitcoin in June in favour of Dash, we've withstood hundreds of DDoS attacks and hack attempts on our website. We've never been hacked, however each time the attack is made our automation processor goes down and we have to manually go through thousands of transactions to find paid orders. This is causing slower than usual delivery times for certain orders. In most cases we are under 24 hours. Therefore the attacks are not successful but they have slowed our service.

Bitcart v4.0 is going live today at midnight Pacific time and we are developing better automation to speed up order delivery and communications. Please take a look at the new updated website tonight.

This marketing plan will be huge for attracting more customers and therefore we can buy and sell more gift cards. By investing money from the supernode, Dash will be getting 3 months of full-time marketing for the 15% off Amazon discount to millions of people. We are determined and confident to make this extremely successful for the Dash ecosystem.
1 point,28 days ago
Hey grams. Thanks for the communication. Having rolled out a start-up myself, I know its hard (like, five-years-of-no-life hard). However, sometimes, the best thing you can do is to communicate the issues and the plan that is in place to resolve them. Right now, your company lacks a professional feel (cryptic emails from phones doesn't come off as professional). Right now, you're dealing with a supportive community, who wants BitCart to succeed, so take this a friendly advice, as constructive feedback. I look forward to seeing the new version.
0 points,27 days ago
Absolutely, I agree. We're working on these issues with 4.0 and I hope you'll like the changes we've made :)
4 points,29 days ago
Video Update 24th August

Hi everyone, here's the second video of the Proposal. I will answer questions everyday until the proposal has ended.

Thanks for voting!
1 point,29 days ago
Still waiting on my $100 gift card. Order #6467 submitted on Aug 16. ~8 days ago...
1 point,29 days ago
This was my fault, sorry. I was under pressure and sent the $400 of the $500 order and had the remaining $100 pending my outbox. I've sent the $100 balance now. I should have been more thorough and double checked the code had been delivered.

Tomorrow is the launch of v4.0 which will begin automating this process to make delivery more instant and hassle-free. With a new front-end and back-end we will scale the business to ensure no mistakes such as this one are made again.

With this budget we can focus on our brand and marketing and with the current development roadmap we will scale the business:
0 points,29 days ago
I just got it now. Thanks.
1 point,29 days ago
When the reports of un-delivered codes and un-answered support emails stop getting posted online -- for several months -- then I'll consider voting 'yes' on a proposal like this for Bitcart.

Love the idea -- want it to succeed. But execution of simple business thus far has been embarrassing.
1 point,29 days ago
In case you missed it, here's a video update of the proposal:
2 points,1 month ago
Could you commit to adding analytical systems and metrics in the follow-up of the proposal?
It would be interesting for the community to see the impact of their marketing campaign

Thank You
0 points,29 days ago
Yes, absolutely. We will transparently show the analytics and metrics that influence what adverts we go for. In addition, we will release analytics showing the effectiveness of the campaign afterwards. This will be useful for our community to know where ads are most effective and we want to give back as much as possible.
4 points,1 month ago
You won't get my vote until you at least remove bitcoin as a payment method on your website. If you stopped accepting bitcoin why does it still appear as an option after all this time? It looks very unprofessional and does not inspire confidence in your company. Also you have no link on the site to contact customer service if there is a problem and don't say to contact you on twitter. I don't have a twitter account and don't plan to open one just because you guys are too lazy to have a customer support link. I really like the service you provide but I will never use it or recommend it until it is run in a professional manner. You are trying to expand before you have even addressed some very basic issues. Learn to walk before you start trying to run.
2 points,1 month ago
Hi DashRiprock,
Bitcart does not support bitcoin. We only accept Dash. If you try and pay with bitcoin on our website it will tell you that we don't support it. Our next update v4.0 is on Friday. This is for a new frontend design to clean up bugs and to remove the bitcoin logo from the website. We are 100% Dash exclusive.

The website has our email address listed on the bottom. It's which is working fine so people don't need to use Twitter. This is another frontend design which is being changed with the v4.0 update.

If you have any questions let me know, thanks.
2 points,1 month ago
I will check out your website on Friday and if it is as you said you will have my vote.
1 point,29 days ago
I'm in the same boat. Before $100k in unspecified advertising, there are basic updates on the website that could be made. The title and meta tags still say that this is a bitcoin service:

<title> - Buy Amazon gift cards with bitcoins and save 15%.</title>
<meta content="Spend bitcoin on Amazon and save 15% fast, cheap, easy." name="description">
<meta content="Bitcoin, spend, marketplace, buy, sell, btc, gold amazon bitcoins, golden" name="keywords">
0 points,27 days ago
Thanks for reporting this. We've resolved this issue with the 4.0 update
0 points,1 month ago
That's fair! I'm glad to take your feedback on board and pass it onto the team.
0 points,29 days ago
> We are currently trading in the region of $100,000 per month in Dash
which circulates within the Dash ecosystem.

> Expected Outcome: The outcome of this is to turnover of more than
$100,000 equivalent in purchases with Dash.

So you have already reached your goal? Or am I understanding this wrong?
0 points,29 days ago
Yeah, we've currently stagnated in the region of upwards of $100,000 per month and now we want to go beyond $100k by bringing Dash and Bitcart to the masses.
1 point,1 month ago
Have voted Yes, but just want to request that bitcart works with ... its the same language and format as, and the UK is a big market. ... (how hard can it be?) :-)
2 points,29 days ago
Living in Ireland, I share your pain. I get to give people discounts but I can't spend them myself by living outside the US. We've tried to add but because each Amazon is like it's own company, it requires starting all over again with each region. We will commit to opening talks with to see if they can be added in the future.

Additionally, you could use a drop shipper like if you really want to shop on

1 point,29 days ago
Good to hear that. Thanks.
1 point,1 month ago
Voted yes.

Cant you just rebrand Dashcart
1 point,1 month ago
Do it. Get that volume through the roof. This is an integral part of the pre-Evolution runup for Dash.
0 points,1 month ago
Yeah! We love the intensity!
3 points,1 month ago
yes, a name change from bitcart to for example dashcart is a must for me.
after that you will have my votes.
0 points,28 days ago
Thanks Bossie. Included in this proposal is $5,000 for brand development. With this budget we would like to explore every possible option for branding. I hope you can see the utility for Dash in our exclusivity deal that already exists.
1 point,1 month ago
Your plan is appealing to me. Let's say it passes, and let's say it is very very successful. What are your plans to scale quickly to service that much business? I am ready to vote yes...

solarguy on the forums
1 point,1 month ago
Very good question, Solarguy.

Scalability is the most difficult thing for any startup in my opinion. We have addressed this under our development roadmap already. On Friday we will launch v4.0 which is the beginning of Phase Two: Scaling Up. You can see exactly how we plan to scale here, which includes rewriting the codebase and backend. It's important to note that we already have allocated a budget for this development so we don't need to include it in this proposal.

Does this make sense?
1 point,1 month ago
Very cool, very exciting, you have my votes!

I was not aware that South Korea was able to use your Amazon GC's. People in Europe can't use them, right? Can you list all the major places where you can use the cards, or not use them.
3 points,1 month ago
Thanks for your support Mastermined, it means a lot to us!

South Korea is interesting because our customers there are crazy for shopping on for a wider selection of items. They will generally drop ship their orders using for example, who then ship the items to them.

Drop shipping is popular in China especially, where there is a 40% luxury tax on top of VAT for certain items.

We want to also announce that our Amazon gift cards can be redeemed for the following stores:

A full list of stores can be found here:

We've been hinting for a while that we can service more stores and finally now that we are on Phase 2: Scale Up we are ready for the increased demand this news will bring.

Full instructions on how to exchange your Amazon for these stores will be included on the new website update on Friday.
2 points,1 month ago
This is pretty epic, folks.
I can understand why people would like to see the new website before voting.
Great work, Graham!
2 points,1 month ago
You are independent and successful business entity, aren't you? Thus, you should fund your ads by yourself.

With all the respect and love.
4 points,1 month ago
I understand how this can be the intuitive reaction to any Dash proposal. However if you break it down, you'll find almost all proposals are made by independent companies. Take for example the POS systems that have recently been funded and the "Dash card". These are independent companies processing cryptocurrency payments and not only Dash. The last such company we funded was Cryptogroup based in East Europe for 85 Dash and the payment processor will accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. The Dash card as it turns out will accept 50 other crypto currencies. These proposals only indirectly benefit Dash, if the consumer chooses to use it.

In my case I am asking for Dash to be spent on my company which only accepts Dash. Dash will be featured in all my ads. The distinguishing feature is that we only accept Dash!

These ads will be placed in Seattle where Amazon is headquartered for the purpose of bringing loyal Amazon customers into Dash to get their 15% saving. The ads will of course benefit my company but it's not so independent when we have an exclusive deal with Dash. Dash paid us for exclusivity to get our service out there because they see the return. If Dash only advertised the word "Dash" around grocery stores nobody would look twice. The purpose for our ads is "Save 15% on Amazon when you shop using Dash" and you can instantly see the hook. This is far more effective advertising and I want Dash to use Bitcart for this end goal.
3 points,1 month ago
Well, ok. It makes sense. "Yes" from me.
1 point,1 month ago
Any chance your gift cards could ever work with ebay?
1 point,1 month ago
With Amazon gift cards you can purchase other gift cards, however eBay isn't currently listed. You can find the list here:
1 point,1 month ago
Easy Yes bitcard Rules
1 point,1 month ago
You say in your proposal " Dash has exclusivity on Bitcart so it is the only cryptocurrency that is accepted."
In your trello board of things to do "Add Ethereum Payment method for selling gc" - please explain?????????????????????????????
1 point,1 month ago
Sorry, this roadmap was created before we partnered with Dash. Since May, Dash secured a 12 month exclusivity deal with Bitcart and we deleted Ethereum from our payment methods. I've removed the card from the Trello to prevent confusion. Thanks for pointing this out.
0 points,1 month ago
So when this exclusivity ends, you will be adding other cryptocurrencies?

When does the 12 month exclusivity come to an end?
1 point,1 month ago
We hope to extend our exclusivity after the 12 months is up in May 2018. This will depend on the Dash Supernode and what the community vote. We are really serious about this partnership working. I've hosted Dash core members at the company headquarters in Ireland and I've visited the team in New York. The whole Bitcart team will go to London to see them again in September. We are constantly working together and finding new ways to develop the relationship between Dash and Bitcart to it's full potential.
1 point,1 month ago
Thanks for the clarification - you have a yes from me, and I hope Dash continues to be exclusive well beyond the 12 months!
2 points,1 month ago
Do you have any examples of the Ads you plan to release?

I see the entirety of your company runs on Dash, maybe you should change your name to Dashcart (:
3 points,1 month ago
I've reserved so no one else could steal it. Let me know if you'd like it.
0 points,1 month ago
Hi Mizzy, for this campaign we are dedicating part of the budget to a marketing strategy which will guide us to make the best strategy. In the 3 month time allocated in the proposal, we will conduct the research first in partnership with Google EU to check for keywords and SEO. We will then advertise on news websites, grocery stores in Seattle and Forbes Korea. We feel 3 months is therefore a good timeline to achieve all this and make the right decisions for the investment.

Watch our video for more specifics:

You can see examples of previous adverts such as the racer jet at Oshkosh, which I've linked in the proposal above for your viewing. Thanks!