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Title:AgroCognitive Dash powered – Venezuela (month 4 reloaded)​
One-time payment: 191 DASH (33716 USD)
Completed payments: no payments occurred yet (1 month remaining)
Payment start/end: 2018-07-18 / 2018-08-17 (added on 2018-07-08)
Final voting deadline: in passed
Votes: 266 Yes / 193 No / 25 Abstain

Proposal description

  • AgroCognitive FAQs videoAgroCognitiveFAQ
  • Dash Exclusivity agreement: The only currency and payment method available
  • Dash’s DAO shares for join venture
  • Category: tech innovation to push DASH adoption (see this sample video!)
  • Primary sector: agriculture and food chain
  • Project roadmap updated: October 2018 for finish first delivery and November commercial launch
  • Ask funds:
    • This proposal is for month #4 funding: for month 2 our project was unfunded due to late arrivals of YES votes. During month 3 our proposal wasn’t posted due to Dash's treasure budget was stressed. During those months, AgroCognitive project were funded with private owners effortsproject's plan were updated and critical path activities could continue!
    • Next proposals will be for month 5 and 6 (under Dash Core’s escrow)
  • Geography scope: Venezuela (year 1) and LATAM (year 2)
  • Customers: Follow companies / associations are already recruited for support AgroCognitive development giving sugar cane data needed for data collection process, will become customers once the product is ready and will use DASH
    • SOCA RAGUA (San Mateo, Aragua State)
    • CENTRAL EL PALMAR - CEPSA (San Mateo, Aragua State)
    • MOLIENDAS DE PAPELON - MOLIPASA (Acarigua, Portuguesa State)
    • CENTRAL AZUCARERO CARORA (Carora, Lara State)
    • CENTRAL LA PASTORA (La Pastora, Lara State)
    • CENTRALIZACION HACIENDA (San Mateo, Aragua State)
    • SOCA PORTUGUESA (Acarigua, Portuguesa State)
Benefits for Dash’s Network
  • Entering the root of the productive and commercial chain of agribusiness ensures the adoption of DASH in a sector with a high circulation of fiat currency
  • DASH will be helping to fix an old problem: individual farmer can't access high tech to manage their crops (today is too expensive). Now people may have access to analytics service by not depending on banks, industrial monopolies, or governments! and will be able to pay for a cheap service that will allow them to improve their crops and reduce the use of environmental pollutants. More food and less expensive!
  • The AgroCognitive project will carry out training workshops (and attend to agro fair/expo) with farmers’ trade associations to teach the benefits of using DASH as real cash, not only to pay for AgroCognitive services, but also to buy materials and supplies among their community
  • We will motivate agribusiness customer paying to their suppliers (small farmers) with DASH. 
  • Following AgroCognitive roadmap planning, ONLY with two crop’s types by July 2019 we will complete 50K transactions payments in DASH (equivalent of 600K USD)
  • AgroCognitive already have reached out to Dash Core to arrange an exclusivity agreement for three years. DASH will be the only one cryptocurrency accepted and the only payment method during that exclusivity period
  • DASH will have all branding exposure and be the core of a project that was awarded as "The solution will change the lives of people in Latin America" and be the brand behind the technology that will revolutionize the new food economy in emerging countries
Benefits for Dash’s DAO
  • Although the company Dash DAO Ventures not fully completed, AgroCognitive’s team is committed to offering to DAO a shareholding in the project
  • Once AgroCognitive start operations, any key decision in the business will be consulted with the DAO through a proposal
Project Roadmap ‘s main updates
  • AgroCognitive’s team did a workshop for the top 6 Venezuelan sugar cane processing factories to obtain their support for development and test and adopt Dash in agribusiness ecosystem. Watch this video (set captions to english)

  • AgroCognitive’s project kicked off its analytics engine development activities in SOCA PORTUGUESA with 10 sugar’s cane farmers that opened their crop’s fields to began to take pictures with drones ***documental video is comming***
  • AgroCognitive – Dash powered project was invited by IBM to be a speaker to share our story at world wide IBM THINK 2019 event (February 12-15, San Francisco, CA). See PDF's flyer with presentation proposal
  • Imaging processing library designed to build full crop’s ortho mosaic and geo referenced map removing overlap effects due to drone taking pictures during flying
  • Full KPI sugar cane production library designed
  • AgroCognitive Marketing & launch plan designed
  • UX framing for private website developed
AgroCognitive roadmap’s graphics updated:

Ask funds:
Next is our next stage budget detail (Aug 2018 month):

Dash forum Pre-preposal 
Dash forum Proposal reporting updates

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1 point,3 years ago
Damn...this is a tight month on the budget! Please stick with us.
1 point,3 years ago
Thank you for your support!
Don't worry, Dash Ventures will continue having AgroCogntiive shares! we believe its huge potencial and ROI. AgroCognitive is sticked to Dash!
1 point,3 years ago
This project not only makes a lot of sense, it makes a lot of food!

Voting yes!
0 points,3 years ago
Thank you DeepBlue for your continuous support and sharing our vision!
And also thank you for supporting Venezuelan projects
4 points,3 years ago
I want to remind my fellow MNOs that this project would have been funded previously, but some of you sent your votes in too late to be counted. This is a great team we've been working with steadily and the first willing participant in Dash Ventures when it's ready. They're a professional team with a great product that has the potential to expand to the entire LatAm region and greatly benefit Dash. They're not asking for much, relatively speaking, and have gone above and beyond to modify their proposals to the benefit of Dash as well as doing a lot of work on their own to educate other businesses about the benefits of utilizing Dash. So keep that in mind when you look at the funding request, which is partially to catch up from going unfunded the last time they requested funding due to MNO error.

Please don't let that happen again to a faithful partner with our network with a lot to offer moving forward.
5 points,3 years ago
Thank you Arthyron for your support and to clarify that our project has adapted to the challenges of the Dash DAO.

We have been resilient to re-plan, to advance, to show achievements, to show respect in this community, asking to MNOs for every key decision, avoiding to look selfish or a budget's predator.

The AgroCognitive's team is committed to the scope of this project and to fulfill what we have promised the Dash community. And every time we have a meeting with farmers, businessmen and food's merchants, we confirm that the impact on the food's chain is tremendous and exciting.

We know that in this cycle the MNOs have a great challenge in their hands, we trust that you will make the best decisions for the Dash network.